Chenoweth, Kristin - I'll Be Home For Christmas Lyrics

I'm dreaming tonight of a place that I love
Even more than I usually do
And although I know it's a long road back
I promise you

I'll be home for Christmas
You can count on me
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents 'round the tree

Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love light gleams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams

Christmas Eve will find me
Where the love light gleams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams, if only in my dreams

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Chenoweth, Kristin I'll Be Home For Christmas Comments
  1. Julia Pom

    I did not know until just now that she also sang.

  2. BeanBag343

    Maybe this is a song Glinda is singing to Elphaba 💚

  3. Mia Hess

    Nice job, Kristin, and you did the verse! Many blessings to you!

  4. Mark Anthony Guinto

    I like it too like the christmas island and i never miss a day watching this too i really love kristin chenoweth's songs

  5. Nick Aguilera

    Wow that's Cameron Diaz identical twin lol!!! 💖😍

    Julia Pom

    Apart from about a 12 inch difference in height!

  6. Bodacious Affiliate Products

    She's just so awesome!

  7. C R

    I just love Kristin Chenoweth in both acting & singing. Such an A-list actress.

  8. polynesie47

    fantastique Song Kristin love kisssss

  9. Glenn Luxton guitarViolinFiddle and more !

    I wish , I was her home. :-)

  10. No division Just Unity


  11. Sally Fox

    Kristin has such a magnificent voice.

  12. Marsha Perez

    Just beautiful!!!

  13. Susan C.

    Sophia carson

  14. George Estremera

    Love you, baby!

  15. Njae2000


  16. Mariann Bone

    beautifully done Kristin!!

  17. WmsonTree

    It is Christmastime! I LOVE this beautiful soul! She is the best there is. This is a beautiful Christmas song. Love all her music, and her Christmas CD is very special. Thanks for posting and Thanks Kristin! "A SONG has no better friend than Kristin Chenoweth!"

  18. Sunflower

    yeah she's a huge broadway star, can sing opera and everything

  19. mu nana


  20. Carol Anne Fulcher


  21. tdiggs45

    My jaw dropped. I only know her as a comedic actress...what a fabulous voice!!! :O

    Matthew Randell

    From what?

  22. smedheat

    no heart

  23. Beth Anne Sacks

    @sfyc I KNOW I KNOW I thought I was alone here

  24. Beth Anne Sacks

    I love Kristen BUT did she really have to hold the pencil the entire time she sang this or the entire shoot??? It really takes away from it. Not her singing of course, but all I keep looking at is the darn pencil.......just saying....

  25. mimilini1

    Awww!!! I just love her!!! She's so talented in so many ways! :)

  26. trickyvicky420

    she has the most beautiful voice.=)

  27. JazzberryProductions

    Delphinus Raine


  28. WmsonTree

    @needaman66 --- Just my honest opinion.

  29. Needaman Carpentry

    @WmsonTree man lighten up, she wont date you even if she does read this............

  30. sfyc

    Why with the pencil. why.

    Sunamer Z

    because she was using it to mark her music sheet, I guess...

  31. Oliver Mazurtshak

    Whoever wrote the harmony to this song is awesome. Great band, great performance, epic production and mixing. Love the clarinet in the beginning. Awesome song for setting a christmas mood :)

  32. Andreas Slente

    Two people could as well prepare their own funeral

  33. donny z

    WOW this is AMAZING

  34. zulaula1

    glos mam jak dziecko

  35. sideways85

    My goodness can she get any hotter?!?!?!?!

  36. WmsonTree

    WOW! Kristin Chenoweth=musical perfection! This video (along with Christmas Island) shows Kristin's vocal magic. Her voice is unique and so rich with feeling. So full of emotion. She has a way of painting a picture with her singing. It is truly a God given gift. A beautiful lady with a beautiful voice. KRISTIN IS THE BEST! Her songs give you energy, hope, and a positive attitude; and at the same time leaving you breathless. A SONG has no better friend than Kristin Chenoweth!

    Lars O. Laurell

    So true!

  37. Taggi

    i could put this on repeat until christmas :D

  38. Jenny Mitchell

    Love love love Kristin's version!! I just uploaded a version of me singing this:) It certainly doesn't come close to this one, but if you would check it out and let me know what you think i would love it!

  39. Steve A

    Her voice is such a beautiful gift. Most singers (pop,Broadway,opera) only tend to sound their best when singing the style they do the most.They might sound okay in another style but it is usually obvious that while the person has a good voice the style of music they are doing is not their natural style.

    Kristin, on the other hand, moves to any singing genre and sounds completely comfortable. It's as if whatever style she is singing at the moment has always been her natural style.

  40. Bai91ful

    Hopefully she comes out with a Christmas this year, thats ALL I want for Christmas!

  41. SuperiorJackets2007

    This my favorite Christmas song of all time! With deployments happening in my family all the time, each year this song gets nearer and dearer! With her singing it, how can tears not come to your eyes??!! So soulful and beautiful!!

  42. genie475

    What is the instrument playing at the instrumental solo?

    Lars O. Laurell


    Lars O. Laurell

    Excellent solo!

  43. squirtpert

    I teared up. Only Kristin. :)

  44. erin breidenstein

    one person wasn't home for Xmas

  45. Will Olesiewicz

    I wanna marry this bitch :D:D

  46. ISSAY68

    Lovely voice....simply pure!

  47. 6392Sarah

    Yep, now i need to pick up my jaw off the ground, the only word i can think of to describe her is PERFECTION...gah! she's just amazing <3

  48. furiesalene

    she's the best in wicked.
    I love her the most as glinda!!!!

  49. Patrycja J.

    She's one of the best american singer! She has beautiful voice and she's pretty ;)
    I want to go for her concert one day, but I'm from Poland and all her concerts are far away from my house. I'm sorry because of mistakes, but I'm still learning english ;)

  50. Alex Townsend

    @irresistablemagic I'll take her anyday over Katy Perry.

  51. themarlowe90

    if only in my dreams

  52. Puppy love Love

    Our own miss Oklahoma!!!

  53. ragdump

    Thats the sweetest voice I've ever heard

  54. chompet123

    I think I fainted.

  55. irresistablemagic

    Her voice is absolutaly angellic! :) (but look at all that works she's had done on her face)

  56. Soprano375

    She is my idol