Chemical Brothers, The - Where Do I Begin Lyrics

Sunday morning I'm waking up
Can't even focus on a coffee cup
Don't even know whose bed I'm in
Where do I start
Where do I begin

Where do I start
Where do I begin

Sunday morning I'm waking up
Can't even focus on a coffee cup
Don't even know whose bed I'm in
Where do I start
Where do I begin
Where do I start
Where do I begin

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Chemical Brothers, The Where Do I Begin Comments
  1. Marvin Yu

    Try this Coldplay - Orphans

  2. StillRooney

    Charlize Theron 💕

  3. gagongbait78

    Currently watching "Monster" on Netflix and this song came up so ended up here 😊, man i miss 90s' music!

  4. ex stormtrooper

    cheers for the upload

  5. stephcalypso

    Don't give a shit what brought you here. You're here, that's all that matters.

  6. Nick Dunki Jacobs

    Gives me goosebumps until they fuck up the song @ 3:00

  7. Sayu & Dini Arts


  8. Behindthe Dreams

    Where do I start?
    Where do I begin??

  9. Zane

    Anthem for GenX!!! This song coupled with The Private Psychedelic Reel takes me back to the multiple Kaleidoscope Acid trips i took in the summer of 96. What an insanely magical time i'll never forget!!!!!

  10. Honza Toman

    Powerful. Brings back so many wonderful memories.

  11. Cuvtixo D

    I think this song is the one improvement of "Vanilla Sky" over the original 1997 Spanish movie "Abre Los Ojos" (Open Your Eyes) which also stars Penelope Cruz. It has the same brain-bending high-concept plot and it makes me sad that so few people, whether they like or dislike Vanilla Sky, do not realize it is a remake of this better movie that was co-written, co-scored and directed by Alejandro Amenábar.

  12. Gabriele Manzana

    Ricordi di un tempo che fu'

  13. Edgar Preciado

    I simply love this song since I heard it for first time watching a movie called "Monster". I was 12 years old when that happened, now I'm 27.

  14. Josue Molko

    Monster (Movie) me trajo aqui

  15. Jamie Gladwin

    Even now its superb

  16. Ben Baxter

    Open your eyes

  17. Antwoord23

    Beth Orton is God.

  18. saul mlchk


  19. tntgrunf

    Fkn thing brought a tear to my eye. Love this tune.

  20. seadra292

    from 4:48 towards the end, reminds me of my MRI experience this morning

    Imran Khan

    Hahahahaha mri machines know how to drop some dope deep synth! I had one last year for my back and was low key producing music in my head!

  21. RedGrenade Perjorative

    My own impeccable taste in music brought me here.

  22. Liko Lobe

    Does anyone know who the model on the cover of the album is?

    Cuvtixo D

    It's the singer Beth Orton, not a model.

  23. sabrina peralta

    I remember this i know this comes in a few movies not sure which wanna say Accepted???

  24. proudmullet

    Story of my life...

  25. sublunacy

    Play these at the same time.

  26. Damian Damian

    Fuck alah !

  27. Jamie Gladwin

    2019 and still listening...

  28. Алексей Иванов

    What kind of motor sounds at the end? Epic👍🏻💪🏾🏋️‍♀️🏆

  29. Josè Pereira

    2019, from the beginning...

  30. Eduardo Palma


  31. Moo Moo Puppy

    Love this song...I used to have this on a mix cd and listen to it on my shroom fueled trips to my friend's house in Sacramento.

  32. Oscar Guerrero Smith

    Temazo para levantar el alma en dias tristes jejee

  33. George Fraser

    I am in love with Beth Orton.

  34. Remey Rune

    Wow, almost 22 years ago, insane, I loved the 'Chem Bros' back then, what a f-upped time in grade and high school were the 90s, you'd think the world is ending then you hear this...

  35. Billy Ray Valentine

    Awesome, but about a minute and half too long.

  36. Bully Billy

    this is a complete jam....

  37. dim kasher

    4:49 Did they sampled Atari 2600's game grand prix ? if somebody knows

    Cuvtixo D

    I don't think so, because just within this one song they experimented with such a richness of synthesizer sounds, and the 2600 was really very limited in the sounds it could make (after all it's a very poor imitation of racing motors) It's possible, but it would be like cooking a French gourmet feast but reaching for a can of SPAM to add pork flavor to one dish. Of course I can't prove a negative, but it's probably coincidental.

  38. Scott Fisher

    Back before they sold out. Their early shit is their best. Wow 20 years ago I was 16 pounding this in my head phones.

    Leslie Schmidt

    and you're still a young lad

  39. Jhony Uriel - Oficial

    Eles são ótimos, adoro os sons deles... tenho um disco deles aqui em casa.

  40. Billy Ray Valentine

    From 4:50 onward always annoyed me. Ruins an otherwise great song.

    『Kikko • Ceccato』

    It's here to remind that you are actually listening to a Chemical Brothers song. To fully comprehend what I'm saying, take a listen to the last 3 minutes of their gig at Woodstock '99. One may either like it or feel horripilated.

  41. allan kirby

    Just perfect... goosebumps while typing, what more can I say...njio

  42. Thiago Ferreira

    My name is ted shimitch and... i need a help

  43. L3dtube

    I dont care its saturday ..

  44. Kieran Maher

    not enough likes........................

  45. Jay Pare

    My first experience with this album was under the influence of ecstasy... Breathtakingly beautiful..

    Paul Stuttard

    mine too


    Songs not bad either

  46. splitonbeam !

    For 20 years now the drop at 3:14 still gives me the biggest grin .... YEAHYEAHYEAH

  47. The Letter J

    Now this is called real music. Although somewhat repetitive.

  48. PalomaNegra85

    I remember I listened to this song on my best friend's discman under the bleachers outside, skipping gym and drinking awful coconut rum. Aww 7th grade...the 90s were fucking great.

    Leslie Schmidt

    naughty but cool!

    Twee Pixie

    Me and my friends,during Junior High and High school,used to sit on the top,at the right side of the bleachers.We talked about parties,music and exchanged CDs.

    TheLastOf TheMonitos

    My god! The fucking discmans!
    Agree, the best music where 90s music

  49. Clayton Redden

    Who’s listening in 2017?

    Israel Verdu Galvañ

    A lot of people in Spain are listening this in 2018

  50. jackovz

    One of my favorites tune

  51. jackovz

    Beautiful memories

  52. Andreo Suro

    best album

  53. Frantzen79

    Sunday morning i'm waking up, can't even focus on a coffee cup... Another CB classic... man i love this one...

  54. Curtis Garner

    This is another dope record

  55. Dorf Schmidt

    Cameron Crowe brought me here.

  56. melissa zibi

    Dawson's creek Brought me here!!! lol my God i love this song!

  57. MrBook


  58. Rareware Saxophone

    this was my favorite song was I was 11-12. It's still good even after 7 years.

  59. Сергей

    слушаю и плачу ...

  60. Akshay Paruchuri

    Always nice to listen to this on an actual Sunday morning, haha

  61. markus808808

    Nice allah akbar font!


    fuck you

  62. The Dude ?

    this was one of my favorite songs ever since I was a teenager


    The Dude ? Me too. I have very happy memories from high school entwined in this song

  63. Deanie Wood

    vanilla sky

  64. Knut Kniffte

    No matter how poor you are. This makes you happy. :)


    Knut Kniffte my airpod game 💯

  65. grom1se

    a song that is a piece of art brought me here!!!

  66. spudislandboy84

    Monster brought me here

  67. King Jon Targaryen I

    Vanilla Sky brought me here lol

  68. nate shorty

    The movie monster brought me here


    search vanilla sky

  69. Michael Ross

    Where are you waking up on Sunday morning?


    Same place I wake up every morning...A living hell.

    Kharimi Nougat

    Ride a bike. Ride it fast. Ride it far.


    Holly fuck man, what a twist to a happy song

  70. RawhideProductions1

    Didnt realize but this song was in the movie 'Monster' with Charlize Theron.

    Marc Anthony

    RawhideProductions1 admission with Justin Long too

  71. AviationAddict

    1000th like

  72. Giota Panagiota

    Qaf s3 ep14

  73. Johnzen03

    Hands down one of my favorite songs of all time...SO epic.

  74. czerwonasukienka155

    sweeeeeeeeeeet :}

  75. craig gilmour

    ah memories :( xx

  76. Kingpin Suited

    777 likes?  I guess my luck's a changin

    Dušan Cholvad

    @Kingpin Suited Oh, do u follow that too? :D

  77. Justin Green

    The build-up to 3:14 then icicles swim up and down my spine. Man. Anybody feeling me?


    I feel you, dude.


    I feel you!

    Philip Levins

    feeling ya brother...what a fuckin album....'97 was an amazing year for music ...52 years young and still feeling it in 2019...peace brothers and sisters x

  78. Swampdonkey_77

    The whole album was just flat out fucking awesome !!!!


    +DHG aVaLoN i bought this in Cassette tape. i wish i could still find it.


    hope you find it mate, if not buy it again. Still sounds as good as it always has :) timeless

  79. robert hogg

    Deffo 1 of my favs by them

  80. jeFF Fury

    Music between 1997 and 2000 was the best EVER! some of the albums that bands and artists made, they thought 2000 will be an apocalypse and put EVERYTHING into those albums and songs (at least it seams like) :)) ! 


    agreed- nothing like the Einiem, Fatboy slim even Jamiroquai etc!! reminds me of 5th for socials too!

  81. James Raymond

    The Chemical Brothers rock!!!

  82. Tomáš Dvořák

    Anthem of one lost generation... 

    Aaron R

    Jesus man... You have no idea how right you are.


    we are here alive and well.


    here for the healing

  83. Uniki13

    the best track in this album 

    Arthur Varela

    feeln LA in NM pure LOVE.

  84. UPHIGH Productions

    That's the chemical s**t!!

  85. BuggatiWeryon

    This song perfectly reminds me of being 30 years old and remembering what happened in the high school. All school times. It is so nostalgic!

  86. Carson Foster

    coolest song ever

  87. john andrews

    We save lives,that's what we do.

  88. donjuán

    Es para escucharla mil veces seguidas y jamas aburrirse de eso....

  89. sh13671

    I can listen to this over and over again and still love it .

  90. Motorolanokuia Lucifer

    the best music of this band

  91. Zhenya Baoighill

    I thought I smelled some vanilla when I watched "Hanna"...

  92. Alex

    nah man.. this was before the days where every artist felt they had to add the "feat. x y and z". Tunes were tunes.

  93. Avatar7811

    Monster made me love this song brilliant movie charlize theron one the best actresses working thumbs up

  94. nsh1293

    lol techno.....

  95. Jennie Karsikas

    try trying where you start.

  96. Katie Geary

    Just is....