Chemical Brothers, The - Under The Influence Lyrics

I was under the influence

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Chemical Brothers, The Under The Influence Comments
  1. citizen000

    Not every brain can handle this beauty

  2. Ferchu Crazy

    Any in 2020 ? lIKE !!!!

  3. Indio

    when the chemicals were authentic

  4. Mauro Sanders

    Este temón me empila cada vez que le escucho.

  5. Protiv sistema

    I heard this song 15 ago on sony playstation1 and i still remember :)

  6. TheTokelosh

    I remember 20 years ago showing off my new subs in my Integra using this song. Thought I was cool as shit with my 12" and 6x9's lol.

  7. Jay Dee


  8. Paul Le Doré


  9. CentarSport Radovanovic

    i had a Tape!!! Not a CD, TAPE!!!! Under the influence

  10. Kevin Bennett

    SCRATCHIN anyone?

  11. Kevin Bennett

    spectacularawecomeincredibleicious! dope for your ears.

  12. Petra c

    who is under the influence?

  13. above and beyond

    now ive realised how horrible bastard ive been to all my neighbours back then.... that bass......what a laugh .....1999....16 years of age.....every fucking day till the death lol

  14. Pharcyde 11

    I remember on limewire the song was simply label bass test

  15. Just a Random Dude

    1 - Play this through 40 inch sub
    2 - Place subwoofer on the floor, pointing down
    3 - Sit on it
    4 - ?????????????
    5 - HOVERCRAFT!! :D

  16. RUSTY


  17. Silly Cybin

    Gravity bong days and 400 watt floor standers ♒️⚛️⚜️🕉♒️

  18. Sandra Farrow

    I don't normally go for this type of music but what a [email protected]#king TUNE!!

  19. ayden tate

    best tune on the whole album in my eyes

  20. Cristolfa Lizz

    Siempre la rompió este tema!

  21. serantes1375

    wonder if you need subwoofer?.....listen this.

  22. florinmelcul



    One of the most oldest videos on youtube

  24. Benja Manzano

    2019 nice

  25. psychedelic_time traveler-86

    my dad took me to see these in brixton 2nd december 99 great night had school next day

  26. Gianni B

    great bass speaker test

  27. xevxenko erg


  28. verapamil07

    I was at the rave in late 99 and someone dropped this, Booooooooooom, bassline OMG I couldn't believe it.


    Technical Advisory: Low frequency Content. Liability Statement: We are not responsible for the damage in your speakers.

  30. HippiePrincessLaura

    Orgasm for my ears

  31. Blunted Vago


  32. narodnhy

    boooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuoooooooooooohhhhhh un avion me entra por un oido y me sale por el otro buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  33. Stone High Chill Since 1991

    Fuck me i just realised , i missed so many damn good stuff from thouse guys 😱

  34. Bob Mallo

    I listen this track from 25 years + or - and all the way is wow awesome too beautiful ! The Chemical Brothers are n° 1 !

  35. DuBsTEpSePP

    That's one legend

  36. Sumona Florence


  37. C Cxxz

    Im hella triggered#infulleffect

  38. smelt ofthesea

    Playing with the speed here... .75 is kinda nice..... heh heh....

  39. Brenda Muñoz Ramirez

    1000por ciento preferida esta rola me encanta la mejor de este DJ tiene un parecido el ritmo de underworl ami me parece

  40. serantes1375

    that bass......fucking epic.

  41. Corn Flaki

    SICK! Im in love with this since I was a baby

  42. Brenda Muñoz Ramirez

    Es la mejor rola de todas

  43. Woof Woof

    I burned two woofers

  44. Aaron Winsor

    Bass test

  45. kautko

    I think she's under the influence

  46. Blentastic

    can I get some top notch scotch for my crotch ?

  47. Kaven Haul

    What a classic bad ass track.

  48. Goose McBruce

    time to test out my new Logitech 2.1 desktops, lets hear that woofer purr!

  49. JayJ

    any new musical output device be it headphones, speakers, subs, car speakers, car subs, even my fucking phone and tablet and laptop have gotten this test....

  50. Pams smaP

    Parece a voz da Miss Kittin. 😑😂😂😂😍💖💖💖

  51. Pams smaP

    Parece a voz da Miss Kittin. 😑😂😂😂😍💖💖💖

  52. Pams smaP

    Parece a voz da Miss Kittin. 😑😂😂😂😍💖💖💖

  53. Pams smaP

    Parece a voz da Miss Kittin. 😑😂😂😂

  54. Majin Twin

    my dad showed me this song when i was five or four, greatest father ever

    Christopher Gabow

    Same I must have been around the same age when my mom showed me this song on her sound system in her music room. Shook the entire house!

    Darko Raisa Ramović

    Your parents are awesome!!!My mom and dad thought I am on drugs when they heard this song...The bestest ever ❤️

  55. ᴛʜᴀɴᴀᴛᴜs

    The best Sound

  56. ABitOfTheUniverse

    The beat in this is used in the most recent Slow Mo Guys video to make the speaker splash paint.

  57. TheRaveinmyheart

    Yeah. Great album... I would buy it if I´d knew the name of it...

    Goose McBruce

    Surrender, its on amazon for about $20


    @Goose McBruce
    Or free on YouTube...


    Coming up.

  59. hyperasher

    im old now

  60. Dalton Lewis

    My ears have aids

  61. VivaLePunk1307

    currently running this through 2 18" and 4x10 bass cabinets. It is loud and the limiter is lit.

  62. PHIL TYE

    Never mind stereos, headphones cant beat being there listening..dancing live, it’s the only way...Lasers and strobes everywhere✌🏼😎another stratosphere!!

  63. Vizerion

    BEST song from the Chemicals !

  64. Miles Edgeworth

    This reminds me of R2D2 for some reason...

  65. Xxx tentacion

    Just got two 12’s in my car... 2400 watts.... my mirror fell off 😂

  66. ThePortuguesePlayer

    Holy shit! That shook the whole room! xD
    This is great.

  67. NoFate2010

    Басс тест нормального человека

  68. Graham Dickson

    my mum doesn't like this and I hate knitting.

  69. Megalodon1986

    The number one go to track to test your setup. Since '99

  70. Christopher Phillips

    Wip3out. Forever.

    ulfur femogfyrre

    fuck yeah, l love that game. finally beat it a few years ago

  71. Dj Viter - -Ukrajina

    2004/ Tiësto - Ancient History /Vd

  72. Denji2006

    I remember I had a nice wooden subwoofer and decided to play this full blast one day. Shook my whole fucking apartment, had my downstairs neighbor yelling at me LOL

  73. Duggie Bader

    The soundtrack to the mother of all aerial dogfights.

  74. popsilvio


  75. MightyMitoMaria

    I will NEVER forget the elation of dancing SO freely and wildly with my Sis, Chemical Tina, to this song circa 2000 during one of the Brothers many stops to give us THE BEST in the SF Bay Area. Now NYE, soon to be 2018, I lay in a hospital bed fighting cancer. I'll let forever be. Ed n' Tom, thank you for every beat and break. You've given pure joy.

  76. Eligius Wachter

    F-ing Chem Bros must give us or send some more work like their good old stuff in this album. Awesome “under the influence “ a greatness untouched by so many in electron music

  77. Fred Rodrigues

    Damn, back in 99 this was the bomb !! Listening at full volume in a car with 2x 15" subwoofers in the trunk, gave me chills man !

  78. Jan Kowalski

    gute ćpalnia!!!

  79. Oskar Mauricio Moreno Rivera

    Cruzan los Niños ......... jajajajaj

  80. Muzikant Zika

    2017 stilll rock the body wasaaaaa

  81. DeLiqueRS

    Windows Error 199375A: Your speakers are shit and system is unable to process this sound.

    Please buy a better sounds system or listen to Mariah Carey.

    Goose McBruce

    fuck that, Mariah Carey destroys my tweeters

    linux maximus

    Windows isn't that helpfull. Use linux.


    jajajaj so true.

    Chris Wilson

    You get an An "Actual" LOL

  82. [SWX] sp00kY

    this is insane with good headphones

  83. WilliamBilliamBeard

    My next door neighbors are in for a surprise. Assholes.


    SevenWillis That's a great idea.


    do you still love your neighbours? give them some more, with more volume hee,hee .this takes me back to the good old days when everything was free and illegal. you could surprise your neighbours and play just as loud mind opra or somthing classical they'll have more respect for ya...

    Kate Maunder

    My neighbours loved this song so much they threw a brick through my window so they could hear it more.

    James Dillon

    Was the only tune to start the night with,7 days a week 😂 neighbours should be thanking you.

  84. Chris 61982

    wish someone would have showed me this album in 99

  85. Ronan Plunkett

    20 years since I saw them in Dublin 1997. Love them still . Asleep from day, one of my favourite songs apart from this.

  86. waz 312

    Fuck it, I'm going to drop this tomorrow night. I might clear the whole floor. Wish me luck

    Matt Sullivan

    How did it go? I'm considering doing the same (dropping this, not clearing the floor)

  87. neil bhatia

    fy Wipeout this was the jam bitd

  88. Kyle Jasvins

    This is insanity

  89. Tomas Lopez

    Always loved those turntable-stops at 3:17. Such a fantastic track, blew my mind when I first heard this in the 8th grade.

  90. Daniel Barragan

    Old song, but it does not stop me liking and that I just found thanks to shazam I could hear it again and with headphones is the best

    Halie Symmons

    Better with an amazing subwoofer. Instead of just hearing that bass line feeling it through your whole body.

  91. João Oliveira

    papi chulo

  92. Leonardo Andreoni Moccoli


  93. Joe P

    Great track to test your system!!!

  94. Andy Kunz

    you are correct

  95. Maribel Galvan Medina

    excelente track como todos los que conforman a este disco excelentemente alucinante

    Exabyte Tesla Binary

    Estoyt de acuerdo contigo, super alucinante esta rola

  96. SuperTacticalGamer

    Now this brings back memories, wow used to blast this all the time