Chemical Brothers, The - Under Neon Lights Lyrics

Under neon lights
Under neon lights
Got no husband
Got no wife
All I want
All I want
All I want
Is this really all I want?

Let it go, let it go
Let it go, let it go
Let it go, let it go
Let it go, let it go

And she moves to suicide
In and under neon lights
Got no husband, got no wife
All I want's a view tonight
All I want's a view tonight
All I want's a view tonight
All I want's a view tonight
All I want's a view tonight

Let it go, let it go
Let it go, let it go
Let it go, let it go
Let it go, let it go

Eye to eye, face to face
I guess this is Heaven
Got no pride, got no name
I guess this is Heaven
I guess I'm in Heaven
Oh I guess I'm in Heaven

And she moves to suicide
In and under neon lights
Got no husband, got no wife
All I want's a view tonight
All I want's a view tonight
All I want's a view tonight
All I want's a view tonight
All I want's a view tonight
Got no husband, got no wife
All I want's a view tonight
All I want's a view tonight
All I want's a view tonight

As she moves to suicide
Under neon lights
Got no husband
Got no wife
All I want
All I want
All I want
Is this really all I want?

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Chemical Brothers, The Under Neon Lights Comments
  1. Dr Yang’s Life Tips Channel · Y-LTC

    Beautiful and amazing! I visited Sydney recently, the neon lights in the rain were also pretty:

  2. Robert Kamminga

    This song is clearly not in my vid, but yt doesnt care, frick up with your claim

  3. Scifox da fox

    The weird background noises ruin this song. This is why i always skip to another song when i hear this in the crew 2

  4. Christina Herwartz

    This is creepy somehow, like ghosts howling.
    But also bc of the lyrics (got no pride, got no name, the suicide thing ... that does mit sound like heaven too me :/ ) and maybe I over-interpret things.
    Still, the song has such a great atmosphere, spooky af.

  5. Caio Cesar

    CARALHO que música foda!!!

  6. Sun O Moon

    The Crew 2 anyone?

  7. Alex Schrider

    All I can hear is Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic 2

  8. galaktus

    Не берись за то что Кузьма хвост козе не мотал.
    Но вы полный пиздец

  9. Unknown RaNdOmNeSs

    Who else high af

  10. Calin h&G

    Best song in crew 2

  11. James Corcoran

    The Chemical brothers are one of my favorite duos.

  12. TheKousMan

    I feel so chiiiiill in my Nissan GT-R Nismo

  13. Mi Da

    Sounds like the music Squidward would listen to when he did his interpretive dancing.

  14. Andrew Shift

    The Crew 2 ;)

  15. Krish Dayal

    The Crew 2

  16. Ernesto Rodríguez

    + St. Vincent 😉


    Gold! 💛

  18. Gregory


  19. ShadowDemon 77

    200,00th sub

  20. Andrew New Allen

    SPEND a few quid on some on special effects bitch !

  21. Skyler Fauxgrey

    I can see why some people don't like it, it's much more unconventional than the hits the Chemical Brothers have made before. I personally like it, but I can see why some people don't

  22. ELCNUmorFnaMehT

    This is going to be my go-to karaoke song.

  23. Giuseppe G.


  24. Arjun Mistry

    Crazy stuff at 0.5 speed

  25. GiggitySam Entz

    Triangles... Squares... Pentagoooons... Aaaaand triangles :'(
    Triangles... Squares... Pentagoooons... AAAAAAAND... Octogons !? NO ! Just nooo ! QAQ

  26. chrissscottt

    point being chem bros know annie clarke

    ie I mean they can see talentl

  27. Óscar A. Montiel

    damn this is a good fok trak


    biobipbip ip ipbipbipbiobip ipbipbip

  29. Micah Buzan

    St Vincent is always impressing me with her creative output.

  30. Garreth Coughlan

    Fuck, this sounds amazing!

  31. Dom

    God this is a damn good track. Sexy and catchy af thanks to Annie's smooth vocals

  32. Mesablanka

    There is some hope for EDM after all

    Ang Ghab

    Let em Rip this is bigbeat, not edm.


    @Ang Ghab
    I was talking about EDM in general, becuase it's not it's own genre, as many people tend to call it

  33. imtheotherdave

    The vocals for this are good.

  34. Davin Collinsworth

    You can't compare chemical brothers to Ocean Man????? That's like comparing a current rock band to the Beatles. Chemical brothers have been doing it for jeez about 30 years now.

  35. dar thlaan

    There are certain effects that you just can't yet get outside of analogue.


    tell that to aphex twin

    dar thlaan

    @Demention94 it's been two months now, and I was probably drinking at the time, but I'm pretty sure I was talking about the laser show.

  36. Juan Antonio Rosales Medrano

    Love this collabo, although a better video shoul have been made. Well, I guess this bares another collaboration in the next future. Make it possible.


    These guys are defo fucking products of A.I

  38. Chillest Kitsune

    I guess i kinda like it, it's trippy, like Ocean man, comparing it to Ocean man is a giant compliment coming from me.

    Chillest Kitsune

    Although at 2:55 I think you just banged your head on the keyboard.

  39. vetches 351

    ohhh!!! nice!

  40. M Krump

    They should do some real 7.1 sound system music.
    I mean a full album thinking for 360 degrees sound effects. They are probably the only team who can do it.
    A full ears experience.

    Enea Boccazzi

    They did it when they mixed the audio for their record-documentary film: "Don't Think". Anyway, I agree!

  41. rippeter


  42. chrissscottt

    Lucky me, 2 of my favourite artists collaborating. Cool vid too.

  43. Bharatiya Nari

    Torus 😀

  44. Tuan Truong

    .... Lights is cool

  45. Blind Tube Mare

    It's called Good Music. Get over it



  46. Dawe Mc

    classica od chemiků......hodně good.

  47. Kar Diem

    At the beginning I thought she was saying "got no husband God knows why"

  48. Ethan Van Guard

    I usally don't like the chemical brothers but this one is ok for me :)

  49. Napoleon

    Blondie vibes

  50. Саченко Валерий

    Fkn loved brothers return!

  51. Daniel Maxter

    The song is awesome until minute 2:00 after that its horrible and it makes my ears bleed. Chemical Brothers always does this. They have this awesome beat and then they suddently destroy it with some nosy annoying sounds.

    Kar Diem

    What are you talking about?! That part is awesome! It's kinda sexy

  52. Sweet Mardi Gras

    i think we have to give them a chance of their new sound

  53. GiustoProductions

    That Wankelmut sample though....

  54. Ana Muñoz

    St. Vincent!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  55. Helawolf

    I really think St. Vincent would make a lovely addition in the future for the Chem Bros. A new Beth Orton.

  56. Shaun Parsons

    Reminds me of Tekken 2 lol

  57. Kendra Storm

    Annie Clark!!! XD

  58. Whiprust

    Eh, it's alright. It's not my style, although I can see the appeal

    Beard Life

    +Ben P calm the F down


    @Beard Life
    What? I was being completely rational...


    +Ben P omg calm down Ben!


    +Ben P
    Rational in a world of irrationality, you may as well be crazy :).

  59. Janos Strbik

    it seems to be closed to eno's fractal zoom stuff
    heavy, fast hammerized rhythms

  60. Janos Strbik

    what a beauty of repetitive electronic music! great basses, lightweight env!
    it's one of the bests...

  61. Desiree moreno

    Simplemente los amo

  62. Keith Rodriguez

    I think you all learned how to make love under the stars before you all bog

  63. Bryan White

    Super grit dirty electro. I love it. The whole album rolls hard. At the 2:45 mark I lose my pants.

  64. holistwebde

    R2D2 as background singer!

  65. Eduardo Assis


  66. RJS

    Paul samon

  67. Hannah Edwards

    Intro sounds like Einstein on the Beach

  68. Barbara Hernandez

    St. Vincent

  69. Barbara Hernandez

    St. Vincent?

  70. Barbara Hernandez

    St. Vincent?

  71. qoofoo

    wow this smell of camembert... electrique

  72. Justine Kessner

    I've loved these guys since 1996!!!!!!!! LOVE THEM VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Kristel Villalobos

    Couldn't ask for more <3

  74. mario priego

    F**N love it !!

  75. Helawolf

    St. Vincent reminds me of Kate Bush. Better single out of the other two here guys.

  76. Soyun Park

    I miss Galvanize..

  77. Steven Cruz

    damn dis be da jam dough

  78. TjsWorld2011

    Is this house?

  79. laura drechsel


  80. jay yo

    this reminds me of a dxm trip i had a while back. i miss being robotic.

  81. silex a

    Aman allahım  bize bir şeyler oluyor

  82. Marco Cz

    This is sound of the chemical brothers!! Great

  83. 2ndat1st

    such a trip back to nineteen ninetees

  84. Nathan Barton

    Lol this is a masterpiece, people on youtube don't know a thing about music.


    +Nathan Barton Thanks for introducing yourself.

  85. Diego de Cossio

    Alguien me puede explicar de que se trata esta basura "musical" ? Oremus

    vladimir makarov

    Hijo de puta

    Diego de Cossio

    @vladimir makarov ! Ah Caray ¡¡ está muy fuerte el significado!! No es para tanto¡¡ Al menos está mejor que la música de banda. Oremus

    Diego de Cossio

    @Dominic Starrk Por lo visto estás sordito Dominic, Confundes la música con el ruido. De verdad  das pena ajena. El insulto refleja tu grito de la carencia. Si vas a opinar hazlo con clase y categoría (si puedes)

    Dominic Starrk

    @Diego de Cossio Shut the fuck up!
     You are the deaf here.

    Diego de Cossio

    @Dominic Starrk !!Caray¡¡ Cuanta razón tiene el refrán "EN GENEROS ROMPEN GUSTOS"  En tiempos de Enrique VIII te hubieran hervido en aceite¡¡¡ OREMUS


    As a fan for years I feel this is one group that truly stays original to who they have always been and didn't really change anything about their sound and style . Dig the track , very obscure and ahead again of the current state of music .

  87. Demention94

    This song could be much darker and heavier.

  88. iLLEAGLE6

    The Prodigy, Chemical all I need is a new Portishead album to drop and its 1996 again :D

  89. Alain Bruno

    Awesome beat.


    @Alain Bruno I love this song!

    silvia tiana

    @Alain Bruno Chemical Brothers make good music.

    ryandc ranchdel

    @Alain Bruno put a shirt on you!!

  90. Gara Gambini

    Chemical Bros, Leftfield and Groove Armada al new albums out.
    Slave to the rave, rave to the grave!!


    They're legends in the electronic music.

    Gara Gambini

    @***** Sadly I thought the Prodigy's new stuff just sounded tired and old. 

    Karl Sjostedt

    +Gara Gambini Don't forget Hardfloor! Every track is good to great and they have been releasing an album every couple of years since 1991. Plus EPs and singles and remixes of other's work.


    @Karl Sjostedt Yes dude! Tangerine Dreams and Fuck Bottoms are people to remember.

  91. René Alejandro


  92. Joshua Whittle

    Personally I find that most Chemical Brothers albums are a bit mixed, with a few killer tracks plus some mediocre ones that I always skip, but I do like this.

  93. Tiha Tiha


  94. Milosh Lekic

    Fuck this electro/house style, what about songs like Galvanize and Go.

  95. Tiago Amorim

    This is cool!

  96. Tony Edwards

    The masters have returned, breaking new ground as always.

  97. gggjmmm

    Is there anything worse than the people on YouTube who always go on about an artists old songs/sound?