Chemical Brothers, The - Swoon Lyrics

Just remember to fall in love
There's nothing else
There's nothing else
Just remember to fall in love
There's nothing else
There's nothing else
Just remember to fall in love
There's nothing else
There's nothing else
Just remember to fall in love
There's nothing else
There's nothing else
Just remember to fall in love
There's nothing else
There's nothing else
Just remember to fall in love
There's nothing else
There's nothing else
Just remember to fall in love
There's nothing else
There's nothing else
Just remember to fall in love
There's nothing else
There's nothing else

There's nothing else
There's nothing else
There's nothing else
There's nothing else
There's nothing else
There's nothing else
There's nothing else
There's nothing else

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Chemical Brothers, The Swoon Comments
  1. Pushkar Chauhan

    Anyone listening to this in 2020?

  2. volleyball archeology


  3. Ana Haedo

    Sigo amando este tema, como me divaga💙

  4. Rid

    this song is actually banned in some places.


    Spy High Money,power,greed? The usual probably 🤦‍♂️fml

  5. JMA x

    Going over the list of supposed best EDM songs of the last decade and I have to say YOU are fucking garbage now and EDM is overproduced inflated garbage now. What happened to the days of 303 gods like fatboy and josh wink? What is this? Its Horrible ... have one for the road pricks

  6. Tom Watts

    I saw the chemical brothers in birmingham yesterday and hearing this live gave me the most incredible feeling, so glad I was able to experience it


    me too bro, i realised i need to drop my barriers and let love in fully

    lean n bop

    I was there too! It was amazing man absolutely lost it when this came on :)

    Joey Little

    Went on Saturday to see them in the 02 in London unreal

    stephen abbott

    Saw them in Leeds about 5 weeks ago......incredible

  7. João Paulo Salvatori

    The other version is so much better

  8. Eeyore ?

    Saw them love last night for the first time changed my whole life

  9. Proximity Effect

    its like they're chasing each other and losing grasp at 4:30 on wards they find each other, i dunno thats how i see this beautiful video

  10. Aeroga


  11. Richard Moss

    It's like an alarm going off, an alarm that reminds me to live

  12. Paname514

    Video quality: 2160p (!)
    *looks at video upload date*: uploaded 6 May 2010

  13. Floyd Brennan

    Awesome song, BTW.

  14. Floyd Brennan

    00:00 - 00:29 Whoa! The psychedelic version of the Bionic Woman! Yeah!

  15. Grunter Smith

    I saw the Chemical Brothers last night in Sydney with the girl I want to marry. The only thing is I've pushed her away to many times in the past and hurt her feelings to the core. My chance may be gone but no matter what the future holds I will treasure last night forever. For those of you who still have a chance with the one you love.... Just remember to fall in love. There's nothing else, there's nothing else.

  16. djdrokin DIMITRI


  17. Девид Кемерон


  18. Девид Кемерон


  19. nagoya flash


  20. Dr. jyniex

    PES 2012 bring me here

  21. سعيد

    pes 2012 😍

  22. Baba Semka

    Nostalgia hits me really hard with this one. And it's not because the song is old (tho it's not even that old) - I have actually no idea why.

  23. Tat Isls

    There is nothing else ,theres nothing else ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  24. Joy Skelton

    Idk how or why but this song hits me in the feels (also the best is stuck in my head) love the song tho 🙌🏼

  25. j williams

    I miss you extacy

  26. j williams

    Collage I miss you

  27. j williams

    Off with there heads lol cmsu next year lol

  28. j williams

    Cmsu would be fun can’t believe these cooperations can’t see 12 billion people were here without sergeries in the first six years of this operation can’t see love wow sick

  29. Diberian

    If you still hearing to this masterpiece just like me then let me invite you to hear the remix i made, its on my channel if you want to hear it

  30. Betania Correia

    Amo essa musica

  31. Nikola Lojzer

    Melody for future!

  32. Giuseppe Lucarella

    Top song.

  33. Hornet Shimazaki Shōkaku

    Pes 2012 Hunter and Pino

  34. Brian Tepper

    EZoo 2010 was the first time I tried MDMA, it kicked in at this song. Every time I hear it I get the feels 😊

  35. life on universal credit

    Fuckin wooo I am wrecked w9oooooo

  36. Dave Broughton

    this is pretty much the best song evar.

  37. Cogar 7

    The name of this song shouldn't be swoon but YOUTH

  38. Juan pablo Barrera arevalo

    This song reminds me to use lsd

  39. Miguel Reyes

    this video makes me believe in love

  40. Alexandro Romio

    I'm kinda lonley and every time i listen to this track my hope to find someone to share love lights up



    Alexandro Romio

    @Alexandra hey ordinary girl, if im lonley and u are lonley can be a chacnche to "know" each other :D

    Scott Turriff

    I want to know if this turns out 😅

  41. earthwolf82

    Really in the shittest place in my life I've ever being, teared up something chronic.

  42. H H

    Pes's OST is Our Childhood .................

  43. Kexx Alexis

    2019 is here?

    Девид Кемерон

    @satenotart Про че музыка?


    @Девид Кемерон допизды) в сериале нашел. отбросы

    Девид Кемерон

    @satenotart Ну Я так понял про любовь!


    @Девид Кемерон все песни про любовь

  44. Paolo Landayan

    This was removed from Parlophone's YouTube channel around 2016/2017 until The Chemical Brothers officially reinstated the video in upscaled 1080p with the same viewcount, likes/dislikes, and upload date this year. Upscaling to 1080p would already become the mandatory requirement for uploading archived music videos to Vevo YouTube since 2018.


    The video on Parlophone's channel was different and I preferred that one

    Paolo Landayan

    CLARIFICATION: The (already deleted) Parlophone upload was the version of the music video featured a combination of "Dissolve" and this and it was shortened for broadcast on music channels. The one on their official YouTube channel is based on the Further DVD album, though this was upscaled from a DigiBeta (or ProRes) master source.

    Maybe Virigin EMI didn't acquire the master files just to upload the "shorter/TV edit" version, though.

  45. Leonardo Altamirano

    it turns out that music releases the soul 😏😏

  46. Blue from Dickfigures

    As a kid i never got it... But now, having found the love of my life, i get it.

  47. Jaksa Vuckovic

    really catchy tune, reminds me of

  48. Michel van Doorn

    aight ² ;) (y)

  49. Michel van Doorn

    horny sound , swoon, its al about Love , mhhhh

  50. Michel van Doorn

    Self knowledge ;)

  51. Michel van Doorn

    im also a Misfit
    but from Holland

  52. Michel van Doorn

    ¿? , stand 69 ;)

  53. Michel van Doorn

    ¿ oops sorry

  54. Michel van Doorn

    realy chil out (y) i love chemicals, u ² ?

  55. Johan Merelo

    pes 2012😢😢😢😢

  56. Naomi Elizabeth Murphy

  57. Tyler Pullen

    Anyone here in 2016? October

  58. Talesio

    Very nice video;) I make similar videos on my channel. See them for a future collaboration:D

  59. Alex Gilis

    I remember seeing them live twice, and it always hits the spot.

  60. ZaZZyBry

    anyone here from misfits?

    Thomas Jones

    re-watching it all again sir!

  61. Hathu NFC

    PES 2012 FADAFAKAAAAAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. enerji

    not sure if it's just the animation or the music itself, but this would go perfectly to Mirror's Edge imo

  63. Алик Сахаров

    одно из лучших у братьев

  64. Stephen Weir

    just remember to fall in love

    there's nothing else

    there's nothing else

  65. Mar Sol

    Great fest

  66. Mar Sol

    Nos em Lisboa🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

  67. santosh ojha

    I love this music

  68. Memes Futboleros Col

    pes 2012 nostalgia :')

  69. Christian Smith

    Shredded Benicassim 2016!

  70. CenseMusic

    I've taken this song too heart and now I do have I love.

  71. yurimioti10

    nostalgia pes 2012
    and i rebember whem i bought this game in 2011 with my mother

  72. Gary Kildall

    Saw this live with visuals at NOSAlive 2016 in Lisbon. Amazing stuff.


    I was there too! Made my entire day!

    Ken Dee

    I was there as well!! heheee ^^

  73. BId

    chemical brother in live is just amazing like this song

  74. Jascin Jascin

    PES 2012....

  75. Antonio Curado García

    Your songs are amazing and beautiful, I'm very happy when listen your songs, thanks

  76. Antonio Curado García

    Chamical Brothes are the best

  77. Jake Tyler

    one of the most gorgeous, hypnotic songs I have ever heard

  78. elizabeth blanco


  79. Jemma Strachan

    Haven't heard this song for ages still love it!! I remember it used to come on the NME music channel all the time

  80. Emanuel Hdz

    que nostalgia... PES 2012😍


    sim ;-;

    Joluma Marti


    Daniel Rodriguez

    El mejor en ps3

  81. ニコラ


  82. Grimosaur

    Further is definitely their best album in my opinion

  83. Nate Rising

    This song and video depict relationships so well, the two colorful personalities apart from all the rest!

  84. Thomas Shannon

    Seen Chemical brothers live on Bondi beach New Year's Eve 2012, this was the song they played at midnight. Timed the fireworks with the tune. Pretty great memories!

  85. francisco eusse

    music's next level

  86. Love for Piano

    gavin can go fuck himself or whatever

  87. PoeticPotato

    I don't care what Gavvy says. This video is actually really good.
    (for the record, I watched the video/heard the song before I had ever started watching RT)

    Khadija Elkhatabi


  88. Trav

    Fucking love the tune

  89. Ado Meuporg

    My first ASMR experience, omfg


    +MARCOS MELO Quit using commas like that.

  90. Max Roberts

    pure masterpiece by chemical brother's! does anyone remember when chemical brother's where a rock band back in the 1990's? please can anyone tell me what year they switched from being a rock band and went electric?

    Carl Sagan

    I think it was in 1993 with exit to the planet dust album

    Max Roberts

    Yeah? Thanks for the help, it's a nice tune by the chemical brother's eh?

  91. Marlon Dias

    I really don't like how they just stripped down the original song to fit into the music video..
    The ending synth was so sweet 😐

  92. RW175

    I like this chopped up edit of the track! Which is weird because I never like radio edits.