Chemical Brothers, The - Music: Response Lyrics

Music response
Music response
Music response
Music response
Music response
Music that triggers some kind of response
Music that triggers some kind of response
Music that triggers some kind of response

I have what ya want, I have what ya need
I have what ya want, I have what ya need

Music response
Music response
Music response
Music response
Music response
Music response
Music that triggers some kind of response

I have what ya want, I have what ya need
I have what ya want, I have what ya need

Music response
Music response
Music response
Music response

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Chemical Brothers, The Music: Response Comments
  1. Mauro Sanders

    Recuerdo que este tema kraftweriano era fondo musical del polemico Hildebrandt.

  2. Julio Gutiérrez

    hijos de puta!! 20 putos años!! 20 putos años hace de esto!! y sigue sonando fresco cabrones!!!

  3. adam bamf

    aliens will try decipher this in 2000 years

  4. Chuy Sigg

    Muy actual al día de hoy.
    Esto es música chingao

  5. Ajeje Brazorf


  6. YadidaOo

    @3:18 🥰

  7. Tadeo Gerke

    how tf does this have dislikes

  8. James Rogers

    In 1999, aged 12, this is what I thought music from the 21st century would sound like.

  9. Kemika Miku

    4:20 Rez Beta music cut

  10. XxPabloxX08

    Mierda de musica

    Adrián AM

    El hecho de que no te guste no lo hace "mierda" eres alguien que no sabe lo que es tener gustos musicales diferentes, además, decirle "mierda de música" a un género que es muy variados, sotisficados y que además es uno de los más escuchados y amados del mundo, es contraproducente.

  11. Peter Iliev

    For me The Chemical Brothers are like Pink Floyd for the older generation!

  12. Don Jerónimo

    Pero esto es ruido, no es música.

    Adrián AM

    Tienes el concepto de música muy reducido.
    Te explico: La música es ruido, no es más que sonidos que son agradables para nuestros oídos (no confundas esto con el hecho que no te guste la canción)
    La música se compone de melodia, armonía y ritmo (el cual la música electrónica y todos los géneros cumplen sin duda alguna)
    Ahora, el hecho de que la música electrónica se haga en computadora y no se usen instrumentos físicos, no lo hace menos música en lo absoluto, aquí se usan: samples, cajas de ritmo, sintetizadores, secuenciadores, reverb y entre otras muchas cosas incluso en ocasiones se usan instrumentos acústicos aunque esto no ses un requisito para hacer música.
    Decir que "esto es ruido, no es música" no es más que un comentario completamente erróneo rayando con lo estúpido (al menos que desde un principio no estuvieras informado hasta ahora)

  13. Mworshipper

    Proud owner of this classic album ! 😊

  14. Énjé Segue

    How to open an album very correctly.

  15. nestor meneses

    Twenty years. 📻 saludos desde MX.

  16. The Vintage Room

    Remember seeing them at Glastonbury sometime in the 90's, when i came round the fucking millennium was here.

  17. Gonzo Tigerfish

    20 years ago...holy crap

  18. The Left Lion Lil

    This is the sound my mind makes when I have a migraine 😂

    This song is awesome af btw

  19. AlphaProBG

    ima li bg ta we??

  20. HarryKiat Jananto

    Got to get me some x n a joint...I wanna get " out of Control"

  21. psympson

    La de años que hará que no escuchaba esto.... Madre mía!!!!!

  22. FrancesTheDumb _:3

    Comment 100

  23. 구구콘스프

    이상민 : 이걸 오픈해?

  24. Farrax 14

    Es una mierda, pero una mierda entretenida, al menos sirve para algo, mejor que darft punk, pero sigue siendo una kk

  25. paro paro

    2019 - Response.

  26. Rara Avis

    2019. Still freakin' fresh and dope!!!! Gads I love this!!!!!!!!

  27. Lizzy Lix

    Alien’s music

  28. YadidaOo

    Dude i was frying alone skating around and picked up a kite from the 99 cent store. Found a park and flew that thing listening to this album. This song killed it

  29. Poppy QuatreVingtDouze

    2019 anyone?

  30. DLP-Coaster


    Tony Rainbow

    Rock n roll moi aussi mdr

  31. Martín Díaz

    El hormiguero xd

  32. Adrián Muzás

    El hormiguero

    Martín Díaz


    Martín Díaz

    En verdad e un temaso


    Pure fire even in 2018

  34. detroit retro gamer drg313

    Love this album. Was one of the first I got in middle school when my parents bought me a pair of cheap tables for Christmas.

  35. Elliott Vipond

    The Chemical Brothers brought me here

  36. JJMCB26

    My favourite track from Surrender, it's like they're owing it to Kraftwerk :D

  37. German Juarez

    What the fuck are you doing to my ears 😂😂😂😃

  38. electro_Z thunder

    This music is on the queue of rock'n'roller coaster in disneyland paris


    electro_Z thunder Yep,


    Mickey loves The Chemical Bros, it's well known lol

    James Rogers

    Sad if true.

  39. RS 1990

    This one bears portions sampled from 'The Whip' by Darnell Simpkins & The Family Tree.

  40. Lightotronic

    who wants more Big Beat music from the Chemical Brothers? ....oh yeah...

  41. Filippo Lanza

    Brescia-Atalanta 3-3

  42. drone250303

    Went with my kids to EuroDisneyland and this shit sounded there! Kids were worried why daddy gone crazy!


    Yeah it plays in the queue line of Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith in the Walt Disney Studios Park 😉

  43. noriaki taira

    japan levis commercial song music responseだったけどなー、キムタクで撮影の仕方がmatrixっぽい撮り方だったよーな!

  44. jackovz

    4:20 the best

  45. Tony Ramille J. Soares

    o melhor album eletronico de todos os tempos

  46. Avital Handler

    love it such cool beat!

  47. Sean Mcdowell

    whoops 2010

  48. Sean Mcdowell

    2012 in auckland,drugs wouldnt of even come close,o hell yeah

  49. Steve Raff

    This is the sound my Xbox One makes when I power it on/off.

  50. chad eggebeen


  51. Pedro Jorge C. S. Rodrigues

    4:20 the beat gives a good break to song, I really love that part. Does anyone knows other songs with that kind of beats?


    Propellerheads - Spybreak


    Madonna - 4 minutes

  52. Brigitta Portisch

    THX!!!! I love it <3

  53. Миша Гавриков


  54. King Adrock

    Heard this on vinyl the first time. Good shit

  55. rippeter

    I got what you want

    Aaron Winsor

    I got what you need....

    apple sauce

    Music is what?

  56. Tyrone Bunne

    Gorgeous. Fact.

  57. MegaDonGallo 1981

    I don't care what anyone else says, for me this is one of Professor Stephen Hawking's best ever tunes

    Bobby Garafolo

    MegaDonGallo please, son, look up Mc hawking: a brief history of rhyme

    Gustavo Duprat


    Erick LL

    Chemical Brothers - Music response ft. Stephen Hawkings.
    Now imagine the music video with Mr. Hawkings floating on a psycheledic background spiral flashing with colors. Then Mr. Hawkings start spinning like crazy clockwise like a bidimensional figure.

  58. NiRvAnA

    bella, a volte la ascolto quando vado a correre

  59. Luke

    Does anyone else feel that this is ONE OF the best EDM records ever made (Surrender)? I've heard a lot of albums over the years, and this one has made me dance in my chair almost more times than any other.

    Diego Higuera

    Luke this ain't EDM bro


    This is technically "electronic" "dance" "music"

    Rob Mausser

    Yes and Liszt was also "alternative" music. But we don't call it that. EDM is a cultural meme describing a particular style of music, the actual words that make up the meme are irrelevant.

    Alberto De La Vara

    Actually is Big Beat, not EDM


    Technically, what Alberto said is more correct - it's Big Beat, one of my favorite genres of all time. Regardless, as both a huge fan of and also a producer of electronic music, I have always loved the Chemical Brothers, and do consider this one of the best electronic music albums to date. The Chems have always been a huge influence for me as an artist, and I've played many of their songs as a DJ over the years. I've seen them live three times, and every time they blew my mind. The best.

  60. Shane Spencer

    Nothin but BAMM!!!! from start to finish!
    The whole house vibrates and stuff falls off the walls.

  61. Chris B

    Dug this album out the other day. Can't believe it's from 1999. Still sounds up to date, proving good music does not age.


    @Chris B True. And good music from the 1920's that still sounds awesome proves this theory correct even more :)


    Yeah man, was listening to Kraftwerk the other day and got the same feeling.

    musicmad antidevil

    Well now its 2019 and this album is 20 years old:( time flys allright. Still wicked on the 2xs 12s in the car cranking hard so bayceeee speshly out of control and under the influence:)

  62. adam bamf

    I never thought dial up sounded so good 

  63. Freddie Guavo

    Got this song on a CD I won from a powerade cap 12 years ago. STILL sounds good to me today

    adam bamf

    yeah bro this is a evil sound i was 12 when i heard this still moves the blood!!

    Taylor Neal

    @Grateful One I've been trying to find the songs from that powerade cap for months now. I remember listening to that CD on repeat forever.

    Man, what a trip down memory lane now. Good stuff.


    @Grateful One Are you f-ing serious? Powerade gave this as a prize??

    adam bamf

    it was like sanitized hard funk music

    adam bamf

    @Taylor Neal its old school hard funk

  64. songs about mixing

    mono sux all day. had 2 actually put the cd in to hear to right.Yes thats right 'cd' remember that shit.If only I had the vinyl

  65. Das Do

    endless, neverending good song !!! normally i don´t listen to techno-electronic-music except for chemicals, kraftwerk, daft punk (first album) and some shit from jean michel jarre... but this is genious, fantastic. i´ve seen them live on a festival, i think it was 2001 when  "come with us" had been released, since then i love them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Das Do

    yes, but i only like "the mix"-version from 1991 brothers knows R. Huetter and Bartos, Schneider, Flür personally

    Aaron Winsor

    Homework is my favorite from Daft Punk too

    Agostino Amodeo

    Schneider is the only German person that i can like 🔝

  66. Dominique Van Eygen

    Lovin thiz, this is my Music: Response! Dumdumdum dododo bliep bliep bliep
    Mood: "Nerd Party"       Vitals: Healthy         Thoughts: This is really awesome, a new favorite. Well done! Bleepbrrrwabwabwabzzz       Response triggered: Started dancing wildly... Music: Response

  67. helgevig

    this album seems to have become a subconcious part of me..

  68. sped23

    musica elettronica che viene convogliato in italiano...

  69. PatrickBateman47

    MAZZONE...only the italians can understand that citations.

    Asd sdada

    Italians suck

    Modila 0708

    Ahahahah è vero questa è la canzone che sta nel video di Mazzone

    Umbe Carru



    Sono capitato su questo video per la canzone in sé ma appena hai ricordato il grande Carletto sono subito andato a vedere quel video! Grandissimo pezzo di cultura pop italiana!!!


    Se facciamo 3-3 vengo sotto a curva vostra

  70. john andrews

    Its obviously the Konch to Clam ratio. Come on Beale Street.

  71. john andrews

    Goose?Is that you?

  72. songs about mixing

    this is the kinda musicthatsmakvdseshsdfjsdhsjd fvhs./,.,'l',,l/

  73. 2NIPP2


  74. rebel rui

    ubuenisima rola

  75. jeFF Fury

    Fucking BRILLIANT! There are no other words!

  76. Factor 981

    que buen rola