Chemical Brothers, The - Horse Power Lyrics

Horse power, horse power, horse power
Horse power, horse power, horse power
Horse power, horse power, horse power
Horse power, horse power, horse power
Horse power, horse power
Horse power (neigh)
Horse power (neigh)
Horse power (neigh)
Horse power (neigh)

Horse power, horse power
Horse power, horse power

Horse power, horse power, horse power
Horse power, horse power, horse power
Horse power, horse power, horse power
Horse power, horse power, horse power

Horse power, horse power,
Horse power, horse power


Horse power, horse power
Horse power, horse power

Horse power, horse power
Horse power, horse power


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Chemical Brothers, The Horse Power Comments
  1. Tricky Nick

    Give Ketamine back to horses

    Justin Hunt

    Ummmmm..... No, don't be crazy

  2. Revol. Nona

    Where can ya buy this model? Awesome. Instructions would be difficult.

  3. Glori4n

    I remember banging my ex to this... Good times.

    Bish Bish

    On playstation?

  4. Alexssandra Katherine

    Horse power

  5. Todd Begay

    Trent Reznor should credit this track for the Sister Night theme.

  6. hunterswine


  7. Betania Correia

    Horse power

  8. Savergym Criscillo

    Soltanto la musica o gli alieni un giorno ci salveranno...

  9. Rostislav Komárek

    @ takhle to necháme

  10. blaine davidson

    Seems like a nice anti-heroin ad. I'm so glad because I was afraid of it being more seductive. Ingenious.

  11. esteban castro

    Okay o bien o aght te

  12. Denis Bogdan

    ваащеогонь !!!!!!

  13. Denis Bogdan


  14. 竹内洸

    May the horse be with you.

  15. Cj Large

    Of course it’s horse............power!

  16. mauricioaudiovisual

    *2/4 BPM 123*

  17. Marty

    Now if they do a wolf song and a bear song, they can to a 'totem' EP...


    Oh, TF2.

  18. ・ やまレゴ'sChannel


    ・ やまレゴ'sChannel


  19. ・ やまレゴ'sChannel

    0:23 excellent

  20. 0x0 Aesthetic

    Did something changed? I don't remember there being a start up.
    At 0:22 I remember being started like this.


    yes they added the end of dissolve to this because they flow with each other

  21. factor de me x fhz

    There is no horse

  22. Threelly AI

    Old town roads is full of weird comments...

  23. Yaqub Ibn Ishaaq Al-Kindi

    People need to realize that this is a banger

  24. Vince

    I saw a Purple MLP art fan loop anime with this song

    Costantin Dolton

    Show me now.

  25. Sajin Komomura The Clean Cut Comedian Fox

    I think the reason why there's a horse in the video is because this song is called Horse Power

    Peter Jochems

    You know what? You could be right...

    Bish Bish

    You won a bag of potatoes.

  26. PeersIK

    delta horse

  27. hypedisenio


  28. gisung kwon

    This is Art and Legacy

  29. Cristined

    Totalmente hipnotizante

  30. Brandon Steele

    This what Andrew Hussie listens to when he works out

  31. Gocha Tsekvava

    how much horse power does this song has?

    Stan The Great Man

    1500, 1000hp goin to the synths

  32. Ammaridon

    Great art. Very difficult to listen without dancing.

  33. Débora Dutra

    I love this song!

  34. sanic 69

    whos here from zone tan

  35. John Cassles

    And it's Scrapheap by a nose.

  36. Roberto Jesus Astengo Diaz

    caballito caballito

  37. Paula Niño


  38. koustuke matsuda


  39. Alberto Morales Esteban

    Autentic Drug!!

  40. sjow

    That horse was animated way too good. i think there was an horse inside.

  41. Sbiaw

    Any one got mepsipax?

  42. Mr. Goldfinch

    Orc´s power

  43. slivnikov

    Идеально. Синтез искусства и технологий.

  44. unknownapplication10

    Sagan&Bodnar , Froome&Thomas. Thumbs up if you watced that video.

  45. Alberto Jerónimo

    Kraftwerk influence... Where?

  46. Frontview Org

    What about Porn Power?

  47. ahmed alkady

    fuck you اللهم اني صائم

  48. Phoenix Cooper


  49. bosniak nationalist

    I was scared of i am not...

  50. Tal Brott

    great clip as usual

  51. Diego Peña

    Formula 1 x Fox Sports Arg

  52. Oleg Bulyga

    magic sound

  53. Nadroj Nicol

    Do you trip when your galloping

  54. Ehxon

    popof remix is where its at

  55. 최승현

    with motion capture by a horse and global illumination.

  56. KromatographyMusic

    3:46 Such an awesome tune and they wasted it! Could have made a whole song of that!

    ro ot

    Animus do you mean 4:07 ?


    Not really, as it's part of the whole track

  57. Robert Bryant Lock

    This one kinda grows on you... B)

  58. Qwerty-Space

    Zone-tan sent me

  59. Dylan MK

    and kc xl and chemicalbrothers

  60. Cristined

    Me recuerda a Rammstein


    Cristined - Similar a 'Du Riechst so Gut'.

  61. Gregory


  62. W0ke 420

    Ketamine anyone?

    köksal erdenoğlu

    Ketamine, aaaiiiihhhehe, of course)

  63. driver 34

    Gran turismo 5 tgs trailer bring me here

  64. Richard Fukuda

    Horse Triggers Some Kind of Power


    It is a major totem in a few pagan creeds.

  65. Alvaro Rivera

    It's so refreshing when they get back to their sound and style roots.

    W0ke 420

    Alvaro Rivera some of the recent stuff is truly terrible

  66. GREENY

    Gran Turismo 5 :)

  67. юрий

    блядь обожаю чемиклов .


    юрий блэт я тоже.

  68. Armin Sanchez

    muy mala la calidad de este vídeo negativo para ustedes muchachos muy buena música pero muy malo se ve el vídeo

  69. Brian Moon

    kinda reminds me of Moaner from the Underworld

  70. prescription

    Are you nuts?! I'm a horse...


    Joseph Stalin Actually a pony..

    Nameless and stuff


    Urso L.

    Joseph Stalin *NO*

  71. Mathieu Greenwood

    Pretty chill in its simplicity with some complex synth at times

  72. Brian Coleman

    this song has always been my jam

  73. Notelodoy Menos


  74. Victor Almaraz

    C'mon Brothers!, what the fuck is this?

    W0ke 420

    Victor Almaraz downhill spiral

    Reaper Roar

    You know this was released in 2010.

  75. Xerife81

    new stuff....👍🎶🎧🎵

  76. Syro

    Deux Power

  77. Leandro Delphino

    The Chemical Brothers and the oniric. Surrealism

  78. 青木朋博


  79. Raül Ache

    Nice single too... and cool video

  80. marcel soca

    LOVE ,fucking CHEMICAL BROTHERS , from 19 90,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ,,,,, cooll music

  81. Sam

    The strength of the force is defined by the horsepower.

  82. Emma Leyrit

    It's so awesome ! *.*

  83. Vivíparo Placentario

    ...trote y galopeeee, white horse of Santiago...!!! :))))))

  84. Frank Mushyz


  85. Ian Wilson

    I really love Chemical Brothers. I wouldn't say this is the best track to roll out. It's not bad. CB usually rolls out some really visual and interesting music videos and of late the CGI is crazy. This video seems to be a step back, the horse animation is cool but becomes redundant. Still, great to have a new song and video. Keep cranking out madness!

    Ian Wilson

    The video looked like a college student's animation reel.


    This song and video are 7 years old. But if you noticed then I guess it means they're improving :P


    This was from "Further" from 2010!


    Yeah, you can't talk as if this is pretty new


    I don't even know if this one counts as a music video. It just says "Official Audio".

  86. Mr Maxitaple

    they know how to make it

  87. Ramyro Souza

    5:37 - prelude of swoon

    Joel Obn

    RAR SM they're all connected

    Robert Bryant Lock


  88. Ramyro Souza

    -P O N E I-

  89. jemt1290

    Not a horse I wood ride.

  90. Jérôme Phedre

    Old school electro music... but any way, its always work


    Kraftwerk :)

  91. azimet ahmet

    unicorn show. . ... !

  92. Erick Miranda