Chemical Brothers, The - Hey Boy Hey Girl Lyrics

Hey girls.
Hey boys.
Superstar DJs
There we go!
[5x + 1x + 1x]

There we go! [2x]

Hey girls.
Hey boys.
Superstar DJs
There we go!

There we go! [2x]

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Chemical Brothers, The Hey Boy Hey Girl Comments
  1. K_ BST

    Me daba miedo este miedo de niña

  2. julio enmanuel jose ferrer

    Muy dura°!!!

  3. BlueBurro922

    Better living through Chemistry
    Better living through Circuitry

  4. mayaaa nb

    😯😯 She's empathic ❤

  5. 3DFX

    Moral of the Story: Everyones got a: "SKELETON in their closet..." 👍 😄 👍

  6. R. Bryson Jennifer

    Just remembered this exists and it feels good to come back
    2019 hala dinliyoruz......!!!

  7. Genesis Gaming

    When i play this in the car i cant stop putting my pedal to the metal xD love it

  8. Frank Maverick

    3:33 FAKE TAXI!

  9. Лена Тиманова

    2020год, есть кто?

  10. Tom Carter

    London Natural history museum😳 Was only there last week!

  11. Xochitl Gomez

    Mi época en el Cona luego luego lo recuerdo la música es mágica",.

  12. Sam B

    3:25 The Concept of UBER

  13. Sam B

    MKR 2020


    I see people in that skeleton images too sometimes 2020 and it is still cool 😚

  15. Kyuro :3

    The legend!

  16. Matteo De Fazi

    4k video uploaded in 2008? lmao

  17. Hoang Thuy Nhu

    Английские коменты - обсуждают клип.
    Русские - день студента.
    казалось бы, при чём тут день студента

  18. Francia Navarrete

    Quien escucha en 2020?

  19. MachineThatCreates

    I guess you had to be there.

  20. Mr. Noob Player

    Just Dance 3 Anyone ?

  21. mycrossrodsrhot

    Английские коменты - обсуждают клип.
    Русские - день студента.
    казалось бы, при чём тут день студента
    Хороший клип! Хотелось бы потанцевать во время летних каникул :)

  22. shoeb sayed


  23. Yumi Zyger

    When I see the kids at 0:44 seconds It looks that they going to Hogwarts.

  24. ArcadeBoy 87

    Great, I'm getting "Prime time of your life" video flashbacks

  25. ell arr ess

    Where are the chemical brothers from, are they American?


    ell arr ess No, from Manchester, England.

  26. Império do Brazil

    Forza Horizon........

  27. sla iBiZaTwisT

    Forza horizon ?

  28. Томас Анджело

    Я думал только у меня асоциации этой песни с днём студента

  29. Dugga Dugga

    Dancing to this song is literally the earliest memory I have, now I'm an adult who goes to raves and experiences imagery similar to this while on substances. Kinda trippy

  30. Alexandre Teixeira

    When I was happy and i didnt now it....😶

  31. Руслан Ахмадиев

    День студента под эту музыку раньше отправляли на кнопочных телефонах 😁

  32. Vee Flynn

    This video use to scare me as a kid 😂 I had an odd fascination with it though.

  33. Aidana Sosa

    🇧🇷🇨🇦🇲🇽 ❤❤❤😍😍 we are the leaders of america

  34. Mischa Schmitz


  35. Mischa Schmitz

    Drugs are wrong

  36. Михаил Макаров

    Хороший клип! Хотелось бы потанцевать во время летних каникул :)

  37. Александр Стреблянский

    Трек классный!!!

  38. Trish Coatl

    Hayy wey las calacas chidas 🖤🖤

  39. Jody Essers

    These kids in this video, probably have kids in 2020

  40. Fikinger

    Immer noch Saugeil !!!!


    great !!!

  42. Dogeyes

    0:25 Even as a little boy Draco Malfoy was such an asshole..

  43. TheGuyThatWasATelevision

    When you accidentally remove the g from graveyard.

    ceyhun özkan

    i would recommend this, if "youtube comment of the year award" could exist.


    Moral of the Story: Everyones got a: "SKELETON in their closet..." 👍 😄 👍

  44. Michele DE COSMO

    Great song .... even if we are in 20 20 !!!!

  45. Катя Катя

    Че все русские комменты не об этом крутом рейв произведении, а о дне студента? Я одна слушала это еще с 2000 где-то года?

  46. ?????

    Oh my, the woman in the video is way too obsessed with "Skull & Bones" huh?

  47. Viktoriya Padurya

    yes! i was 9-10 years old ! and never forget such song . it was best time .! Matrix , Chemicals brothers , Music PLayers MP3 , times!

  48. Alexander Borodin

    Books on BookRix: "Non vowel resources of some good mood", "The planet of biorobots?". Книги в нете: "Негласные ресурсы хорошего настроения некоторых", "Планета биороботов?".

  49. iSMAIL33

    L'un des meilleurs son électro, the best sound of electro 2000's

  50. Charley Says

    2.18 good lad 😅😅😅

  51. Сергей Конар

    Обычная общага на день студента. Ничего сверхъестественного

  52. Muz Zik

    Whats the name of the movie?

  53. Joonas Repo

    Very nice, good music 90"s♥️

  54. yan demidov

    Wasn't there a version where she took her skin off to be as others?

  55. Megalodon 1945

    This teme of When enlistedme in the Army ... 😎 1994 the best!

  56. Shawna Laim

    Creamfields 2019 anyone?? Yesss ayee

  57. enea shini

    I remember this back in 99 when i was a child....and think How the fuck is possible that skeletons can even fuck??!

  58. Vik Step

    а как наш пацан попал в их клип ?

  59. Илья Лещенко

    2020... Hello...

  60. Sarah Ke

    The video is so scary but also fascinating

  61. Juan Ignacio Gamer 717

    This was very very scary (I’m going to have nightmares nightmares nightmares nightmares)

  62. Tyren Johnson

    Shit remind me of Forza

  63. Alfredo Nt

    Quem precisa de ácido ouvindo uma batida espetacular desta ? Nem eu...

  64. Josiel de Assis

    1:51 Why the hack hasn't she tried with the other hand?

  65. arthuro ramirez

    Esta la veia en los dvd piratas xdxdxdxxdxdxd

  66. arthuro ramirez

    Suka blyat

  67. Kelpo Johny

    My childhood 's best music! 💪

  68. Antonio Lopez


  69. TheOtherWhiteBread0

    Some say hes still waiting at the bar.

    Josiel de Assis

    Welll... He's said, he would.

  70. TheOtherWhiteBread0

    Wow this song is terrible now that I'm older.

  71. Артем Артем

    У девченки ещё брат есть, в Belive ;)))))

  72. Аслан Дюсенбаев

    Это школьники а не студенты,😎🇷🇺-2020!!!

  73. Samuel Automatic


  74. David Jurado

    Es perfecta para un cosplay de Sakura..

  75. starship troopers

    amınakoyayım çok iyi yaa (i mean fucking awesome)

  76. Emma Owen

    My friend put this on in CLASS on the work pc

  77. Doug McK

    groundbreaking in so many ways! the track itself is a masterpiece, nevermind the video

  78. By X

    12 years ago and high quality 1080 p video woooaaaw is interesting

  79. MrKopasso

    Kto jej ten gips zakładał hehehehe

  80. amy wong

    Another catchy dance tune from them.

  81. אברהם איסקוב

    forza horizon (original)



    אברהם איסקוב

    @thedanieljew (israel)

  82. Po po champion

    fuck me, this was the tune back in the day... especially on the subwoofers!

  83. Andrew Centner

    Хах, а ведь сегодня день студента 2020 )))

    Александр Хоменко


  84. Путешествия Ожмариновца

    За день студента, поехали

  85. Денис Шалдин

    Всех с днем студента!

  86. Dana Mnr

    Aller no limite cest les best❤❤🥀

  87. NomuroMijaro

    An amazing clip showing a girl,half human,half kriptonian discovering her x-ray vision. GOTCHA!

  88. Kirk Butterfield

    Id rather listen to Ace of Base. Which is sad because that shits 100 × better than this garbage. No wonder the U.K. garbage these days. You like trash.

  89. Tombrosapien

    Even tho they’re kinda corny these guys have some bangers

  90. Warriors Son 1966

    7.3 k people didn't identify as a boy girl or a superstar DJ !

  91. Ko Ko

    Детство 😌❤

  92. hiphopboy36

    Hey girls! Hey boys! Superstar DJ's
    Here we go!!💽😃

  93. Ferry Kusjanto

    Go to celebes

  94. Almaz Mcvey

    Superstar DJs here wee go 💯😍👌👌