Chemical Brothers, The - Got To Keep On Lyrics

Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Got to keep on

Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Got to keep on

Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Got to keep on

Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Got to keep on

(And the rain comes down)
(Like tears, like tears)
(And the rain comes down)
(Like tears, like tears)
(And the rain comes down)
(Like tears, like tears...)

Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Gotta keep on making me high
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Got to keep on
Got to keep on

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Chemical Brothers, The Got To Keep On Comments
  1. Bruno Bignose

    to me, this is about cultural appropriation and whitefication . just saying

  2. BnDtQueen

    Too short!!!

  3. Garland5

    Great video and awesome song. I've watched this 3 times in a row already.

  4. Pan Daimonium

    Michel Gondry is a magician. Such a genius at blending special and practical effects.

  5. Boca Nejra

    This looks like a washed out Soul Train copy without the style and shitty music...

  6. Antonio

    This song remember me an 80s song. But what...?

  7. Nemo_K

    This is some Dumbo with the Pink Elephant LSD shit

  8. NinjaBunny9000

    dude straight turns to jello at 0:30

  9. Joseph Swift

    How can anyone dislike this. This is real art.

  10. Nicolás Chamorro

    Michel Gondry is fuckin insane

  11. Edu_GM Moore


  12. mr. aaron

    the good thing about this song,
    When First released I found it
    Listen at shop and gym
    After 1 year get Grammy
    And many people doesn’t know.
    Let them not know.
    We know because we are lucky. 🍀

  13. Nicholas Schulz

    congrats on the win guys. i fell away from you years ago and this is the track the brought me back. long live the chemical!

  14. Surja Johnson

    the Prodigy forever

  15. David Ancillotti

    I watched it on a micro dot and it was awesome

  16. GentlemanHobo

    They were cum the whole time.

  17. Georgia Moffat

    Check it out! The modern version of Soul Train!

  18. Silly Willy

    Such a nice track, but that middle part is not fun.

  19. Shay Proietti

    vocês são demais......amooooooo.....

  20. TikTok

    *When you realise they are all TikTok thots...*

  21. Antonio Lopez

    70 a2020

  22. Rogers Photography

    Do you Soul Train Line (much)? Great editing!

  23. Yusel Cruz Brito

    Lo volvieron hacer... Esta increíble 😍😍😍😍

  24. Barış Karabıyık

    dancing like a cornstarch.. ( watch time warp cornstarch episode )

  25. giatros giannis

    Fucking Beautiful........

  26. sofi videos y angelo y toda la familia

    Ufff gracias por tan buena musica

  27. CatireGarcia

    How am I finding so much fucking good music lately, like seriously

  28. Walid Elsawi

    is that wiz khalifa...? :)

  29. Jose Carlos Aguirre

    That blonde girl tho

  30. Marco Jaime Jardina

    The Chemical Brothers are excellent music makers.

  31. Tectonic Mann

    Sexbliminal Messaging!

  32. Bloody Romero

    меня накрыло пиздец

  33. Gourab Kar

    Awesome song. In repeat.
    Please make more songs like these alive "Do it again" and "believe". These are your USP. Very unique.

  34. Jesus Afonso

    It sounds like Basement Jaxx

  35. Jordan Williams

    The soundtrack of my California Road Trip 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  36. Press Play on Tubbo

    Meduza true winner 2020

  37. Human Path

    Even if it was distorted , but the shimmy from first girl was just amazing.

  38. goWise Languages

    this looks like a fashion advertisement

  39. Kevin Vong



    Congrat, Chemiks! Forever Rave!

  41. goWise Languages

    this grammy was well deserved. I love experimental electronic music

  42. Michelle E

    soul train 2.0

  43. phillip pino

    FN Cray!

  44. Alexandra Senna

    C’mon, “No one has ever seen dancers in a video before” this is boring.
    Bring back cool video ideas

  45. Liam Reed

    Ya ala verga que pinche rolota!

  46. Octave

    me and the homies getting ready to go to our fencing competition

  47. fancymypalate

    Just noticed that even in the beginning, the dancers are digitally distorted. Hadn't seen that until I watched it on a larger screen and after a few watches.

  48. Ann Oiseau

    Обожаю ❤️

  49. Cristian Nawrath

    Muy buen tema

  50. GeneralArmorus

    Rutger Hauer sample the year he died

  51. Jason Lewis

    The Real Winner🏆
    maRLo feenixpawl lighter than air.
    For people whom actually listen.

  52. TheMercyBeat

    And who says there's no groundbreaking videos even today?
    This video is a pure masterpiece! The song itself too!

  53. Box_Collecter8._.

    A while back my sister had one of those Small electric cars radio and everything old though, this song played but it was so staticky I couldn’t understand she did I found the video been visiting the vid ever since, pretty random.

  54. Caro


  55. Dmitriy Petrov

    Guys what a trick of this video? I understood idea of “Star guitar” or “Go” but not this one 🤷‍♂️


    The trick is, it is very much energetically charged. Has it good "cinematic" pic? Check. Good dancers? Check. Attractive people (mostly through their plastic, not visual image)? Check. Rythmic music? Check. It is remind me Adriano Celentano's "Prisencolinensinainciusol".

    eNdo - Visual Alchemy

    The technique is called time remapping in After Effects. Adjusting the speed of the video to certain rhythms using keyframes

  56. moe green

    Good thing I googled Grammy winner's!I'm a hip hop head but this joint is jamming and the video is insanely genius!

  57. Pya Phyo Aung

    UFO are Real

  58. Mr. Vader

    Wow ive never heard these artists before

  59. nigga dawg

    i brush

  60. Have a good day !

    What this shit won grammy?
    Best dance recording & best dance/Electronic album.

    Sorry chemical brothers but i think Grammy don't know what EDM means.
    I hope next time music genre like bigroom/hardstyle/hardcore will get nominated


    I can tell that you only listen to Mainstream EDM based on the genres you enlisted. To win a Grammy has a lot more to do than just Dance to music.No one from the genres you mentioned can be nominated for best dance recoding.


    Well my friend,Your definition of EDM is so short sighted it's saddening

    Have a good day !

    But there are talented edm producers who makes absolutely great music but never get nominated for grammy.

    I feel sad for them


    @Have a good day ! They're good producers but you need to realise there are many good producers out there. You need to be more than good to get a Grammy.

  61. Mohamed Salah Yahyaoui

    why white?

  62. Stephen Robinson

    Grammy winning song

    Stephen Robinson

    Actually underrated for once

  63. midierror

    Hey, if you have a moment, I made a video for No Geography on my channel - I'd love for you to see it

  64. Anne Janine

    Look, it’s the modern version of Soul Train!!! Hahahahahaha! Yes!

  65. aglasser

    This is a Soul Train performance from 1977.

  66. UMARR

    I don't know what to say... Chemical Brothers are cool guys and their music is great, but I just can't understand how this song won in grammy awards! Seriously! There are better songs in this album like ''MAH'' or ''Eve of Destruction''. Anyway congratulations!


    I honestly wanted We've got to try or Free Yourself to be nominated but they won't the best album too so that does justice to it..

  67. Jan Michael Garan

    AURORA's voice is so good 😍

  68. AJC YT

    What sort of river island music is this😂😂

  69. Jackie

    I'm here trying to see how this won a Grammy...


    By being a good song ?

  70. Babolat92

    It must have been a shit year for dance music if this won Best Dance Recording. This is what happens when the genre overrelies on Calvin Harris.


    Haha,Glad to see a pop normie here tryna judge The Chemical Brothers :) Calvin Harris isn't even considered a dance producer my friend.


    @Nong Perhaps not exclusively, but are there any other artists whose dance songs have consistently charted in the top ten internationally for the past decade? In the world where pop remains supreme, it's pretty damn impressive feat.

    I enjoy a few songs from the Bros, from "Galvanize" to "Do It Again." The Chemical Brothers have never really been anything special, though, let's be honest - they receive acclaim in part because they've just been around all this time. With virtually every dance artist coming into the fray before suddenly disappearing like Shakespeare's Fool in *King Lear*, the Chemical Brothers is really the only established artist/group in the genre. It's too volatile, unfortunately, and thus lacks long-term artist diversity.

    The award historically favors pop artists, anyway. The Chainsmokers, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna won this award in the past. So, the award itself has never been even remotely underground.


    @Babolat92 Consistently ? Yes, Robin Schulz. Man never won a Grammy. I am not denying that pop and dance have a thin line between them but saying that Calvin Harris carries the genre is bogus. Calvin Harris isn't really a "Dance Producer" He always works with pop artists. Surprisingly,Calvin actually loves making underground music and often plays only big beat (chemical bros style) and techno at exclusive parties. Thats so not true. The chemical brothers have their clout because they Revolutionised electronic music. They won't their first Grammy back in the early 2000s and songs like Galvanize still have an impact on modern-day electronic music. It is sad that the dance category has been dominated by pop acts for the past few years but the last 2 Grammies were spot on when it came to being inclusive of all electronic/dance music.

  71. steamyboy69

    2:27-2:35 reminds me of Christmas carols LOL they combined techno, african music and Christmas church bells LOL congrats on the 2 Grammys!!

  72. Neosinder

    The fact that this won over Piece of your Heart and Midnight Hour just comes to show you how clueless Hollywood is about dance music as a whole. Take the Grammys with a grain of salt, people.


    This track honestly deserved it. Hollywood did make the right choice. Dance isn't limited to the mainstream my friend. The Chemical Brothers are the pioneers of underground music and just the way you don't like our music doesn't mean it doesn't deserve it.

  73. Italo Kennedy

    You gotta be fucking kidding this music won from midnight hour on Grammys


    Yes,Well deserved.

    Italo Kennedy

    Not at all! Ok, this music isn't bad, but I think midnight hour deserved more, or at least "piece of your heart" despite not being a music with many elements and all these stuff


    @Italo Kennedy Piece of your heart was the most generic track of all nominees,I don't think it sounded bad but there are so many others similar to it. Midnight Hour sounded more like a R&B nominee than Dance. It was between Rufus Du Sol and The Chemical Brothers for me this Grammy,true masterpieces. I wish Skrillex stopped collaborating with R&B artists and started working by himself and make gems like with you,friends again but for the time being.


    I don't think he deserves the Grammy.

    Italo Kennedy

    @Nong yeah, taking it to this way, midnight hour has some elements of r&b, but to me this is only another element, and yeah, "piece of your heart" isn't bad but isn't sooo good, I think it was just nominated because turned into a viral last year, and I don't think Skrillex will be back to their old style, despite we, fans want it so much, I think he's keeping on ping pong on many styles and trying create new good sounds and all these stuff.

  74. Don McGibbon

    Bleachy keen!!! "WHITEOUT!!!.. " [something you yell in Newfoundland and Labrador when winter hits like a blast]

  75. Erica Bernardo

    Congratulations! grammy Winner! ♥

  76. Andres Canales

    grammy winner... very well deserved

  77. Rich Wood

    So dumb


    Rich Wood I know ! You are dumb. No need to remind us.

  78. Rodney

    Congrats on the win but will big beat every come back?

  79. Guillermo Suárez

    Grammy's 2020!! 💯🔥

  80. Zeroqt TV [Zrqt]

    Congrats for the grammy guys

  81. West Lab

    По сравнению со старыми вещами - фигня.

  82. Ігор Білець


  83. TheDominicanBoy

    Who is here, after grammy?

  84. Станислав Раднаев

    Хрень какая-то а не музыкальная композиция.

  85. Dmitry Fedorov

    Nice video but mediocre track.


    09.22 YOOOOOO !! I LOVE YOU YEE HA VERRY NICE YEYE ! WELCOME : 27.01.2020 I DANCE SIT ¨! SY ? UP REPLAY SELF ! I DANCE ! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gllglglglgllglglglglgllglglllglgllgllgllllllllll V i love i s good , good love !
    Maaaaax Give lithl back ! waf NO ! what no waf is so nice Iiiiii ,.::...::::..::i . . .. . . . . . . . . i
    sy Got To Keep On


    CANARD !

  87. Tit bits

    Grammy's brought me here.

  88. Danielle Maroney

    This shit won a Grammy, really?

    Nick Zýro

    Flume deserved to win

    Caden Schmidt

    Nick Zýro i like flume don’t get me wrong. but the Chemical Brothers definitely deserved to win

    Nick Zýro

    @Caden Schmidt Yes but the chemical Brothers deserved to win for other songs not for this. Flume this year has been more interesting, creating new sounds and his last album is special

    Caden Schmidt

    Nick Zýro i totally forgot about Hi This is Flume Mixtape. that was a good album, i take back what i said


    @Caden Schmidt No Geography was better I'm my opinion.

  89. Хабаровчанка

    Наши химические братья получили Грэмми за лучшую танцевальную запись:) Супер)))

  90. titaniumapple1

    This won a Grammy because it's hipster and diverse. The song is terrible - and I love the Chemical Brothers


    I'm quite far from hipster, just found vid now, I kept getting this song in my head and tried finding the name... Just a fucking cool song in my opinion, great live too

  91. Nguboi

    Woah, is the blonde dude with big glasses on the left at the beginning the same dude from the Avicii Levels music video??!

  92. MaitreMoebius81

    Song’s great, clip’s crap.

  93. Dennis Stoddard

    Damn, can easily see why this video won. Amazed


    Technically won "Best Dance Recording." Old Town Road won Best Music Video. Chemical Brothers "We've Got to Try" got a video nomination.

  94. joanna martinez

    Chemical Brothers, Your legacy, talent and funk makes me forever a Chemical Sister 🙏 Michel Gondry also directed Stardust’s Music Sounds Better With You 🥰

    Caden Schmidt

    joanna martinez wait he did??? i love that song and music video :’)

    joanna martinez

    Yes he did! It is such a classic! Michel Gondry must have good taste in music l🥂

  95. Mike Girard

    this song is some BORING phoned in shit.

  96. Jeremy Friesner

    Anyone for s'mores?

  97. Stephen Shields

    Remember when CB were hardcore? Wtf is this shit?


    They still are, Check out Free Yourself or MAH

  98. Danny boi2

    Grammy Winner Best Dance Recording 2020
    For solo, duo, group or collaborative performances. Vocal or instrumental. Singles or tracks only."Got To Keep On" — The Chemical Brothers (WINNER)

    Yiu Fung Wong

    Your music is lit af


    @Dee The most generic nominee out of the bunch in my opinion.


    @BeingGHOST I wouldn't say much better but it was my top pick.


    I guess No Geography album gets the grammy award


    But none of these guys know how to dance

  99. Deepest Tempest

    Congrats Chem Bros for keeping it classy and oldshool.