Chemical Brothers, The - Go Lyrics

Can't think, can't sleep, can't breathe
Can't think, can't...

Everything gettin' harder to find
Everybody jumpin' out of they mind
Everybody goin' out of they skins
See we get to the end but that's where we begin
You feel it
Mannequins say "We breakin' the mold"
Breakin' out and we breakin' the codes
Similar to the Jacques Cousteau
To the depths and you're wet
So your tank explodes, so get it out
Send your body to flight
Everybody got a target tonight
Everybody come along for the ride
All you studs and you duds and you ladies, let's fly
Grip the moment like you grippin' the earth
Feel the weight and you feelin' the girth
Now you get it, now you feelin' your worth
Feel the sound you used to make when everything thing used to hurt
It goes

Oh, no time to rest
Just do your best
Oh, what you hear is not a test
We're only here to make you
We're only here to make you
We're only here to make you
We're only here to make you go

Gotta go, gotta make it in time
Brightest star gonna be the guide
Gotta get you to the other side
To where the butterflies and where the peach reside
The first five minutes for the fifteen of fame
Five seconds 'fore you're saying my name
I'm deadly sharpshooting the game
Gonna hit you and this whole execution is aim
Get together and we building a fire
Clear smoke and it's taking us higher
Hands up, everyone is one
If you see yourself making it
You're seeing the sun
Metropolis on the edge of control
They take our money, but they won't take our soul
Fuck that, ain't gon' do it no mo'
Won't do what we told and we ain't gonna fold
We go

Oh, no time to rest
Just do your best
Oh, what you hear is not a test
We're only here to make you
We're only here to make you
We're only here to make you
We're only here to make you go

Go, go, go
Go, go, go

Can't think, can't sleep, can't breathe
Can't think, can't sleep, can't breathe
Everybody jumpin' out of they mind
Everybody goin' out of they skins
Everybody jumpin' out of they mind
Everybody goin' out of they skins

Oh, no time to rest
Just do your best
Oh, what you hear is not a test
We're only here to make you
We're only here to make you
We're only here to make you
We're only here to make you go

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Chemical Brothers, The Go Comments
  1. Андрей Престижио

    Юбки этим девкам НАМНОГО больше бы подошли .

  2. turututu

    I wish this song was longer, it always leaves me wanting more of it!

  3. Blade Runner

    Dirt 4 :>

  4. Morgan_mack 12

    As a filmmaker at college, the song is amazing, but a really disappointing music video. There is literally so much you could of done to match the sound of the song with amazing visuals. But no, they somehow thought that 7 women just dancing in line with poles was better. Like I said, amazing song, but let down with a boring music video...

  5. Arjan Middendorp

    Did Pearl Jam give you some credits to cover your track? FYI yours is 10x better :-)

  6. fab06f

    Toujours aussi bon 👍

  7. i'll be back

    I'm gonna play this in my funeral.

  8. Carlo C

    Someone here while learning the programming language Go? :D

  9. MBtech

    The video is like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for the year 3000.
    Awesome track though!

  10. Charlie Franco

    Who's here for Baywatch 2017?

  11. Fábio Tinoco


  12. Revol. Nona

    [F] Graph

  13. BobEvans

    I've been into old school hip hop for a lonng time. And a homie got me into The Chemical Brothers recently.
    So I don't see a better combo tbh. Even this track is 5 yrs old. It's cool and very new to me to hear Qtip outside of tribe.

  14. 6666 The Number Of The Beast XD

    Need for Speed players?! :V

  15. AgentHEKTAH

    I dont like electro shit in general, but man The Chemical Brothers videos are super sweet.

  16. luislofra 7777

    Quién más viene por el anuncio de Lexus?

  17. Evan Jones

    0.75x speed

  18. Larisa Andreou

    More Cool Song to me!!!

  19. Bertoking

    Is fake, I've never seen 3:39 mins of sun in England.

  20. Sid Michael Fajardo

    Came here from pornhub.

  21. PLOOF

    this is what hapens to the gray pencil when no one uses it

    ona a slanted floor

  22. Minh Viet Nguyen

    Need for Speed brings me here

  23. Alicia Barbero Arribas

    Vengo por el anuncio de lexus

  24. hezzy

    ngl i rediscovered this song from p0rn

  25. Андрей Бородин

    архитектура офигенная..

  26. DANNY H

    How many watford fans are here

  27. Ole Go


  28. Lorena Ribeiro

    Go LÔ, go!

  29. Smugle

    Thank you NFS 2015, u was not bad game with good soundtrack!

  30. naDuL

    FX like 1917. 1 sequence shot with no visible cuts.

  31. Mónica Durán

    Esta canción debería ser un himno!!!

  32. Alexx_07

    I come for a Lexus TV spot

  33. dsantoscess

    I love this ! Amazing !

  34. Лесной Лапоть

    ......кто здесь.....?

  35. timour lch

    Lexus sound add in france


    Me too in spain

  36. Samuele Manetta

    Sky tech der clab ❤️

  37. Eliasz Kułakowski

    To lecimy

  38. Danny

    Vestal virgins offered to a modern underground god...

  39. Dylan Heaton

    1:07 so insane

  40. Ine Noare

    америка процветает на похоронах

  41. Shalev Wain

    Don't know how to read this band genre but it's fantastic

  42. ni.ko386

    this sounds like get innocuous by lcd soundsystem

  43. Alfonso Martínez Sánchez

    the video was better in my head as i run but well, what that i know

  44. Deti 2137

    Czy tylko mnie wkurwiają te cięcia?

  45. Turbo_Play_In_Game Game

    NFS Carbon music / The chemical brothers Go


    Une Question ...UNE réponse Dans Quel PAYZ Est Tourné Ce Clip ?BYBHR

  47. sergio burton


  48. Mahmut Deniz

    I am here for video not song.

  49. Ghoopi Woldburger

    Entering 2020 like

  50. VEHICLEFAN5500

    *NFS 2015*

  51. RockBoy501

    e l'attore e lo scultore e il cantante e il professore e l'intellettuleee!!!

    Shadra 847

    minchia che cazzata compa'

  52. Елена Буркина

    Синхрон отработали! КЛАААСС! 🇷🇺

  53. Роман Прошутя

    Кемикал бразерс тоже смотрели совецкую фантастику

  54. Zejpejeres

    I remember this song from NFS 2015

  55. J.Gomez

    Best place to play, Spring 2016 PS4🤙🤙

  56. Fabio Piccoli

    does anyone know in which city this video has been done?

    Giuseppe Zanardo


  57. The Power Station

    What you hear is not a test.

  58. The Power Station

    Loving the concrete. Check out brutalist architecture of Milford Towers and Eros House in Catford London. The car park in Get Carter was by the same architect.

  59. The Power Station

    Public Enemy

  60. The Power Station

    Bonita Applebum you gotta turn me on!

  61. The Power Station

    Robert Palmer rest in Peace ✌️

  62. The Power Station

    Q Tip is a unique rapper and an artist unlike Jay Z. Pyramid? Oh please food stamps and free cheeeeeeseeeee!!!

  63. NewYorkRawVideos

    found where the dance originated from

  64. Evan Jones

    Plot twist..
    Its one person, moving really fast!

  65. Artem Abdrahmanov

    куда блевать??

  66. piranias

    non of the blacks can create that music.

  67. NerdilyDone

    Man, I forgot just how good Chemical Brothers are.

    Drew Patton

    Said nobody, ever

    Szabo Zsolt

    he said it right there

  68. tomaszkajor

    Ice, Ice baby ;)

  69. J D F

    No había presupuesto?

  70. Яри Пуйконен

    Херню всякую снимают...


    Иди Киркорова послушай.

    Рамиль Самигуллин

    Настроение синий :D

  71. Anders Nelson

    That was epic,

  72. Anders Nelson

    Those hats are swagalicious

  73. kilokal597

    Ciao Mattia del futuro, spero tu stia bene!

  74. Magiktcup

    Its amazing what you can do with half a dozen birds and some scaffolding

  75. Amit Vanjani

    Nice song , stupid video

  76. elly nisbet


  77. 33 /Al'Zuhr\

    This video is a nope from me.. Is this found footage from the 80's from the deep web? Creepy asf

  78. Ana E

    My fav workout 🏋️‍♀️ song right now

  79. Revol. Nona

    Sir Trump would prefer to be a Golfing Dad... I'll give ya the best tip of your life. Outta the skinnys...

  80. Revol. Nona


  81. Revol. Nona

    Nice boobies. You'd be even more angry if I didn't notice them and like em. Can't win sometimes 🌻✌🌠

  82. Martin Demsky

    When you finish 1000 basslines you will start to create THAT basslines...

  83. Adam Cosenza

    Handmaidens Tale but they are forced to do choreography instead of getting raped

  84. 777vavan

    украина лайк

  85. Betania Correia

    Butano fim de forma nenhuma

  86. Gaby Marquez

    Me electrizas, Chuchi, inloviu

  87. chariot

    cumbrains destroyed

  88. FOXYPAIN :3

    anyone nfs ?


    need for speed?


    @chariot yh

  89. Er Dani

    Spot Lexus UX!

  90. Petra Roth

    Is the Girl in the Middle the Actress "Ella Leyers" ?


    Whay 7 girl?

  92. Mark Smith

    They haven't got the beat right. it becomes epic then drops when you don't want it to.

  93. Sparadrap

    When the alcohol hits you and you and your 7 personalities enter the room 🤠

    Hernan De Los Santos


    Marisa Konich

    Amazing comment! 😂😂😂

    Blat Salad!

    Sparadrap BEDA!

    senile sloth the first

    You made my day

  94. Padraig Moynihan

    Tickets booked for Cork 👌👌

  95. Claudia Sciarra

    Ps4 spot 2015 😂👌

  96. dark-star 29380

    J'adore ce clip 😉

  97. l'expérimentateur fred


  98. Emerald Autumn Music

    Which is your favorite? Mine is definitely the one in the center(4th), smiling beauty.

  99. Pablo