Chemical Brothers, The - Free Yourself Lyrics

Free yourself, free yourself
Free yourself, free yourself
Free yourself, free me, dance
Free yourself, free them, dance
Free yourself, help to free me, free us
Free yourself, help to free me, free us
Free yourself, dance
Free yourself, dance
Free yourself, dance
Free yourself, dance


Free yourself, free me, dance
Free yourself, free them, dance
Free yourself, help to free me, free us
Free yourself, help to free me, free us

Dance, dance, dance, dance

Dance, dance, dance, dance
Dance, dance, dance, dance

Free yourself, free me
Free yourself, free them
Free yourself, help to free me, free us
Free yourself, help to free me, free us
Free us, free us, free us, free us

Free yourself, free me, dance
Free yourself, free them, dance
Free yourself, help to free me, free us
Free yourself, help to free me, free us
Free us, free us, free us, free us

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Chemical Brothers, The Free Yourself Comments
  1. sunmiit mathadu

    January 2010✌️

  2. sunmiit mathadu

    January 2010✌️

  3. Daddy Cool

    Я похож на охранника в конце.

  4. G1DE0N M0SC0V1CH

    1:48 getting caught in a laser tag crossfire.

  5. buttefly buttefly

    охранника убили роботы!Они жестокие!

  6. buttefly buttefly

    Роботы страшные!

  7. buttefly buttefly

    Я боюсь их!

  8. Kamil Waczynski

    When the A.I. takes over the world they will definitely spare CB for sure.

  9. getfreethebadges

    I dislike it

  10. getfreethebadges

    I dont like it

  11. getfreethebadges

    Shit music

  12. Marce Litos

    Is Good, oh my god

  13. Olivur_

    Free yourself, Free me -_ Dance!

  14. Gavan Hogan

    Chemical Brothers still have "it". This is art.

  15. Olegario_ART

    Братья опять какое то химло употребили и их прет

  16. Sorin Ichim

    This epic song is good if you watched : "I, Robot" movie, before😂

  17. Емельян Пугачев


  18. Vyacheslav Chervonosenko

    based on novels of Isaac Azimov?

  19. kickass1973

    love them ole geezers!!

  20. Reigate Robot

    Angela Rayner looking fitter than ever

  21. Dave Julian

    Wow! Ace :)

  22. Matt Wilson

    Fucking epic that this came from a political poem. These guys are the masters if there ever were.


    ееее комон

  24. Anonymous Hacker


  25. Anta Akpinare

    Leon cikinca ben 1:48

  26. Antony Stark

    I want a dancing robot !

  27. Nurdin Kühnel

    The Chemical Brothers and the fanny on display. Oldie but goldie.

  28. Pete Leo

    this video is wack

  29. carfagen2

    Kill all humans

  30. Traffic Light

    The robots at 4:38 are the Chemical Bros.

  31. Drink

    This sounds like a song you’ll see in gta 6 on the “non-stop-pop” version of that game

  32. luis Santoyo

    WOW¡¡¡ AMAZING¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  33. Vincenza Postiglione

    Nwo transhuman project.

  34. Railgap Esoterica

    The track doesn't make me move the way stuff from Vegas etc does, but the brilliant video redeems it - I assume it was mo-cap'd. Fun!

  35. Артос Партос

    Boston Dynamics 2035

  36. Mark Munn

    Westworld Raves Kick Ass

  37. dukas dukas

    Fuck yeah!!!!

  38. Dusan Miljkovic

    why he dont star to dance? that will save him

  39. Marcos M

    Caralho que bizarro

  40. Brandon Mendes

    Siri after couple of decades.

  41. UN3SS

    last time it wasn't so funny but now we gonna see how seriously these joke it is

  42. A A

    DARPA in 30 years.

  43. s3dchr

    You can tell the robots were programmed by white people by the way they dance.


    ever seen a black program anything more advanced then a vhs?

  44. Andreas Biesenbach

    ahhhhhh like to know how it ends...

  45. Bombchen

    Boston Dynamics ;-P

  46. BJay games

    Detroit:Become a human.

  47. Gray Fungus

    Officer when walk in to the Conor


  48. herrgrabarske

    That particular sound will haunt me for years to come :/

  49. Vlad Zh

    ChemiCAL Rules!

  50. Vlad Zh

    Apocalipto day
    T100- rests

  51. acc nam

    Look mom no head

  52. Oroi Ginalee

    Well this is creepy af.

  53. Molberts

    What that guard expect when run out from office?

  54. Alekhya Jakkoju

    That guard is the one who gets killed first in Chernobyl 🙁 I remember his face so well..

  55. Dev Guy

    don't like this, guys stop being lazy and "Free yourself from the drugs" before making stuff like this.

  56. Ed Gepixel

    This sucks.

  57. graeme011

    From the point of view of a human being, this is deeply disturbing!

  58. Bobby Chudoba

    This may be a reality in a few years.

  59. •Daniel•

    después de ver este vídeo de robots bailando no se porque
    me he traumado

  60. Девид Кемерон


  61. Девид Кемерон


  62. Ronna

    It looks like it was a good day at work.

  63. dadkwashere

    Uncanny valley

  64. MisterUrbanWorld

    Be Yourself... Be me!// Be Yourself... Avoid TV// Be Yourself... Civilization must Advance

  65. Luis Fernandez-Bravo Rodríguez

    By the time Skynet became self aware, it had spread into millions of computers across the planet. Ordinary computers in office buildings, dorm rooms, everywhere. It was software, in cyberspace. There was no system core. It could not be shut down. The attack began at 6:18 pm. Just as he said it would. Judgement Day.... The day the human race was nearly destroyed by the weapons they built to protect themselves. I should've realized, our destiny was never to stop judgement day. It was merely to survive it. Together. The Terminator knew. He tried to tell us, but i didn't want to hear it. Maybe the future has been written. I don't know. All I know is what the Terminator taught me. Never stop fighting. And I never will. The battle, has just begun.

  66. Gfvljv Trxsfj

    0:04 only true fans will recognize the music in his car👌

    Daniella Val

    Oh yesss


    Im a true fan I dont recognize it :S what is it?

  67. Андрей Блейз

    Неплохо, лайк, побеждайте а номинации независимые

  68. Crisp Nolen

    kill all humans

  69. Артём

    Катя Андреева шикарна.. Теперь хоть понятно, почему у неё такая работа.. Бот!

  70. Isis Espinosa

    Free me.

  71. Jackamomo

    The Chembro creativity train finally slows to a crawl. Crap. Not digging the video either.

  72. Анстасия Полякова

    пипец дядке


    После титров не досмотрела ))

  73. buttefly buttefly

    Мне страшно!

  74. Ian Devine

    What a load of shite, to think I once liked The Chemical Brothers? WTF

  75. kieran robins

    I think this video has an anti establishment message, we are the robots that need freeing from the Hierarchical system that fuels on our obedience, but once we have freed ourselves from this subtle slavery, we by far outnumber the figures of authority put in place to keep us subtly enslaved to contribute the elites wealth, just an opinion of course, what do you think?

  76. Rolf Fleckenstein

    a los robots les pregunté 'cómo quieren sus cervezas?'
    y ellos contestaron...


    con tu culo si va perrita

  77. A B

    But, I'm like you! I'm you but different... They own us all........

  78. Juan Mena

    What you don't know is that this is the behind scenes of A.I.

  79. саматспас 1

    It,s message for Russia...

  80. MissUnderstood

    I've been to raves like that back in the day. Oh yeah.

  81. almega0005 almega0005

    Класно. Очень понравилось как сирену подогнали под музыку. Включил дома на всю и потанцевали утром вместе с ребенком , перед выходом в детский сад. Соседи конечно так странно посматривали на нас когда вместе с ними в лифте ехали. Но мне все равно было, у нас настроение было отличное. Когда смотрел первый раз ждал что полисмен в месте с ними отожгет. Все добра!!!!

    buttefly buttefly

    Это в будущем будет так;!

    buttefly buttefly

    Его убили !роботы а потом показали съёмочную группу;!

    almega0005 almega0005

    Нет. Думаю не убили. Он им дверь открыл, четко слышно поднятия рольставни. А дальше мое мнение не сьемочная группа была , а закосили типа случайный человек снял на телефон и выложил в сеть видео. Таким образом и сделали коонцовку. А видео со сьемочной группой ну вряд ли , что на это указывает , я не ууидел . Да и не их стиль, слишком бонально. Я так увидел.

    buttefly buttefly

    @almega0005 almega0005 незнаю но роботы похожи на убийц!!!А зачем они к нему идут так ?У него испуганное лицо!он незнает что делать! они его задавили !Его точно убили роботы😭😭😭

  82. Siden Gaming

    Title free your self!
    Lyric:free your self dance!

  83. Dj Mars

    A black guy (nigga robot) in the left 3:28 🎧🎤😂

  84. Maurizlio

    пзц, че за наркомания!!!

  85. R Trinidad

    Several months ago from what I have been informed about is 4 robots killed 29 lab technicians in Japan hmmmmmm………… what is your fate, this is now getting real.

  86. Hobarth McShane

    The latest batch of sexbots for Westworld are fresh out of the box, not even finished, and are already bull moose bozo.

  87. Homsan Feo

    Робот Федя в беспорядках участия не принял!

  88. Aron Le Baron

    Creosote?? Fair enough it’s a good product, but there’s no need to make a song and dance about it. Blimey...

  89. Daenerys Targaryen

    Go hard till the break of dawn, or until your battery needs recharging.

  90. ChaoYun

    Even T-800s have more swag than white people.


    AlphaGo likes this video.

  92. G. A.X

    quite a bad song

  93. Anne Patton

    fells like that 99' Kraftwerk concert! cool!

  94. Cj Large

    *freed himself*

  95. Xrnamer / Хрнеймер

    The Pizdec!

  96. Levi Dever

    Gotta say, I'm excited for this new I-robot