Chemical Brothers, The - Eml Ritual Lyrics

You know, you don't understand
You were told, you can't comprehend
You flow
It was something someone said somewhere
So low

I don't know what to do
I'm going to lose my mind

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Chemical Brothers, The Eml Ritual Comments
  1. Recep Ivedic

    великолепно как в 90е

  2. Emerson Robert Sousa Silva

    Lot of this:

  3. Shalev Wain

    My music style until now was only rock and metal ... But after this song... I don't know what to do, I'm going to lose my mind

  4. Amaar C186

    I have no idea why, but I think of the Diaz brothers fighting when I hear this, dark, unrelenting pace...

  5. Louis B

    Expectation maximisation Linear... Who decides ? An algorythm ? What about schroedinger cat effect and What has been induced for years harrassed at home. Welcome totalitarism and f.. the Panic room

  6. Linearsuck Linearsuck

    Expectation maximisation Linear : who decides ? A machine ? What about the schroedinger cat effect and what it is induced during 5 years harrassed at home. Welcome totalitarism.

  7. Matthieu Barison

    About the expectation maximisation linear, welcome Totalitarism. Who decides, an algorithm? And it doesn't take the schrodinger cat effect furthermore

  8. matt bari

    The wind Bring me there and the rabbit hole has to be patched , for Matt Broughton ;

  9. matt bari

    For those who are reading mind: of course ''it was something someone said somewhere'', you are always inducing what you need to hear ; This song is talking about totalitarism in truth, Panic is lying

  10. Elaine Anderson

    You know you don’t understand

  11. Darish Zone

    Still ace track... The first vocal part is little annoying but when synths get full gear with the tribal drums seems like soundtrack for witches dancefloor. I would easily see that on an horror film scene.

  12. Przemek Irodenko

    It 3 am

  13. KaiiKiller

    This is sick.

  14. Threelly AI


  15. Music Vision Records

    Love Each Other

  16. Luka Gelanoise

    Bit reminds me of cerrone's striptease

  17. Suzzzzana1

    It's Easter...and a rabbit brought me here too..💖🐰

  18. william bonney

    A rabbit brought me here 2

  19. Giorgi Zhgenti

    Similar massive magic tracks?

  20. Lars E.

    This track is insane. I love it.

  21. sea78x

    My RSO robot ferrit eats rabbits

  22. D.DoT-Z

    Reminds me of Hotline Miami


    This is what the future will sound like in 2047.

  24. Jeff Chard

    3:09 Shit gets Real ! (Lol)


    It get hardcore there lol

  25. zeitesixx

    What the fuck with the blue fuckin rabbit some of you comment ??!?

  26. Stephanie Kirch

    This one is a masterpiece!!!

  27. CHAIND0WN 47

    Hell yah

  28. Big Man47

    That stupid WAP WAP noise is annoying and it ruins the song

  29. Tony Dale

    Damn rabbit..... 😊👍😚

  30. Luke Pattinson


  31. sean brown

    The hole I came to go down

  32. Φωτεινή Σκανδάμη

    Αυτό που το είχα ακούσει στη συναυλία που είχα πάει

  33. sean brown

    Yh It's Discipeared into the warmer climate 😁 for a treat for being good ..
    ways on the machines

  34. The Pierrocks

    One of the most orgasmic song ... so intensive how they push to the 2nd drop x.x

  35. Dedstrok32 legos, juegos y mas!

    I fucking dindnt know this until 2 days ago

  36. Stephen Fisher

    Sounds like Dave Gahan on vocals.

  37. Andrew Nichols

    I ate your rabbit grand trismo drove me here in a tvr tomora. Sky scraping juviniles oooo

  38. Dale Shear

    A rabbi brought me here.

  39. Amora Amadeus

    I followed the rabbit.... Down the hole xD

  40. Peter Ransome

    Music for 150 mph on two wheels, good but aggressive, bring it on.

  41. Dave D'silva

    Where ever prodigy played cem's weren't far love this track 😱

  42. Jon Allen

    Sounds like a song you'd hear at a rave when everyone is heavily passed out on the floor from drugs.

  43. Janette Dorrell

    That rabbit needs to be held accountable!

    Dead Children Playing

    which rabbit uwu

  44. Brit Chić

    Blue rabbit 🐰?! Millenuals haven’t got a clue.

    Desmond Etika Amofah

    Agreed. O2 ruined it



  46. Scott Wallace

    That rabbit advert brought me here...

  47. Kelvin T

    it's all that rabbit's fault! Im losing my mind.

  48. I don’t Understand

    Thanks random blue rabbit

  49. Scranvan

    Followed my Jack Russell that was following a rabbit

  50. Wendy Combe

    Cocaine brought me here 😘

    Big Man47

    Fuck off you sad person

  51. Jezzer Waltz

    At first sort of retro Depeche mode if you what I mean

  52. Dylan McCaig

    I followed the rabbit...

  53. max power

    labotomies dark stuff

  54. Mack Mate . Com

    Never eating rabbit again shame

  55. tenpammys

    Are those two things in between the squiggles suppose to be the Microsoft word paperclip?

  56. Sandy Goodrick

    So Hypnotic!

  57. Q q o j

    O2 advert

  58. Gerry Taylor

    Early Georgio Maroder maybe?

  59. bup

    gives a hotline miami vibe really. surprised it wasnt in the OST. or related to the payday dlc.

  60. Shadow Films

    Follow the blue rabbit Neo...

  61. Funnyshish

    Sounds like dave gehan and Depeche mode

  62. mjt1658

    This could seriously drive you put of your head with chemical assistance of course...

  63. Dan Druft

    Thank fuck for Shazam or I wouldn't have known what the fuck this song was. Thanks Mr Blue Rabbit.

  64. Ross Doyle

    my first time listening to the chemical brothers and i am defo hooked

  65. Jordan Rogers UK


  66. samgub

    So there is good dance music out there after all, i thought it all ended in the nineties, thankfully The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy are still keeping the flame alive.

  67. bill

    Duck season.....rabbit season

  68. abbie 696

    So, what's with that 'Blue Rabbit'? It made me follow it and I'm a rocker, what's with that? Maybe I've lost my mind!

  69. john kennedy

    Damn that furry quadruped

  70. Cra5hOverride

    Running away from zombies like: 3:09

  71. roddyboyno1

    the rabbit brought me here

  72. steven flint

    we are breeding like rabits

  73. MsPositiveK

    the rabbit told me to follow the I am.....

  74. 〘 YrBoyDan 〙


  75. Alex G

    I followed the rabbits and they brought me here

  76. shloof

    I cant see the rabbit no more

  77. Kenny _

    Follow the blue rabbit

  78. James Fukfist

    what does Morpheus say - blue or red. I saw a red rabbit.

  79. michael fisher

    o2 Rabbit

  80. Alistair Hughes FS

    i followed the rabbit here

  81. jackie chanfan

    Reminds me of mortal kombat flim

  82. MRR 19

    O2 2018

  83. xXcalvin54Xx

    I followed the rabbit straight here... white rabbit 😉

  84. Patrick Sheppard

    I followed the rabbit

  85. The Rust Admin

    That rabbit advert brought me here...

    Karl Byrne

    What's the advert?


    Karl Byrne O2

    matthew hall

    The Rust Admin me too

  86. Nicole Vuitton

    I followed the blue rabbit to this video

  87. Scott D

    3:10 yaaaas .

  88. One Ethiopia One love

    Blue rabbit

  89. MrDazzstar

    Damn you wabbit lol

  90. Dave Martin

    A blue rabbit brought me here and I can't find my way back, but I no longer care.

  91. Joey X Smith

    What music did they sample for this song? Sounds like Depeche Mode but I'm not sure.

  92. Cartercus

    Followed a blue rabbit.

  93. DoctaProductions

    I followed the rabbit

  94. Zylah Lacey

    Turned the bass on my headphones up...Oh that bass makes the song even better