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Sleep on, dream on

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Chemical Brothers, The Dream On Comments
  1. Anais Guilgaut

    Remember me trailer

  2. Jonathan Legge

    Such a great song. Still one of my favorite albums.

  3. Angel A

    Thanks for this song

  4. Frédéric Frede

    thank you friends

  5. Christian Khairallah

    Been listening to this for 10 years now.

  6. EmanuelJose710

    Un cierre de album tranquilo, melancolico y perfecto. Surrender es vida

  7. Elías Moreno

    Bakan este tema, es volao !!🐼

  8. apple sauce

    They say the walls are getting higher, the waves are crashing deeper and the mountains tumbling to the core as the epitome of peace reigns insta golden tunes throughout the herds..

  9. raulelchurro

    Remember me.

  10. Filipe Esgrouviado

    mercury rev...everything they touch is gold

  11. 仲雅之

    slow down…♩

  12. Bogdan Elin

    Good job mate! Super old fag memories, I was buying mp3 CD from St. Petersburg to the mid part of Russia with this album back in 1999. Internet was to slow to download, I was so happy to have it! Mate, flashback up here )))

  13. Al Ias

    First heard this coming down from acid trip, watching early morning sky, thinking everything is beautiful and magical. Especially the sky. And the song was not half bad either.

  14. merkinsniffs


  15. gbuhnoezqayusioehf

    Even the hidden track is great in this album

  16. Dejan Stamatov

    2018 and still dope!

  17. Samantha Donaldson

    This song itself is beyond gorgeous.

  18. VoB

    Jesus, this brings some memories :D Just came into my mind after ten years :D <3

  19. Chant&Vy

    Reminds me Life is Strange ! :p

  20. Orion Leal

    I love this song so much man. Each time i hear it, I think of all my friends and family who care for me. I just become numb from the horrors of this world and think of what people do when they love.

  21. Sujohn Das

    Thanks to these masters of by gone years is not enough...Never forgotten....still strong...blessed with your musical teaching...opened my mind...remembering my college days...still listening...still amazed...timeless...

    Navneet Singh

    bygone?? Have you heard Born In The Echoes. It is SOOOOOO good.

  22. Muzikant Zika

    good morining 2016.28.07 =) he he

  23. Micky Martin


  24. verapamil07

    Perfect for the morning after heavy raving

  25. Frantzen79

    Sleep on dream oooon, sleep on dream ooooon.... this one never escapes my mind.

  26. TheRadicalsweet

    The final score for many evenings of my youth. How many sunrises spent listening to this song, waiting to go to sleep.
    Still today I am moved by the thought of this.
    Chemical Brothers, thank you!

    The Rogue Gentleman Gamer

    Yup I listened to this tons, still in regular rotation my playlists.

  27. Arlan Turton

    That is a pretty calm song for chemical brothers

    joe blolggs

    +Arlan Turton I take it you haven't heard much of the chemical brothers. The pills won't help you now for example

  28. boneyween

    Unbelievably beautiful track.

  29. jraNorway

    is there any longer version of the hidden track at the end?


    +flipskater032 thats another track


    +RODRIGOR300 i know, but its too short

  30. Giacomo Degli Innocenti

    chemical won t ever be forget 

  31. James DeeGrees

    Великолепно! Просто нет слов!

  32. Ivan Horvat

    5:36 bliss

  33. 93HaD93

    Sleep: on
    Dream: on

  34. Mona acidosa


  35. !XOzambian

    One of the best albums in my lifetime...;)

  36. Nokamm

    A guy of the band ... I don't know their names

  37. Effugere

    Yeah. Out of curiosity, who did you think I meant?

  38. Nokamm

    Oh ... you were talking about Pattinson ...

  39. Effugere

    Dream On is featured in the film.

  40. Nokamm

    I don't understand the relation between your comment and the video

  41. !XOzambian

    class act from the 90's,.....what i remember of the 90's....."the 90's are gonna make the sixties look like the 50's"...Mick Jones - The Clash

  42. Ethan rodriguez

    no i respect the chem bros for their music

  43. Iro Pslam

    Because twilight is gay

  44. A.C. B. ART

    yup, started with this, too- and a little low-grade- oops, tmi

  45. nicholas full

    So many late nights and most came to this. Some know what I mean

  46. TheStrawberrykate

    seriously guys, did we have to bring twilight into this? I mean come on, it's the Chemical Brothers!

  47. wolfy hooves90

    Beautiful song!

  48. Grace Guppy

    i respect him for How To be and The Bad Mother's Handbook.

  49. The 41 Pills

    song to relax...

  50. Effugere

    So why respond?

  51. shinryohji

    The chemical Brothers are the living proof (with fatboy slim and the prodigy) that you can make popular electronic music and that it doesn't have to be formated (i.e relly bad). I AM TALKING TO YOU DAVID GUETTA !

  52. slavomir buber

    super song......

  53. trilogyofheartKSR

    Utada Hikaru Flavor of Life
    4minute Volume Up

  54. Eric Brown

    Hey guys,I'm looking for music that is upbeat. My definition of upbeat is music that will literally help me get up and do productive things in life like this song. If anyone knows artist or songs that matches what I'm looking for please message me. Thank you.


    The Prodigy - Stand Up

    Milica Ilic


  55. Martin Simmons

    England serving up it's very best, yet again, to all her subjects... If only there was a musical Olympics, or would that be Glastonbury?? BIG LOVE to Everybody who 'Dreams On'...

  56. Navneet Singh

    jonathan donahue

  57. Michael Landsman

    who is the vocalist?

  58. dad athome


  59. Effugere

    @fonyric Dude, who gives a crap?

  60. phoneiric

    And I have no respect for people that come to a song to comment on a movie (even if it appears on the trailer). Go comment on the trailer or something...

  61. daftbread

    show this to henry rollins

  62. Sl1z3r

    @rmulato22 without them we all would have to pay for it so, please... shut up

  63. cantor0305

    @interpolluter29 it's a fail joke. "surrender = french".

  64. rmulato22

    fuck comercials

  65. Eusi Mentus


  66. Justin steez

    dallas shreds!

  67. Chase Suttorp

    Dream Younited Nations.

  68. lomf


  69. mouseverde12

    yeah WE come here for the DREAM UNITED NATIONS :D

  70. uhinmywhitetee

    DREAM !!!!!!!

  71. MoneyyMel

    D.R.E.A.M. United Nations

  72. Stephifyable

    @merijnvanwouden I dunno, an ex showed me this song, and i was listening to it when he told me he was cheating.. :( makes me want to cry every time i hear it.
    I do love this song though.

    T Jones

    Dickhead ruined a great song.

  73. Stephifyable

    very bad memories come to me when i hear this song :'(

  74. SpyrosEsquivel


    what is the song?

  75. cantor0305

    this is the favorite album of the french !

  76. DickGorgeous

    "Surrender" the best album from the brothers.Top 10 all time favorites!!!

  77. Roose

    one fo my favorite songs ever. love the bros

  78. Effugere

    I don't respect Rob for Twilight. I respect him for Remember Me.

  79. Carolina10933

    @bjedo3 It's a movie. This song was used for the trailer.

  80. Alejandro Gallardo

    drugs and chemical brothers go by the hand

  81. bjedo3

    what the fk is "remember me"?

  82. Kate Pederson

    alright bro haha we all have our opinions but im a girl. from your point of view i can see why you wouldnt like this.

  83. erika roo

    thumbs up if the movie "Remeber Me" brought you here>.<

  84. mrxavjav

    make that 11 people who didn't like this video but you are retarded for listening to this garbage chillpenguin69 and ejswan

  85. Kate Pederson

    10 people misread the dislike button as "dis i like"

  86. DerDrache707071

    es ist nicht in Worte zu fassen, was ich empfinde, wenn ich diesen Song höre..(genieße)

  87. Chiara Bravo

    Remember Me *-*

  88. illumedaurora

    this album is really good. Mind blowing if you smoke a bowl then listen to it.

  89. ShiiizZle71

    by being surprisingly soft and beautiful this song just goes to show how awesome TCB are. seriously i must have listened to it like 30 times in 2 days and i know i'm never gonna tire of it. anyways enjoy this masterpiece

  90. mistysilence2

    sounds like it'd be good in a Warren Miller film =D buncha shots of snowboarders, with snow flying everwhere~, jumping down cliffs and landing in powder......i love those films.

  91. K Cali

    @Julia13ization Same. Love this song now. Thank you Summit:)

  92. Satellite

    Great song from a great album.

  93. Anid Sha

    @wyvernlady seriously agree

  94. BadgerDoom

    @TheBabybooo124 E A F# E

    (slightly unsure of the F#. could just be an A with the second fret of the e string down)

  95. Kasper Wikman

    stop talking about that faggy film remember me that film drags the chemical brothers into shame

  96. Liseth Sierra

    i was wondering if anyone has the guitar chords for this song? i really want to know how to play it >.<

  97. wyvernlady

    @Warrior601 But That's a good thing!