Chemical Brothers, The - Dissolve Lyrics

Caroline, Caroline
Will you walk on these fields of mine?
Caroline, Caroline, Caroline

Caroline, Caroline
Will you walk on these fields of mine?
Caroline, Caroline, Caroline

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Chemical Brothers, The Dissolve Comments
  1. Sculptor

    Excelente. Amo vocês. We are getting old together.. love u guys

  2. ariloulaleelay


  3. Flower Power

    🤔..... Yes...
    Absolutely ❤️💙💜❤️💙💜❤️💙💜

  4. Ingsoc Incredulity

    It was Princess Anne circa 1970 all long. Good job!

  5. KN T




    KN T

    木村寛 なんか安心しましたww

  6. Powder_ Days

    Released 3 day's before my b'day, 👍😎.

  7. Monty2814

    did anyone see Haloween 3? That bit at about 4:00 reminds me so much of the evil ad music in that film...

  8. Just Here

    The masterpieces are filmed 0 views, they are filmed as someone poked 1,000,000,000,000,000 views on someone. I hate this society, but at the same time still love

    123 Kane

    Get some sleep, it does wonders for cognitive thinking.

  9. Darryl Smith

    This has got The Who all over it 🤙😻

  10. Thomas Berger

    Bunny Lake is Missing

  11. Thomas Berger

    Piper at The Gates of Dawn

  12. Thomas Berger

    Those boys are not shy about bringing the beats

  13. Коза Дереза

    Если бы Энди Уорхол был жив, я бы подумала, что он срежиссировал этот клип

  14. felipe espinal

    love this

  15. José Gollarza

    Did you people know that the one who plays the guitar on this tune is Joey Santiago from the Pixies?

  16. Alg36

    Top gear did it again ...

  17. Gopal Trikamdas

    I played this song to a puppy dog. It turned into a bear! A burning bear!

  18. Jazzman3121

    I like!!!

  19. Igor Ahoj

    ďalšie umelecké dielo od chemických bratov , super : - )

  20. Busher50

    So underrated

  21. Episch

    Intro in this song is just breathtaking

  22. Колы Баха

    когда же меня попустит...

  23. Александр Плотников


  24. Harish Jahanmohan

    Top gear season 17, the episode with gorgeous jaguar e-type

    Powder_ Days

    Harish Jahan Mohan Yep

    Jason Himpson

    When Clarkson was having his face pulled off by the supercharged Ariel Atom

  25. Сенян Чёрный

    Не для средних умов.

  26. Keiphton27

    Visual Mastery

  27. Mario Burges

    Is there an AC/DC Sample in this Track?

  28. dghi

    shadow fight 3

  29. Vero Salvador

    Just a normal day yes ! 😑😕😮😡😤😥😨

  30. Gargantua Pantagruelski

    Kill the melody .

  31. Stephen Strange

    Psychedelic feel.

  32. moopteapop 2010 *_*

    My theory is that a girl moved to a town it seems nice at the start but it gets worse and worse

  33. Victor Meza

    ¡Madre mía!...

  34. Dutch 1

    F1 to CBs: " Could you make us a song and video so we can be seen as cool with the kids"? CBs: "Sure, we have a song about dogs in space but we can just chuck in a random segment of a dog in an F1 car, how does that sound"? F1:"Great, love it, how about we pay you say $1m"?

  35. Алексей Андреевич

    Не продиджи конечно, но свою нишу они заняли и могут до сих пор.

  36. martin1226

    Caroline took too much Ellis Dee.

  37. Ammaridon

    this is so many "is". truly woow :D

  38. elodie duclot

    Je kif cette musique génial! !

  39. Dandy Andy

    amazing track but this video looks like a un-creative, pretentious art student made it. sheesh

  40. MegaLakeStar

    a monster track

  41. fla playa

    I hear all kinds of "Old School" in this, new school as well. Dreaming of hooking up with a couple hipster chicks that spin records and throwing a huge house party with pure X. ;)

    Robert Beurkens

    I feel ya, it's like an Austin Powers psychedelic shagfest mixed with newer things. 60's plus MDMA 🤩🤩🤩

  42. Christos Tiger

    Looks like Bond opening credits on mescalin...



  43. James Green

    That song should be about an hour longer.

  44. Ester Merin

    The chemical brother is the B.S.O. of my life

  45. Hector Monroy Salazar


  46. ChelseaWaffle

    so only less than 200,000 people have listened to this? i'm ashamed at this world. this song carried me through one of the worst times in my life.



  48. steeelo

    This songs sounds too 90’s to be released in 2010..



  49. The Scandinavian Gaming Channel

    It sounds like a bear! A burning bear!! And it revs to *NINE THOUSAND* ?!

  50. Paperhead Productions

    Either the 458 or the E-Type, it's an awesome song to go with it

  51. yael

    caroline, caroline
    will you walk on these fields of mine?

  52. Arslan Ahmed

    Top gear E type brought me here

  53. Gaming News

    Russell Howard - Wonderbox anyone?

  54. Turburlarz Studiogoa


  55. David Flow

    This is how syd barrett  would sound in the 21st century

    Robert O'Neill

    This is the most insightful comment I've ever seen on YouTube


    I was just thinking how much this reminded me of psychedelic 60s music, then I found your comment

  56. Jay x


  57. David Leonardis

    Love it

  58. Tal Brott

    so good

  59. Emma Selwyn


  60. Belcebuble

    I Wish the old Shool Chemical Brothers!!!

  61. Olympi Cat

    Dear Sirs,
    I want to see you in ye olde Germany this year... like the last years before^^
    Last time in 2007 and first time in 1999... guess... think about... its a little bit to less and too early for "once upon the time..."-stories to my childs. I´m now almost 40! Together with Underworld, FatboySlim, The Prodigy, DepecheMode, Kraftwerk, Moby, ... Loveparade and Mayday, you´ve shaped me since the early 90´s.
    So... please stay in Berlin/Germany this summer. I guess, I´m not the lonely german fan.

    Thank you in advance.



    Olympi Cat please send ticket and hotel info early enough and we are there!!!

  62. Сергей Кузнецов

    Holy Brothers!

  63. Derrick Budd

    Music and pipelines ✊😎🌬️🔊

  64. Eric W

    Bravo: totalement psychedelique

  65. Shane Earley

    So the 458 then. All face and no trousers? Let’s find out.

    David Castro

    *[OH MY GAWD]*

  66. Gum Disease

    I love The Beatles.

  67. Sandr Pronik

    Бомба трек. Видео,в тему,как всегда. Обажаю

  68. axexaera

    Oohhhhhh mmmmmmyyyyy goooooooodddddddd fuckkkkkk yesssssssssssss.exe

  69. W0ke 420

    See everyone?! Tom and Ed can still do it when they put their minds to it 👌 👍 😊

  70. Chaardvark

    Russel Howard anyone

  71. lucky13dollars


  72. bellamybug

    only 57k? you guys deserve more!

  73. Alds Amanda

    Jeremy bought me here with the 458

  74. Niroki Itisme

    This should have way more likes. Such a great song/video..

  75. Lucas Bauman

    All face and no trousers? Let's find out

  76. watchit

    End sixties??? Early seventies??? Doesn't matter, caus it's good.

  77. Gavin O'Donoghue

    chicken soup, just not good chicken soup!!

  78. Qasim Al-Saidi

    Top Gear 458 review brought me here.

    Jakko Vleugel

    same here

    Harish Jahanmohan

    It was featured in season 17 before with jaguar e-type

  79. Hans Maulwurf

    I love the lyrics from 4:16 to 4:44, but it's far too little of that. More lyrics please next time.

  80. Neo_Alt

    I am currently at a loss for words. Wow, this is truly breathtaking.


    literally crying cause how much I love this

  81. Branislav

    Great song, so good sound, I really like the atmosphere

  82. Marc Pharaony

    Before or after Swoon ?

  83. Major OSC

    after seeing this used masterfully for a top gear episode years ago, it has since become my all time favorite chemical brothers track / song of all time. yyyyahoooo!

  84. _-MEGA LODON-_

    круто форева

  85. junior Cesconetto

    Muito bom.

  86. busywl69

    chem's sound so much like an indie rock glam band on further!

  87. Victoria Great

    They all are crazy i think...

  88. Yedra

    who is here before 2k?


    @Cj Large do I say that? No...


    97 from CMJ.

    LJ Reynolds

    from the very beginning and until the very end.

    Ramon Mizzi

    I have discovered The Chemicals way back in 1994 when I bought My Mercury Mouth on LP. They were called The Dust Brothers back then. Such an awesome EP!


    Before the year 2000? Then yes!

  89. Frida Fuentes

    Awesome :3

  90. LightMigue

    Garage Rock is great

  91. patsy t

    what a time to be alive!

    Guerrila Latina Alberto Canosa (Gran Monarca)

    patsy t When?

    fla playa

    1999 maybe through today???

  92. bulikdj

    Nice one Brothers :)

  93. Ibra B


  94. JordanRay

    Style Justice. Excellent!

  95. Lorena Paola Echevarría

    muy psicodélico, me encanta