Chemical Brothers, The - Another World Lyrics

Another world will surround me
Another heart will forgive
Another world will surround me
Another heart will forgive

Another world will surround me
Another heart will forgive

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Chemical Brothers, The Another World Comments
  1. Jose Perez

    Exelente música😀

  2. Pinnky the Blue

    This song reminds me of my brother and my childhood, I really miss that times.

  3. Paolo Guallpa Acero


  4. Taylor Macdonald

    This song is such a feel good song and something more!

  5. Москва Петушки


  6. Obed Alvarez

    Aun me encanta esta rola, puta cuando ando bien pedo mara🥰

  7. Luu EszaFuen

    Old memories come to my head and this beat makes me cry

  8. jeikksON

    no les pasa que cuando escuchan esta canción recuerdan algo bonito que les haya pasado?

  9. Тимур

    string human is amazing!!!

  10. oscar trejo covian


  11. Алексей Пономарёв

    Красиво. Very nice)

  12. Pam R.M

    I miss this song on Sydney November 2, it's my faaaavvvvvvvvvv whyyyy

  13. Dead пул

    Безграничная красота!

  14. Hillevi Lukashenko

    Love this song! Chemical Brothers have Always been Close to my heart. Many songs are just Amazing. Well done boys!! And thanks for your great music!

  15. Äyêêē

    Another heart will forgive.


  16. Brian Adrian Escobar

    Algo me recuerda a NORTEC. :v

  17. kato queupul grandon

    tiene algo parecido a the who

  18. – alien subs.

    Finally I found this song! Im dancing it and I really need to practice

  19. Patia Tiapa

    Sound even better when you hear it live, I did Novalja 2010 go CB

  20. Rostislav Komárek

    Dneska seru na práci. Tady je život. Nikam nejdu. Pro pár korun se to neposere.

  21. Алексей Коркин

    как же вы охуенны.. сволочи... оставьте уже в покое мою машину , не разрывайте!!!

  22. Jaki Svoboda

    Dobrý song

  23. Dany Psy

    Really good song on acid 👽

  24. Philippe Cirse

    Cette musique n'est pas absolument somptueuse....pauvreté du discours mélodique, harmonies absentes, orchestration
    sans renouvellement dans son utilisation des timbres sonores, bref une pénible architecture bruitiste et verbale sans éclairs ni ambition apparente


    Chemical brothers are brill

  26. youcanstartanew

    wow. just great.

  27. Tadeusz Burzyński

    ok hey-ka

  28. s0lution

    Still waiting for the drop

  29. fred nicolas

    Another world will surround me. Just perfection in saluting this world

  30. Nicolas Linardi

    04:29 Eargasm

  31. Fabien ROBERT

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii i love it !!!


    Que locura de canción y video se siente viviendo en un decibel

  33. Games Ação


  34. tforal2

    Still love it after those years

  35. t - om

    Sensationelle studio arbeit - absolut topp

  36. Петр Иващенко

    from Russia with love ;) Мамай любимый клип к самому лучшему трубку !!!

  37. Татьяна Коровинауиум

    Also i go to home i listen this video i feel so good

  38. josseline cassula

    esta rola va dedicada a todos los momentos que estuve chill

  39. Спидран WoT

    береги ручки

  40. Спидран WoT

    да ну нах паша ты гонишь лол

  41. Павел Тарасенко

    I got an eargasm

  42. Cardingpluss Pantallaplana

    los duros en visuales y musica...

  43. SilliousJack


  44. Ilya iLmush


  45. Niccolo Machiavelli

    How they made this MV? Amazing.

  46. Mr Richards

    Death Grips are like, "Eh".

  47. Juan Manuel

    This is LIDAR on action, or on LSD

  48. Gvantsa Sepashvili

    another world will surround me,another heart will forget 🐙

  49. Xeno Falcon

    This video kind of reminds of REZ on the Sega Dreamcast and PS2

  50. Oscar Lugo

    this makes me remember "CYMATICS", we are made by vibrations

  51. liz Alarcón

    Unas de mis favoritas 💓💓🙌

  52. Артем Зенченко

    You are the best)

  53. summerlamkin truthseeker


  54. Anuar

    Waiting for you guys

  55. Daniel A. Thyringer


  56. Daniel A. Thyringer

    I notice how stupid this is compared to them already.

  57. Bohemia


  58. Hasnizam Mohamed

    Who sing this song?

  59. cookiemonstahmetal


  60. Laenha Qkeen

    Aww canción tan feliz y tan triste al mismo tiempo. Sintiendo como el corazón se llena de tantas emociones, esperanza. Como si la vida si valiera la pena de tan solo escuchar the chemical brothers. Esta canción. Mi todo! Los amo :3

  61. Geometry Dash Mau5Kids

    Es una extraña fusión de una belleza electrónica y psicodélico

  62. garadoki 2016

    Love this <3

  63. Zvoni BoBan

    Умеют же черти делать клипы

  64. Michael Ivan

    érdekes és szép

  65. Fab Zama

    Drive with this Song.... Seconds of Glory 💗💗💗

  66. Pedro Pablo

    hell yea chemical brothers rules

  67. Donhuan LMagico

    I very respect u Chemical Brothers you are genius

  68. †Dramatic soul†

    esta canción me sirve de fondo en mis crisis existenciales! 🎼🎶 solo mirando al techo!

    Catherine Calva


    Suset Cabrales


  69. Alejo Ortsac


  70. Worst Producer

    A lot of their songs sound like barely jamming and not a real song

  71. Sami Aglietti

    This is pure GOLD!

  72. elodie duclot

    C'est la plus intense musique que j'ai jamais écoutée de toute ma vie une pure merveille magnifique.

  73. вʁәии ʁв

    🎶 ♥️

  74. A Velha Bolachuda

    so cornos ouvem isso

  75. Sylvia G

    2019 Welcome.!

  76. edgar kyner


  77. Marcelo Silva

    Alguém ouvindo no Brasil em 2018

  78. Natalia Almiron

    932 dislikes? i can't understand it, this is a master piece

  79. cantforgetyou

    Sitll after all these years a SUPER song.

  80. eX.

    Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers and M83 are the holy trinity of electronic music

  81. Jorge Luis Reyes Ramos


  82. Дмитрий Чепкасов

    Очень круто !
    Впечатляют их работы

  83. Dan Friedman

    I still think this is one of the most beautiful video clips I have ever seen.

  84. Norm Bleac

    this song is like a shower for the brain

  85. Victoria Morales

    Aunque pasen mil años esta canción es oro !

  86. david ille


    Alberto Lopez

    Pudiendote comprar unos Audio Technica m50x por el mismo precio, sonando 1000000 veces mejor ;)

  87. Denys Kuznietsov

    I though I had low internet speed. Turned out it was 480p max resolution. This is outrageous! It's unfair! It deserves at LEAST to be in FullHD 😭

  88. Daniel Mari Badon

    I feel so left out. I jus discovered this song just this now 😢

  89. Curiosidades GT

    Mañana los veré en el Corona Capital 2018 CDMX 😍

  90. Char Lee

    Me and my friend were Lost in an acid trip, we were freaking out, everithing was spiraling donwards into chaos.
    So as a last resort i took out my cellphone, and i pressed the play button hoping a pleasant tune would come out.
    But It did not, this song came out, a ray of light, fresh air into my lungs, It lifted me up as if i was a feather, this song helped me find my way home.
    I sill cannot describe the feels...

  91. Henrique Luiz

    Apenas uma coisa... chapei