Chelsea Wolfe - Mistake In Parting Lyrics

Your face was as clean as any boy I'd ever seen
And your taste was so familiar, I swear I'd licked your skin before
I don't want to be a mistake in parting from her
Did I make you realize that she's the only one you'd die for?

I pined for the day when my skin melted away
And you held me close and declared this is all you've [?]
Was I just over [?]
Into some sort of innocent unknown
And are you satisfied now, that you've had me?

Now, I fear you'll never take me in again
It was far from perfect and reminds me of all the places
Even as we lay together in one bed
Now the absence of your kiss is plaguing me

Your eyes shining in the light of day

I don't want to be here, I don't know where I want to be
Or where I am going, I am just so unsatisfied
I'm looking for aggressive places I have loved and been
And people I have lost along the way, now you are one of them

We are a product of our mothers
We are a vision of despair
And knowing that I knew you in this bed
Makes me want to die in this room

Your eyes shining in the light of day
Your eyes shining in the light of day

Now you've got your words, you've got your girl
And I sit here wondering what does she have that I don't have?
She's got her plans, she's got your hands around her waist
And I ask myself if this all ever so was real [?]

Is domination what this is all about?
You took the easy way out
My heart is much too sensitive for this

I need someone who will tell me the truth
And not just pieces of information
That make me feel like you're lying to me

I think you're playing both sides of the fence
Your eyes burn in the light of day
Are you telling the truth? Are you telling the truth?
Are you telling the truth?

It's such a simple world we live, we just create all these problems
And then suffer as we try to solve them
The human condition is so fucked up and miserable
That's why we need to love someone, tell me where I can find it

Please, I need it, I need someone to hold me close
And declare you are my one and only love
Please, I need it
Someone tell me where I can find this love

Your eyes shining in the light of day
Your eyes shining in the light of day

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Chelsea Wolfe Mistake In Parting Comments
  1. Sabrina Wujkov

    Bestes Album ! Bestes !

  2. Karma Yoga Village w/ MeraBaid

    I fell in love with Chelsea's music before this album was released. I heard almost all these songs live when she was doing very small performances and open mics. Some I heard the first recorded versions because after talking to her the first time I met her we became Myspace friends and she had several recordings on there. 

    The music sounded more clear with just her guitar. I still love it. The songs are awesome and we were just in our early 20's then, the lyrics are great, even if not what we'd write in our mid-30's. I'm a writer too (stopped writing songs, but I write everything else) and I get it. 

    While I got praise for my writing in those days, what I'm writing now is light-years ahead, there's a depth to it that I hadn't developed yet. Also as an artist my identity and what I want to portray and have published are different, back then I wanted everything I wrote to be published. I'm more discerning now, I have specific things to say a certain style that represents my artistry. I'm sure the person who made this album is still there and could easily make a song in the same vein as these, but then she would edit it more, refine it more, add more layers and that is how you get the Chelsea Wolfe music that is currently being released.

    This was the first Mp3 I ever purchased and I only wish I still had it. It's still the soundtrack for that period of my life. For instance Inside A Girl sounded completely different and I was not fond of the change when I first got the album. Nothing, No One and Your Name remind me of most of the music I heard her playing at the time and were fairly (if not completely) the same as the way I heard.

  3. Alejandro Roa

    Almost 5 years since this was upload it!!! I do hope she will embrace it and release this ❤️❤️ sure its different from what Chelsea is now but its still her in this... the emotion, the atmosphere, beautiful melody’s singing sad depressive emotional stuff ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Hazrahel

    I totally get how she must feel about it: that's not who she is. Simple as that. Some songs are pretty decent, in one or two one can feel what was to come. Nevertheless most of it, although not "bad", feel just impersonal...

  5. ThE PaP

    I think its not a bad álbum, though it sounds a bit like fiona Apple, I prefer listen to this than hiss spun

  6. TheBluearmy33

    I just don't understand why she doesn't like this album? I mean she did write these songs? And I really love this album. I'd rather listen to this than Hiss Spun. Granted, there are a few good songs, but I prefer her earlier work. I dislike Hiss Spun from most of her albums. Nothing, no one is my favorite track along with Winter.

  7. phunkydrmmr

    Her voice is still heavenly. You can take the pop out of the dark but not the dark out of the pop. I don't hear anything pop about this record, it's just not as ethereal and as atmospheric as she was to become. I think it's great - I like it! Throw some reverb on everything (especially the more acoustic tracks) and it would sound more like most know her to sound like. Nothing wrong with it - just very personal to her. Maybe someone should remix those acoustic tracks as an alternative.

  8. vdelrio999

    I really like it. Different. And, that's great. IMO, an artist shouldn't try to keep a particular sound .. or else all their songs sound too similar.

  9. Hannah Klee

    winter <3

  10. MorteTheSkull

    I honestly love this album, but I can understand why Chelsea's embarrassed by it. It's a really emotionally honest album about what it feels like to be like, 20-something and have a really bad breakup that actually is probably not as big a deal as you think it is. It'd be embarrassing to look back and realize how dramatic she was being, and also like, how absurdly melodramatic the lyrics are and stuff. But that's also what I love about the album; it's rough and embarrassing and melodramatic in a way that captures that feeling of being that age and having a big heartbreak better than something more refined could.


    Also as someone else mentioned, it is nice to hear her voice in a more "clean" recording.

  11. MasterSystem SegaGenesis


  12. Lacey Lofton

    I don't get y there r so many comments saying this is her "pop" album...I get that it's not like her current stuff, I luv her,but there is no way this cld b considered pop ,it's anything but ...always have ♡d WINTER!!!!

  13. TimothyBIinks

    Whoa. Chelsea Wolfe, you had a Christian rock phase (20:26)?! Pretty endearing, but yes, I see why you wanted to bury this.

  14. Deb

    I totally would have listened to this in high school (late 90’s) right along with my Fiona Apple CDs 🖤

  15. tiphares

    it's terrible

  16. Bearborne

    25:50 a secret song

  17. jackkoffin1

    This seems more like a Fiona Apple record than something from Chelsea Wolfe. I can understand why she's less enthused about it.

    ele zium

    I can see where you're coming from to an extent, but only from the fact that both artistes are mind blowing. Obviously both went in different directions down the line, so comparing this to Tidal or When the Pawn... doesn't really wash, as all are very different lyrically, musically & structurally. & tbh, not much comes close to the power & sheer majesty of Tidal!


    I appreciate your affection for Fiona Apple's work. I didn't intend to disparage Apple, just to say that Chelsea's music on "Mistake in Parting" seems less true to the artistic vision of her unique later works and more like an imitation of someone else's singer/songwriter style. I was reminded of Fiona's earlier work in a shallow level, so that was where my mind went.

  18. Bird Skull

    Feels like someone figuring out what they are artistically, you can totally hear the Chelsea Wolfe darkness in the music. She sounds a lot like Elena Tonra here. She has a stunning voice as well, and has a bunch of songs like this before becoming full on 'Daughter', that are kinda cringey as well. Glad they both became the brilliant artists they are now!

  19. BlackMarketBakesale

    Chelsea Wolfe hiding this album would be like Type O Negative hiding October Rust.


    this is wild

  20. Valentina Rodriguez

    every artist is ashamed of their beginning works to some extent. it doesn't mean at all its no good. It's development. friedrich nietszche was very critical of his first book and it was genius. This, of course, is subjective. its a beautiful thing

  21. israel gabriel Huanca

    Chelsea y Yo cumplimos el mismo día, algo mejor no existíria 😍

  22. Hida Root

    maybe it's too generic for her, actually this is great album in fans ear

  23. Mortiis Black

    excelente álbum , ame su voz 💜

  24. MrManchasm

    "im on my period"
    -this album

  25. Spirit Breath

    She likes it.. shes just messing around. She wouldn't have created it if she didn't like it.

  26. Jamie O'Reilly

    This is my favourite album. Her voice is amazing.

  27. Worthless Opinion

    This is her greatest album. I so wish she'd play these songs live.

  28. H Y P N O S

    The only track I actually enjoy is Inside a Girl...I love that song but the rest of the album is just not my kind of stuff. I really love Chelsea and I'm proud to see how much she has grown up, I'm excited to see what's next for her.

    Lucas A.

    Andy Carreau In my humble opinion "Inside a Girl" is the worst song on this album 😂

  29. Mathias Sjoholm

    I heard Chelsea Wolfe yesterday for the first time and I'm smitten, love struck, in total awe and adoration. ("Mer" to a vid with Felice Lilith Fawn.) I'm lost for words! <3

  30. Kurt Wagner

    "Winter" is a masterpiece. Just for this song the album would deserve a proper release

  31. geengeena

    Wow, what a great album. She reminds me of Fiona Apple on "Sleeping"

  32. Michael Bernier

    This album has some good songs, I think it is more listenable than "The Grime and the Glow". That cd is pretty good, but the mix is murky as shit. Love that you can really hear her great voice very well here!

    Lucas A.

    Michael Bernier The "bad mix" of TGATG is intentional. It's supposed to sound like that because it's a Lo-Fi album recorded on an 8 track recorder.

  33. Amber Beaton

    Maybe she doesn't like it because it sounds like she's attempting to be Amy Lee hah. Considering this is 2006, that would have been still a thing and probably the only real voice of darker alternative female musicians. When realistically, Chelsea Wolfe's newer content is way better than anything Amy Lee ever did.

    lu graveyard

    Amber Beaton amy Lee is just as good , shes a awesome artist..

  34. Paradox Decayed

    Music is like a drug to me, I usually wake up in the morning craving a certain album. This is what I want. Really Kinda in accordance to my mood, but anywho. I like this album, there is still some dark minor key stuff. Even though Chelsea shuns it as of now I hope she does realize our lives are a continuum, stepping stones to our present selves. Everything good or bad that's happened to me I now appreciate because its made me who I am today and I'm comfortable with that.

  35. Chris

    although I agree with a lot of the criticism about this album, you Alex Nug got yourself a follower for having this gem.

  36. Pedro Flores

    I can clearly understand why she dislikes this album. She grew up a lot, some of the lyrics on this album are very cliche. Still, she can show a lot of her potential through her voice. I'm glad of the musician she's today! I still like to listen to this album sometimes, just to check how she started her work. Sucess for her! My favorite singer nowadays <3
    PS: Can't understand ppl complaining about reverb/distortion on her voice. She can sing and she's free to experiment with her voice. It only makes the music even better, not less.

  37. The Sloth.

    Those bells around 2:30 fuck me up

  38. usedfuzzbox

    I came to Chelsea Wolfe rather late in the day, with Pain is Beauty, which is a classic.Really liking this early stuff though as well, really shows off her voice and talent imho, shame she's not so keen?

  39. Tim Satin

    if this embarrassing, I'm ... totally ashamed of my old stuff. thanks for letting me hear this cuel stuff

  40. Tim Satin

    I have no problem with it . Glad she found her "Nietzsche" though. Maybe like tripping over something into a truer self, this is the only album of hers that reminds me of someone else at times. thanks 😈😂😇

  41. Sam Breault

    It's not available on ITunes... Sad face.

  42. TheBluearmy33

    Why Chelsea hates this album, I will never be able to comprehend. I absolutely adore it. But, we are our worst critic?

    Jamie O'Reilly

    good point me neither, Chelsea seemed to have turned to electronic rock and trip pop or something along those line's. This album is the best in my opinion. You can actually hear her voice clearly and how strong and beautiful it really is.


    Jamie O'Reilly I honestly thank you for saying what so many won't. I feel that she is trying too hard to become gothic queen, and she doesn't need to be. I'm glad she's coming out with an acoustic album this year.

  43. seu butão

    Yeah the songs are good, I think she was just embarassed by the lyrics. Everyone grows up.

    Stefan Nordström

    +vateceno pintola I enjoy the extremely straight forward lyrics though, feels honest

  44. FionaAppleAddict

    I get her decision. Compared to other stuff of her it's just lame. Anyway, check out SOME GIRLS ARE DARKER THAN OTHERS and leave some feedback! ;)

  45. Jeremy Holmes

    How did she let this happen?

  46. Sabrina Wujkov

    Where can i find this Album? Is it unpublished?!

  47. perfectally cromulent

    It does not offend the ears, but it is a bit like listening to the b-sides from singles by PJ Harvey's little sister - at best. I'm sure there's some imitation of artists I don't listen to because I don't enjoy this type of "introspective woman with thoughts like many other introspective women who think their emotive introspections render instruments not really important" music.

    Unless I was told this was Chelsea Wolfe, I wouldn't know it was. And if it was available, I wouldn't buy it. And if somehow it got into my collection for free, and I was wanting to listen to Chelsea Wolfe - which happens often - I would never pick this to listen to.

  48. Alex Sinner


  49. ChefCynthea

    The album was released at several local shows in Sacramento. I own 2 copies.

    James Hommersen

    +ChefCynthea Would you consider selling one? I cannot find this album anywhere and would love to own a physical copy.

  50. DFAC

    I get why she doesn't like it. Cringeworthy lyrics in a lot of the songs that aren't like her other works at all. Still there's positive aspects too. The music isn't too bad, some songs are pretty decent. And Winter is brilliant.

    Nikki Noir

    winter is pure bliss

    Nott Goddess

    You're kidding, right? Why "cringeworthy"? I actually find it more pure and more honest than any other of her albums. Sure, it's different, but there is nothing bad about that. This is one of my favourite albums of her! ;-)

  51. Madeleine Spencer

    I really like her voice when it isnt drowned in so much reverb you cant hear it.

    Lutz Barz

    +Madeleine Spencer i'm totally inside out there love distortion bent chords bent minds yipee

  52. lagartija alfell

    It is me, or its sounds a little bit like The Gathering?

    Simone Gastaldon

    lagartija alfell No.

  53. Isabela Ribeiro

    I love this album.

  54. Adrian Meoño Martinez

    great chelsea......

  55. Alek619

    There is some guitar notes on this one. Is actualy not that bad but the lirycs are like meh

  56. G. Lena

    Sleeping is a Beautiful Song...

    Karolina Brodacka

    @Gaetano Lena the best on this album. just magic.

    G. Lena

    @Karolina Brodacka

    Lau Suárez

    Someone has the lyrics of the song?

  57. ratteasd

    Production and lyrics really suck, but the ideas were really good.


    @ratteasd She's always criticized this album, to the point where she threw like 300 copies into the ocean and she doesn't even own a copy of it lol. I believe she said was basically pressured into making the album even though she hadn't found her tune or style yet. She also said that it was a little too personal than what she would like as well.

  58. raggi raggidman

    listening to someone else's song is different to living your own ... there are always questions of bearable intensity to be considered and other personal needs

  59. Jacqueline Diaz

    It's so different from her other albums but I do love it even though it's her "pop" album.

  60. Thaloniel

    Feels way too personal and soft after being introduced to her work by listening to Apokalypsis after a 3 day insomnia streak. It's still nice though, but definitely not my style - I'd dismiss her as another popgoth artist if this was the first album of hers I've heard :T Thankfully that didn't happen! :>

  61. Alberto Martinez

    nothing no one is very good.

  62. ChuckHitler

    It definitely sounds like someone is trying to pull puppet strings on her, but you still find the Chelsea wolfe easter egg underneath it all. She has a spooky way of composing that sticks out like a sore thumb, even when caked with layers of "generic female singer songwriter" frosting. It feels as though this is what Amy Lee attempted to sound like. I still like it though the lyrics feel insincere. but the music feels (mostly) genuine. 

  63. Daphne-Zawadi F.

    I own all CW cds but I had NO idea this existed :O

    Piano Sinew

    +DFMelancholine Also look for Red Host, then. It was a small band she made for a short time, and I think they have a 3 song EP out there somewhere. There are some crappy youtube videos of a few of their songs, but their recordings were great.

    Daphne-Zawadi F.

    +Piano Sinew thanks!! will do:)


    do you have her album Soundtrack is unreleased but one of her best albums

  64. Bearborne

    What a beautiful album. I love almost all of the songs

  65. Stelios P

    agreed with Dylan Withers pretty much.

  66. Thomes Maisling

    I won't be rushing to buy this one, though Winter is a standout song. It's all decent quality songwriting, but her newer stuff is far more original sounding. If I didn't know it was Chelsea Wolfe I might think I was listening to PJ Harvey.

  67. Dam Oiseau

    This is the best one !!! truly :D :D ;) !! 

  68. Adam Michael Carr

    r u telling the truth is a dope rhyme

  69. Ocean Sage

    Woah! Where did this come from? I thought she didn't want this released? She had nothing to be embarrassed about. I think she still sounds lovely as ever, but the music is too pop-heartless type generic stuff. A neat little look into her earlier musical styles. "Winter" is wicked though! It's heavy and reminds me of "Mer" and her doom songs on Apokalypsis, which is still my favorite album of Chelsea's.

  70. Lee W Cottam

    brilliant album, totally underrated and how brilliant is 'Winter'???

  71. Dead O.S

    I really dont know why this album is so underrated. Personally believe its a great album. There is nothing embarrassing here...

  72. Kevin

    If this was the "Embarrassingly bad" album she didn't want to have released, how did it get out? 

  73. DE SG

    This is a pop album... big things have small beginnings.

  74. laertesdd

    she had and has an amazing voice. but this music is at best nice, nothing more. sounds like a standardized pop album to me. luckily, chelsea has found herown unique style and is developing it further. thanks for uploading, though.

  75. Dylan Withers

    This might be when she was being nudged in the traditional singer/songwriter/popstar direction by her label. It sounds nice but I agree with her not wanting to put it out; it would've been too much of a stretch from this to 'Grime' and would've developed the wrong fanbase most likely. But this is a nice easter egg for those interested for sure.

    Matthew Fgs

    Exactly, and you can't compare that with new Goth Queen.

  76. ic0nify

    I absolutely love the album! Might be it's a lot too personal for her own taste... 

    MrWallow 7

    my thoughts exactly