Chelsea Wolfe - Advice & Vices Lyrics

What's the use in wasting time
When we've finally found a home
Everybody's feeling fine
What's the use in wasting time

Cause I never listen to my own best advice,
Like one thing leads to another
Like one heart bleeds for another

And everybody wants what they can't have

You told me your best advice
You said stop and let it die
You told me your best advice
Don't you waste it all at once

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Chelsea Wolfe Advice & Vices Comments
  1. Beth K

    Shes always had such fun with her creations, and I have such mad respect for her

  2. Kat Whitehall

    Found this badass queen of darkness a few months ago, but already miss her early music masterpieces

  3. Kat Whitehall

    I just need more freaky clips like this one
    in 2019, damn!!!

  4. Simone Gastaldon

    I kinda miss this early CW sound. I mean, I love all her stuff, but TGATG and Apokalypsis sound never really came back. I'd love an album like this again after Birth of Violence.

    Robert Valdes

    Simone Gastaldon Man totally agree with you! I love her early style, sound, and personality. Her music and personality now is too serious and mature. I mean she is much older now so I guess that’s what happens 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. Ezidio Alves

    Ouvi o disco The grime and the glow no spotify,é um disco esquisito,muito bom!

  6. Randy Kourvelas

    Absolutely love her voice. And her way..

  7. Ixion Turner

    This is actually a Masterpiece

  8. Stu

    good stuff

  9. Randy Kourvelas

    That fucking voice!!! Truly an amazing voice and sound. Can't wait to see her live..

  10. Leslie Anne

    very Lykke Li

  11. jimmy the killer

    huh.. a blonde chelsea. nah. never forget what to do if your roots are showing

    MK Productions

    Dye them Black number# 1!

    Řehoř Řehoř

    that's a wig

    Adam Turner

    "She dyes em black "
    Black black black number 1 !!


    10/10 reference

  12. Nikola Mihaylov

    omg this is so adorable

  13. UntitledHero 7

    She is so freaky, I love it

  14. Yautja Predator

    Early Chelsea i love you.

  15. Charlie Contreras

    what a badass video