Chelsea Grin - Cursed Lyrics

May the fallen rise
Burn it down
This is for the cursed ones
Rise from ash
We're the fucking cursed ones
This is fate
Welcome to the damned
We are fear
We're the fucking cursed ones
I'm the whisper inside your ear
Apocalyptic nightmares are real
You're becoming one with the curse
I will make sure you hurt the worst
Why can't you see?
My divine destiny
The Whole world will bow down at my feet
May the fallen rise and take back what's mine
Why can't you see ?
My divine destiny
Everyone dies
May the fallen rise
Burn it down
We're the fucking cursed ones
This is fate
Welcome to the damned
We are fear
We're the fucking cursed ones

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Chelsea Grin Cursed Comments
  1. pattarrloves animegaming hey I don't know if I can do this but I wanted to show off my vocal cover for Chelsea grin cursed .

  2. pattarrloves animegaming

    I did a vocal cover of this song and I sound so alike to him in the screams, puts chills on my body truly

  3. Yerism

    Going on a little trip down the memory lane, My Damnation is undoubtedly one of the best deathcore albums.

  4. Obsidian Wolf

    These comments are.. something else.

    Deep Cinema

    Facts just enjoy this classic niggas is retarted

  5. Frosty Cake


  6. UnholySermons

    When CG was good.. The new shit makes me want to fucking vomit

    De'Merriko Reynolds

    UnholySermons the same shit over and over again is boring even Phil from Whitechapel says so. I like to watch bands evolve from what they used to be even if it's not my favorite album I'll jam that motherfucker till I can't stand it anymore.


    ^ This fucking dude !
    That's ma boyo !

  7. Harbinger Kong

    Holy fuck shit

  8. rony rojas meza


  9. Hermi Nevarez

    I love the way he says "apocalyptic"

    ToobSockGuy Zach

    Hermi Nevarez APOCA-LYPTIC

  10. Illusionist XIX

    it's like my damnation

    hennessy Mendez

    +Grindcore Wolf not even my damnation is way closer to last breathe

  11. Khondaker Ahmed

    Crazy ass fucking song!

  12. Дмитрий Ефремов

    "My Damnation" album is a masterpiece is my favorite. Even the album cover is a delight to me still it is full of mysticism and fits the album title,this is a masterpiece  The best album they have ever released.Return to me 2011 was a year ago and still Chelsea Grin.

  13. ZenithSpire

    I used to like this band, but I've just lost interest in deathcore as a whole really. This album and Desolation of Eden is the only thing of theirs I can really listen to anymore. Everything after this album is awful.

    Luis Rasmijn

    dude dude dude trust me listen to all the other songs because theyre not bad.The oned they promoted kinda xDi dont even like those songs.But a few are fucking amazing trust me.From a fellow person who doesnt listen to deathcore except for c.g

    Luckys Tongue


    Zac A.

    Anyone here As I Lay Dying fans?


    @Zac A. They're pretty good


    +Beards Are Metal Cattle Decapitation \m/

  14. Иван Охотников

    Where can I find the background art? This is different from album cover. There is a hand holding a key. I googled, but didn't find it. Pls halp!


    Just look up Chelsea grin my damnation and it should be the first picture(:

  15. Teh Emazheng Spoderman

    fuk ya tyrone dis sum gud satenic sheit. gud 4 sackrifysing gooby 2

    Teh Emazheng Spoderman

    fite me irl. Mi lvl 90 warlock wil kik ur asz

    Prestigious Chronicler of the Rat Basher

    lol r u fukking jokin, im beat teh shet ut of u faget

    Teh Emazheng Spoderman

    @Nyx V'ynir
    ill fuk u op m8

    Prestigious Chronicler of the Rat Basher

    lol u just jelly im 4 preseeg on cod 


    @Teh Emazheng Spoderman Fokk u m8, we sakrifys u mutherfokker. Spooder suks. Gooby 4 lyf

  16. laura john

    whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo loved these guys live 

  17. Koshunae

    Yes because there is a definite difference between male and female hair like that.

  18. court mckinney

    if you dont know what a chelsea grin really is dont speak, thats pretty ignorant

  19. Klozep Shishir

    i don't know about you guys but this songs talks to me deep!!!!!!!

  20. court mckinney

    your hair looks like girl hair

  21. court mckinney

    youre an idiot

  22. Daniel M

    17 ppl are idiots

  23. Jesse Hickey

    Or just do a simple search on Google, it's been asked many of times. Search engines shall save anyone from lame facts.

  24. Koshunae

    You think it's in Russia? Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland!

  25. Riaa Lee

    Does it fucking matter what a Chelsea Grin truly is? If you care so deeply, contact Alex Koehler and ask him why he chose to name the band Chelsea Grin.

    In the meantime, listen to the fucking music and enjoy this shit. \m/

  26. Mudkipz JM

    So much butthurt in the coments

  27. AFewAmateurSkaters

    Everyone stop arguing over what the fuck a "Chelsea Grin" is and enjoy the music

  28. JOKER18826

    fuck yeah chelsea grin is the shit so is the last of us

  29. billyjoe191919

    I think Glasgow is in russia

  30. Antonio Esquivel

    lies -__-

  31. Jimmy Carozza

    Don't be like that I like chelsea grin but just cause other people don't doesn't make them stupid.

  32. Hammersaurus

    Actually, the Chelsea Grin is performed while the person is alive. They put something like a credit card in their mouth, then torture them in various ways so that when they scream, it slowly cuts through their skin. Alex described it in an interview xD

  33. Vince Melgoza

    You have to be a real shit for brains not to like CG

  34. InAVeil

    Who the hell is 'we'? And I am Finn.

  35. Horrible1v1er

    You're almost correct. "Chelsea Grin" is a torture technique in which you cut the edges of someones mouth, then make them laugh or scream, ripping their own cheeks.

  36. xbrianxshieldx

    stfu we don't even know who the fuck you are!!!

  37. InAVeil

    Wow really?

  38. xbrianxshieldx


  39. InAVeil

    Aren't you a girl?

  40. SeaneBoo Mayn

    no you're a fail scene kid,with nothing better to do than write lame comebacks and insults with shit spelling knowing the fact you will laugh at it and people will rage, and everyone else will laugh at the fact you have a shit sad life :)

  41. SeaneBoo Mayn

    no you're a fail scene kid,with nothing better to do than write lame comebacks and insults with shit spelling knowing the fact you will laugh at it and people will rage, and everyone else will laugh at the fact you have a shit sad life :)

  42. Antonio Esquivel

    im serious what the hell are you ?

  43. GraveMob Videos

    My favorite band ever

  44. Kou1337

    my favourite deathcore band ;)

  45. Inazumafuck

    Lyric videos only serve to make dumb...cheesy lyrics and make them worse because they're...well...not hidden under screamy as fuck vocals XD.

  46. Calibur43

    Andrew Carlston is a diabolical beast of a drummer. I will miss his grooves.

  47. xbrianxshieldx

    ppl r so dumb omfg

  48. Antonio Esquivel

    are you a dude or a ugly ass bitch ?

  49. xbrianxshieldx


  50. xbrianxshieldx

    if u hate this song u gay .if u lyke this song u awsum kthxbaic:

  51. Big Mike

    Holy Fuck this is too awesome

  52. butters226

    yeah seriously theyre never gonna put something out like this again. very well written and produced and brutal as a motherfucker

  53. Austin Murdock

    Best Chelsea Grin Album EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Shane Toth

    nothing pisses me off more than me clicking on a chelsea grin video and getting a god damn bon jovi ad.

  55. Ghost57evil

    That what the blind man told me.

  56. Ghost57evil

    So are you getting soft without the earth's gravity? Are are you still the hardcore marine that we know from World at War?

  57. Ghost57evil

    And hanging out with a teenage chick in Richtofen's body?

  58. Ghost57evil

    They can and have.

  59. Ghost57evil

    How's the moon Dempsey?

  60. Ghost57evil

    By using credit cards, if I'm not mistaken?

  61. FatBox

    0:08 "Where's your father?"

  62. 1XunansweredX1

    @yourgrandmaswife cool, will have to check out bore

  63. yourgrandmaswife

    If you like inhales... I know Cerebral Bore uses them, but they don't rely on them like iwrestledabearonce. To each his own.

  64. 1XunansweredX1


  65. yourgrandmaswife

    Cerebral Bore.

  66. Daniel Nagy

    im not a fucking expert but wasnt it "chelsea smile" and "glasgow grin" ?

  67. fagner silva

    foda de mais

  68. Paul Irwin

    "In a place called Glasgow"
    It's weird seeing someone who's not from Scotland refer to Glasgow. Normally we'd refer to it as "Fuckin' Glesga".

  69. jerry dueitt

    i'd be scared if a girl could scream like that

  70. DaddyZinx

    Half the views by me sorry...

  71. SalemRP

    Actually, It's a torture method. You put a credit card in someones mouth and make them scream.

  72. SuperNils666

    Actually, no it's not, it refers to football hooliganism, where they put a card in someone's mouth sideways (say a credit card) and then they punch the person with the card in their mouth, cutting the sides of their mouth. Originated from the fans of the football team, Chelsea in London. Hence Chelsea Grin


    Ya well I AM FEAR BIATCH aha

  74. Grant Ludlow

    Kinda new to this band but fucking love this song

  75. Chelsy T

    It refers to putting a credit card in your mouth and screaming and your mouth rips to your ears.

  76. Hexecutable

    The only reason why "chelsea" is in it is because a chelsea grin or a glasgow smile refers to when someone is murdered and their face is cut from the ends of the mouth all of the way back to the ears which originated somewhere in scotland in a place called glasgow.

  77. balla420ish

    if yur runscaping go get me some fucking lobz you noob.

  78. ThreeDaysGrace706

    this song.. <3

  79. TURTLZ18


  80. Dead

    Top comment anyone? im just runscaping
    and jamming this

  81. tom435111

    fuck you

  82. klass meiter

    kinda sexist i think

  83. klass meiter

    im german

  84. Superhitcomplex Elijawan

    hold up is that a girl? (first time listening)

  85. 7StringSweep

    same here :P

  86. Gilberto Luan

    i'm brazilian

  87. butters226

    search 'yellowcard wall of death'

  88. a7xmcrislife

    I get Yellowcard, not too bad haha

  89. GamorHumor

    i get 1D errr -,-

  90. weaponsde

    nicki minaj, please stop staring at me while i listen to music you dont deserve to be near.

  91. thepublicdrunk

    mother fuckers are not gay your an idiot

  92. GunnScope

    im black and mexican :D

  93. MB Savage

    I'm Bahamian :D

  94. tiburon69

    Im Guatemalan !!!!

  95. insomniac legion

    diese verdammte Band ist die shiiit zehn, wie die

  96. Devil Reverend

    im dominican c: lol

  97. SoMJacob

    Does anyone know a font similar to this one?