Chelsea Cutler - sometimes Lyrics

Tell me your secrets, I won't repeat them
This tug in my chest makes it hard to get rest
And I think that I'm better off dead
Tell me you mean it, give me your pieces
This hole in my heart makes it hard to restart
And I think that I'm falling apart

God only knows why
It comes and it goes
And gets lost on me
I'm scared that it shows
And I, I'm scared to believe

'Cause I love you, but sometimes, I'd rather die
Than have to feel this way inside

Tell me it's over, at least I'm closer
This weight on my neck makes it hard to connect
And I'm staring at my feet again
I don't think they know it, how bad I'm broken
The colors you see have become lost on me
And I can't find the root of the bleed

God only knows why
It comes and it goes
And gets lost on me
I'm scared that it shows
And I, I'm scared to believe

'Cause I love you, but sometimes, I'd rather die
Than have to feel this way inside

God only knows why
It comes and it goes
And gets lost on me
I'm scared that it shows
And I, I'm scared to believe

'Cause I love you, but sometimes, I'd rather die
Than have to feel this way inside

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Chelsea Cutler sometimes Comments
  1. sleepyoneZZZ zz

    "coz i love you but sometimes i'd rather die than to feel this way inside."

    from : me
    to : myself :")

  2. Marlyn Humtsoe

    Depression depression

  3. Ana Beatriz Nunes

    Perfeição em forma de música ♡_♡

  4. Agnelo Fernandes

    Love requires consistency, In the start everyone does everything possible to show that affection n care they have. But after a point they change and behave differently which hurts, when in love we make our self emotionally dependent on our loved ones, Which kills our happiness frm insde wic is wat i fear the most.
    "i love you but sometimes I'd rather die
    than have to feel this way inside"

  5. menino Jupiter

    Essa música acaba comigo

  6. A Piece Of Prang

    Please check my cover at my Channel 💕💕 (ver. chamber music)
    BTW. love your songs so much!

  7. Tea Sobota

    I take it as when you love ‘the’ person so much and would never leave them, but sometimes you wish to just be gone because of the struggles you have that can be hard to handle... but anyway i love this song, it touches my heart to the core

    Tea Sobota

    ‘the’ person has left me and now i really wish to be gone

  8. Sophie McConnell

    I assume this is about a break up, but this reminds me sooo much of life with anxiety/depression.

    Max Walker

    This actually isn't about a breakup it is about living with anxiety/depression and telling someone they love that they don't want to live and how hard it is for that person so very deep meaning! I thought it was about a breakup at first too

  9. Cheyenne Knight

    favorite part 4:38

  10. 沈曉白

    You must be an angel. I love your music, voice and talent.

  11. Honestly Idk

    'I think that im better off dead".
    cuz then ill be able to see who really appreciated me in life
    so yeah
    me too

  12. Lalala lol


  13. tarique jacob

    Beautiful song even now💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  14. Pari Besson

    ''Cause i love you but sometimes, i'd rather die than feel this way inside.''

    Damn i felt that

  15. Lilly Rose

    i wanna duet w you , i love you 😩

  16. BellaYang

    Ya Xiong

  17. Brokie Shot

    this album is so underrated.

  18. lea xoxo

    it’s 3:00 am here and i honestly feel this

  19. justin baredo

    hellow im your pans

  20. O que é esse objeto?

    Já que a gente tem gostos iguais, passa no meu canal ai hehehe, prometo que vai se surpreender e gostar

  21. Be'You

    The lyrics are heart achingly beautiful. 💔

  22. Myra G

    i love this song - when the beat changes really gets me. thanks for the flashback and for the voice, Chels <3 (1:32)

  23. Unnati Kumar

    She has such a beautiful voice

  24. Viana Aria

    This tug in my chest... 😭😭😭

  25. Joselito Balicante

    Wow so good😭

  26. Giang Lê

    This hits me hard. Right in the feelings

  27. Belle Vang

    Came here from Spotify. Beautiful song 💕 can’t wait to see you this Saturday!

  28. Samara Lauermann


  29. Risty Ebuenga

    Nata ngunyan ko sana ini na muyahan? Pot*❤💔

  30. rainie bxtch

    I love u but sometimes id rather die than have to feel this way inside.

    This fucking line hurts and sinks so much. This is for my emotional abusive mom


    rainie bxtch Damn thats how i feel towards my father too... its gon be alright...

  31. Arjuna Ryan Saputra

    Bagus njingg

  32. Terny 94


  33. David Garcia

    ♡ shwink

  34. Janita

  35. Skykid

    I love how Jeremy is helping out Chelsea
    I'm cryin hearing these pieces of art ;-;

  36. Adi Marta

    once i heard it, i cant stop
    this song makes me chill

  37. Shreya here yall

    Im a little confused though, shouldnt this been uploaded in Chelsea's chanel and not in Jeremy's ?


    they both posted the whole EP on both of their channels since they worked on the EP together

  38. whatisupwiththis cruelcruelworld

    "Cause I love you, but I'd rather die
    Than have to feel this pain inside."
    I feel you

  39. Kristina Sadílková

    made my day 💕

  40. Micsy N.

    I skipped the ad immediately at first. Now, I replay it to watch the ad so they can profit. Coz this deserve more views and pays! I love this ❤

  41. Saviq Isnu

    I love you 3000

  42. 최의선

    Hey, I'm a guy from South Korea and since I like these kinds of songs I really love Lauv, Sivan, Honne, and lastly the most Zucker :) Just so peaceful songs that help me relax when I listen to them! Anyone who loves these guys hit a like!

    ya na

    You should listen Astrid S...
    She's sooooo underated :'(

    dead meme

    I'm with you all the way! Their music is really some of the best I've ever heard :)

  43. Sandeep Ts

    Just Beautiful

  44. Emily Giammolva

    This is beyond my favorite song. I feel it in my heartt

  45. hulyen

    and i think im better off dead

  46. Evividiy


  47. 권동욱

    It deserves more VIEWS !! From South Korea.. l love this song♥♥

  48. Carlos Martínez

    Viva la musica SAD :(

  49. Ruan Lima

    OMG, this is good too. 😱

  50. potato salad

    Yo guys is that an instrument at 1:33? What is it?

  51. William Ray Official

    I've never felt so connected to an artist/musical genre in my life. You both really speak to me! ❤️ Thanks for sharing your gift

  52. jesseth lobo

    best lyrics so far ❤️

  53. Viness Ralota

    I love you chelsea

  54. Jannael48

    Are they dating ??

  55. Febi Mettasari

    I remembered listening to Chelsea's song when I have lots of things in mind.. Then I listen to Jeremy's all the kids are depressed... Then they collaborate ❤️

  56. jupiter is a bean

    this is my favourite song off the ep. its such a fat mood fucking hell

  57. Ice Queen

    are they dating or what?

  58. The Chanted Lyrics

    Just got a BTS ad before it.... Ahh... I love you...

  59. Sunan chan

    this fkn hurts
    i love it so much

  60. 환하게빛나리

    I... I need....... korean translation......... but I can know that the song is so beautiful even though I dont know what the lyrics mean😭😭😭

  61. Janine Diaz

    Crush this is for you...

  62. ashley c

    omg this is way too perfect. why am i crying? :(

  63. Nathaniel Xiong

    Clicked this video by accident but I’m happy that I did

  64. I love Stitch

    This duo ❤️❤️👊

  65. Rawan Alabdulaali

    قبل رمضان بيوم؟؟

  66. Potato Face


  67. Nabiha Rashid

    one word "relaxing" <3 <3

  68. Sweet Km

    I lovvvvee uuuuuu bothhhh amazinngg 💗❤️❤️💗❤️

  69. Cleo Morales

    This is painful, yet beautiful 😭💕

  70. aisha attar

    Love this so much ❤️

  71. Nhi Nguyen

    i see myself in this video

  72. Aayush Chandra Pradhan

    Are Chelsea and Jeremy girlfriend , boyfriend ?

  73. thu le

    this friendship is just 😭 really

  74. great things

    the lyrics just hit straight😔

  75. Leous

    I'm in love with this album

  76. Franco Andres

    Sub spanish plis plis plis

  77. Laxen

    74 000 Views

    6,4 TN

    16 Dislikes
    Like Cmon? What happened no one ever likes a video anymore

  78. Daisy Huang Vuelvas

    Love this duo

  79. Hiền Bùi

    I liked it the first time I heard it. And it would be better to wake up in the morning and listen to it ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  80. Minesh Mandia

    so goood,

  81. Lights at Night

    This is the best thing which happened 2019 by now

  82. Young D

    Sometimes and everytime Jerm and Chelsea upload some new music I know it'll be a massive hit ✨❤

  83. flush of colour

    Much needed🤗 much love from India💖

  84. SoulWAY

    Jeremy + Chelsea = 💛

  85. priscillabseng

    It’s pretty

  86. Juhwan김 주 환

    i keep listen this on replay again and again !!! IT DESERVES MORE VIEWS if someone see this i'm from korea and my dream is to make a song with them if got just 1 minute to have a look at my work will be so happy ! 💜

  87. Baileyyy


  88. Sofia 888

    Hayyy so sweet you post chelsea's song

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    the piano is absolutely gorgeous

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    Zeremy you have my soul <3 your music should be more appreciated

  91. LtSoulRipper

    Chelsea's voice is just so amazing. Love all her work

  92. Denry Alfat

    Moody song

  93. floweringtowers.

    i uh... want them to date because i can’t date jeremy ahahahaha