Cheetah Girls, The - Dig A Little Deeper Lyrics

No one can hold us back when we're set to go (go)

No one can tell us that we're not ready when we're ready to flow (flow)

Lead by example
Here's a sample on the floor

Yeah, try a little harder; move a little faster if you can't find
The strength you're after

Dig a little deeper, dig a little deeper
Just like we had to do, just like we had to do
You've got to dig a little deeper, dig a little deeper

We're celebrating like we never did before (before)

Went through the fire, took it higher, check the score (the score)

If you wanna be a leader check your ego at the door

Yeah, be a trend setter, be a go-getter if you want to do
Everything better


[All Cheetahs]
Don't ask the question, what it is you should do
Just take some action, it'll come to you
It's all connected all you have to do
Is move baby, move baby, yeah, yeah, yeah
You're on a roll, let it go, lose control
Don't you know it's the best thing you can do

[Chorus (2x)]

You've got to dig a little deeper, dig a little deeper

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Cheetah Girls, The Dig A Little Deeper Comments
  1. Asis Walker


  2. Seraphic Sunflower

    So everyone's gonna ignore the spare chair that Raven would've sat on if she was there?

  3. Lesliee .

    At 1:46 I love Aqua’s move. 🥵✨

  4. 4everjeanelle



  5. 4everjeanelle

    1:36 1:44

  6. brian jude jones


  7. Elyzar

    I was lowkey sad because my favourite was Raven and she wasn’t a member anymore and I still don’t know why she left.


    So she was never part of the actual singing group, she only participated in the movies. When this was filmed, Raven was doing her show, College Road Trip, and her solo music. Also another possible reason why she didn't come back was because her and Kiely fought during the second movie.

    Violet_ Amxthyst

    @ericsuxx yeah they didn’t get along very much I saw a video abt it

  8. Jamia J

    underrated song!

  9. George Schlaline

    YOU dig deeper in your Brain

  10. Lethu Mthiyane

    Anytime they go to a restaurant, they break into song and leave

    Peppa Puff

    Thats what they do if they cant afford the meal. Either that or for a tip.

    Unapologetic MonaLisa

    Peppa Puff 😭😭😭😭😭

  11. Selin Sendag

    I’ve never been a big crazy fan of the Cheetah Girls.. but this movie I will enjoy watching😍❤️ back when Disney channel was great😭

  12. Leticia Fiscian

    While struggling to get a ton of studying done, idk why but this song popped in my head. First watched this as a child and the message is still valid as an adult.

  13. Phillip Cattouse

    They are. Nothing without galleria and shannel

  14. Victoria Fox

    Young me thought they were saying “ Take a little Diva “ 🤪😂

    Dallas Tyree

    me too lmaoooo

  15. Tory Takken

    The only song wroth listening to from the 3rd movie because they really needed Raven

  16. shae

    Still a bop lmao

  17. Brittany Mckenzie

    I lfeel like this song is underrated lol 😂

    Lordy Belance

    Totally underrated

  18. Delilah Buttontog

    imagine if 3 girls deadass started doing this shit in a restaurant though. everyone would be pissed.

    Hadi Hatab

    Delilah Buttontog I think it would depend on whether they’re good or not and what city you’re in.

  19. Marlo Yates

    Rob was definitely giving Adrienne the D

    Thibault Palay

    Marlo Yates 😂😂😂

  20. Zoeybatterup152

    I probably havent seen this movie since it came out but I loved this soundtrack the first time I heard it when I was like 6 i dressed up "like" a cheetah girl and played the album on full blast on my computer, its funny this is the only CG movie ive seen

  21. Avarus Surava

    bam bam bam bam bam bam bam baaam baaam OUUUUH OUUUUUUUH

    *angels wish they could do these harmonies*

  22. Juanny

    Dorinda was snatching weaves during this performance

  23. Oscar Saucedo

    I want to date a cheetah girl

  24. ส.อ.มงคล โพธิ์ตากุล

    I like to be work in this Brand. how cute is this.

  25. Edlyna Natasha

    i cant believe this isnt on spotify


    yes it is


    Zoeybatterup152 no it’s not


    Dude I stg I saved it on spotify, and like a week ago its not in my playlist now :(, and this whole album is but this song


    I switched my Spotify to Sweden and its there.

  26. Aquamarine Dolls

    Memories! I used to jam to this back in the day and I still do!

  27. Miranda Miller

    I am in love with Dorinda's outfit in this number.

    Lordy Belance

    I love her outfit at the end, and I love Chanel's and Aqua's outfits in the beginning. They all look pretty

  28. Cass

    the dude @ 0:25 is just like JESUS I just wanted to enjoy food in PEACE

  29. Paige Marie

    I love chanle and Brenda and Auaqa really much I like chanle singing

    Katryna North

    Paige Marie *Chanel *Dorinda *Aqua

  30. jjMac

    Chanel at 1:04 lmaoooo i don't get why they do that...

  31. Fishy Ocean

    You guys better change your minds because they are awesome and if you disagree well then you are just party poppers

  32. Miles Ashe

    Strutting hard off of this

  33. Shada Baity

    I love the cheetah girls

  34. Eddie Lee

    Omg i don't know why but I seriously love Adrienne at 1:53

  35. Cetus Taylor

    It'd funny I this actually happened. (people start singing in a public restaurant and run outside).

  36. Emily Rollins

    I'm still obsessed with this song 😍😍

  37. Kyosha Meyers

    this is my song

  38. Maya Pinney

    This was my jam!! The nostalgia 😩

  39. Claudia schunior

    L love the cheetah girls

  40. Jada Williams

    Everybody talking about Aqua and Chanel. They are good but I have always loved dorinda.

    Lethu Mthiyane

    Cami Hogan

    And Galleria had the song writing skills

    Lethu Mthiyane

    Jada Williams

    Same as well as Galleria


    THANK YOU! Bitches dont appreciate shit

    that’s why I’m here man

    Same !!



  41. Kimani Grere

    I still wonder why Raven isn't with them anymore? How are you gonna start her off with the first two and then get rid of her on the 3rd one?

    Kimani Grere

    +Esther Hernandez I love them.

    Esther Hernandez

    +Kimani Grere who doesn't? I'm just surprise that someone that likes kpop also likes the cheetah girls

    Kimani Grere

    +Esther Hernandez Well I fell in love with cheetah girls way before KPop. My love for KPop began when my best friend watched it in class when I was in 8th grade. Now KPop is life

    Raheem Charles

    That movie was good but I wish she chose this but it is what it is

    Lenette Andrea

    she wanted to work on her solo career and plus she's not a original Cheetah Girl members she was just in the movies

  42. VANI'S Drive2Success

    love it

  43. claudia arellano felix.

    ellas fueron mi infancia jeje <3

  44. love song

    the one in the purple have a nice voice

    Cocox :P

    love song Chanel real name Adrienne

  45. Silvana Macedo Barbosa



    yiu are you

  46. vSnag x Jay

    Adrinna is my and kely are my
    Favortie out of all of them

    Cocox :P

    the giver Adrienne

  47. Juss Pretty Ti-Ti

    Kiely Has A Amazing Voice

  48. Regina Alexandre

    The cheetah girls was my favorite movie I used to like when I was younger

  49. BTS_ ARMY

    OMG i would sing that single all the time.

  50. Thierry Mzt

    ho my god y love the song


    When I was younger I thought he was Mariah Carey (I forgot her name)

    Gabby Lewis

    DEMILY 4 LIFE DO you mean Dorinda or Chanel.

    Violet_ Amxthyst

    Dorinda or Chanel?

  52. GOC MOG

    hi I love the song my sister is a big fan of you guys I hope we can meet some day

  53. Shaniya Tucker

    I love your. Songs.

  54. l Smith

    Iove the cheeath girls they are cute and awesome

  55. Siva Kaulave

    they me like dam they can sing 
    caues i would be like that 

  56. Molyka

    Cheetah love!!!!

  57. Keonna Reed

    Koenna reed facidsas

  58. Joé Enes


  59. breana scott

    I love you cheetah girls

  60. Lonely Nerd

    0:00 - 0:08
    Best part

  61. Colleen Mosby

    Best song. Go Cheatah Girls!!!!!