Cheetah Girls, The - Cheetah-licious Christmas Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Let's deck the halls with spots of Cheetah
Let's have some Christmas fun! Yea
If you wanna be..ooh...a Christmas Cheetah
We can show you how it's done!
You be gotta be good
Cause Santa Clause knows
helping all ya girls
Everywhere that you go
All around the world
Join us now and
Have yourself a very merry

Cheetah-licious Christmas
We just wanna wish you
A Cheetah-licious Christmas now
Cheetah-licious Christmas
Celebrate it with us!
Cheetah Girls will show you how!

[Verse 2:]
Santa's got a new look
He's dressed up in Cheetah spots!
And all the reindeer too!
Chanel's decorating
Aqua's got cookies baking
Dorinda's wrapping presents for you
(Oh you know)

The Cheetah Girls way
Be yourself
Have a Cheetah Holiday
I know you will
You got what it takes
You got growl power
Have yourself a very merry...


Never hide the Cheetah inside
That's a promise we made
Show how you glitter at Christmas time
Wear your spots your own way
be a Cheetah Everyday

Give me a C (Christmas with Cheetah)
H (Help all your sisters)
R (Respect each other always)
Give me a I (I do promise to)
S (Summon growl power, yea)
T (To Cheetah style everyday)
Give me a M (Merry Christmas, make it Cheetah-licious)
A (Always be true to your word)
Give me a S (Sing now with me)
Yes I'm ready to be...a real Cheetah Girl!
Say everybody have a merry...

[Chorus x2]

Have a Cheetah-licious Christmas
Cheetah-licious yea
Have a Cheetah-licious Christmas
Cheetah-licious yea

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Cheetah Girls, The Cheetah-licious Christmas Comments
  1. Andile Sibanda

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Not the cheetah girls themselves:
    Not Raven symone:
    Not Adrienne Houghton:
    *ten years later*

    YouTube: Why not recommend this now

  2. Jessi London

    Definitely had a cheetah-licious Christmas today 🐾🎄

  3. Artist Floating


  4. CrunkTina

    Why am I liking comments from 4-5 years ago?

  5. Ventino fan account

    2019 and I am still listening to it

  6. Ricardo Mohammed

    10 years after on Christmas day this pops up on my yt 2019

  7. Sarah Rogers

    Anybody grow up watching cheetah girls and is now in their 20+ years still listening to cheetah girls like old school pop. To think how 10 years just flies by. Bet u feel old now😆😆😆😁😁

  8. Pablo Sergio Rivera


  9. TT Sandwich

    I come back every year to listen to this song. Have a Cheetah-licious Christmas or Cheetah-licious Holidays!!!

  10. Lucas Lima

    The clip isn’t very good, but the song and the choreo is on point!

  11. MrDavidKen77

    That tan Kiely is rocking is not pretty lol

  12. Jen Dodd

    Can they play this on radio? One of my favorite Christmas childhood songs.

  13. Marq Supream

    I forgot this song existed

  14. Hyshler

    2019? NO! JUST ME?....OKAY..

    Sabrina Patterson

    Hyshler I’m here

    Phylese Navidad

    what's up

  15. Ke Williams

    Has anyone noticed Aqua outfit is similar to the one she did girl power on. The boots, white shirt, and pink sweater minus the skirt.

  16. Dracarys

    Why is this on my recommenced lol

  17. Natasha Evans

    I remember this wayyy too fondly!!!!!

  18. josh el

    The cheetah girls featuring raven Symone

  19. Life With Cierra

    I forgot about you this song !!

  20. Hank Hill

    Recommendations is reminding me how old i am

  21. polydipsiac

    When they spelled CHRISTMAS... wig

  22. Desiree Burnet

    Yeeess!! I love it ❤️ Merry Christmas 🎄🎁❄️🎅🏻

  23. CC726

    It isn’t Christmas time without this song!

  24. Cent Gabe

    Merry Christmas 2019!! ⛄️❄️🎄🙂 It’s a Cheetalicious Christmas every year!

  25. GMB Liloouuwop GMB

    What happened to she fourth member she was a cheetah sister too

  26. ariel

    does anybody remember those dance video tapes the blonde one had? there were advertisements for them all the time but I don't remember what it was called

  27. Jonae Leo

    It’s that time again 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💕

  28. Satiyah Mckinzie

    22 years old and yes I will be posting this on Christmas Day 🤷🏽‍♀️


    Me and you both and we the same age we ain't alone 💕💕💕

  29. Gail Jackson-Chapman

    Loving the song🔥🔥😘😍🥰❤️💯

  30. Don Jean Baptiste


  31. Amanda Winfrey

    It's that time of the year!!

  32. mrwhitfan34


  33. William Langford

    Christmas 🎄 music video Forever

  34. daniella x


  35. Chloe Peterson

    watching october 2019, the only good thing about christmas season coming up

  36. Rachel Ray

    I’m crine😭

  37. Saisha Morgan

    this is so nostalgic for me. I remember when I first saw this as a child in between Disney commercials😩 Disney was better back then

  38. black heart

    I like the steps of this dance. It's so cute!

  39. Terry Henderson Jr

    One of the best girl groups ever ❤️ they are forever iconic

  40. Terry Henderson Jr

    The Cheetah Girls will never go out of style

  41. Terry Henderson Jr


  42. Martin Hernandez

    Universal media group in USA Canada and worldwide distribution

  43. Dianaaa

    I don't care if it's June, this is such a bop

  44. Cherry Smith

    Oml memoriessssss

  45. Sophia

    My childhood was lit, this was my SONG!!

  46. Curteous Gemini

    Disney made sure to keep our behinds in front of that TV. Go to the bathroom during commercials if you wanted. Miss your favorite songs.

  47. Ms Blessie

    The memories 😂😂😍😍😍😍😢😢😢

  48. Danielle Jackson

    Nice moves and voices cheetah girls!! Love u guys sooooooooooo much!! 😘😘💜💜💜💜💜💜💜😀💜💜💜💜💜💜you guys make my days purr-fect lol!

  49. DJ Miller

    Years later and I still love this video ❤️❤️😭😭

  50. Jet Kurlz

    Oh lawd I remember this as a kid .....SMH

  51. Taeden Labbe

    So people might say the new 3LW like my sister.

  52. Angeleyes319

    This was stuck in my head today and it randomly appeared on my feed 😍😍

  53. Fionna Adeline

    Omg adrienne's curllssssss! 💓💓

  54. Kitty wuvscissors

    I actually nvr heard this

  55. Quamir Lewis

    I’m watching this in 2019 and this green screen is hilarious

  56. samantha marie

    Love this❤️❤️❤️

  57. Ashley808

    omg so lame

  58. Brianna Lindsay

    It’s 2018 3 days from 2019 and I have never heard or heard of this song. WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!

  59. Bree Polette

    Love them but *cringe*

  60. Kaiya Ginyard

    It's been almost 10 years already wow

  61. Yasmine Padilla

    I am surprised no one mentioned my girl in that so Raven the original cheetah .

  62. Blair Joseph

    My God how we’ve grown!!!!!

  63. Aisha G

    I love this song and the cheetah girls but it still feels so empty without Raven

  64. Kiana RN

    I forgot about this song, but it's a BOP sis

  65. Project Zone Productions


  66. star18prince

    This takes me back.

  67. Da’shaun Thompson

    Merry Christmas 2018!!

  68. Aaron Searcy

    December 2018?


    love the cheetah girls😭😭😭

  70. deja Adams

    why is this my first time hearing/seeing this?

  71. Shaareem Terrell

    2018 now , almost 2019 😘😍 smh the memories 💓

  72. Mr._Splash_Man$

    My daughter and my God daughters love ❤️ this ❤️

  73. NicoleShantell _

    Literally my childhood

  74. Namjoon's Yn


  75. Ash4Dan

    December 19 2018

  76. Aaron Bynum

    this is the real Christmas bop

  77. Chaasad Fearing

    2018 anyone?

  78. LAB-Lil' Angry B!tch

    What a low bugdet video. All Green Screen, no physical sets, and cheap wardrobe from Old Navy. Even an Old Navy commercial would have a higher budget than this. You'd think that a $300 Billion company like Disney could afford better.

  79. Empire Dance & Performing Arts Studio

    There the chetta girls they sing wearing any chetta print! Lol!!

  80. Sia Tolno

    It’s that time of year!!!!! #2018 ✨

  81. Kyra

    Dorinda was lookin dope in this vid!

  82. Krystian Leigh


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    Still listening to this as of 12/9/18

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    anyone 2018😍

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    Still a bop!!!

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    I think this song will cue my PTSD from working retail during the holidays 😭

  87. Nika Grant

    I still listen to this every December ❤️

  88. Danyiel Says

    Its that time of the year!!!! So have a merry merry cheetahlicious Christmas!!!!NOOWWWW!!💯🎅🎄🎊

  89. Sasha fierce

    my queens

  90. Pablo Sergio Rivera

    CHeetah licious Xmas? WHA.....

  91. Desiree Burnet

    I never noticed how terrible this video was lol

  92. Ebony

    The only Christmas song that matters. Period.

  93. Evie Love

    OH I miss thus so muchhh

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    still a bop in 2018.

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    3LW v.2

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    “Deck the halls with spots of cheetah “😂

  97. Brí Akílah