Cheap Trick - Special One Lyrics

Two thousand years gone by and going strong
well never fear my love it won't be long
you say you've had enough, it seems so wrong
now it's suicide, oh my love

and now you know just why I'm here
and now my eyes they see so clear
no fear

where do we go from here, it's in your head
so many tears we'll cry before we're dead
remember me my love and what we said
I will stand by you all night long

and now you know just why I'm here
and now my eyes can see so clear
oh baby

just like the dreams you grow old and die
noone pretends to know just why
I feel the calm before the storm
I'm here

kiss me again before you go
there's something else that you should know
my life will be hell without you my belle
oh, give all my love, my love

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Cheap Trick Special One Comments
  1. david marshall

    rick allways pays homage to townsend ive met them great kick ass band ricks collection makes me drool lol rick ace dime randy and countless others inspierd me to get a ax plug it in no effects and kick ass on stage

  2. Joe Morgan

    Pure Rock n Roll.. Except no substitute..

  3. Pamela Adamany

    yep n i need that man

  4. Carlitos Lexman


  5. Javier Garcia Cota

    fabuloso... excelente...chinnngonnn CHEAP TRICKKKK....

  6. The Iceman

    Robin Zander's one of the greatest singers of all time. 1:31
    Incredible song too.

  7. Tommi Leikoski

    The best fucking rock band in the world. Period.

    Erik Sorrells

    Tommi Leikoski Thank You! I've haven't met anyone other than my bro that loves Cheap Trick as much as you and I do. And i'm 14. So that's really sad.

    True Dodger Blue

    You got that right, Tommi.

    And Erik, you have incredibly good taste (& wisdom) for a "teen". Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

  8. Diana Forsea

    Tremendous song

  9. Steven Keane


  10. Scott Reppert

    Right there, folks, is the most underrated Cheap Trick song of all time. Had that come out in 1981 it would be a rock and roll standard by now...


    One of many,many Cheap Trick hits they were never "hits". The list is long.

    Steven Keane

    +porkrollsammy Exactly!!! 1 out of 10 Beatles songs suck!! Same for CT rest of all of music history??? Worse!!

    Blind Terry Tucci

    Tell Me Everything and All Those Years (along with everything from CT97) are their most underrated songs. I definitely agree that it would've been bigger if released earlier, though.

  11. Irishman1776

    Good honest music. No electronics or lip syncing here!

  12. ronfowlermusic

    Yeah, yeah; yeah, yeah; yeah, yeah; yeah, yeah!

  13. Steven Keane

    Just incredible! Amazing!

  14. james williams

    ...F women! lol.. shallow gold diggers

  15. paolo acerbi

    love Cheaps!

  16. Charles Olivier

    You better recognize!

  17. lori pannemann

    i amost hear a hint of daltrey??

  18. William Cate

    omg this is such a great song iam a huge cheep trick fan and this album is easily one of the best robins voice is amazing in this song.

  19. music4ever

    Another one I would love them to bring back on the road this Summer :)!!

  20. jomamadressesufunny

    I watched this on television the night they did this song,,,tore the house down,,,CheapTrick rocks,,,,,,,,,

  21. Ken Vail

    well dude they do on xm radio. little steven's underground garage plays newer cheap trick all the time. it's well worth the 12 or 13 bucks a month, if people can spend hundreds of bucks a month on smokes and beer lol, a small amount to killer radio is worth it!

  22. Ken Vail

    i said it before I'LL say it again haha....xm radio is good...they do play new cheap trick a lot on Little Steven's Underground Garage.

  23. 1adams1


    RZ is a God

  24. Steven Keane


  25. Gary Macrie

    Cheap Trick is the most underrated band Not to be in the Rock N Roll Of Fame. Give these guys a friggin break. They have been making music & non stop touring for years !!! Crank 'em Up !!!!

  26. raymond lang

    We need a revolution in the music scene to get great music back on to radio and tv.
    It's been shit for over 20 years.

  27. Ed Katz

    This song SO should have been a huge hit.

  28. 123tommy

    yea yea, that last yea yea at 4:12 always gets me!