Cheap Trick - Shelter Lyrics

If I had a child
I would shelter it from harm
If I had a child
I would hold it in my arms
If I had a child
I would love it as my own
If I had a home

If I had a mom
I would shelter her from harm
If I had my mother
She would never lose her grace
If I had a mother
She would shelter me from harm
Oh, if I had a mom

If I had a love
I would shelter it from a broken heart
If I had a heart
I'd surrender it to my love

If I had my father
He would smile
If I had my dad
He'd be so kind
If I had a dad
He would tell me I was good
Oh, if I- if I
If I had a dad
Had my dad

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Cheap Trick Shelter Comments
  1. KentHovinds CPA

    Kick ass

  2. Heavy Metal Geologist

    My friend Jamie Mika wrote this, where are you now Jamie?

    Heavy Metal Geologist

    @Kevin O I believe it was written entirely by Jaime, maybe some collaboration but as I understood it, it was his song...

    Bill W

    David E. Marshall helluva song. he hit it out of the park

    Heavy Metal Geologist

    yeah it is, sad thing is though, Jamie has seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth... none of us can get a hold of him. He has other songs up here


    This song sounds very much like John Lennon’s “Mother” well done Jaime!

    Paula Coulahan

    Nielsen, Zander and Petersson were given writing credits on the album. I will ask Nielsen the next time I see him.

  3. Dean Matherly

    Lost my Dad this week. I didn't cry till I heard this again. Please go and kiss your parents before it's too late.