Cheap Trick - I Need Love Lyrics

I need love
There's nothing to do
Don't need better
Like a kick in the head
No doubt about it
You're an angel
And little angel
This is what I say
I want to you hold you
I want you to touch my hand
Don't think about it
For a minute
'Cause there's no time like now
Our eyes met
In the evening
Now I want to see you everyday
No doubt about it
You're an angel
And little angel
This is what I say
I want to you hold you
I want you to touch my hand
Don't think about it
For a minute
'Cause there's no time like now
I need love

I need love
As much as you do
Don't need better
Like a kick in the head
No doubt about it
You're an angel
And little angel
This is what I say
I want to you hold you
I want you to touch my hand
Don't think about it
For a minute
'Cause there's no time like now
I need love

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Cheap Trick I Need Love Comments
  1. Jesse Perez

    This song is epic

  2. mike sun

    One of the most underrated guitarists in Rock history.

  3. Al Mojica,Jr.

    Such a heavyweight tune and underrated band. Budakon remains their Albatross (Surrender,etc.) AMJ

  4. Commander Jeans

    Is that his vibrato? ❤❤❤

  5. Maria L. Rapaglia

    what happened towards the mid ending of song-sounds like a different song.

  6. First

    Wow. I completely forgot about this song.

  7. Roxy Bryant

    Love this song love Cheap Trick! Little disappointed tho.. the last 3 cheap trick songs said with lyrics but none of them were damn

  8. Frank Mosch

    REV REV REV it up got clearance throttle,s go fun time!!!!😁😁😕😕😳😳😦😂😂

  9. VadersOrchestra

    my favorite ....

  10. Graham Hall

    4.26 Bun E Carlos tub thumper extrodinaire!!

  11. Terry Braley

    That rolling guitar has been stuck in my head all week sounds great Thanks Cheap Trick

  12. Frank Mosch

    LET,S get down baby,ready,set,go....,I'm talking about my computer of course.....Frank misssssschief

  13. Frank Mosch

    It's older but it's good right .... Frank misssssschief,this is the real deal in good music.... Thank you.

  14. nunyabizness same

    you guys are the greatest rock band of all time, let the shit storm begin....

  15. nunyabizness same

    Revision: their lasted release is their best , :)

  16. nunyabizness same

    dream police was the best album.

  17. Frank M

    Man ... BUN E. CARLOS kicks ASS !! 🤘😎

  18. Rad Grrl

    Rediscovering this song is PURE euphoria...this song always gave me goosebumps !!!

  19. Rad Grrl

    Omg I had totally forgotten about this song....BEST CHEAP TRICK SONG EVER !!!!!!

  20. Christina Armstrong

    Hmm nice ty

  21. Victoria Cotton

    Yeah, song works for me!!

  22. Just Smashing

    There weren’t a great a stage band, but great in studio.

  23. Scott Hawley

    Cheap Trick....Binghamton! 9 time attendee! A afternoon with the Nielsens! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH YYYEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  24. Lori Gone-Lesage

    I have always loved Cheap Trick...but, I'm one of the few who does not get hot over Robin Zander.   lol

  25. winterjacket

    Saw Cheap Trick with Pearl Jam on the Yield tour, Molsons Park Barrie Ontario. F%$k what a great memory and great band!

  26. Douglas

    Beautiful. Lucky to have seen them play this live.

  27. Scott Evans

    4:26 fuck yes

  28. 80s Rock And Metal

    Like it a lot

  29. Glitter Dogs Singles / Videos

    If you're into 70's music, check out GLITTER DOGS. New music, retro sound!

  30. Doobie1975

    One song that gets better with age, this is one song I've never really cared much for on first listen but it has really grown onto me over the years.

  31. Barry Pfost

    Very cool pick up line!

  32. Benny Danielz

    Real music

  33. ross namco

    straight back to the 70's when I hear this at BUDOKAN

  34. Glen Heflin

    fuckj you rock rock the mother fuck on

  35. Glen Heflin

    this is ROCK!!!!

  36. Nick Goes

    WAR PIGS-0:15, FALRLES WEAR BOOTS-2:58, GET IT ON-4:25, LIVE WIRE-5:59! INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Afurthyclays

    A dash of T-Rex thrown in for good measure. ;)

    Bill Tolles

    They do wear their influences on their sleeve...Beatles, WHO, dash of Stones...MC5, The Move, Jeff Beck. Rick Nielsen as a teen used to get England's Melody Maker magazine sent to his house in Rockford. That cost $100.00 a year due to airmail!!

    Maria L. Rapaglia

    WHAT can u hear from a magazine?

  38. John George Bauer-Buis

    When I watched the Budokan anniversary live-stream, it was quite clear that they are every bit as good now as they were when they did their live show there.

  39. Tina Elevation

    Saw them twice in high school(yes I'm getting old) and then again in 2016. They still got it. Still in love with Robin Zander.

  40. Bin Ren

    makes me wake up

  41. Jimin's Beautiful Bratz Doll Lips

    This song is like their "She's So Heavy"

  42. WeAreAllOne ExceptForThatGuy

    If I were ever to meet Robin Zander and Tom Petersson, I would have to stand between them and use Scarlett O'Hara's line said to the Tarleton Twins in the 1939 movie "Gone With The Wind": "I never can decide which of you two boys is the handsomer. I was up all last night thinking about it." Tee hee.

    Yilmas VEVO

    WeAreAllOne ExceptForThatGuy mine's gotta be Robin Zander. I just can't get past those baby blues and his adorable little chin dimple! Not to mention his mane of golden locks...

    Marsha Proszek

    @Yilmas VEVO he has brown eyes and and I concur... he is definitely my choice also

    Yilmas VEVO

    @Marsha Proszek are you sure they're brown? I must have been fooled by the light

  43. airforcemax

    i Last heard this song before 1983

  44. Zooey & Slammer NNY

    I used this song getting psyched to go out years ago, this and running with the devil by van halen

  45. marion cobaretti

    this song came out in the era of hairy pussy and loose drunk/high woman in your back seat , humpin n juicin there poossys

    Vanessa Redd

    semper fi my friend

  46. Richard Gill

    f in b a d Ass song

  47. mike crater

    BUN E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Anna Okeefe

    congratulations 2016 rock hall inductees!! grew up on this shit! thanks dad for the good music taste!!!!

  49. Patti Best

    Nothin like the Bun E! What a magical musical formula! Ideal mix of Rock & Metal for moi!

  50. DoxieDogman

    Saw them in 1975 in a small theater in Saginaw MI front row in a theater couldn't hear for days, Awesome concert, must have a dozen guitar picks of Rick Nielsen's, before they became known...:)

    Personal Email

    tell us more dude.....

  51. Mark Raza


  52. njaneardude

    Totally forgot about this song! Bun E can you forgive me :-(

  53. darke812

    I rember this tour so well!  Man, what a show.  Come to think of it, I've seen them at least 50 times, and they have NEVER put on a bad show!!

  54. Danielle Kent

    still get hot over robin need his love yes

    Napolean Cote

    Danielle Kent how about a lookalike😁

  55. Maureen Wagg

    This is a windows down full blast jam.

  56. BhayvbayB

    Tranc'n, danc'n & Frosty !  Nice mix,  thanks.  Blessings & charms.  Vaya con Dios.

  57. Mark Masters

    why list this as the full album and only have 6 out of 19 songs?

  58. Miranda Rights

    Only good song on this album. Only got it cuz it was given to me for helping record store w/the display after my Grandmother locked the keys in car. Had nothing else to do. Previous album was marketed as being New Wave. Already walking a greased tightrope they clearly fell off w/this album. More akin to a "Hair Band".

    Miranda Rights

    Wasn't a total waste. It made an excellent Frisbee!!

    the mark man

    my best friend back in the day stopped liking cheap trick on this album too, you guys are both nuts Miranda, this album rocks all to HELL !!

    Eze Perez

    Miranda Rights Cerra el orto, forro!

    Frank Mosch

    These guy,s aren't bad,grew up on them.... Frank misssssschief.

    Frank Mosch

    @Miranda Rights you mean the 5th.. A enjoy, Frank misssssschief.

  59. Mark S

    Back Stage Pass, Passaic Theatre......................All the guys made you feel like we where all life long friends.......GOD What a GREAT night....:>)    :>)   :>) 

  60. Boots Randolf

    If you like a CHEEP TRICK!

  61. Rigo es Amor

    A very underrated Album...


    Not in my book, this is a Magnum Opus.


    Still one of my favourite albums.

    Al Mojica,Jr.

    And band. These guys have never received their proper within the music annual(s) of history. AMJ

    Al Mojica,Jr.

    @Haruchai Mine too! AMJ

  62. Vegas Nightowl

    crank it.

  63. Vik Dylan

    THIS is Cheap Trick's epic!  Suitable song to end shows with if you ask me.

  64. hotrod racer

    I,ve seen cheaptrick in concert many times.This music never gets old!!!!!

  65. yoyokip1

    want this played at my funeral...the best of the best

  66. Dwayne Cutshall

    acid song

  67. cromwell2007

    Well at least you can plead good taste

  68. cromwell2007

    ditto. awesome

  69. Satchmo69


  70. lori weber

    Awesom in concert! saw then 5 times! never disappointed!!!!

  71. billy berks

    My favorite band and the they're the best i've seen live!

  72. The Dishwasher poet.

    Dream Police do live inside my head.

  73. rockcandy1964

    listening again to it for the 100th time in a row! Love this song guys! You rocked it!

  74. Onessa61

    You have no idea what a HUGE crush I had on Robin Zander when this album came out! I was 18. My ex-husband just told me (last year), how jealous it used to make him! I got to see Cheap Trick live on my 21st birthday! Seems so very long ago. Nice to see that other people still appreciate this amazing bands music!

  75. rockcandy1964

    I love the picture of them. I want a huge poster to hang in my music room! Love it!

  76. rockcandy1964

    Amazing vocals , amazing guitars! You guys are genius!

  77. rockcandy1964

    God I love these guys!

  78. Flamingo

    epic intro=epic song

  79. TSAllenBRP

    this is a great band. it's a crying shame so many people waste thier time listening to rap and hip hop instead of listening to real music like this band delivers. each member of CT is a music ledgend in thier own rights and hard rockers to the end of time. \m/ rock on guys, i'm with ya to the end! \m/

  80. Jimmi Vortex

    I'D TAKE RICK'S playing over Pete's any day.

  81. Ali Bell

    Love this song, love this song, love this soooonnnnnngggggggg.

  82. episodeseven

    @runthemachine The boys have had a lotta layovers in Hawaii. Hang Loose! ha!

  83. runthemachine

    Love that Rick's giving the Dio 'horns' in the album cover pic. =)

  84. 43Aquaman

    theyre always on tour

  85. 43Aquaman

    Tom really shines in this tune. One of my favorites. Thanks!

  86. G MinK

    @MsDrummerwannabe They're on tour right now.

  87. MsDrummerwannabe

    I have always loved Cheap Trick since I first heard them. I was 13 then!! This entire album was great and so was Live in Budokan! Miss me some Cheap Trick. Hope they are still rockin on somewhere out there!

  88. Miles Needham

    for a really pop album.... a really pop group, the sure put out some rockers...... they are the most rockin' pop group ever.... i dont know if anyone gets that.... but if you do......dig it, this song really rocks as do a lotta CT song from the late 70's....

  89. elknrut

    Live at live cd ever made.

    Mike Malouff

    Agree easily best live CD ever...

  90. jmac5058

    Dream Police is equal to the album after Rocks for Areosmith.Rocks was the begening of the end the next one was.Dream Police was the end.Oh Candy.

  91. Brandon Finton

    2 people have love i guess :S

  92. bucky468

    @krazynite It's on the "Dream Police" LP. I have the CD so that's how I know.

  93. Laurrhi

    Awesome driving song. Just went on tour w/my band and listened to my CT mix the whole way. : )

  94. krazynite

    Can someone help me with telling me what album this came from?? Cheers for any help :) Wicked song!!

  95. James Jamnick

    As they say at the concert: "The Best Fucking Band in the World. I agree

  96. Mark E

    I think the Cheap Trick these guys refer to is to plagarise on every song they do. I can here a bit of Black Sabbath War Pigs in here, Donna Summer I feel Love and a bit of T-Rex Get it On. Anyone know any original material these guys have done?

  97. TheGoddessCaroline

    What a sexy song. I wish this was written for me! It's brilliant in its subtlety. I think Cheap Trick do some of the best builds....oohhh the tension!!!! I can see why the Japanese girls go crazy, that and they're hot. I feel bad for the people who don't understand it.

  98. www41WorldUSAcom


  99. Mike Truax

    @calvinthecat81 Queen rules..and you know what? Cheap Trick are huge Queen fans you dork. That's why they invited them on the road.