Cheap Trick - Hard To Tell Lyrics

I've had enough, I'm tired of waiting
The time has come to pass
Why do you do what you do to me
Why can't you say what you want to say

Is it not worth investigating
I thought (I'd been harassed)
Why do you go if you wanna stay
How will I know what you mean to say
Undoubtedly I'm all over you

It's not that easy baby
It's not that hard to tell
It's not that easy baby
Life is hell but I'm doing fine.
It's hard to tell

I'm not good at contemplating
The odds are it won't last
Why do you do what you do to me
When will I hear what I wanna hear

Been so long anticipating
You put me to the test
Why won't you say what you wanna say
How will I know if you mean to stay
Undeniably I'm all over you


(We'll now preside to file??)



It's hard to tell
I do it well
It's hard to tell
Hard to tell

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Cheap Trick Hard To Tell Comments
  1. Daniel Nell

    Cheap trick always one of my favorite groups.

  2. superbilly7291

    Such a awesome band! R&R HOF induction is well deserved!

  3. Westrocker 67

    I think this is CT at their best. The production on this album is comparable to what they did with Jack Douglas on the first album. This song captures all the best about CT and also what a great R&Roll song should be. It covers time..I'm in awe of what they can do when their cooking...they can't be stopped when they put out like this. One of my biggest wants is to see them do another album with Jack Douglas. Didn't this label fold after this album?

  4. Number 11

    fave CT album.

  5. paisteludwig

    This album is masterpiece of Cheap Trick.

  6. R.U. Kiddingme

    This is my favorite song off this album. Classic Cheap Trick hooks and... tricks. Damn Catchy!

    It was the one where I got to meet them during the tour. I've met Pete Townshend- talked with him for over 1/2 hour. But, meeting Cheap Trick, I was tongue tied. I was in awe of how humble they were.

  7. R.U. Kiddingme

    Of course Rockford rules. It's first name is ROCK!

    Daniel Nell

    This song is very reminiscent of early Beatles

  8. dylanfan1969

    This album and Rockford are amazing.