Chase & Status - Retreat2018 Lyrics

Retreat, soundboy surrender, retreat
Retreat, soundboy surrender, retreat
Retreat, soundboy surrender, retreat
Retreat, soundboy surrender, retreat
We bout' to tell you now fam

Retreat, soundboy surrender, retreat
We bout' to tell you now fam

Retreat, soundboy surrender, retreat
Retreat, soundboy surrender, retreat
Retreat, soundboy surrender, retreat
Retreat, soundboy surrender, retreat
We bout' to tell you now fam (Yah)

Retreat, soundboy surrender, retreat
Retreat, soundboy surrender, retreat
We bout' to tell you now fam

Retreat, soundboy surrender, retreat
Retreat, soundboy surrender, retreat
Retreat, soundboy surrender, retreat
Retreat, soundboy surrender, retreat
We bout' to tell you now fam (Yah)

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Chase & Status Retreat2018 Comments
  1. BroToPro

    sampled dred bass but didnt mix it up too much

  2. Castor Troy

    God daaaaaaaaaamn💣💥🔥💣💥🔥💣💥🔥💣💥🔥💣💥🔥

  3. Nex Wex 3

    Why there is no whole music like from 1:17

    To many breaks

  4. slimunique84

    Prodigy vibes

  5. Matthew Slimm

    tunein = kane fm lickable Beatz Happyhalloween! ;-O ;->

  6. Андрей Алёшин

    Да патаму что

  7. Андрей Алёшин


  8. XxiLLViLLAiNxX

    I'm torn between this and Program being the best tracks on the album.

  9. Kristine Russell

    Can't wait for 30th November finally get to see chase and status and at the drumsheds 😍 excited don't cover it lol

  10. Rashid Hafez

    R E T R E A T

  11. Mr. Mixx

    Jungle riddim 4 life!

  12. Piotr Kozłowski

    These guys are basically black prodigy
    and god.
    i love it

  13. PALF

    boomtown 2019 this popped offffffff

  14. Ryan Armour

    Hiper as !!

  15. Elisabell Baker

    Naaasty- whoooweee. ❤️🎶👊

  16. terrecuite09

    Lourd la mif

  17. you_create_me

    90's feeling.

  18. Marcos Cruz

    Where can I get merchandise?

  19. Gusset Blaster

    Chase and Status never fail to deliver.

  20. Glenn Dalton

    when acid and jungle sounds come together nice

  21. Shibe

    Fuck this song reminds me of the track from the intro to Grand Theft Auto 2

  22. Eric Arthur Blair


  23. Louis Dawson

    Fuck me 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. Mick Bas

    we talkin 90's ruff here

  25. udo notknow

    pure action! dope tune

  26. Sandro Grüner

    Real Jungle!

  27. Jason Watkins

    Wicked tune guys keep up the good work

  28. Jimmy Hernandez

    This track is nasty!! Brings me back for sure!! Junglist always!!

  29. Rafael Coletta

    jungle jungle jungle, olds style

  30. corey vaughan

    Omg chooooon chase and status on bloodclart fiiiiirrreee!!

  31. James Cross


  32. theflush

    This brings me back to my teenage years in the 90s! Thank you 🙏🏻 C&S


    Even the video has that dark 90s alternative vibe. This wouldn’t be out of place in Mtv Party Zone

  33. Chris Mathers

    and let's talk $200 for make-up. 2019.

  34. drifiro nz

    That Andy C and Shimon - Quest sample at the begining. Perfect.

  35. Matt Fox

    Big phat dutty stinking record

  36. résonance CKIAFM 88,3

    On 05-30-2019, this is gonna be played on the air at CKIA FM 88,3 quebec city 20:00 EDT, on the show resonance

  37. Jaye

    200 people need there ears testing. How can you not like this tune.

  38. Philip Levins


  39. Yute Hube

    What was the tune Stu Allan used to mix in 1992 with this sample in?

  40. James Hutchinson

    Jungle Techno at its finest love it take it back to these sounds smash the rave apart jungle/breakbeat/dnb no jump up crap please keep it rocking till we retire as the tune said old skool stylee come back chase and status a champion and everybody dunko da program, well if ya wan bumbahole make it start up ❤️😎❤️

  41. AfroLocke30

    Big UP!!

  42. Richard Kdr

    Sounds like an unreleased The Prodigy track.

  43. Ch3N8O

    Junglist for life.

  44. paul butler

    586k views are me !!! sik tune! takes me right back!

  45. Mark Smith

    Massive, wow!!!!!!!

  46. drifiro nz

    Album drops on my bday. Yesssssss!!!!

  47. Александр Егоров


  48. bdazzler1

    This video lacks Ali G

  49. Alvernox

    1:46 guy looks like jesse pinkman from breaking bad lol

  50. danny peel

    This is such an amazing tune love it 👌

  51. deze man

    went to a rave last night and this went offffffffffff

  52. Danny Duberstein

    Am I the only one who else sees brief flashes of Goldie? A few seconds after each drop


    Wow 😍😍😍 just wow

  54. Archie S

    oh my daze jungle techno bring it back my fave style

  55. phiberoptick

    i have a real hard time finding new tracks that capture the sound i dig. this one tho

  56. Christopher Flemming


  57. Austin Kirley

    Drop the fucking album already ://///

  58. MDKAI

    One of the best tunes of 2018

  59. pedro pinto

    Fucking vibe guys 🔊🔊❤❤ you are the best

  60. Kev Wilko

    Fuck off with your dislikes you cunts. This is class 👌🏻

  61. B Limond

    Prodigy EST..r.i.p keef

  62. James Dixon

    What is the sample at the very start??

  63. Starmist

    Who else is here because of Paul Oakenfold and the nun video?

  64. Kostas Sharma

    Perfection !!!

  65. Matt Fox


  66. Kayoscreed

    sonbwoy surrender?

  67. Omen Ominous

    Зачет =)

  68. Ken Ten

    1:51 hearing some dred bass vibes

  69. Digital Black Productions

    Jungle is back..and I'm one happy boy!!

  70. Jerome Pinnock

    more shi^ like this, forget that over vocalised dnb pop for the masses that is getting rammed down my throat take me back to the 2000 - 2010 when i could tell who i was listening to even if it was for the first time because everyone had a unique sound and flavor, now 7 out of 10 tracks just sound the same >.<

  71. Moto Twins

    I’m 15 and been listening to tunes like this from day one this is the music I’ll be showing to my kids jungle is the one 👍

  72. Carlos Avila

    "When i raise my trigger finger"

  73. elektromaniac

    Back to the basics ! 💜

  74. Lucky Lucia

    Tune!! It’s like a musical journey that takes you to another land..

  75. missholly731

    Please keep making these sick tunes that are reminiscent of the early rave days 💖👌🏽💁🏽‍♀️💣💣💣

  76. Old Skool Nutter Bielefeld BBC


  77. ThePlanetMu

    2018???? AM I DREAMING???????????

  78. ThePlanetMu

    now that amen was the last thing i expected in 2018 people... absolutely amazing, lets go back to jungle, this is absolutely beautiful

  79. fantastic Mr fox

    Came here from the nuns dancing video :)

    Connor Lawson

    same here 😂😂😂

  80. Kamila Czenstochowska

    This is absolutely MAD AND SICK!!!! Havent been so moved for years!!! Love it! Trip to the past♡♡ Im gonna freaking cry in glory. Thank you!

  81. Mark Henman

    So many samples, love it 😍👌🏻

    James Dixon

    Mark Henman what’s is the very frost one mate at the start of the song?

  82. Elbo


  83. Piotr Janiak

    I had my 33th birthday when this video was released. MASSIVE! I love this peace and it reminds me of D'n'B back from the 90's and early 00's

  84. nickprewer90


  85. Is Ha

    Good stuff

  86. hugodiekonig

    great music

  87. James Hutchinson

    This is what I call a RAVE Choon proper old samples chase and status done good why can’t it all go to this high class production instead of GarageBand rubbish jump up teenage anarchy crap. Raving is about losing yourself not abusing yourself. One love.

  88. Millie Morgan

    How did I miss these tunes

  89. Gareth Williams

    Tune is ripping me back to the early/mid 90s. Days of Fantazia, One Step Beyond and the greats like Mickey Finn, LTJ Bukem etc

  90. Igor Rizanov

    Reminds me Prizna ft. Demolition Man - Fire

  91. Nguyen Monat Son

    jungle is

  92. PROgreyson

    unbelievable, dnb track from 2018 that actually have soul and sounds like producer really cared. love that!

  93. ConenRuam

    Sick tune guys!!!

    Keep them comin', the Chase & Status jungle sound has been missed

  94. Bryan Morgan

    Nice tune where u get lyric from?

    Chaf Cancel

    Cutty Ranks - Retreat (Sound boy)

  95. Chase & Status

    Big ups for the support guys. We see all the love.
    Reatreat2018/Heater is out now


    Christopher Flemming

    just dont stop pleaz ,i need it somwhow


    anyone have that weed and rum track they droppped in the end of there jungle mix?


    I have been totally back to the jungle.. I cant even do a single track these days without it somehot getting an amen or ragga vibe.. Love you guys.. Big Ups from Canada


    How do i get into making music mr chase or mr status


    @Barristan Selmy that just inspired me to do an AMC C&S mashup thanks bud!!!