Chase & Status - Bigger Man Sound Lyrics

Let them know
It's NOV in the house
We're not ramping, I'm a man, not a mouse
Ahh yeah

I don't care
I'm a G to the core, let me make that clear
I'm not scared, I've been on the roads
I know the roads, I know that you're not there, ends, I'm from there
Chat about man dem, I got bare
I'm that yout with a hi-top
In Brockley, I'm a don there
Don't say shit about my ends if you ain't gone there
Got a style that can't be written
And I've got a new flow that can't be bitten
I'm a bad guy, not a good guy, I'm a villain
You'll get murked on a riddim
I'm a top boy, what, boy? Blud, you are not, boy
Play around with me, you'll get boxed
Right in your gob, boy
I'm not having a bar, don't make me get dark

I'm gonna break them down
Break them down, gonna break them down
Down, I'm gonna break them down
NOV with the bigger man sound
Down, I'm gonna break them down
Break them down, gonna break them down
Down, I'm gonna break them down
It's NOV with the bigger man sound

I'm that guy that ain't got a point to prove
I keep a peaceful state of mind
I'm thugged out, I'm the one that
If you're bookey then you don't wanna come round
Or act dumb round
I'm not playing around this time
Cause I ain't got time or patience
And I kept it real to the core from day one
And I beg you don't try that
I will blind man, box man clean on an old school one
I've got bare man dem and you won't school one
Any beef that you had was a vocal one
Know your skin, B
Salute man or don't say jack, I've got my own back
Uncle told me to watch my own back
And if it kicks off, don't hold back, blud

[Hook x2:]
I'm gonna break them down
Break them down, gonna break them down
Down, I'm gonna break them down
NOV with the bigger man sound
Down, I'm gonna break them down
Break them down, gonna break them down
Down, I'm gonna break them down
It's NOV with the bigger man sound

You can't try with me, you'll get heat up
Beat up, fist to fist, you'll get chief up
Give you the regulation, I'm G'd up
And I want a flat in the ends right now
And I wanna chill with my feet up
I still get low when I can't seat up
But I still keep up, and I won't change cause
Sometimes me and my old mates meet up
In the ends, I feel like I'm stuck there
Unfair, Brockley road, I grew up there
Don't wanna be in the yard with my mum there
Cause I wanna better myself
To better myself, I gotta go somewhere
With a lot of girls and 'nough sun there
But until that time, I'm stuck here
Oh well, can't do much, I'm a young breh

Chase & Status with the energy and flavour right now, controlling the sector
Hold tight the mmm yeah fam
Righteousness will always prevail, mmm yeah

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Chase & Status Bigger Man Sound Comments
  1. Richard Keating

    What did you say fam? ... Okay now I've played this track I'm going to kick fuck out of next man 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Dennis

    Looking at the comments i think everyone wants some more of these London bars, myself included.
    For sure Izzy gibbs, p money, j-kay , fiascoo or shxdow would go nuts on one of these beats.
    Some of my favorite artists when it comes to grime

  3. NinjaTea 0161

    Any beef you had was a vocal one jheez


    Walking like he's got a cock in his ass. That's bullshit then goes home to nanny " hi nanny, how was your day?" Same old bullshit wannabe gangster squad.

  5. Novelist Grandious

    I still understand these people?. very backward

  6. Jack Sharp

    Giggs first, then frisco, bonkaz then this....SMH could of had ghetts or Devlin on any of these and killed the whole series

  7. MrBlunz

    Where is the Merky Ace ?

  8. Andrew Barnes

    Oooohhh shit i wasnt expecting that drop near the end.

  9. Sirzechs Quasar

    let them know. it's Nov in the house

  10. maty mm

    fuck this shit

  11. brightspark0612

    Good way to ruin a chase and status beat

  12. Paul Scully

    this guy would flake if he freesltyle

  13. Doodle Man

    shabby work

  14. TheSmooth

    Does anyone know why the ratings and comments are blocked on Novelists videos??

  15. Umar Khan

    Still fire

  16. Out Of The Box Gaming


  17. Jozef Etienne

    Yeah. But the best from him was 1Sec it was with Mumdance


    take time & shook are class as well

  18. oliver13deft

    recommend more like this, please.
    also, i'm having trouble finding good dancehall in youtube, any suggestions?


  19. Frazz Mclelland

    sick fammm

  20. Hannibal Traven

    nov is a certified G and hes fukin younger than me

  21. Sturridge 15

    Makes me wanna dash my teacher don't the stairs

  22. jack kelly

    need to do a Manchester bars, the north needs reppin'

  23. Big Forbzie Capone

    like the outcome of that and the remix... no out yet tho lol ...x

  24. Андрей Коновалов

    Good sing

  25. Irfan Hafiz

    the fuck is this?

  26. Remmi Rothwell

    Get your tickets to Warehouse Project in Manchester NOVELIST preform live click the link and I also have paper tickets this will sell out quick

  27. BritishGamer


  28. oliver13deft


  29. Pat Boon


  30. OnlymeMOK

    Getting this album

  31. Danny Nguyen

    Big up man like Nov

  32. Giusti-J

    This guy isn't american, he is english isn't he ? He sounds a little like Skepta

    Yochem 2311

    Chase & Status are English, He's a friend of Skepta, this is called LONDON Bars Vol 1, he speaks English. So yeah, he's English.


    @Yochem 2311 I was asking about Novelist

    Yochem 2311

    I listed all the English things in this video, so you can assume he's English too.


    Oh you were talking about him with the "he" ok thanks

  33. MrThesilentkiller123

    Hold tight novelist with the bigger man sound

  34. Adam Oakes

    Sick tune but the beat doesn't go with the video at all.

  35. Mohamed Dahir

    lol looks like a young version of stormzy

  36. Shrektacular

    Nov in the house

  37. Sam Winter

    Song starts at 1:14

  38. Jake

    beat reminds me of Angst by NERO, saw 3 people pass out in ministry when they dropped it once. True story.

  39. Ellbo

    better if sped up

  40. Steez-E TV

    the beat for giggz in the best but he didnt suit it, need skeppy on it

  41. ben waterfall


  42. Davs

    fam chase and status are doing too much grime beats are better simple

  43. Tomasz Abramowicz

    hard tune!!!1=>|

  44. Shane Nicholas

    Production is EPIC... respect from Ireland.

  45. 8 TO THE 6

    water on fire compared to others

  46. Oskar Q

    Can someone give me a link to that outfit?

  47. Chris Jamieson

    First time I heard this. At 1:56 I was "2014 & WTF!"

  48. coleseyy

    Sounds like it could have been released in 2006... I love it

  49. Sekki

    This is definitely getting blasted out in the whip at a McDonald's drive thru, you best know that man will be skanking out with the mcflurry in my hand

  50. soul2souldcor Patrick Bent


  51. Bobby Lee

    bad boi tune no one chat shit

  52. NambaFly

    Orgasmed over that beat at 3:30, jeeeesus.

  53. wtfMYRON

    Why didnt Chase & Status do this from the BEGINNING? best Beat by far

  54. BuccaneerZeigler

    You're suggesting "Hannah Diamond" While i'm listening to this?
    F*ck yer channel

  55. Quantum367

    Prez T would make this album

  56. Callum Darby

    So much cancer in this comment section

  57. Gabriel Carvalho

    When I saw the thumbnail for this video I thought this guy looked like frank ocean

  58. TurkVeteran MT

    my g Nov killing the grime scene you mad

  59. Ill clap you into a coma!MADNESS !!

    "yo fam wargwan" as if anybody outside of school kid age still chats like that lol

    MC Grindah

    A lot of people do especially South


    +SNM come London youll see

    MC Grindah


  60. Edward

    recycled bars over a bait instrumental , novelist plss dont sell out g

  61. Marshall Willock

    He looks bare like Joel campbell

  62. Amari Hylton

    beat crying out for ghetts

  63. Amari Hylton

    beat crying out for ghetts

  64. g1nt3

    love it!

  65. ferianone

    Holy motherfucking shit! where the fuck was I? this shit can't get any better!

  66. George Herreman-Crabtree

    Pretty sure this guy robbed me once

    The Drill Father

    Tell me more

    George Herreman-Crabtree

    +The Drill Father Broke me down

  67. Sohail Khan

    dark and dangerous

  68. Rooben

    JME please

  69. Soselo Soso

    This is shit.

  70. Karambit

    He best bump this at bugged out

  71. Alex Campbell

    swear down they need to release an EP of this on 12"

  72. Vadim Novozhilov

    Novelist is too sick on this one. Can't wait for an album by him

  73. Chris Wade

    sounds a little to much like footsie lyrics if probably would have been better with footsie and d dbl e

  74. est1993getme

    3.22 drop was madness

  75. Rai Enen

    Mad how he's 18! Still a kid!!!

  76. MYviewMYview

    jeeeze hard

  77. LiveseyCat

    shame that nov be re using verses good thing is tho I know the lyrics to first verse dun know

  78. Trap Back

    Straight 🔥🔥🔥

  79. Terry Wagwaan


  80. JL 365

    Yo check listen. Pause video at 1:20 open a new tab (YouTube) Type in Dark Knight Rises Trailer. Then come back thumb this up.

  81. J Lander

    The beat that starts at 3:31 is fucking ridiculous. Wish the whole song had it.


    Nah too much of a good thing innit

  82. Henry Day-White

    This is a lengman riddim

  83. Theo Valentino

    they need SKEPTA and KANO on these beats! real talk

  84. KP 876


  85. Jesus Armenta


  86. Dimension 123

    This is good and all but Chase and Status I want some new Drum and Bass bangers...

  87. Stu Harvey

    i love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Keaton Chavez

    Nov in the booth with the same headphones that I'm blasting this shit on

  89. razor .beats

    Where's stormzy or chip

  90. Martin Karas

    I want instrumental !!! RIP

  91. Becca Kate

    This is amazing ❤️

  92. Eye

    oh work on a hip hop beat long time no see

  93. Ramon van der Putten

    Please do a London bars with Flowdan

  94. Simon Shulgefella

    this is the only one where the beat has out shone the bars. all the other ones the beats ain't that live but this one is sick


    First one is sick, second one not as good but still pumpable