Chase Goehring - California Lyrics

I wanna sit seaside with your hands in mine
Wanna count the stars when the tide is high
I wanna watch your face fall into mine
I wanna feel the sand beneath my feet
On an empty beach just you and me
This time you're all mine

I wanna live in California
I wanna be with ya
And I want you to be the reason for the ring on my ring finger
I wanna live in California
I wanna be with ya
And I want you to be the reason for the ring on my ring finger

Gonna run my fingers through your hair
Don't say a word babe, please just stare
I would die to see your eyes
Die to see your eyes
Yeah you got me good in those short shorts
Oh, I must admit you look real fine to me
But there's more to you than this

I wanna live in California
I wanna be with ya (yeah)
And I want you to be the reason for the ring on my ring finger
I wanna live in California
I wanna be with ya (yeah)
And I want you to be the reason for the ring on my ring finger

I wanna live in California
Na na na na na, na na na na na, yeah yeah

I wanna live in California
I wanna be with ya
And I want you to be the reason for the ring on my ring finger
I wanna live in California, yeah...
I wanna be with ya, oh na na yeah
I want you to be the reason for the ring on my ring finger

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Chase Goehring California Comments
  1. Art_girl Kelley


    Free replay button

  2. Danner Smith

    same here i wanna live in California too

  3. Peacefully Warjri

    I want Chase and Ed Sherran sing together

  4. Grell Sutcliff

    I crying and I don't know why...

  5. Katelyn Brown

    This feels genuine and not patronizing. I hope he's doing well today.

  6. Ella Eckerley

    All of his songs I have listened to have been about a girl. I'm wondering if his song "hurt" is a song of experience he had to be through. If you have not listened to it you should then come back to this and tell me if you felt like that.

    Have a blessed day and thanks for pushing "read more" ♥️god bless y'all!! Great song!

    Sahil Budhiraja

    It was he told about it on AGT you'll like that video check it out

  7. Angelym Martínez

    Try x 1.5 speed ❤️

    Rossy Martinez

    The song is perfect as it is. No need to speed it up <333

  8. leejeiflint delacruz


  9. Aurelia Felton

    I'm in loveeeee 😍

  10. Ismael Gaming


  11. Surendra singh

    Hay chase theirs no one else like you.
    your soo good chase . 🤗

  12. Amy Dawngzeli

    I love this lyrics

  13. John Kang


  14. Charn Charn

    He looks like Ed Sheeran.


    Not all gingerheads look like ed

  15. gurmeet kaur gilhotra

    Why doesn't everybody know about him already? 😍😍

  16. Kimberlly Costa


  17. N F

    lmao Mikey brought me here

  18. harley quinn


  19. Francine Irish Soreta Raña

    new fan here👋

  20. bensa chapunk

    can i cover your songs
    chase ?

  21. Janhvi Choudhary

    Awesome song ❤

  22. funny ClashEr

    💞👌love it

  23. Rap Piboon

    what does it call ? California or Califoryia i really don't know

  24. Pxte

    I still wanna see Ed Sheeran and Chase Goehring write a song together ! :))

    J bakes

    Pxte I don't. they're too similar and don't like to b compared to each other

  25. Rima Datta

    I love Chase!!!

  26. Sylvia Wiechart

    he's so good

    Meow Meow

    Sylvia Wiechart I agree

    River 0164

    @Meow Meow ???

  27. Kal Wilkinson

    beautiful song, makes me feel happy to be on AGT for Season 13 Episode 1

  28. Lilly Voth

    I want more music from him!!!!!

  29. Stephen Leung

    why didn't he sing this in agt?

    J bakes

    Stephen Leung cos unfortunately everyone just wants to see him rap fast

  30. ImThatWeirdoGracie

    Everyone here like AGT
    I know it means America's Got Talent but what if someone saw these comments and thought "Australia's Got Talent"

  31. Asyifa Kusuma

    This song is really sweet ❤️

  32. Pyrone C.

    My friend brought me here

  33. Mohammed Khubaib

    I bet he is going to sing this in agt finals

    Meow Meow

    Mohammed Khubaib I hope he does!

  34. Ariana Gutierrez


  35. Angelin Khoe

    I hope Chase can be a star soon, his song is perfect , he deserves to be a star

  36. josie kilkenny

    Chase is so amazing. I love his music cause I can relate.

  37. Sterling

    I wish he could sing this for the finals on agt. Unfortunately people seem to only want to hear his rapping. Sad, since this song is SO beautiful.

    Ariana Gutierrez

    Yeah I would like to hear this other than rapping actually

    Darkness G

    He should have singed this on quarter finals

    Martin Butler

    who's advising him on his arrangements, because his last performance was rushed, and that i think ruined the song if he does do this, just pare it down, keep it simple dont fix whats not broken

    Darkness G

    I think he is gonna sing jaded on finals or any other new song that he wrote


    Martin Butler I completely agree. He Should be keeping his songs how they're meant to be. and I hope he sings this as a ballad.

  38. 0000000000 0000

    i want chu to be the reason for the ring on my ring fingaaah

    RIGHT BACK AT YA CHASE <3 ;-; notice me Senpai

  39. Kaylinn

    Here before he performs this on AGT 2017

  40. lela vigo

    why am I crying

  41. 0000000000 0000

    X Factor brought me to Chase, now he's frickin on AGT ... Been w/ him since 20k -- ly Chase

  42. Jin Draxler

    This has become one of my favorite song

  43. Kylee Renea

    Ur an amazing singer and writer ur songs are so awesome and good luck on agt😀

  44. Kathy Cain

    Love, love, love!

  45. Fiza Syed

    Here before he sings this on agt

  46. Martin Butler

    i can almost see Chase and Ed sheeran dueting on this can anyone else ? if there is a song that would work its got to be this one

  47. PartyDucky

    The lyrics is everything. To me. The music is so simple yet so note so carefully planned, written into the song.

    Ariana Gutierrez

    Yeah it really is so beautiful

    Yureh Lee Manatad

    It is so perfectly made

  48. Nabin shrestha tamang

    he is gonna sing this in agt

  49. Kyra Macdoll

    I disliked only because I have bad memories in CA

    kathy robinson

    Kyra Macdoll salty as hell

    J bakes

    Kyra Macdoll if u have bad memories of California, why should Chase have to receive a dislike just cos his song talks about California ? If u don't want to listen to it just turn it off. It's not hard.
    No offence tho...


    Then why are you listening to this song? Chase's not THAT famous so you can't just "bump" into one of his songs, especially this one, idk for me it seems pretty clear that you searched the song 😞

  50. Zana Kadić

    We all know what he's going to sing on live show 😇

  51. Ren IL Sotelo

    here before he performs this in AGT

    Faith Elia

    Bron Bron love your profile pic! LeBron James all the wayyyy 😂

    Paul McCurdy

    Bron Bron same

    Emma Rae

    I don't rlly think he will. Cuz remember how the judges liked the rap and stuff? So im not shure

    Musik Anti

    Bron Bron Well... you are wrong, he didnt preform this...

  52. katie yochum

    Mikey Murphy brought me here

    Sabrina Rose

    katie yochum me to.

    Meow Meow

    Me too he is my favorite!

  53. Aisha Joe

    OMG OMG son this is breathtaking. My God I was born and raised in Hermosa now I only go back to visit. Come to Dubai one day and look us up we will let you have the time of your life... Im just a grandma but I love to see kids have a smile on their face..

  54. Daisy Jane Ling

    this so cool 😍😍 AGT brought me here.

  55. عالم الاندرويد

    AGT haha