Charlotte Sometimes - Pilot Lyrics

If you go away, then I will know
My feelings are nothing but a curtain
Hiding me from what I should know

That I'm a pilot and I'm steering low

We discussed life in the back of my car- the back of your van
You know the psychic said that, you should be my man

We exchanged words and we acted old...
We both knew the wine was cheap.

And I'm a pilot, and I am steering deep.

And when I say that you should stay.
Remember what I'm drinking's cheap.

And I'm a pilot and I am steering deep.

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Charlotte Sometimes Pilot Comments
  1. Vi Sylvia

    Reminds me of Katy Perry's "I'm still breathing". Both good. Wish they both stayed their 2008 style.

  2. WorldofXIV

    @nonulliloise no, she actually sounds nothing like her, however both are great artists in their own right.

  3. commondove

    One person needs a Hearing Aid

    j p

    3 people, now! ;)

  4. Danita Buckner

    Regina spektor and charlotte sometimes music does have similar features however their individuality and uniqueness is far greater...i love them both.

  5. Ashley Berg

    I think Charlotte has an amazing voice, and her music is really personal. This is my favorite song on her album.

  6. Kevin Bourassa

    Charlotte I love you because hating you for making bad music would be stupid. This is, however, TERRIBLE music. And in response to this argument about whether she can sing: ALL MAJOR POP ARTISTS USE AUTOTUNE ON THEIR RECORDS AND HAVE FOR THE PAST 15 YEARS! And it's been used live for most top 40 acts since the early 2000's. So really, unless you've sat next to her while she sang to you there's no way to know. But if she's such a great singer, why doesn't she ever jam with other folks????

  7. misserinmarie

    She sounds a lot like Regina Spektor. I love it.

  8. ronnopotter


  9. ilovecoolaid

    this is my 2nd favorite song. My first is how i could just kill a man