Charlotte Sometimes - How I Could Just Kill A Man Lyrics

Go, get your ribbon box
Go, go get your wounded heart
Seeing spiders, I'm told they never lie
Go, get your brother love
Go, get your losing hand
Seeing fire, I'm told it never burns
I want it all, I pull you back, I want it all

Cry baby, cry baby, cry
Soaking down your
Cry baby, cry baby
You can't understand
How I could just kill a man

No, to your letters love
No, to your unsturdy hands
Sleeping eyes, I'm told they never lie
No, to your key of rust
No, to your raging words
Sleeping tires, I'm told they never drive
I want it all, I pull you back, I want it all

Cry baby, cry baby, cry
Soaking down your
Cry baby, cry baby
You can't understand
How I could just kill a man

And if I wanted to stay
You won't stand in my way
But I'm choosing to leave
With your heart on my sleeve
It feels too good without you

So, cry baby, cry baby, cry
Soaking down your
Cry baby, cry baby
You can't understand
How I could just kill, kill a

Cry baby, cry baby, cry
Soaking down your
Cry baby, cry baby
You can't understand
How I could just kill a man

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Charlotte Sometimes How I Could Just Kill A Man Comments
  1. Vivien Clausen

    They play this all the time at the casino I work at. I fell in love with this when I found it on VH1 at 3am

  2. Tattooed Munky

    Jessica has such an awesome sound but she MUST stop changing her name! It's more frustrating than john Cougar Mellancamp!

  3. Conner R

    Was an angsty teen when I listened to this, now a nostalgic adult. Love it.

  4. Dave Ranger

    Still listening in 2019, love this song, love this girl. They should've never cut her from her record deal 😘 💕

  5. sarahmariev18

    If anybody was wondering what she's up to, she records under the name Jessica Vaughn now...check out Head Btch Music

  6. Molly Zamora

    You have no idea how long I was searching for this song! I kept confusing it with Regina Spektor's Infidelity song but kept thinking I must have imagined the music video differently.

  7. hannah wilhowsky

    The nostalgia of a 2008 summer...

  8. Sha-Asia Silverman

    Forgot about this awesome song! I had this on my first iPod. I heard it today in a KFC 🤣

  9. tim humphrey

    It should be a crime that i search charlotte sometimes by the cure and this crap comes up

    Conner R

    tim humphrey The Cure was a crime, and could never have an ounce of talent compared to this woman. What even did the cure do to prompt anyone going back to listen to them

  10. AnnaBunny

    Listening to this song since I was 12 🙃 I'm 23

  11. Laura Buska

    2007, come back to me..

  12. Will Bunnell

    I loved this song back in the day. Just stumbled upon it again in 2019. Still beautifully sinister!

    Snegina Blažinauskenė

    Du donatai

  13. Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV

    It’s possible that this isn’t terrible, but that possibility is overshadowed by the fact that this isn’t a cypress hill cover.

  14. TheRealHecky420

    I was searching for Cyprus Hill...

  15. stevey smith

    2019 lol finally found this song

  16. Joel Chin

    late 2000s music goes so hard. I used to blast this off my, what, Warped Tour CD? lmao such a jam a decade later

  17. memphisward

    Great song!

  18. Michael Ashton


  19. Adrian Navarro

    Omg this brings middle school memories back

  20. Last Gen Richyboy

    Tbh I just wanted to follow the damn train.

  21. This Dude’s A Dick

    Umm, here is something I can’t understand.....where is the cover song I came here for? This has put me in Rage. I’m heading the Hill to cool down for a bit.

  22. Lauren A

    I'm lucky enough to have known this song for 10 years. Amazing. I wish she would have gone on to do more, hope she's doing well. Thank you for this song; it's gotten me through a lot over the years. 💖

    Leona Sorensen

    She was on the voice a couple years ago


    She still records, just under different names. Check out LACES or Jessica Vaughn. And she's doing great, I knew her personally :)

  23. AppleTinii OxyC

    I would go all girl on girl for her -- -what a talent!

  24. Rachel A

    Go get your ribbon box
    Go get your wounded heart
    Seeing spiders, I'm told they never lie.

    Go get your brother love
    Go get your losing head
    Seeing fire, I'm told it never burns.

    I want it all, I pull you back. 
    I want it all.

    Cry baby, cry baby, cry. 
    Soaking down your face.
    Cry baby, cry baby, and you can't understand how I could just kill a man.

    No to your letters love
    No to unsturdy hands
    Sleeping eyes, I'm told they never lie.

    No to your key of rust
    No to your raging words
    Sleeping tires, I'm told they never drive.

    I want it all, I pull you back. 
    I want it all.

    Cry baby, cry baby, cry. 
    Soaking down your face.
    Cry baby, cry baby, and you can't understand how I could just kill a man.

    If I wanted to stay, you won't stand in my way
    But I'm choosing to leave with your heart on my sleeve
    It feels too good without you

    Cry baby, cry baby, cry. 
    Soaking down your face.
    Cry baby, cry baby, and you can't understand how I could just kill a man.

  25. Skullsplitter

    Damn Cypress has changed over the years.

  26. Isaac

    how i could just kill myself that after all these years it still hasn't had a million hits

  27. MotherMetalhead

    2018 and still absolutely love this song

  28. R B

    When VH1 was worth... watching..

  29. Vivify

    I’ve been looking for this song for years! The real cry baby song!

  30. Clyde Thangkhiew

    What happened to her??!



  32. DNTME

    Sexist bitch.

  33. Montserrat Hernandez

    She still does music. Just if anyine is wondering, she goes by LACES now. She has an EP out and its soo good!

    Baba Looey Rocks The World

    When I first heard this 10 years ago (on AOL Radio, believe it or not), I couldn't help thinking, "this girl is fire". I looked her up on Google and have been a fan ever since. The title track from this album is a beautiful piece of songwriting, performance and production, too. Check out the song. It's called, "Waves And The Both Of Us".

  34. Shane O'Mack

    Very talented woman

  35. Kaitlyn Mitchell

    This song literally never gets old ❤️ I really don't know why more people didn't pick it up

  36. Jason Owen is Visco 242

    gorgeous girl, I love her music.

    visco 242/ the phantom of the opera

  37. Shane O'Mack

    major crush on her

  38. Yemi Amona

    Throwback 😍😍

  39. Boy Freitag

    how could something with the same name as one of the greatest cure songs ever end up being so FUCKING SHITTY!

  40. Mark Nunes

    I guess it's Charlotte all the time or nothing

  41. The Feral Faerie

    I miss this on vh1

  42. Eathan IsEpic

    OMG I FINALLY FOUND THIS SONG. I just had rememrebed the "i pull you back" and the toon of the song and finally found it

  43. Devon Bennett

    this is one my favorite song especially in high school brings back memories it's still amazing


    Devon Bennett hell yeah dude

    Matt Ramos

    Same dudes. Same.

  44. Dones Williams

    this song is underrated. I love this

  45. Rakwata Heji

    sep 2016 and still listening to this song,, is that weird? 😁

    brittany minix

    Rakwata Heji Nope... July 2017😀

    Emily Bleile

    no, because now its 2018 and I'm 13 still listening to it!!

  46. Those Dirty Kids

    I thought this was a cypress hill cover and I was about to kms but then the lyrics and I realized it was just a shitty song as not a shitty cover of a great song

  47. Nina Evans

    still my fav

  48. M3LZAR

    0:40 is that Coley O'Toole?

  49. Patrick Scalley

    FYI Cypress Hill did NOT invent the phrase "I could just kill a man". A wise woman did, probably the first woman on Earth tbh.

  50. Brown Town

    that's an UNEXPECTED Cypress Hill reference

  51. wolfadile hunter

    This was my myspace song lmao


    wolfadile hunter the good old days haha

  52. Thais Sandoval

    this song it reminds me if cry baby from Melanie Martinez

  53. MoonPisces029

    so good....idk why she didn't become more famous

    John Rife

    until you realize there are a shit ton of people just as talented who never even get this far.

  54. MoonPisces029

    so good....idk why she didn't become more famous

  55. dat dere celltech

    tf is this where's cypress hill

  56. Matthew Duaime

    this song makes me cry then smile then laugh because life just gets lifey

  57. dibella reyes

    thank god for VH1 man all those years ago and I still know the lyrics

  58. Ray

    lol me and my sister wussed out. he is not him me is she, so she is me.

  59. Vi Sylvia

    Still amazing. Used to listen to this at like 1AM on VH1 along with Adele's "Chasing Pavements" and Justin Nozuka.



    Torrey Lar-Parker

    You were listening to Nocturnal State that was the program, I loved it

    Kayla Wilson

    That was so me back then watching all these up and coming artists releasing their first videos.

    baby kyd

    why the hell is this also me-


    Christina Perri, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Colbie Calliat, The Script

  60. MemeMachine

    Throwback to when Vh1 was good and made fucking sense

  61. Jack Spraker

    I wish all girls where like this one. Big eyes. Dark. Puffy. And smart. But there aren't enough to go around. So I guess we have to settle for skinny blondes. Least they don't eat much.

    Kat InTheHat

    +Jack Spraker I don't know if a comment has ever pissed me off this much before. If you're a troll, you've done a magnificent job and I truly commend you. If you're not a troll and just a sexist idiot then I sincerely hope you realize the error in your views and fix them before some poor girl becomes the victim of your misguided expectations of the "ideal woman". Either way, at least you have good taste in music. Have a nice life.


    Let the rage flow through you.

    Heeey here's your letter

    That's some cringeworthy content.

  62. MissMurder Sara

    I miss this song ❤️💚❤️

  63. NDY 500

    I've been looking for this song for 5 years


    Me too. If only it had been called "Cry Baby Cry". Had to search for: "Soaking down your..".


    ME TOO!!! I've searched for it a few times throughout the years but I finally found it!

  64. sacheverelle

    If this is supposed to be an homage to Cypress Hill it's poorly done.

    brody clymer

    sacheverelle she wrote it . it's poorly that you would write this

    patrick hayden

    Here is something you can't understand...

    Sippable Bomb Water

    It's not a homage she only interpolated the chorus


    The story is that she was trying to get a record deal and to sell them on her song-writing ability one of the execs gave her the name of the song and she wrote it in an hour. So it wasn't an homage, but perhaps a bit of a joke.

  65. SilentHysteria17

    does anybody know what she's doing now?

    Alba M.

    @SilentHysteria17  She was on the Voice a couple of seasons ago. She didn't make it far tho


    She Laces now. Just released a song called Love Me Sober.

  66. Jacqueline Pacheco

    Its been a while since this song came out and I still come back to this song. Sucks that this is the only good song I love from her.

    Vi Sylvia

    +Jacqueline Pacheco Have you heard "In Your Apartment"? That one's magical.


    She still does music and she's great! She used to record under the name LACES but now she's Jessica Vaughn

  67. JustinDevessia

    This song is so good, people don't even know..

  68. Mattteus

    Did she get her name from a Cure song?

    saint escapism

    It's from a children's book.


    Charlotte's Web?

    saint escapism

    Nope, Charlotte Sometimes by Penelope Farmer.

  69. saralindstrom36

    I don't know if this is just me but at 00:40 is that coley on the keyboard from We the Kings?

    A Year of Friendship

    Could be. They're friends on FB.

  70. Michael Strayez


  71. rah808

    Haha i used to like this song 

  72. Andrew Johnson

    She's not even a wonder

  73. Kathy Freese

    One hit wonder :/

    Jordan Kelemen

    The whole cd is good

  74. lstarsabb

    Wait a minute this was made in 2008 and she was on the voice 2012. If she was already signed why was she on the voice?

    Matt H

    It must not matter, because Cassadee Pope (who WON season 3) already had her own band with a full album and an EP.

  75. Evil Pressley

    Would never cheat on a chick this hot. Oral anal sex

  76. FigBoot2001

    Charlotte Sometimes is a book... the Crue wrote a song about it. Obviously only 28...

  77. Crystal Gibson

    Am I the only one who knows this person got her band name from a song by The Cure? "Charlotte sometimes crying for herself, Charlotte sometimes builds a wall around herself. But it's always with love, so much love it looks like anything else. Charlotte sometimes, so far away, Charlotte...sometimes!" Listen to them and you'll know Robert Smith is so amazing & also that I feel old as hell but I'm only 28!


    Phew...thought I was the only one

    tripping tiffies

    It’s actually from the book Charlotte Sometimes by Penelope Farmer. That’s what The Cure song is based off of as well.

    Annika B

    My mom knows her personally, and I've seen her live. She said it's based on a book.

  78. Mulgan95

    Ok I came into this thinking it was going to be a version of the Cyprus hill was not

  79. Flitzy ♥

    I just found out about her on and how could anyone not give her a record contract? omg she is so good! ^_^

  80. Haziqhalien

    i Have been searching this song for years with no avail. this song brings back so much nostalgia it brings back memories of my failed marriage. The moment he requested for a divorce this song came on the radio.

  81. hai, hai, Kazuma desu

    Her stage name is a The Cure song. :D

    tripping tiffies

    It’s from a book called Charlotte Sometimes by Penelope Farmer. The Cure song is too.

  82. HPaige96

    I love this song sooooo much ^-*

  83. bukueOner

    ...this isn't cypress hill...

  84. daxotaa

    Wasnt dis bitch on da voice :D!!!!!!!

  85. dragonagefan6754

    well if you had watched any of her segments, you'd have known that she contracted a disease that messed up her vocal cords. her record company dropped her, and she couldn't find anyone to pick her up. she went on the voice to get a second chance, like many others. cassadee pope had a good start, idk her story, but charlotte i sympathized with.

  86. Cassandra Karim

    I love love this song this whole album was awesome.

  87. petefaders

    I hate this kind of singing. It's like a commercial for fabric softener. Picture the happy house wife with the picket fence lol..shallow. Music is dead.

  88. Katie Delores

    She looks like Daniella Monet from Victorious.

  89. Drew Web

    Coley <3

  90. HelloGudbye93

    O.M.G I COMPLETELY forgot about this song! If I remember correctly, this was the summer that Adele's "Chasing Pavements", Justin Nozuka's "After tonight", Death Cab For Cutie's "I Will Possess Your Heart", Gavin Rossdale's "Love Remains the Same", A Fine Frenzy's "Almost Lover and this song were on constant rotation on VH1 throughout the night. Needless to say it was the summer I didn't sleep.
    Oh nostalgia =/

    Floofer Butt

    HelloGudbye93 yup, i remember all of those and this randomly popped into my head just now thinking of my ex aha


    I’m crying this was my childhood 🥺

  91. Chris Garcia

    When music was good wtf happened to Fuse

  92. kirk rob

    this song is so damn cute

  93. Deion Rainey

    The Good Ole' Days

  94. JaGoesRawr

    I've been looking for this song forever! I heard it on VH1 and couldn't rember the title/artist.

  95. jada righthere


  96. Kaseyshere101

    vh1 you oughta know artists! :)

  97. edmarie sosa

    I love this song aha

  98. Sarina !

    nah im good its the first one put ill do it more just to pisse u off