Charlotte Sometimes - For You Lyrics

You go your own way and know those streets by name
And you close your heart so things can stay the same
But sweetheart know it's time to show
Everything you got
Everything you're not

So take it
Even if you break it
Go ahead and make it
Make it something new

And when you wake up
Put away that make up
Go ahead and shake up
Shake up all you knew
For you

All the light you hide behind your door
They've tried to see a million times before
But sweetheart I know wherever you go
In the deepest dark
You still give off a spark

So take it
Even if you break it
Go ahead and make it
Make it something new

And when you wake up
Put away that make up
Go ahead and shake up
Shake up all you knew

'Cause the sky will open wide
All the clouds will start to cry
You will taste the tears that are running down your face

But what you had to give up
To the one that got to love
Is walking in your shoes and standing in your place

So take it
Even if you break it
Go ahead and make it
Make it something new

And when you wake up
Put away that make up
Go ahead and shake up
Shake up all you knew
For you

For you

For you

For you

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Charlotte Sometimes For You Comments
  1. shadowcop75

    Creepy goth dudes harass catholic schoolgirl j/k ;-)

  2. Caroline Ribeiro

    "...but Charlotte did no cry"

  3. Vladimir Avramovic

    one of the most beautiful girls that I've ever seen, who is she?

  4. Vladimir Avramovic

    perfect, the best The Cure's song ever, and the darkest and the most sad too!

  5. Michael Stommel

    Immer noch ein wichtiger Teil meiner Seele..........ich Liebe es so sehr wie ich es hasse

  6. No Name

    Hello ! Master
    I'can play this song "The Love Cat's"

  7. giovanni gervacio

    this is a fuckin time machine

  8. Fagner Gunner

    this bass line is awesome

  9. Michel Raulet

    i love Charlotte

  10. Mister Man

    I still love this song as a 48 year old. The girl is very pretty, like a porcelain doll.

  11. Caroline Ribeiro


  12. Kewpie Doll

    Apparently they hated the video!

  13. Daniel Montero Espinoza

    Hey, follow the white rabbit down the hole:


    Son contadas las canciones de The Cure con ese sabor gótico. Y esta canción es una obra de ese estilo.

  15. Andrew

    Staring at the Sea, the collection of Cure singles up till the mid 80s, is one of those albums everyone should have.

  16. firebirdgao

    Sacré charlotte

  17. Fernando 11:11

    I shut up sometimes to hear this masterpiece!

  18. Claudio Guglielmi

    Magic suond the spirit the dark

  19. Sandrines Bruzual Vásquez

    Powerful song

  20. Bruna Nascimento

    Minha adolescência que saudades.

  21. Ramon Fonteles

    Uma das melhores música, eu amo essa linha de baixo bem elaborada.

  22. Anne Scholey

    Lucy from Mr Blunden


    Love this first saw the Cure live in 1979 age 14, so glad New interview with Robert Smith he says they have Never been a Goth band or Anything to do with it I've been telling people that for years now I've been proved right & I was into Goth from beginning 81(first time it was called that in an interview with NME with Abbo vocalist from UK Decay) in London

  24. Ronan CARN

    I guess that Charlotte is pretty old now... In anyway one of the most baroque song from the Cure. I still love it

  25. AliceLucindaBronte

    This video: Schoolgirl is haunted by her past self whilst being stalked by a bunch of very unthreatening goth boys in an otherwise empty school.


    Nothing to do with Goth I'm so glad in New interview with Robert Smith he says they have Never been a Goth band or Anything to do with it


    @WOODY CFC Hahahaha, Andrew Eldritch says the same thing. All the top Goths deny being Goth.


    @AliceLucindaBronte yeah I know he does idiot sisters were big part of it I remember seeing them support UK Decay in London how they got so big I will never know 1st few singles & album are great but about it & what do you all Top Goth bands do 😂 😂 😂 I Top Goth bands made me laugh Bauhaus & UK Decay were the originators of it do you mean bands like Sex Gang Children / Virgin Prunes etc etc They were few of original top bands hope your not going to say bands like the Banshees etc who again were never part of it Lyrics & Siouxsies image does not make them part of it go back to the beginning of Goth London 1981 I was part of it then rest of bands in UK 81-84 have listen to real Goth bands love to know what ones you like.


    @AliceLucindaBronte by the Eldritch has nothing to do with a be like the Cure stupid mentioning him etc 😂 😂 😂 😂 OMG


    @AliceLucindaBronte do you know of GOTH bands uk decay / sex gang children / play dead / virgin Prunes / Blood & Roses / skeletal family / Actifed / under two flags / Specimen / 1919 / ritual(feat-Jamie Stewart the Cult) /theatre of hate(feat- Billy Duffy death Cult-the Cult) etc etc

  26. Cold Thesis


  27. Sami C.

    This song is a real masterpiece!

  28. Francis Fernández Cespedes

    Quien sería la chica del video?


    la mejor

  30. Siane Gallozzi

    Charlotte sometimes: where was it shot??!!

  31. Thallita Carvalho

    Que raio de anunciante chatoooo!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...É um abuso tu ter que assistir um troço que não quer, pode nem pular....Eu heim!!!

  32. Thomas Smart

    Inductions into Vampire Society can be cruel - but practical - poetry is a lament

  33. Manel Navarro

    Tell me suspiciously but I see The Banshees shadow (Siouxsie Sioux and Steven Severin) behind this song and The Cure Dark trilogy. Robert is very rich man, Siouxsie/Severin aren't.

  34. Dan Hughes

    Duran Duran?

  35. N.Z. Storm Waver

    Anyone know the name of the gorgeous building this video was filmed in?

    Gary Herring

    Holloway Sanatorium.

  36. NickSpodx Williams

    Used to love The Cure so much but OMG this video is beyond shite even by the standards of the time. Surely this can’t have been directed by Tim Pope who did their later classic videos?

    Ice man

    NickSpodx Williams I love the video it’s brilliant especially the 80s looks to the camera

    Kewpie Doll

    Robert said that it was the most embarrassed he'd ever been watching it for the first time!

  37. XmoRonX

    Иван Ющенко, скоро... 2034-это исценировка. Простите...
    (скоро поймёте)

  38. Jean Jean

    en 92 93 j ecoutais que ca les cure..culte comme groupe

  39. Mario Adabache

    Like si lo ves en 2019, saludos desde FRESNILLO Zacatecas México al Mundo yeahhhhhh 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 viva México, The Cure Grupazo 🙏✌👍🇲🇽.

  40. Lea Keber

    Life would be boring without The Cure. A great song. 👌💚

  41. Andrea Yañez

    Love this song ♥️♥️♥️

  42. Allan Buttery

    The 1981 Modern dance New Romantic album had a great impression on me but strange to find a Cure song by a group who never wanted to be associated with that movement.

  43. Skye kerrigan

    Is it Roberts sister in the video as stated below?

  44. Foxtailedanimator

    When I first saw this vid last year, I actually mistook Simon for Robert

  45. Manu Delover

    Ay Carlotita Carlotita, qué niña más traviesa y siniestra que eras... A veces

  46. Mark Lethbridge Carr

    My daughter is named after this song as I was then and still am a devotee of the local band, can never get bored of this song

  47. Ice man

    Did Tim Pope direct this video? It’s brilliant

    Cesco Montino

    Beautiful music and video

    Jean-christophe Le Bachelet

    No, that's funny cause Bob said about this video : "Probably one of the best Song of the cure, but the worst video"

  48. Fredrik29Sweden

    2019 ? ❤️ this Song


    What do you mean 2019 this was 1981

    F u n D r i v e

    WOODY CFC bruh u stupid

    Charlie Litta

    I listen always poor french as me....


    @F u n D r i v e talk properly you mug

    Claudio Daddi

    Again again again!!! 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 ecc ecc ecc ecc

  49. celia ayneto

    quel morceau.. "Sometimes i'm dreaming"

  50. Applemask

    Nice song, shame about the video

  51. Rogerio Oliveira

    The Cure's best video and song.

  52. Małgorzata Zapert

    Gothic in purest form...

  53. Ice man

    Love Robert’s looks to the camera /girl in this especially at 2:17

  54. Ice man

    My favourite Cure song and quite a fitting video

  55. Kitty Cat

    One of my faves.

  56. Renato

    Goth 80s masterpiece

  57. patisol6

    De mis favoritas de The Cure!!!

  58. vincenzo saputo

    Funny, lived and worked in that place. Old memories.

  59. c rus

    This was filmed in North london... Holloway if i remember rightly and Charlott played by Roberts sister -janet.. :)

    Private E-Mail-Adresse

    That's not his sister.

  60. Max Now

    Sometimes i'm dreaming

  61. Popuko ポプ子

    this is good stuff

  62. AL AIRE

    Que sonido de la puta madre. Ni todas las bandas nuevas de regeton, trap y toda la basofia se compara a UN SOLO ACORDE de estas obras de arte.

  63. michael snow

    this song needed Roger o donnels string synth, saw em do it at coahella 04, sounded darker than it does here

  64. michael snow

    holloway sanitorium, just off the m25, just shut down when they did this, hence all the stuff still there, Robert found some paintings by the patients, which he took

    Jean-christophe Le Bachelet

    Yes and he wrote The Figurehead from Pornography

  65. Breathingspace

    The girl is a classical beauty. These seem to be very scarce nowadays.

  66. Małgorzata Zapert

    Their music and videos are so mesmerizing (especially these older)...

  67. punkpoetry

    The song is tremendous, a goth pop perfection, but the video is like a parody.

  68. fab del

    i love the tormenting melancholy of this song

  69. bat wifi


  70. snowbelle74

    My all time favourite song and book. I can see why the video was heavily criticised but it’s not completely bad. The location ( Holloway Sanitorium) is absolutely beautiful and the band looked perfect as a trio in 1981. The girl was very very beautiful but just didn’t look quite right for a Cure video and there is too much of her beauty on display and not enough Robert. If you have a lead singer with a strange cat-like face like RS you don’t need to get a lead actress. I have heard countless times over the years that she is Robert’s sister Janet, and she does look like him a bit around the eyes and chin , but I don’t know if it’s true

  71. Ringo SadStarr

    The most underrated song of the Cure, so awesome.

  72. Loli Chan

    are there any other 13 year olds listening to this? I absolutely love this song 💚❤💛

  73. luca maori


  74. Daniel Te

    Es un tema absolutamente embriagado de poética elegancia depresión misterio y de una capacidad evocadora potentisima a niveles superlativos y como muchas canciones de este grupo, son de una genialidad sobrehumana... Me quedo corto...

  75. Dario Taddei

    This is a fragment of my soul and 's in my heart.
    Thx to the Up .

  76. Dylan Wilson

    I heard that The Cure and those associated with them hate this video. I really really love it! I think it perfectly captures the mood of the song, both musically and lyrically, The Cure themselves look super cool and it tells a fun story, tying in with the source material. Potentially my favourite Cure video of them all!

  77. richard hassall

    standing 0n a beach was the album .Timeless songs.

  78. MrT Baracus

    This song, for me, is one of the best The Cure songs.
    Not the best one from The Cure but what a remarkable song this is, a very special one.

  79. Francesco Nappi

    Amazing song, a perfect union between melody and gothic/dark style. Long live to the Cure!

  80. Antonio Ribeiro

    Am I dreaming ??

  81. Narwhalcat

    i love this video i did not know what the song ment before i watched this

  82. Beto Dias

    I love so....

  83. B

    Llanto musical.

  84. Onda 80's

    The scenery of Total Eclipse of the heart ...

  85. Marco Boretti

    I cry!!!!!!! I remember years 90!!!!! Great Cure!!!!!!!!! 😢😢❤️❤️

    Jean-christophe Le Bachelet

    80's, exactly 1981 !!!

  86. wolf hammer

    im just going to kick back and listen to theCURE .heaven I think

  87. Maximiliano Borges

    Most underrated song by The Cure

  88. mistofoles

    Reputedly, the girl was Janet Smith, younger sister of lead singer Robert.

    Bryan Davis

    I'm not so sure from this interview...

  89. mistofoles

    This was filmed at Holloway Sanatorium, a real mental institute that closed in 1980. Many other pop vids of the time were also filmed there.

  90. Dusty Johnson

    Robert Smith is God

  91. R Kinney

    Beautiful, melodic melancolia. 🌹💀

  92. merrien peggy

    Une pensée pour le batteur des Cure !!!! Andy Anderson, et le compositeur des Talk talk !!! it's a shame !!!!!!

  93. SiSi


  94. Abdullah Drury

    Great track. They just don't write music like this anymore.