Charlie Daniels Band, The - Saddle Tramp Lyrics

Well you pass around the pipe and you all get high
Never even stop and wonder why
Maybe it's because you wanna die
Maybe it's just the way things have to be

You stay up late and drink too damn much whiskey
You know that sort of thing is kind of risky
Maybe it's just because you like to feel frisky
Maybe it's just because you like to feel free

Saddle Tramp
How many people watch you ridin' by
Like a thunder cloud that floats
Across the Arizona sky
And wonder if they're looking
At a mighty happy man
Or just a lonely breeze that drifts
Across the endless desert sand

Well it's gettin' kinda cold in Ruidoso
Abilene ain't gettin' any closer
One more drink, one more hand of poker
‘Cause a fool and his money's
Gonna have to part

You're too proud to ever show your sorrow
You don't steal and you won't beg or borrow
You may be here today but you're gone tomorrow
There ain't no strings on your boot heels
Or your heart

Saddle Tramp
How many people watch you ride away
Wonder why you never promise
To come back some day
Maybe thinking you were holding
All the pieces in your hand
Or are they slippin' through your fingers
Like the endless desert sand

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Charlie Daniels Band, The Saddle Tramp Comments
  1. The Squatchin' Cowboy

    Seen him in concert when he came out with this album!

  2. John Leonard

    This whole album is great.

  3. Donnie D

    Pinecrest cc Shelton conn.76'.77' 78' 79' 80'.

  4. Dave Ming Cheng

    The "dislikes" are courtesy of trolls who need their mommy.

  5. John Prainito

    Just never gets old love it so till the day i die......

  6. Thomas Andersen

    Amazing song

  7. rubicon1983

    Unfortunately, Charlie doesn’t like weed anymore and refuses to sing any of his old tunes that mention it, therefore we won’t hear this one live again.

  8. Sandy Juergens

    Helllll yes! I will never stop loving you Charlie! CDB. N my son Sam. Died 13yrs old. Loved u since he was born. ❤💋

  9. Bob Welch

    Me and Brian Carroll

  10. Bob Welch

    Love it, Saddle Tramp, guitar, yes

  11. Robert Maguire

    Check out 6:36 and beyond, this is country rock at its finest!!

  12. Robert Maguire

    I was lucky enuf to see them four or five times in the late seventies, one in a 3000 seat concert hall in phoenix. What a fucking show!!!! Long live the original " saddle tramp" !

  13. Fauna Belle

    Check out his new stuff Beau Weevils....Mudcat for starters Good Stuff!

  14. 77Blkstrat

    They asked Charlie.." what kind of music do you play"? He said "Good Music"!...also everyone thought Charlie was a fiddle player...he is a guitar player and a damn good one too!

  15. Tim R

    CDB was great before Charlie got religious and conservative. Also check out Birmingham Blues.

  16. Fischzimmer

    Through the years I moved around like most of us. Lost a lot of good vinyl whilst exploring my youth but, I ALWAYS stayed up with my Saddle Tramp LP. Maybe one of 5 that stayed with me till now!!!!!!

  17. Stephen Mahon

    Seen CDB AT Capital Theatre in Passaic NJ back in 77-78. Great place to see concerts . Shame it’s been gone so long ....🍺

  18. Stevi Alter

    Best stuff of all time

  19. Scott Tipton

    I've always liked the cross between jazz and country, a kind of shit kickkin' music.

  20. MrRonskiman

    The live version of this one out there on Youtube is also jamfanstatic. Thanks cousin Mikey for introducing me to this one back in the day. RIP Mikey.

  21. Johan Liebert

    Other long country songs? Ones that are over six minutes preferably

  22. Ryan A. Porter

    Charlie DadGum Daniels.

  23. Arno Schollmeyer

    This is surely my favorite song by CDB

  24. Blues-Rock Vault

    I hear influences of Dickey Betts in this song. Both CDB and Allman Bros were part of the Capricorn Music family in GA during the early 70s. Nice Jam!

    Ron Reis

    Most people give Duane Allman all the credit for creating that sound but a LOT of it Dickey!!!!!

  25. lam6gun

    Timeless song right there. LOVE CDB.

  26. ManyJoeys inRamLand

    theres somthin about Charlie Daniels thats real special

  27. Brian Freel

    Alexandra Tucson

    Brian Freel

    an points between

  28. Michael Williams

    19 people stayed up late and drank too much damn whiskey

  29. jhnstn1

    For some of us who remember, the point around 4:00 at the end of the drum break was when that four barrel carb started to moan.........................................

  30. Michael Askins

    Wore this album slap out .......twice

  31. Jon Dana

    So now that the NRA has appointed a "man" CONVICTED OF SELLING MISSILES TO IRAN, is Charlie Daniels ready to stop being a traitor to America himself? NO? Charlie is still supporting the NRA, while Trump is arguing over Iranian missiles???!? REALLY?!?!? CHARLIE - THE AYATOLLAHS LOVE YOU, AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT! Yeah, Charlie Daniels is a "patriot" alright - A PATRIOT OF IRAN.

    Winston Tucker

    Jon Dana Charlie is an American patriot and the NRA helps secure our second amendment rights. When are you going to stop being anti American?


    Just glad there's still 500 people like me.

  33. Jay Schankman

    Epic CDB

  34. 425363129

    Outlaws Charlie Daniels Band Marshall Tucker Elvin Bishop Allman Bros Wet Willie then there's Uriah Heep Jethro Tull Nazareth Chilliwack SLADE all these bands our kids have NO IDEA ABOUT. What have they got? Rap? Crap? Boy bands justintime timberfuck àll diddybop bullshit. DON'T LET THIS MUSIC DIE!!! PASS IT ON. Ilove the big bands my parents listened to because they accepted ELVIS and shared their music with gus kids and we progressed into our own but the shit now SUCKS

  35. ribmeat hamhock

    18 thumbs down? gotta be f---king commi-crates!!

  36. Pete Abel

    Live in it !

  37. Mike Ford

    San Jose California loves the Charlie Daniels Band in my neighborhood you need to come out once again Charlie we appreciate it

  38. Troy Tempest

    Thanks for uploading this song. Had the album many moons ago!

  39. Gerald Eisenhower

    Music aside, this is probably one of the worst pieces of album art of all time. Especially that 1970s-style porn-star mustache. Fair makes your skin crawl.

    Ron Reis

    Looks like Burt Reynolds

  40. DurhamrockerZ

    That's the good stuff right there!

    Josh O

    fuckin A

  41. blazer55

    gonna have to get this album again!! and play it again..real loud!!

  42. mon back

    Charlie Daniels or Marshall Tucker it was back then..had this album and "long hard ride" Marshall T.   also liked Pure Prarie League

    Dave Jenkins

    Pure Praire...sweet tunes there

    Eric Shinault

    Don't forget the Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

    Troy Tempest

    Can't get enough "Desert Skies" MTB.

    Jr Weddington

    You know Vince Gill sang with PPL!😎

  43. mon back

    back in the 70's We got high to this song... never even thought what he meant. But I don't think any one gets high because they want to just needed a rhyme.

  44. Thomas Place

    KSHE 95 is the best radio station I've ever heard in this entire country

    Clark Glass

    The sad thing is KSHE used to be a format for bands like this in the day...


    KZEW in Dallas used to be the same way. Deep tracks on XM has this in a pretty heavy rotation.

    Amy Smits

    Damn right! Love it!

    Josh O

    About as good as radio stations get these days to be sure

  45. Brian Kelly

    My first CDB concert: 5/4/79, Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale New York.

    Torii Seyfried

    Brian Kelly , yes, I used to live on L.I. saw him there also.

    Richard Reno

    I still live on the island ,I saw CDB several times at the Nassau Coliseum and once at party in the park at Belmont race track summer of 79 ,some of the best shows I went to that year great memories great times

  46. Stan Armstrong

    Like a thundercloud That floats across The Arizona Sky


    Saw CDB live last night and waited for that line...

  47. Howard Drummond

    One of Charlie's Best

  48. GreatestPotential

    This is cool. It's like Lynyrd Skynard doing Stareway to Heav'n.

  49. Kyle Hire

    so much amazing......

  50. Colleen Mitchell

    Just kind of speachless... love you all...L.C....

  51. Jason Johnson

    This song made me fall in love with southern rock jams.

    Bob Welch

    Oh hell yeah

  52. Mike D

    7 people need to "pass around a pipe and all get high"

    mi channnal

    +Mike Downs do you know Charlie is saying that is bad

    Scott Rion

    saw charlie solo when he hosted kshe Birthday party.what an amazing man.great show.

    Nate Kronic

    Maybe it's just the way things have to be.

  53. Jason Johnson

    My CDB concert was at Isleta Casino in Albuquerque in 2003. It was worth the 240 mile round trip I drove to see him.

  54. Oldman inthewoods

    Saw CDB in 1975 at the KSHE kit fly in Forest Park, St. Louis Mo. I was 18. One hell of a show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alex Ulrich

    Oldman inthewoods kshe for life


    i was barely alive :)

    Brian Fitzgerald

    Me too!

    larry strick

    You, me, and 80,000 others, it made national news.

  55. Michael Kopp

    my favorite c.b.d. tune

  56. Wayne Dotson

    My first CDB concert was 1976 Volunteer Jam, Nashville, TN!

    doughboy Bellmore

    worked with A Team Security/Rick Rentz at many Volunteer Jams

    doughboy Bellmore

    worked Farm Aid Champaign Illinois with CDB/Sound Seventy, was a cool show also

    John Leonard

    Oh man. My highschool dream.

  57. yvwic50

    My theme song in 1977, just on a motorcycle instead of a hoss.

  58. Nelson Fields

    5 people have no taste!

  59. ADK Buckhunter 30.06

    1982 SPAC, memorial to the vets, was my 1st CDB show

  60. Louis Stabler

    the album cover did he steal that hat from Richard petty?


    +Louis Stabler An unfortunate fashion statement in the mid 70's thanks to the Urbane Cowboy.

    Winston Tucker

    Pre Urban Cowboy and before Petty started wearing them.

    Steve Palmer

    Borrowed it from me...why?

  61. William Mason

    1975 or 76?... National Guard Armory Charlotte County FL.        Good Friends.....................  Good Time.............. 

    William Mason

    Charlie had a stage hand pass me a six pack of bud.. It was cold and the best BEER I ever drank..  Thanks Mr,Daniels.

    don longo

    +William Mason that's kinda cool

  62. jackstraw1968

    great song, always loved it!!

    Mark V

    @jackstraw1968 Yes it is, me too. Saw him 5 times in the 70s/early 80s and they only played it at 1 of those shows. It was at the Quinnipiac University Gymnasium. It was incredible ! ! !

    Troy Tempest

    Some of the best instrumentals I've ever heard beginning at 3:10.

    Donald Schmitt

    Saddle Tramp is they're best song!!!

  63. p stone


    Walker Van Wey

    @twistedtony82 So does Normandy 

    Mike D

    +p stone so does Auxvasse, MO :)


    So does O'Fallon, MO

    dave ingus

    So does coxsackie ny!

    Josh O

    And Washington!

  64. Jackie martin

    Good memories for sure. Bout all that is left. Most of the hunting and partying friends have passed on. Love the old pictures I have , can relive the good times in my mind. I to have the girl that got away to. You always think what if. Now I just deer hunt with my older brother ,and enjoy and thankful for having him still to hunt with. The rest are all gone. The MUSIC can really take me back . Thanks C D for the good tunes.

  65. Quinn Sifford

    And gooooooooood memories for sure, back when life was more simple and the friend's were friend's I will never forget. Mountains, horseshoes, everclear, lines, and a girl I should have married............

  66. Toadmanblues

    Makes me wonder what it would have been like growing up in the South.
    Allman Brothers,Skynard,Marshall Tucker,Blackfoot,Outlaws,Molly Hachet,....Love them all.
    This is one of the best jams (Saddle Tramp) aside of "In Memery Of Elizabeth Reed".
    Saw Charlie Daniels back in THE DAY..WAS BLOWN AWAY!.......

    Phyllis Rollins

    It was amazing back in the day. Not so much anymore. Growing up in the south I mean. The musics still great.

    Josh O

    Just get out of the city

  67. KA LUPO

    Spent 4 years in Mt Juliet, Old Hickory,Hermitage.

    doughboy Bellmore

    Twin Pines Ranch

  68. jesusdetoledo

    nice tale

  69. Allen Stone

    We certainly are rare stones. Thanks for the comment.

  70. p stone

    Hey Allen I did everything but the whisky shootin'. Made up for it somehow. Nice last name.

  71. Allen Stone

    This song takes me back through 35 years of the most amazing southern rock'n'roll, bong hittin', beer guzzling, whisky shootin' and women chasing years! Thank you Charlie, cheers, until we meet again!

  72. kelvin grover

    saddle tramp here to but a different type of saddle one with peddles.. cdb foreever..

  73. SkopTeocratico

    The centre is funk o_O

  74. BB713

    Damn straight... a thing of beauty. Amazes me how few people even know about the very fine performances on this album...all musicians were in top form. Also check out "Sweet Louisiana" and the literally perfect Jazz/RB number: "It's My Life."

  75. filthwhistle

    I really like the lead guitar section beginning aprox 6:00. Very Steely Dan/ Ricki Don't Lose That Number. Same era really.


    6:00 you say

  76. Joe momma

    ah, oldschool charlie daniels, before he got all born again and lame and started sugarcoating his songs/performances. The man won't even call the devil a son of a bitch anymore, ridiculous.

  77. Joe momma

    The indians are farrrrrr more dangerous in rapid city, sd walmarts. what a scummy place

  78. Steve Hillier

    I went to Cal Jam 2 and nearly got trapled. Lost everything I brought.

  79. Steve Hillier

    I used to listen to this in my 57 Chevy Ragtop on the way to college.

  80. Tomas William Tomerlin

    Hey CDB ive got kin in Pulaski Tenn. Richard Kinght Tomerlin.

  81. BB713

    The jam that starts around 5:40 is serious Charlie. What an amazing guitarist. You want Allman Brothers, you've got it -- and then some! A truly great songwriter and an even better multi-instrument musician.


    5:40 you say

    Winston Tucker

    Charlie and Tommy Crain. Tommy was an incredible guitar player.

  82. Chad6o

    wow haven't hear this in so many years... thanks man

  83. vertab4236

    he greatest that there is. Seen him live in mobile may 1979.

  84. Phil Grimes

    Aint it Great to be ALIVE, and LIVE in TENNESSEE?

  85. Mike Johnson

    @islamsuxs I sure would have been glad to be wrong.

  86. Mike Johnson

    @islamsuxs I'm sorry but I found out I was not mistaken. I hope you can prove me and Wikipedia wrong:William Joel "Taz" DiGregorio (January 8, 1944 – October 12, 2011) was a longtime member and keyboardist for the Charlie Daniels Band. He was born and lived in Worcester, Massachusetts until 1962 when he went on the road. He was self-taught on the keyboards, practicing from tunes by Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, and Little Richard following his attendance at a Ray Charles concert.

    Winston Tucker

    Mike Johnson Taz passed away in a car crash on his way to meet the band to go out on tour. Very sad day.

  87. Mike Johnson

    Rip Taz

  88. Mike Johnson

    @outlawcountryman Thanks pal, Will do.

  89. outlawcountryman

    @MrTenitis look on ebay, or in a record store, i've seen a couple copies pop up, infact i bought one yeasterday

  90. heymama1

    Mr. Tentis, this is probably my fave CDB tune as well. I really prefer the "old schoo" CDB. Trudy is also a great song.

  91. Mike Johnson

    @heymama1 You got that straight.

  92. heymama1

    Hey Mr. Tentis. I love this song too. I remember driving from Nashville to the Smokey Mountains to go back packing. It was late Fall. It was misty along the highway from Knoxville to the mountains. I listened to this entire album along that stretch of highway. God Bless America.

  93. Mike Johnson

    @islamsuxs Been a while for me. I wasn't aware that he wasn't using two drummers any more. The saddle tramp album was one of my personal favorites. Lotta good memories there. I wish I knew where to find another vinyl copy.

  94. Mike Johnson

    @islamsuxs So does the duel drummers.

  95. Mike Johnson

    My very favorite Charlie Daniel song