Charlie Daniels Band, The - Jerusalem Trilogy: My Chosen One Lyrics

Many, many years ago God came to Abraham
He said I've chosen you to carry out my plan
Gather up your household and prepare to leave this land
You will not live here anymore

I will lead you to a new land by and by
Your heards will increase and your seed will multiply
They shall be as plentiful as stars up in the skies
And sands upon the shores

Honor my name and do the things I tell you to
And I will make a mighty nation of you
The throne of David will shine forever brighter than the sun
For my chosen one

But Israel forsook the righteous path their fathers tried
They bowed down to idols and they worshiped other gods
But Jehovah in his mercy withheld his vengeful rod
And let a remnant remain

And then the Romans came and took Jerusalem
And God could hear his people crying out to him
They in their bondage were remorseful in their pain
They were repentant in their sins

So sunset followed sunrise and the centuries unfold
Then came the season that the prophets had foretold
Israel, you've waited for so long, now the time has finally come
For my chosen one

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Charlie Daniels Band, The Jerusalem Trilogy: My Chosen One Comments
  1. Cheycasters

    listen to Steel Witness too, you will love it as much if not more....Both are Dove Award Winners...

  2. Shovelhead74AMF

    Mr Daniels talent reaches the highest summit with this work from the album The Door