Charlie Daniels Band, The - Funky Junky Lyrics

You can dance around if you want to
But there’s some thing a man don’t wanna do
And if you see him comin’ walkin’ down the street
You better jump right Outta his way
Everyone knows it’s a street skit
Every time he comes to town
Coz he’s got somethin’ in his left hip
The blues down walk around


He’s on Missouri Boulevard
About a half o’ mile south of the graveyard
Better run an leap through funky old dirt
Go one don’t find no shame
This old muskrat barbeque
And a sweetness on the railroad track
He’s gotta tiger in his living room
He gotta monkey on his back


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Charlie Daniels Band, The Funky Junky Comments
  1. Budda Fingahz

    For thirty years or so Charlie Daniels was devil went down to georgia. Had no idea they rocked like this till I gave my better halfs record a spin. Turns out I like quite a bit of Charlie Daniels. I wouldn't be sad though, if I never got to hear that devilish georgia song again. Thanks for posting.

  2. holmeed

    BEFORE he lost his mind...

  3. Ryan O

    You can tell The Allman Brothers was an influence for this

    mr. pickles

    Ryan O disagree

  4. Terri Wronker

    Taz was the best! RIP Taz.

    Ross Rowley

    Incredible piano solo followed by an incredible organ solo, I agree

  5. jminneman61

    love this song

    Rita Yazzie

    jminneman61 MN

  6. Raymond Olsen

    Toe-tappin' music, folks ...

  7. Ronald Charles Epstein

    Not the same as the Isaac Hayes song.

  8. 100078kz

    saw it live in Pawtucket rhode island   1977    first concert,old Leroy theater

  9. Bernie Force

    love funky junky CD at his best

  10. Δημ Χαρ

    Southern Rock at it's best!!!!!



  11. Guido Farage

    I sure as hell fucking love this song

  12. Webb Steiner

    Lives on misery boulevard….


    2We - We're neighbors.

  13. modsoul1

    I like the earlier version better watch?v=Rtk1kcrQNGc

  14. Michael Nodine

    no, La Grange sounds like this!


    2Mi - Hehe - I say either or count me in!

  15. mi channnal

    sounds like La Grange

  16. Keith Jones

    hell yes .Great music

  17. TheNextcity

    with the marshall tucker band

  18. Chris Rousey

    one of the most rocking Charlie Daniels songs EVER!

    Aaron Cubitt

    100 percent. ill die to this song.

  19. JustAintThatWay

    goddam this thing R-O-C-K-S

  20. brett allison

    @TheJedgeworth Yes , lovin' it!

  21. Joyce Ellingsen

    Wow. Just about the best rock & blues I've ever heard. I can understand every lyric, and the louder it plays, the better. Thank you.

    Aaron Cubitt

    ever seen the gieco commercial?