Charli XCX - February 2017 Lyrics

Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Know I keep on saying I'm alright
But every single night
When I cut off the lights
I feel like crying
Your picture revolving in my mind
But then it turns to white
I guess I'll go in blind
I feel like crying
Hope you can forgive all of my crimes
You read but won't reply
I just need your reply
I feel like crying
Baby, all I need's a single night
A sign, a sign
Give me a sign

Sorry I broke you down
Sorry I tore your heart
I ripped it all apart
Your headlights in the dark
Sorry 'bout Grammy night
Was flyin' out my mind
Was in a different place
Tortured and drifting by
Kept dancing in that house
The windows turned to black
My windows turned to black
My eyes were rolling back, yeah
Hope I get one more chance
Hope I get one more call
I only know what's good once I have lost it all
Lost it all, lost it all, lost it all
Lost it all, lost it all, lost it all

Hope you can forgive the things I've done
(Things I've done, things I've done)
Hope you can forgive the things I've done
(Things I've done, things I've done)
Hope you can forgive the things I've done
(Things I've done, things I've done)
Hope you can forgive the things I've done
(Things I've done, things I've done)
Reply, reply, give me a sign

소 소 소심했던 나의 그 한마디
미안하다고 사과하고 싶어도
너무 늦은 걸까

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Charli XCX February 2017 Comments
  1. Daniel Lam

    Clairoooo 💯❤

  2. velvetdreaming

    i cant stop crying..............

  3. duval

    1:19 💜💜💜

  4. Shawn G

    one of her best songs

  5. Felipe

    Leo queens

  6. Tony Valois


  7. Daniel Paz


  8. sizzle9000

    give me a sign

  9. Gabriel Cunha

    linda s que fala?

  10. lovxr boyzzz


  11. accelo4

    Auto tune much?

  12. gnaonseo

    hearing clairo with this kind of autotune is something i didn't know i needed so much

  13. Caio Vitor

    Quem veio por causa da Ana Paula?? :-:😂😂

  14. LJ Oxley Official

    Idk why she doesn’t do these songs solo.

  15. Jhon Lucas Paes

    i need a mv

  16. Alina Hanazawa

    My 3 faves on one track. I wasn’t ready. I’m not worthy.

  17. wat

    Yaeji’s voice is so calming. So innocent and pure and vulnerable it’s so different I love it

  18. Saksham Gupta

    my fucking god

  19. SuperRobertoClemente

    I listened to this record obsessively all September, probably time to rediscover it.

  20. Kyoto


  21. Tre Moviestar


  22. Steve McQueen

    Why is clairo’s verse so short

  23. Ichimatsu

    I like yaeji's solo part at the end like it's an afterthought, in a good way. Clairo and Charli Xcx raise it up to a banger then it ends sudden. After the static blip I think of it like a random signal that pops into the radio that you were lucky to discover. Same with how her voice kind of glitched in the background during the rest. The ending also light on the production so it's like she's just putting a message out, for someone specific which is not you. You just intercepted it. Or maybe Yaeji turned off the song and thought out loud

  24. Fathurrahman Prasetiyo

    love EDM forever

  25. Lucas Monte

    since this song is very short
    i've been replaying like x100000000000 times lol

  26. vanessa_mxo

    This is song is 🔥

  27. Jovasilevsky Valmeji

    Yes charli

  28. Ian

    Love this song. The first minute is amazing, though the second half is great as well.

  29. Manas

    Y'all just gonna ignore that amazing ba-ay-bie at 00:40??

  30. Itamar

    this song is saaadd

  31. Catherine Charista

    i don't usually comment but THIS IS DOPEE, never thought Yaeji and Charli would ever colab 😍😍

  32. Brianna Rivera

    Why is yaeji so short during the song😥

  33. Muyiwa Francis

    Please we need the extended version.

  34. Nicolás Rain L.


  35. trxsh

    I could never get tired of this song sml to this song<3

  36. A. Roebetho

    Someone illegally make 5 minutes version of the song:

  37. linkenparis

    those closed hi hats are so painful omg

  38. νιитαgє loser


  39. Francesco Urso

    February 2017... When I knew Poppy for the first time 😍💕🙏🏻

  40. Slavik Shennikov

    Если бы не эта японская Хиросима то тррек пиздатый был бы, а так 3 из 10(самый худший из альбома)

  41. Rafael Corrêa

    obrigado charliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  42. 오레온

    I love you charli 8ㅅ8

  43. Harold's Lover

    a perfect go-to song to the mall😂

  44. Young YoungWu

    This album is so amazing!!!

  45. God Yerin

    1:24 - 1:56 is literally the prettiest thing... criminally short

  46. Guillermo Pisciotti


  47. roger Silva


  48. ivona đurović

    i luv this.

  49. Amanda Cervantes

    Qué haces ahí Yaeji, esa no es tu familia

  50. Joshua Bemiss

    Favorite song on the album by far.

  51. hlax

    since we all agree that this is a bop. Is there anyone else wondering what happened on Grammy's night?


    Like she herself said. She was flying out her mind. She kept dancing in that house (a Grammy afterparty) her windows turned to black. Her eyes were rolling back. (From the drug she was using)

    Ta Naka

    she cheated on her bf, he caught her f***ing in the hotel (listen to No Angel)

  52. Davi Silva


  53. まっぁりさとし

    Yaeji ILOVEYOU

  54. _ Limonchas

    whose the singer who sings in the different language

  55. NF Fan

    I Love Uuuu 🔥❤️💜❤️😍

  56. Andrew Blush

    Julio 2019 ✨💔

  57. Johnathan Rivera

    I love these artists, but this track was disappointing and anticlimactic. Hate to see potentially great collaborations go wasted


    Johnathan Rivera I disagree strongly, we all have our unique tastes

  58. 고장

    Nice song👍

  59. Gilmar Estrada

    I freakin' love Clairo <3

  60. 퀸일러퀸페리


  61. lindsey dpt


  62. Frenchie

    Charlie didn’t get the nose ring memo lol

    Jasper Linnux

    Omg 🤭


    Good... lol

  63. Ho Liu

    Offical video Please!

  64. Jenna PR

    Why does Clairo look like Lola Flannery here?

  65. Chico Swift


  66. Mário Bárbara

    I want a video for this one ☝️

  67. Vitoria Gonzaga

    A parte da Yaeji 😍😍

  68. Muy Mirw

    0:54 am I the only who hears “your head lice in the dark” probably need to get my ears checked

  69. Neo the Loof

    When the ad I get is longer than the song 😢😢😢

  70. Jump on Yaya

    Oh clairo whats poppin

  71. KANYEda WESTaro

    1:24 IT'S UWU TIME

  72. teneriffatane

    draaaain gaaaang

  73. Veronica Wakefield-Young

    charli xcx x yeule pls god bless

  74. Sky Letters

    I feel like crying 😢

  75. Monika

    SO how many women collaboration you want

    Charlie xcx : Yes
    * I love that she does that not more female artists do that a lot

  76. Leonardo Bitten

    i love this song, is so cute! 🤧❤️

  77. Arthur_Rezi

    THIS SINGLE... I had to pause and take a second, baby I knew she was that bitch

  78. zunnaa :3

    Man that's the neste álbum , DAMN

  79. Jonathan Marshall

    Thank you Melon for this recommendation.

  80. Filipa Vieira

    why is this song so fireeeee?!?

  81. Jack Torrance

    I'm sorry this album sucks

    Arrod Gara

    im sorry not everyone has taste

    Jack Torrance

    @Arrod Gara this album can't be successful from the very beginning of its creation, cause these sounds are for a very narrow layer of listeners.

    yee yee

    That's why charli has us to stan her harder than your lace front periooddd

  82. Paul Galigher

    Focus and Roll Wth Me gave birth to a depressed sad bitch that bops

  83. ༄ XᎾXᎾ KᏟ ༄


  84. Elzan Anas Fadhlika

    Best collab in 2019

  85. To Say

    I didn't know what to expect from this collab.

  86. Hòa

    this song is better than dont call me angels

  87. Sofia Fasullo

    This song is unreal

  88. fireheart


  89. 古利霞

    Very good

  90. Shweta Official

    This is amazing!!!❤❤❤ #February2017

  91. Princess K

    i breathed and this song already ended. deserves to be longer.


    i almost want to make an edit that doubles up the song with the Yaeji part in the middle

    Princess K

    @goldseraph79 yes please!

  92. Rxgina

    1999 2017 2023 and 2099. Charli is a time traveller period

  93. MikeLakeMedia

    Holy shiii this is trash

  94. demi lembias

    Kind of disappointed that the cover art didn't incorporate the squiggly pattern into Yaeji's glasses in some way lol. Other than that, great fucking song, I love sad synthwave bangers like this, and I can't wait for the album, especially if its even half as sublime as Pop 2 was.


    Nowiamfamous the album is out

  96. howl

    Clairo 💕

  97. 말금

    오 예지다! 한국어도 나오니까 신기하다ㅋㅋ

  98. Arjen O

    knew clairo and charli would be power couple but yaeji snatched this

    Arrod Gara

    Gurl Yaeji owned this song in just a few seconds

  99. Mac Music

    wow pc musics new artist co-wrote this with A. G.: /watch?v=6S4E4TY_UQk <3 can't wait for their new songs