Charli XCX - Atomic Lyrics

Ha ha ha ha
Light trips
Sweat drips
Come party in my basement
Man, I'm gonna get you wasted
Just enough for you to taste it

Cash this, get rich
Fill it 'till ya famous
Party in my basement
Just enough for you to taste it

Come on people let me through
Making ways across the room
I got nothing left to lose
I'm dropping bombs on you

Night shift, killed it
You won't need no replacement
I'm gonna make a statement
Cause I wanna watch you chase it

Cash flow, down low
Money just like chocolate
I'm gonna make you famous
Come party in my basement

Come on people let me through
Making ways across the room
I got nothing left to lose
I'm dropping bombs on you

Can I get you supersized?
Can't you see it in my eyes?
You know I want it that I'm flashing out my downer side
Can I get you supersized?
Can't you see it in my eyes?
You know I want it bad I'm flashing out my dollar signs

Come party in my basement
Come party in my basement
Come party in my basement

Come on people let me through
Making ways across the room
I got nothing left to lose
I'm dropping bombs on you

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Charli XCX Atomic Comments
  1. Emanuele Buonaccorsi

    who’s still listening to this bop in 2020?

  2. Shubby D

    So underrated 😔

  3. linuxel33t

    Very new wavy. Subject matter, music style, and video are all quite 80-ish.

  4. Cristian Grigore

    You know Marley Bankss ?????

    Marley Bankss has a very big winnie to sell world-wide .

    Hell , no , we won't go , hell , no , we won't go , hell now , we won't go , hell , no , we won't go ...

    Hugs don't work , man , I can vouch for that .

    His name is , asshes , asshes , we all fall , DOWN !! No cusshion on that , makes a narley in the white house .

  5. Wade Q

    God damn if only all of her songs were like this one...


    What really sucks, after almost 10 years she hasn't put anything out even close to as good as this. I've listened to every track since, and this i still the one I come back to. But yeah, got to make money I guess...


    personally i love how different her eras are, like yeah I wish she'd do more True Romance synth pop but I love her experimental stuff too.

  6. Virgo X


  7. Leonardo L

    Video effects by
    omg ♥

  8. curvytangerine

    I am a fortunate member of that truly enlightened group: the fans who love _all_ of Charli's music. Fuck yeah Nuclear Seasons in 2011. Fuck yeah Gone in 2019. Rock on, Charli.

    Angry Commenter

    Earthquakes and Heartbreak, True Romance, SUCKER, Vroom Vroom, Number 1 Angel, Pop 2, Charli, all perfection!! Finally a fan who agrees!

  9. Вика Ромашка

    Marina and the diamonds vibe! I miss old Charli so bad. Her old time music was amazing.

  10. Alyonna

    it just incredible!!!

  11. Emilio Soto

    Genial lp era solo el principio de su genialidad.

  12. swampyalienz

    god these ads have terrible music such a buzzkill after a fuckin charli song

  13. pound the alarm

    True queen💖🗿

  14. Crime Wave

    Is anybody talking about the good work that crim3s did with the Effects of the video? The final product its just too aestehically pleasing

  15. Fernando Álvarez

    Those Grimes and Gorilla vs. Bear years...

  16. Everwave

    WWIII soundtrack

  17. Christi Nash

    AAACK 2020 means 2010s are over. Also means you'll never quite get this 1982 Pac Man feel in music again. No one in their 20s remembers even a second of the 80s now. They'll be influenced by us and what we have given their own childhoods. But we remember another century. As we age we will be the last people interviewed about the 20th century. I feel special. And sad.

  18. Christelle Raymond

    When your 8 years late

  19. Ricky Alexander

    I imagine it's quite spicy (Nuclear Season)

  20. Iron Fist

    The original LOONA solo and the first girl

  21. Cute Voffka

    Русские вперед!

  22. Jackson Heights

    Lord.....this song gives me the chills, it reminds me of watching those unsolved mystery videos, right?

  23. Josxyz74vvTV

    If she kept this style she could be like the female The Weeknd.

  24. Kesa Mek

    The best songs she's ever done by a thousand miles no contest at all. This album was genius.

  25. Drez47

    Her best song from her best album. 🖤

  26. ivaan flores

    2019 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  27. I Don't Know Elisa

    what a throwback i still miss her old music

  28. Jakob Hopfer

    I remember seeing her perform this when she opened for Coldplay in Manchester in 2012. Not a single person in the crowd knew who she was and barely anyone watched her performance, but I was stanning HARD

  29. Thomas Mokoid

    Saw her a few weeks ago. Wish she played this song....Concert was great..but this song is the balls.


    Wow bless gossip girl

  31. Austin Richards

    Yass queen love this video

  32. Phillip Brewster

    People really don't realize that there looking at a trans man pretending to be a woman? Look again!!!

    xcx rickie

    Phillip Brewster charli is a cis female dumb ass

    missing ???



    I don't think you're saying what you think you're saying, lol.

  33. rodrigo hestter

    Now in october of 2019?

  34. paulkazjack

    Is this Billie childish?

  35. y o

    As a Japanese national this piece has always been very, very critical and telling... nothing has been improved, nothing has been revealed, nobody has been relieved and cured in whole eight years, for now. Things are getting worse, either "nuclear" or something else. Amen or Namu-Amidabutsu.

  36. Shelby Brookes

    Omg I was obsessed with this song when I was younger.
    Isn’t it awesome when you listen to old songs you loved from the past and you get a wave of old memories?
    Love that shit man

  37. Andrés

    it's 2019 and he kept listening to the fantastic music of Charli XCX nuclear seasons


    Those synths remind me of a tbm track.

  39. marko huber

    in that time - she was a raw Diamond.... pity that she uses now an overload of audiotuning in her voice…..

  40. Creepy Clown

    Whatever happened with Charli:/ her new album is not as good compared to True Romance and even SUCKER

    Solid Snake


  41. Louise Lvn

    Ma chanson préférée de cette artiste !!!

  42. Madjestic

    0:44 that part reminds me a lot of Gwen Stefani !!
    That song is amazing !


    7 fucking years and she looks still the same

  44. Ricardo Lemes

    miss that era❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  45. 311 Jazzy

    What editing program can do these effects??? Love this aesthetic


    Still a BoP

  47. Ngaire Hodge

    This song! I hear Prince during his revolution era. I listen to this song often. I want to hear more music that sounds like this everywhere I go!

    Phillip-Anthony Rodriguez

    Ngaire Hodge Check out “About Work The Dancefloor,” “Started Out,” and “Feel It” by Georgia and try to tell me you’re in anyway disappointed!

  48. Eden Perez

    Can't believe gossip girl brought me here.

  49. M4TSUOKA

    gossip girl thank u for showing me this bop

  50. Nikki F.

    Before she sold out

  51. Mik Name

    Love this song!

  52. tony Perez

    Come to florida!

  53. Filip

    Like check it out that's Molly

  54. Swaley Blue

    I miss Charlie xcx

  55. Austin Richards

    Best era ever

  56. Henry Coldrain

    This is what I am looking for. A unique music style

  57. tangerines are imaginary

    True Romance - Pure Heroine - Paramore were the holy trinity of my grungy emo middle school self 😪

  58. valentina nestico

    Ke temon loco

  59. ASMR with Me

    Why do i feel like this song should be on the 100’s soundtrack

  60. arbitrarymoniker

    This is the most Trinitron video ever, and it's fabulous.

  61. talkfastcalum

    fav song and still a bop 💞

  62. Nojjey Parker

    How the hell did I ever miss such a super tune!!!!

    Nojjey Parker


  63. Sarah Elizabeth

    I’m here 2019. Love this song.

  64. Stephen Key

    Love the 80s vibe and Indie feel to this 🙂

  65. max crack

    2:40 nuclear seasooooooonnnnsssss 🎵🎵🎵 ^_^


    why didn’t i get to know charli xcx sooner

  67. Paola Oliveira

    Don't let an asshole ruin your favorite songs 😂❤ this one is my fave!

    life’s not fair

    what asshole? ag cook? if he’s whats you’re referencing to then shut up

  68. Crazy 4 Coffee

    I could be in the worst mood and this song comes on and I instantly feel at home and happy. Relieved.

  69. Morgana Freire

    Amazing love

  70. Park Jauregui


  71. Ulisses Farion

    This is my favorite song of her! So amazing!

  72. Doug Saul


  73. Axel Villeda

    Charli XCX feat Crim3s

  74. Mx Hx

    I'm so shitty comparing to her

  75. Bruna Anghinoni


  76. Pokav1deo

    Her best song hands down

  77. Emilio Burgos Reyes

    love you charli😍

  78. Leah selkie

    Gossip Girl brought me here

  79. Péter Hollósi

    Her best song ever!

  80. Pannonian Eagle 83

    Defenitely her best Peace!

  81. ̶ b a d g i r l

    So dark

  82. Jessica T

    Will always be the best Charli

  83. Cute Voffka

    2019? Still dope, omg. Hi from Russia, love you Charli 🇷🇺

    Harry Valiente

    Don't use OMG as an expression because it is not allowed

  84. Quang Đức Trần

    Best new track

  85. Jonny Smythe

    Superb! Very unique style. She’s defo up there with Florence from Florence and the machine,Kesha and paloma faith for songwriting and she’s fab live

  86. limagirl

    Love the 80s New Wave vibes of the video and song.... well done Charlie XCX.

  87. Sarah Williams

    We survived nuclear seasons, hello 2019 🥳

  88. Lolita Azee

    Me lembrou a bandeira do meu país

  89. Harry Valiente

    The editing and effects are on point

  90. Briana Jones

    Gossip Girl??

  91. Jared Schroeder

    Not accepting these sell out comments until somebody releases a song about how great 2011 was. Give it 20 years maybe. Not regretting any Charli yet

  92. ᄒᄒ