Charley Pride - Too Hard To Say I'm Sorry Lyrics

Just two words were all that she would ask of me
And I could have the world and all its holds for me
Of love and tender care not the pain and the sorrow
That will be mine tomorrow but I just can't seem to say it I'm sorry
I know exactly what I should do admit I'm wrong it wouldn't take long
And she'd forgive me
And I know exactly what I ought to say but I'm not built that way
Wish that I could say I'm sorry
I'm a man at least that's what I'll like to think
A stubborn man who now is standing on the brink
Of hate and dispair and I care and I'm sorry
And I ought to tell her but I just can't seem to say it I'm sorry
I know exactly what I should do
But I'm a fool I guess I'll do the things that fools do
I'll stand and watch my dreams go down the drain in my stubborn way
And as they sink I'll say I'm sorry

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Charley Pride Too Hard To Say I'm Sorry Comments
  1. Loretta Russell

    I grew up listening to his voice he is fantastic.

  2. Loretta Russell

    always loved this song.

  3. keith Clarke

    my all time country singer love his voice

  4. Linda Brown

    I love you so much charley pride you are my best friend charley pride you are my best and you are my brother charley pride God said we are brother and sister charley pride i love you for a brother charley pride

  5. Linda Brown

    Ilove you so much charley pride you are my friend

  6. anthony belcher

    Awesome song

  7. Pauline Tate

    I love to here you sing

  8. Neil Ladd

    Painful but healing.

  9. Novlett Edgar

    Charlie is my go to person when I need comfort in my life

    Brian Lawrence

    Well put .

  10. Miss Chin Chin

    Such a beautiful voice

  11. MoonlitGypsy

    I must've listened to this song at least a billion times since 1972 when I first heard it. (That isn't exaggerated too much.) I've heard a lot of songs since then, but Charley Pride and this song are STILL at the very top! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  12. muckenball mel

    ya incredible tallent. hard to believe he's only worth $3 million

    Leonard Farrow

    That not true and i dont know where thy got that .I thik its around 40

  13. John Turco

    Charley over the years since I have been listening to you I enjoy your singing more and more everyday. You are a remarkable man.

    Lascelle Bryant

    Thank u Charley pride . U r the best

  14. Tom Fortin

    There are two songs missing. 1.Mama don't cry for me. 2.I threw away the rose. Thanks for posting he was one of a kind.


    Hi Tom ,
    Yes He Was , Those two songs are on youtube , just do a google search and you'll find a link to them

    Tom Fortin

    Ok Thanks tyrone767mx


    You're welcome

    Eric Cadow

    +Tom Fortin He's still alive lol.

    Tom Fortin

    @Cloudy Baby Oh LOL thanks i did not know though he was dead