Charley Pride - Lovesick Blues Lyrics

(Yodel) I got a feelin' called the blues oh Lord since my baby's said goodbye
Oh Lord I don't know what I'll do all I do is sit and sigh oh Lord
That last long day she said goodbye dear Lord I thought I would cry
She'll do me she'll do you she's got that kinda lovin'
Lord I love to hear her when she calls me sweet daddy
Such a beautiful dream I hate to think it all over I've lost my heart it seems
I've grown so used to you somehow oh Lord I'm nobody's sugar daddy now
And I'm lonesome I got the lovesick blues

Well I'm in love I'm in love with a beautiful gal yeah what's the matter with me
Well I'm in love I'm in love with a beautiful gal but she don't care about me
Lord I tried and tried to keep her satisfied but that girl wouldn't stay
So now that she is leavin' this is all that I can say
I got a feelin' called the blues...

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Charley Pride Lovesick Blues Comments
  1. Dave Budrus

    Some damn fine entertainment right here

  2. swell1guy

    The guitar was a prop?

  3. T R

    lloyd green goes takes everyone to church

  4. wcwindom56

    not Hank, but pretty good cover

  5. Cathy Davis

    I love to hear anything sung by Charley Pride.

  6. cherry edwards

    Charlie Pride sang that song real good ...but the guy on that steel guitar really knew what he was doing and knew how to play it ... he stole the show....he tore it up!!! made Charlie sound even better then he normally would without it...Just beautiful.

  7. Linda Brown

    I love you so much charley pride you are my best friend charley pride you are my best and you are my brother charley pride God said we are brother and sister charley pride i love you so much charley pride you are a good man charley pride you are my best

  8. Linda Brown

    I love you so much charley pride you are my best friend charley pride you are a look man

  9. Joshpupz Garingo

    Whats that guitar for, sir? 😂


    Well, he did strum at start of song & played end note on the guitar...

  10. Ghowtham Vinayagam

    Thanks to the Walmart kid,i got introduced to country music!

  11. Johnny Jacob

    I am from wall Mart kid

  12. bbmatias22

    Who else came here cause of that Walmart kid 😂😭

    Ashley T

    bbmatias22 yesssss

  13. david potter

    Should have had the yodel in more songs over the years of singing..

  14. K Leigh

    Ugh charley pride is the love of my life lmao 😍😍😍

  15. Christina Prieb

    The Walmart boy nailed it

  16. John jones

    Charley's good but the steelwork is what takes it to the next level !

  17. Jorge Regula

    Nooooboooooooodyyyyyyyysssss Sugar Daddy now.

  18. Don Walden

    Hank Would Be So Proud Of You Charley I Have Many Of Your Albums. Your Pure Country .

  19. unholyshape

    Our Blacks used to be so dope


    used to?

    Fabian Pencel

    Darius Rucker is dope.... I cover a few Charley Pride songs

  20. Ryan Graham

    gotta love that yodel

    Trey Stewart

    Charley could dang sure yodel!

  21. Ryan Graham

    gotta love that yodel

  22. Ryan Graham

    gotta love that yodel

  23. TheWayOf Cailinn

    Charley what a legend along with hank and merle...etc

  24. Lukav Mineav

    Many a black fulla needs to hear this

  25. Rose Mbuci

    This is the best voice ever!

  26. Kigsgrama

    Absolutely wonderful!!!!   Thank you!

  27. JohnLeePedimore

    This was Charley's very first television appearance.

    William Boyle, Jr.

    JohnLeePedimore It took guts by Lawrence Welk in doing that.

  28. Erwin Schonfeld

    love this and his cover of Jambalaya on Lawrence Welk!

  29. JoAnn Staats

    My kids remember coming home from school to Charley Pride and Lemon Pledge. lol

  30. george yokel

    charley pride's firs tv appearance was on lwarence welk show.   tied up all the phones that nite.  folks thought their tv's were broke

  31. Kyle S.

    He really is the pride of country music:)

  32. Lauralee C

    What a pioneer with an AMAZING voice and personality.

  33. Daisy Birch

    Such fine artists! Charlie Pride has such a rich, anchored voice. The fun video of him singing this song in studio really shows his mastery (my favorite). And talk about an artist having grace under pressure (and bigotry)--what a gentleman-teacher. BTW: Anyone know why he stopped strumming here? Was that fine band in another key, or his guitar out of tune? I've seen many other artists have to do this.

    Joe Smith

    This great tune called for Charley' to do some "bearing down". Very few stood it breaks, a song that really needs "beltin' out". Watch him lean on that guitar once he stops chording. He wrung that sucker dry...harder to do while strumming.

  34. rosswhitakerguitar

    Lloyd sounds spectacular here. He says that he developed a unique approach to every artist he worked with, and I think that his Panther Hall-era work with CP is about as good as E9th pedal steel backup playing gets. Thanks for posting this gem.

  35. L.D. Wood

    I love this song, I remember hearing Emmett Miller's version before Hank Williams had a smash hit with it. Charlie does a great job with it.

  36. PaJu He

    @TheGhoulardi -- Can you yodle? Didn't think so. Charlie rocks this song every bit as much as the steel guitar. Due credit where credit is due!

  37. eli helock

    I play an instrument that resembles a steel guitar but this Green guy took it to a whole diffent level Awsome

  38. TheGhoulardi

    Charley's OK but the steel man is what makes this cover GREAT !

  39. JohnLeePedimore

    They replayed this episode on my local PBS station the other night and they said this was Charley's very first TV appearance.

  40. Jessica Brock

    My gram used to sing this to me to get me to sleep! RIP Gram, I love and miss you SO much!

  41. Emma Taff

    this is great