Charley Pride - Kaw-Liga Lyrics

Kaw-Liga was a wooden Indian standin' by the door
He fell in love with an Indian maiden over in the antique store
Kaw-Liga well he just stood there and never let it show
So she could never answer yes or no
Poor ol' Kaw-Liga well he never got a kiss
Poor ol' Kaw-Liga he don't know what he missed
Is it any wonder that his face is red Kaw-Liga that poor ol' wooden head

He always wore his Sunday feathers and held a tomahawk
The maiden wore her beads and braids and hoped someday he'd talk
Kaw-Liga well he stood there as lonely as can be
Cause his heart was an ol' pine knoty tree
Poor ol' Kaw-Liga...

And then one day a wealthy customer bought the Indian maid
He took her oh so far away but ol' Kaw-Liga stayed
Well he stood there and never let it show so she could never answer yes or no
Poor ol' Kaw-Liga...

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Charley Pride Kaw-Liga Comments
  1. Froggy jumps high Bronxs bigy fans

    This is alright but Hanks is the best

  2. TD Riehm

    Black Feet for the time..

  3. Miem Coetzee

    My son Matt just Love this song. Matt this one's for you . . .

  4. Oneidaindian100 Percent


  5. Kaytlan Guzmán

    Starting 2020 the right way

  6. dwayne lucier

    i very rarely get my best frind to sing, but for som reason he likes this song and sing we do

  7. Baked Tater

    I love you sir and your son and his pride

  8. Karen Presley

    The first and only version I ever heard. Thank goodness I grew up with some great country music via my parents☺️

  9. american phoenix

    My grandfather used to sing this in the bars before I was born I learned it sitting in the front seat of my dads pickup and my kids are gonna learn it sitting shotgun in my rig. Bless this song for being something that's been passed down my family line.

  10. Joshua Rowe

    I just named my second son. Kaw-liga. Not too shabby.

  11. Kilroy Gonzalez

    Sad that Charley would partake in the promotion of such a belittling racist song. Native Americans should have never been ridiculed in this manner.

    E G

    Kilroy Gonzalez You are the only one assuming this song comes from a point of mockery and disrespect. Maybe it’s a song. A good one. About a wooden Indian. It’s actually a clever song. You are probably upset he’s “appropriating” a culture. White people love Charlie Pride. No one has issue with him being a black man and a country legend. Why do you, as a third party have a problem with a harmless song about a wooden Indian statue. The song is about someone not being able to tell a woman how he feels. It’s not actually even about Native Americans. You are so sensitive that reality is relative to you.

  12. Dave Arcudi

    Great song. Hit by 3 different artists. Can we play it on the radio today?

  13. Becky Ordiway

    Love Charlie Pride! One of my favorite's... Good memories

  14. Marryann Lamb

    Thanks jack.

  15. Lynda Anthony


  16. Andrew Sandlin

    Im offended because im .235 part Kaw indian but since im also .192 African American ill let it slide

    cubs win

    You must be related to Elizabeth Warren, I think that's her percentages too. All I have is this nasty white privilege that keeps me working 12 hours a day :)

    Occasionally a nerd

    cubs win what?

    Tim Fremstad

    Charlie Pride is also part indian

  17. 101liberty

    Who's listening in 2019? God bless Charley Pride and may he live long in God's favor.

    Aaron Rumbolt

    101liberty yup right here. Good tune. We play it all the time when we go fer a ride on skidoo’s. makes the beer go down good lol

    cubs win

    Just saw him at the Prairie Knights casino in ND earlier this year. Still does an amazing job at 81 years old. I just love the guy!

    D H

    2020- My father loved Charlie Pride:one of my father’s favorites he used to sing to us as kids-we played it tonight for him before he past. God Speed Dad! We love you!

  18. Mark Austin

    This in my opinion is the best sung version and Hank Williams.

  19. melody matheny

    charley you made the best version of this song ever! you are such a great s country singer!

  20. Charles Crowell

    Love the southeastern indian whoops and hollers.

  21. Ghaz Man

    I'm sorry Hank, but his version is better. I still thing you are the king of country though.

  22. Concrete Artrepreneur

    This is the clearly the best version of this song.

  23. chriselectroman

    This is the shit boys....

  24. Beth Wynn

    THANK YOU It's been years since I heard this gem! Reminds me of the record Player and my Grand Pa teaching me to dance. THANK YOU!!

  25. Ladonna Williams

    I love country music so much oh my name is Ladonna williams im am 30 im just cant believe how good country was this good


    I Agree best version ever...

  27. Creighton the Histoman

    Hank would’ve liked it!


    love the steel players style

  29. Mark Five

    Charlie Pride was the fuckin' man! A black man playing Country & Western music back in the day. A true legend that very few remember

    Jeph Mason

    Hes a man. Plain and simple.


    Liberals actually deny that he, Big Al Downing & OB Mclinton made huge inroads for black singers in country music.
    All they know about is Darius Rucker.

    The Grand Review

    @doughesson ... Why would you say such a weird thing? I don't know Darius' music, but I know who he is and know he's playing contemporary country. Good for him, but I do not know a single person, regardless of politics, who would say they deny Charlie Pride. Shelve that crap, man, and let the political divisiveness go.

    Liz B

    I remember him. He rocked.

    Angela Singleton

    @doughesson what do you mean by inroads? Country music roots starts with black people/artists. The traditional instruments hale from west Africa and was rooted in slave music. The Banjo is one instrument that comes to mind. Jim crows is the cause that many people don't know this.

  30. Kathrine Ely Brignardello

    ...ahhhh golden!! 🍃

  31. Eric Nelson

    Way better than Hang Williams Jr.

  32. Jackson

    He is in my opinion one of the greatest and many people do not know!

  33. Diane Fiske-Foy

    One of my favorites 👏🏻❤️🌟‼️

  34. FRED R

    This is such a catchy tune for one and Charlie Pride! Are you kidding me? What a voice! I never got tired of hearing this tune and I've been listening to this tune for 45 years already....sheesh am I old!!!! LOL!

  35. melody matheny

    this is real real country musicI1ou will never get any better than this!

  36. eddie willers

    If he came along today, he would be stuck doing rap. That is one of the reasons I hate rap. Think of all those wonderful musicians stuck doing the musical equivalent of fingerpainting.

  37. Ruth Boykin

    He sings this GREAT! Thanks Jackie, shared it to music group on Facebook. I hope you're enjoying beautiful weather today!

    J.W. Gauntt

    appreciate it Ruth

  38. AlbaWind MacTavish-Blair

    Grew up with his music. Always loved Charley Pride!

  39. Tony Edmond

    Thank you Mr. Gauntt.  This is excellent music.

    J.W. Gauntt

    very welcome

  40. Yvette Marie G


  41. Kantean Nightmare

    His voice is always so clear.

  42. Sara Matlock

    Best of the best right there!

  43. Benny Greene

    Awesome voice. God--given talent.

  44. John Hobson

    I remember camping up at Black Lake in northern Michigan when we were kids. My Dad had several Charlie Pride 8-tracks and I would ask him to play this song over and over. I still love this song to this day. Mr. Pride, you sir are the best!

  45. Rebecca Jewell

    Excellent Video Jack
    Charley Pride best version on this one.
    Thanks JW

    J.W. Gauntt

    you're welcome Rebecca

  46. Tanja Dermody

    Good thing the snowflake generation knows little about gems like this. Id hate to have some politically correct goon say something about cultural appropriation or whatever. Gotta love the good ole days.

    Mark Five

    No shit, bro. They're heads would explode.

    Metal Massacre \m/

    Keep politics out of this shit. I'm a metal head liberal, I'm 41 but I love old country. This new shit sucks though. This luke Bryan pussy ass country.

  47. Carolyn Jones

    I absolutely Love this version of this song.

  48. blindlemon9

    The Resident’s version is the best.

  49. Aaron Ayers

    charlie pride was the man in black. rock and roll used to be about johnny cash what ya think about that

    Andrew Burke

    He is mixed black, indian and Caucasian.

  50. Wynstan'sMom

    Hello, Redditors! I sure hope ole Kaw-Liga finally got his kiss. Thank you, J.W. Gauntt, this was shared.

    J.W. Gauntt

    appreciate it , you're very welcome

  51. johnny buckles

    the best version of this song, hank jr is pretty good too though

    Fran Smith

    johnny buckles HANK SR NOT JR

  52. John Jurkewicz


  53. Sandy Hutchings

    Great song....Charlie Pride sings it best!

  54. InopGauge

    As a child growing up in Nashville Tennessee, born in 1966, this is quite possibly the earliest memory of a song that I memorized word for word. I feel so fortunate to have seen him live being as how anyone who came in from out of town, we always took them to the Grand Ole Opry. I feel extremely lucky to that's actually met performers like Charley Pride and Roy Acuff who I adored and I hope to see Charlie Pride perform one more time before I pass. Anyone else remember Spider used to play guitar in the Opry House band? And on the Ralph Emery morning show locally in the Nashville? Makes me proud to be a native Nashvillian! It's sad that a lot of the musical Heroes that I grew up idolizing won't be with us much longer and I won't either. Time really goes by too fast, but these classics will never die!

    Sara Matlock

    GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!

  55. Hans Felsh

    I remember being ~6 years old ('76) when a commercial came on TV (back when we had only 3 channels) advertising all of Charlie Pride's albums for something like $29.99 (basically a discography) and I begged my mum to order it for me. To my surprise she did. I listened to those albums over and over back then.

    I wish I had saved them after my mum died in 2006.

  56. Maria Allen

    Sweet music i love Charley pride

  57. Primrose Haran

    Fantastic love charley he is the best at singing this song thank you for this lovely post

  58. Bruce Scott

    While I was serving my tour in Vietnam, my best friend played this song on his cassette player. Every time I hear it I think of those days...over 50 years now but it seems like yesterday. Unfortunately he never made it but his memories will last forever.

    Tanja Dermody

    Bruce Scott thank you for your service and sacrifices sir <3

    Sara Matlock


    Mark Five

    Gald you made it out alive.

  59. Black Viper

    The older Country and Bluegrass like this is what I like... the modern stuff just seems like they took some of the Backstreet Boys and put them in cowboy hats!!! It just doesn't have the same steel guitar, fiddle, dobro, etc. either.

    Kendall A

    Yes indeed! I am from Chicago and have always been Country at heart. Soon, I get to live outside of the city. All they have are Country pop/rock crossovers. I haven't heard Dolly, Lorretta Lynn, Charlie Pride, or any other legend on these cheap stations. And, Bluegrass in Chicago. Only but a dream. I love what YouTube has to offer. I love Bluegrass too! :-)



    J.W. Gauntt

    appreciate you listening


    J.W. Gauntt You always have the best music✌️🎼

  61. Texas Red

    Hell of a nice tune!

  62. Jack Horne

    no one could sing this song better than charlie !!

    skrrt skrrt

    Marty Robbins did


    I get cold chills whwn i hear his voice

  64. Dave Parlet

    Nobody sings this song better! Incredible voice! I remember hearing this played on the radio as a kid and loved it!

  65. Jo Jon

    i like this, now check this out-

  66. Tazinova

    I like Charley Pride"s version the best

  67. Ladonna Williams

    country music is good like charley pride I love country music I don't care what I be listening to I can't believe what I about to going to say county music is the best for me

    Fran Smith

    Ladonna Williams PRIDE NOT PRICE.

    Ladonna Williams

    @Fran Smith sorry

    Fran Smith

    @Ladonna Williams thank u.

    Ladonna Williams

    @Fran Smith no problem how are you

    Fran Smith

    @Ladonna Williams im so so. I just lost my husband in April n today is his birthday.

  68. Lynn Novak

    yes it's the first I ever heard when I was very young ,love it

  69. The Mighty Brains' Pokemon & Yugioh

    Its ok... to slow... ill stick to hank on this one

  70. Toothless Bull Dog

    Real music . . .

  71. Sarah Dekoning

    Charlie prides version was put out before hank jrs version.

    earl hillier

    Hank Williams Sr recorded this song in 1952 and was released in 1953 .Champ Butler was the first to record the song, predating Williams' release

    Lorri Gill

    Charlie pride wrote this song

    Fran Smith

    Sarah Dekoning HANK SR NOT JR.

    Fran Smith

    Sarah Dekoning SR NOT JR

  72. R Melnyk

    no comparison

  73. David C7mm27

    Thank you for the Music and the Memories .

    J.W. Gauntt

    thank you for listening , much appreciated

  74. Frostbyte380

    That steel guitar brings tears to my eyes, good tears, and memories damn!

    Ray Powell

    Frostbyte380 n

  75. Bon Jour

    His voice is incredible.

  76. Brenda Proffitt

    I love 💘 💘 💘 💘 💘 IT awesome job...

    J.W. Gauntt

    appreciate you listening

  77. Mark Allen

    I worked night shift in Sacramento area. This song came over KRACK radio echo'ing through the night. Memories

  78. Bob Hayett

    Utterly brilliant vocals.

  79. Steve Rousseau

    I Agree Charley's version is better


    Steve Rousseau i was just thinking that same thing nothing against hank sr jr or 3 but charley does the best work on the song

  80. Debra Chittwood

    Charlie Pride could sing bud!!! Love him!!!😄😊

  81. Suicidal Pornstar

    My uncle played steel guitar for Charlie Pride for a while. I don't think it's my uncle on this recording, but he did play for Charlie Pride on the road for a while.

    Lavender Williams

    Suicidal Pornstar that is cool man bet u have some stories!!

    FRED R

    That's way kewel! My Dad played with Tex Ritter.....but not THE Tex friend Bob was nicknamed Tex and his last name was Ritter though. Was a big joke around camp as the two of them were on the Wilkins Amateur Hour Show here in Pittsburgh and played.

    dwayne lucier

    my name is Lucier and yes it was , family intact

  82. LaDonna wIlliams

    i love this song by charley price i never grew in the 50s and the 60's i love county music and old music i still young but people who don't like it. i do

    Stewart Cox

    Can you Grammar please?

    Fran Smith

    LaDonna wIlliams Pride.

    Sara Matlock

    You mean Charlie Pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not Charlie Price~~~~~

  83. David Fabian

    This version and Hank sr version are both great. It's apples and oranges

    Sarah Dekoning

    David Fabian charlies version was first.

    The Mighty Brains' Pokemon & Yugioh

    Charlie did it in 1969 hank recorded it in 1953...

  84. April Potter

    I like song


    This reminds me of my crush Elijah he left though 😪

  86. ChevyMan1601

    They say that Hank fooled around with a black lady before he died and they say Hank Sr. is his dad.

    Howard Nelson

    Don't know who "They" are. & Honestly wouldn't believe them if "They" said the sky was blue, and neither should you.

    Tyler Smoker

    Yea my grandpa says the same thing I believe it because they sing pretty dang good

    Sara Matlock

    lololol shut the hell up and look at the dates dumbass

  87. Tracy Schiemer

    Who doesn't like charlie pride i love him

    sandy ernst

    +Colten_Ley 7

    I will never understand some peoples determination to turn every where they go to you like being the turd in the punchbowl?

    Colten_Ley 7

    Honestly, idk why I said that. I'm sorry. That's a good question. Though this is the only song of his that I know of, it's a good one.

  88. stephen mcadam

    This is the best version ever.. Charlies voice is brilliant.


    Definitely. My favorite version ever. Also, historic: Charley performed it on the very first "Hee Haw" episode.

    Carolyn Jones

    stephen mcadam I completely agree. Bless You.


    stephen mcadam I like hank he’s better but you are right about Charlie’s voice

    Cannibal Man

    Except for the original Hank Williams creator of the song good cover but no cigar

    Ghaz Man

    I'm on the fence on this. Charlie or Hank Sr. is a tough call, so I will just say both are great and deserve recognition.

  89. anne renwick

    i think we are all kawliga if u have something to say just say it dont regret not sayin it just my perception

  90. Ashley Dooley

    I love this song and I hate to say this but I like Charlie's version better than Hank Sr's!!

    ricky wagner

    Edward Brown right, but like I said. This song wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for hank Williams to write and perform this song FIRST!!;)

    Edward Brown

    @ricky wagner This is true...

    FRED R

    Have to agree with you 100% Ashley!

    Fred Lunsman

    That's because it's Charlie's Song

    Keith Kimmey

    Yes,its true Charleys version tops even Hank Srs both are great

  91. Mark Montedoro

    "yooo-ooooh"!!! kaw liga is good listening.



  92. Károlyné Szépvölgyi

    Kedves Jack!
    Tetszett a videó film. A dal az csodálatos, kedvelem a művész dalait,
    Köszönettel, Klára Szépvölgyi

    J.W. Gauntt

    @Károlyné Szépvölgyi you're welcome Clare, glad you enjoyed it