Charley Pride - Hunger Lyrics

They said in her younger days her beauty was enough to drive men wild
But the hunger in her body then is not the hunger of some lonely child
Like a butterfly in springtime searching every field for lovin's sweetest rose
The embrace of many strangers still could not release her from the hold

In the backstreets and the bedrooms all she's found is disappointments bitter weeds
While the love that she's too of'en found is not enough to satisfy her needs
She's older than the years she holds and ageing fast with each day passing by
On a downhill run to nowhere cause the hunger never can be satisfied

The reflection in her mirror's not the image she remembers in her mind
Her beauty has been eaten by the hunger and the acid winds of time
She has danced the tune the demons play and paid the piper dearly for his song
Empty now of all the pride still inside the hunger's just as strong
Mhm gonna love her gonna love her gonna love her any way

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