Charles, Ray - This Funny World Lyrics

This funny world makes fun of the things that you strive for,
This funny world can laugh at the dreams you're alive for.
If you're beaten concealit,
There's no pity for you,
For the world cannot feel it,
Just keep to yourself,
Weep to yourself.
This funny world can turn right around and forget you,
It's always sure to roll right along when you're through.
If you are broke you shouldn't mind,
It's all a joke for you will find .
This funny world is making fun of you.

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Charles, Ray This Funny World Comments
  1. JustaFilthyCasual

    Seeing how happy he was to hear all of those cheers makes me happy, may he Rest In Peace

  2. Art Vandelay

    I was 11. New Yorker. Rootin for the Yanks. The series was a heartbreaker for me. Seeing this video reminds me of how much baseball meant that year.

  3. In The Beginning Was The Word

    His reaction at the end is just priceless.

  4. DJ Smash

    Thank you Ray

  5. John Sydney Wright

    I'm a 53 year old man,and I have tears running after watching this for the millionth time. Lord have mercy, that man could SING... rip Mr Charles, and thank You,Lord,for giving him such incredible talent....


    Mr Robinson

  6. George Correa

    America 🇺🇸the beautiful 😍💓. Ray Charles was brilliant and was a beautiful soul. Sorely missed.

  7. dcb4357 hiitsme

    23 arabs, nazis and communists didn't like this. shoo! go away! we don't want or need you here!

  8. Boxcar Bubba

    Tears and chills everytime I watch and listen to this sensational video creation . Thank you Ray

  9. Anderson Hailey

    1 month after 9/11, never had we been more united

  10. Tails the Anti-Satanist


  11. blackmask89102

    THIS should be The National Anthem.

  12. Ether 12:27

    he saw the child support bill from having 12 children with 9 women.....and it shocked his eyes so much that he went blind.

    Theresa P.

    Ether 12:27 he lost his sight when he was a child.

    Ether 12:27

    @Theresa P. I feel sorry for his sight, but as a person, his character is reasonably questionable. I am condescending on Mr. Charles because I don't believe he was the right person for the spotlight

  13. Jeffrey Schindel

    God Bless you Mr. Charles
    May god welcome such a amazing person home
    You are truly a inspiration to all. RIP Sir.




    Today's standard via fake news this would be a racist issue. Sadly, MAGA=MWGA!!

  16. JB24

    That drummer was like. "The beat was just here a minute ago...."

  17. Unixilandia

    What a difference a few years can make.... This from 2001 when most Americans STILL Loved this country. Now we have the Democrat Party preaching anger, hate, lies and division, simply because Trump cleaned Hillary's clock! They represent the 3rd World NOT Americans. I pray to God Trump gets re-elected.

  18. Kathleen Jewell

    His reaction is priceless

  19. a name

    the best rendition of the song, i cried all through it. long live Ray Charles

  20. Steve Cj

    God bless my American cousins 🇺🇸🇬🇧

  21. RoyChavezSer

    What an amazing rendition. When the words purple mountains and amber waves of grain brought beautiful memories to most. Now almost 20 years later the norm is to associate mass shootings and Police incidents to places that have taken place of those memories. What a messed up country. No grace has been shed upon America in a long while.

  22. T. D

    RIP Charles

  23. miguel martinez

    Get goosebumps

  24. Fixii __

    Love from Germany.. RIP Ray Charles.

  25. Mark Singer

    This wonderful music clearly reached much deeper than ears... it reached souls.

  26. Sandra VanDeMark

    Get em Ray! It's never ageless! Every time I her him sing this I still get shivers up and down me. I know Ray is one of the angels now, but his rendition is the ultimate!

  27. selena

    Love him sooo much, that end made me cry so much seeing how happy he was.

  28. Georgia Jawaid

    Look at the players. This is how players should behave whenever American patriotic songs are sung in public ... full of pride for their country & for being Americans.

  29. samuel sithole

    I am not from America but every time I hear this song,it makes me love America..
    This is like a national Anthem..
    True love for America by Mr Charles

  30. steven balmer

    My absolute favorite video. Cry every time.

  31. Mute Stingray

    I distinctly watching this on TV as a kid. Easy to see why this memory stuck in my mind.

  32. ABC XYZ

    God done shed his grace on thee.
    You are so missed, Ray Charles

  33. HellhammerSS

    Sandlot introduced me to this great guy

  34. GeorgiaRattlesnake

    75’000 views in four years?! Are you kidding me?! That’s a damn shame! I thought Ray Charles was the one greatest of all time. He’s singing America the Beautiful! This should have a lot more view than that!
    What’s wrong with you?!

  35. Franki Santos

    This is why people hate America, because this shit is so fucking good.

  36. Becky Sebring

    RAY ......

  37. Prince Shaad ENT

    I know Ray in a better place. Rest easy king 👑

  38. christopher voltmann


  39. Joe Cosenza

    Stupid mother effers..

    Bad Mani

    Shut up

  40. Christian Beaton

    A unique and remarkable moment in America.

  41. Nahuel

    *How well sung ray charles has a beautiful and great voice, we love you ray Increible*

  42. Myles Teller

    You would think as a black man I would be more inclined to dislike America but the fact is is that black people were enslaved in this country, treated as 2nd class citizens in this country yet we built it, fought in wars, and we are still standing right here in America so God bless the United States

    Matthew Nugent

    Be proud to be black and American

  43. jkingsrd1

    Beautiful Ray.

  44. pokey999991

    Ray Charles was Awesome!

  45. pokey999991

    They showed McCain in the crowd in the stands. He died this year 2018.. A true RINO!

  46. Dah Bay

    16 jihadi douchebags disliked this video

  47. KC Chiefs Fan

    I miss the days when everyone actually had pride in our country. Too much left wing hate destroying it now.

    Laurie Sweetbrown

    Or maybe it's too many bad decisions &actions by the man behind the curtain I honestly don't believe Ray would have been ok with what Mr Trump said about the klansman being "good people on both sides" :(!

    Laurie Sweetbrown

    Dil lweed tea benefits to gout sufferers?

  48. Suzie Paris


  49. sly_tendencies87

    The people who disliked this should get aids.

  50. IllinoisBoy85 !

    I cry every time i hear Ray sing this gorgeous song! Im so proud to be an American! God bless America forever and always!

  51. billythedoggie

    what feeling this Man put into this song...while 9/11 was still fresh in the hearts of ALL Americans because at this time We were all together as one i hope we don't need another 9/11 to get us all back together again...but the way i see things going today....its might have to take something like that again to get us all on the same page...but as much as we fight with each other about things that are going on today in Washington D time of crises that hurts our Country we will all become together again....and put politics aside....because what i am seeing today its shameful...

  52. five381

    This was before Kaepernick.

    Marco Andell

    But not before racist police. Now take that with you. Lol

  53. Hunter M

    14 People missed the like button

  54. Jason Machac

    I was lucky to be at that game, I had chills then and still have chills now

    Buster 928

    ... Wow...great to be there I'm sure.. SOOO, what's up with those people ? I'd be singin and swayin to that and they're just like zombies...go figure.

  55. Fay Carter without the e real talk

    I LOVE my Country, MLK, paid the price, and others,, Em met Till,, GOD BLESS AMERICA,, ALWAYS,, I Love U, MBGA

  56. Leigh Reynolds

    the best I have ever heard

  57. MNsportsnut

    RIP Mr. Charles.


    Mr Robinson

  58. NativeFromEastL.A

    this should be played before all games

  59. Jay Wehrenberg

    Take note millennials. We’ve had much tougher times and much greater times celebrating America. Your communist ways and lack of education on America could destroy what we are. Grow the f up.


    Very wrong to say, you need to support the upcoming generation. Tearing down the future leaders does not help in making America continue.

    Jay Wehrenberg

    They need to toughen up. Bunch of soy boys, feminists, and cry babies.

    EJ Rawk

    You realize millennials are like 25-35 now and definitely experienced tough times and great patriotism.

    Texas Aerospace

    I agree Jay.

  60. Justin Keller

    Fire that drummer. Ray was amazing but do it acapella. Drummer could not hear through the echo I am sure.

  61. mikey Sawchyn

    My favorite world series ever even over my phillies 80 & 08 victories

  62. William Shedd

    It is the best thing I have ever seen in my life. Thanks Charles. And thank the Government.

  63. Sammy Afe

    Bro I cried

  64. Arturo Meuniot

    Wow! Praise God.

  65. MrSamer83

    This will always be my favorite rendition of America The Beautiful!!!

    God Bless America and RIP Ray Charles

    Laurie Sweetbrown

    Mine too it's hear singing not ego he helps me love this song,&this nation like when I was young and innocent again God bless us one&all!! Including the whole wide world&universe!!

  66. jice12

    10 commies triggered by freedom.

  67. Rachael Kingry

    My grandparents were in the Navy & army my uncle's were In the Navy air force. Because I had relatives in the military I was born to love this Country

  68. Dirk Diggler

    sorry he really fucked it up. hes rambling half the song. as if america didnt suffer enough from the towers thing

    eu luciano

    Shut up!

    John Sydney Wright

    Dirk Diggler cmon man,have you ever tried to listen to a ballgame on the radio and wat h it on TV at the same time? The delay on the satellite signal,as well as the echo in the stadium came thru on TV. it didn't come thru that way in the stadium,or to Ray especially. So goddam,shut the fuck up,you disrespectful,ignorant,libtard piece of shit....fuckin scumbag living in your mom's bsmntm.

    John Sydney Wright

    Dirk Diggler the towers thing?? You should grab a rifle and man a post.

    Marcellus Sims

    Something's telling me you don't have a clue on anything that you just watched.

  69. likearailroad

    Thank you

  70. jbstonesfan

    God bless America and Ray Charles.

  71. mother-of-2 aimee


  72. Heartland Modding

    Torre getting choked up

  73. Angel

    THE BEST!!

  74. Julie King

    How sad that most of those people in the stadium had no clue what the words to this song were. None..they knew what they were supposed to do.. how sad!

    bubblegum rabbit

    Actually they stayed silent out of respect for the moment, and joined when Ray asked.

  75. Christine Mavroidis

    Beautiful...just beautiful!!! 💕

  76. tampajohn

    Anyone who doesn’t get chills while watching this must not be alive.

  77. Brian Doyon

    Was not there this night, but saw him perform this at the Reflective Pool in D.C. for the 4th of July while the fireworks were going off and it was incredible.....

  78. Robert Collett

    Wrong lyrics

  79. Joshua Matthew M. Samarita

    I understand only America and that’s it.

  80. B Ruane

    I think the best rendition of this great song. Ray Charles was a National Treasure . RIP Ray !

  81. Nelson Lopez

    God bless the USA. I love this country

  82. sisuboy

    Brings me to tears every time. What a wonderful rendition . Randy, what a memory!

  83. Everythang Texas

    This gave me the chills! If that wasn't a proper opening then I don't know what is. Excellent job Arizona; excellent job!!!

  84. EyeTell Stories

    Nothing but tears!!! I love AMERICA! And of-course the legend Ray Charles!

  85. Mayjah Con

    Everyone there witnessed something absolutely amazing that day

    JB Scott

    though Johnson fanned 11 Yankees 2 seal a Diamondbacks win, it could never top what Ray did here a moment our country really needed in our darkest hour. Many smiles on many fans but in some eyes there had 2 be tears.

  86. kimba007

    They should let Jamie Fox sing his rendition during 2018 Super Bowl and I will watch my first NFL game of the year.

  87. Louise Mae Brouder

    If you don't tear up with Pride then you are a TRAITOR...!

  88. Raaar1


  89. herostatus

    Was Ray not one of the coolest people in history. He was so happy to hear the cheers after the song.


    +herostatus And I was happy for him being so happy.

    J Brewster

    He felt the love! Rightfully so. Legendary American... Inspiring a nation with the sound of his voice.

    Michael Bentt


    I've watched this myself a few times.
    And this is an epic moment in time.
    When the camera pans to Joe Torre he's tries hard not to let what he is hearing,seeing and feeling overcome him. Whew!
    And Ray Charlie's complete delight in the audiences response to his work is simply astoundingly and otherworldly beautiful.

    America the beautiful, indeed.


    Ray was so cool, just a beautiful man.

  90. Michael Anderson

    Go ahead. Kneel to this. I dare you. Best thing I have ever seen. If this doesn't get you, you have no soul.

  91. CyberspacedLoner

    God Bless and Preserve The Federal Union and The Federal Republic of the United States of America

  92. Liam Carlson

    2:21 John McCain


    Liam Carlson: John McCain made me cry watching him today- the very day of his Funeral, watching this video and hearing this song..... Wow! I’m broken.....

    Laurie Sweetbrown

    Yeah! I saw him too! He deserved more respect than Trump could ever muster up I was so ashamed by how he was treated by this administration!

  93. throngcleaver

    This video should be played before every NFL game.

  94. Digital Push

    When United means something. I love you sir ray charles. Bless you

  95. riff724 riff724

    all those flashes were not cellphones ,, and  all those people were not of color cheering they were from all colors cheering a man a country and a way of life , no politics separating people .

  96. hawkrider88

    Not easy singing that (or anything) with that kind of delay in the audio. God love you Ray.