Charles, Ray - The Man For Me (The Letter Song) Lyrics

[Speaks as she writes ]
There is nothing doing at night!
[Stops writing ]
That's silly! What can I write?
[Writes again]
How I wish that you could be here!
[Stops writing]
That's stupid! Can't think!
Oh, dear!
I wish someone could help me!
Writing always makes me nervous!
If Mademoiselle forgives me-
I am at her service!
Oh-I'm sorry! Allow me!
It's such a stupid letter!
I'll be indebted if you let me help you
Oh, no! I'd be the debtor!
What can I write?
It's so hard for me.
Night after night
Is dull as can be.
L'm writing to a girlfriend,
My little Marie!
Let me see! Let me see!
Why don't you write this
As I dictate it.
[She writes as he dictates]
I have met the one man, my dear!
Who is it?
[continuing to dictate ]
On a visit here!
I am so excited tonight!
And delighted! Dear!
He is so distinguished and sweet,
Very debonair yet discreet!
He's the height of fashion!
[continuing to write]
My passion's at fever heat!
He's so modest all of the while,
Oh, very!
With a merry smile.
He is made of iron. He's tall.
With romantic style!
He's a Julius Caesar in mind
With Apollo's beauty combined.
So, my little friend, you see
He's the very man for me!
I'll sign my name!
It' s easy to see
This little note
Is sweet as can be.
It's sure to please your
Girlfriend, your
Little Marie!
Now read it for me,
Read it for me!
I have met a foolish young man
Who is it?
On a visit here!
I'll get rid of him if I can.
I'm choking.
I'm not joking, dear.
He is undistinguished and plain!
Very unattractive yet vain!
And he needs a shaking!
I'm taking
The first fast train!
All he does is grin like a mule!
I'm frowning.
He's a clowning fool!
He could never learn how to love!
I'll grow to-
He should go to school!
He's a simple Simon in mind.
To describe his looks is unkind.
So, my little friend, you see
He is not the man for me.

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Charles, Ray The Man For Me (The Letter Song) Comments
  1. Darren Goodenough

    At no point in the film I thought he wasn't ray awesome.

  2. Princess Marlena

    Ray Charles: “Aaaaahhh!”
    Kaeko: “Aaaaaahhhh!”
    Ray Charles: “Aaaaaahhh!”
    Kaeko: “Aaaaaaahhh!”
    Ray Charles: “Aah!”
    Toshio: “Aah!”
    Ray Charles: “Aaaahh!”
    Toshio: “Aaaahhh!”
    Ray Charles: “Aaaaahhhh!”
    Kaeko: “Aaaaaaahhh!” *Kills Ray Charles*
    Announcer: “Ray’s Grudge! This...was probably a bad idea. Never mind!”
    *Toshio jumps up and down on the couch and falls off*

  3. Charles jeanmerand Merand

    Chanteur danseur le top

  4. Mert Günes

    playlist's like this on spotify????? someone ?????

  5. Doug Stanhope

    The piano is so underrated

  6. R & M

    for me sinatra is the king of jazz but ray is a legend and Jamie did his absolute best about this role. He’s amazing

  7. Irvan Nosansan

    What movie is this by the way?

    Ufuk Sonmez

    Irvan Nosansan "Ray" movie. You should watch it. Great movie of all time im my opinion.

    Irvan Nosansan

    @Ufuk Sonmez thanks dude, sure i am gonna watch it

  8. TheBluRayCritic

    Foxx didn’t become Ray, he was Ray. What a performance!

  9. Ndujamz

    That bassline.

  10. Idada Edwards


  11. Mouh Midou

    I want to listen this version complete

  12. J131

    Every second of if Foxx’s performance deserved the Oscar

  13. Ritch Villa

    Ray Charles Vs Chuck Berry Vs Michael Jackson

  14. Mark Camara

    He is good

  15. Strongarm Rebel

    Jamie did that... wonderful actor

  16. Fr0sty Cartel

    I was born in 2003 and this video gets me hyped all the time. I genuinely enjoy some of Ray Charles work and people use to f*cking party back then.

  17. David Hutchinson

    That creative process is amazing. I don't have it....but Iv'e had the privilege to see it on a small level...and it's nothing short of amazing.

  18. Aaron Hart

    Probably Ray Charles' best song ever! And to think this was really improvised on the go because they were still under contract to play longer even though they completed all their songs early.

  19. Влад

    что за фильм?

  20. Sominboy27

    Ray Charles. A man who could make up a song out thin air. And it ended up being one of his best known songs. Now THATS a performer


    I saw him at the OLYMPIA in Paris in 1963, I was a teenager!...


    I was in Texas when he died!...My childwood gone!...

  23. Genghis Khan

    The Best music in history naxui

  24. Arun James

    This is amazing


    One the. Best!! This is. Talent..
    Not this new. Crap...........

  26. Ace Thurman

    Favorite scene from the whole movie 😂🤘🏾 They turned it out

  27. Mark Perez

    I absolutely loved this movie

  28. casanova2469

    Can new artists today create a masterpieces on the spot today? Lol

  29. Lins Silva

    Esse filme é é demais 👏👏👏

  30. CCJJ160Channels

    1:54 - I love how Fathead caught on to what Ray was playing and explaining it to other musicians.

  31. Billong Berlyse

    Cette interprétation de Ray Charles par Jamie Fox était excellente.... Mettez un like si vous êtes d'accord

  32. adelaide

    Ray the rhythm king !

  33. Manuel Rodriguez

    Permisenchio permisenchio que va pasando un comentario en españolenchio sorry

  34. Merko

    legend !

  35. Jae_Amp_Jamp

    1:42 She hit that Harlem Shake on they ass😂😂

  36. Jazzistan

    My dad taught me to play "What'd I say" when I was 7 and attending classical piano classes. Every time my piano teacher left me to practice some classical tune she returned and saw me playing this and she got mad :) When I was graduating the music school 7 years later my teacher asked me to play this for the final graduation concert instead of playing the piece by Frederic Chopin :)The audience got crazy. Miss my dad.

    189 Hosp

    Do what comes natural...story from the Heart, thanks for sharing.

    chilly willy

    My condolences to your father sir

  37. Elrick Penn

    ... Rigina King really does it for me though ... Dammm , nice lookin' woman indeed ! ...

  38. George 81

    But this aint nowhere near as lit as the original....Part 1 and 2..check it out

  39. general lee

    Jamie fox killed it just like my man Ray Charles !!! Perfect Jamie !!! Lol nice

  40. mdooms76

    His best role ever!

  41. Andouille

    Black women make clothes look good..

  42. Rosa Amélia Santos Pontes

    The best

  43. Куаныш Мендибаев

    Обажаю Рэй Чарльза👍

  44. Gunnerrich

    1:35 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. Agatha Karina

    The best forever!!

  46. Mercenary_Main

    I’m a year late, but Foxx looks just like Ray 🤔

  47. Yohance Brereton

    I'm amazed because this means that Rays Charles freestyles this song!!!

  48. Keyser Sozie

    I'm hot for the tall girl back up singer, to the left. She is SEXYYYY😍😍😍😍

    JC productions

    Keyser Sozie you got that right 🙏

  49. Merdice Howell


  50. Wesam Bndr

    What his nime

  51. moneybagg Quan

    Anybody know what type of haircut ray had ?

  52. Deon Dimicks

    Back when black artist were great

  53. Obi Wan Kenobi

    He has the head movement

  54. aa aa

    Whats this movie?

  55. Imad Ammoury

    Thats how you get legends, say the contract said bla bla bla do it or youll not get the woman, money, or anything else this man would want...

  56. open it up

    Which movies is this?

  57. Lawana Tabron

    Now that's what I call a plan "B" for your a$$. Brilliant!!!!

  58. Junior Lubaki Malanda Mingi Matota

    Best movie Jamie foxx and in my time good movie best career life ciao

  59. محمد طواف محمد

    اجمل فلم تفرجتله في حياتي💔💖

  60. derek gutierrez

    This doesn’t come that often song on the spot plus the band to know and what to play and how to play it. Doesn’t get any better then this

  61. brainsareus

    a beast, playing a beast....!!

  62. plast7


  63. G Lyle

    Okay, listen to this here—then go play the actual song on Apple Music. OH. MY. GOD.

  64. cris cris

    goose bumbs min 2:28

  65. •Tee Mariposa•

    Netflix needs to put this movie on !

    R.T. R.S.

    •Tee Mariposa• it is actually in Netflix. The name's Ray

  66. Richard Marshall Bowman

    This MFer made this shit up....on the spot!   He composed ...arranged....and performed this cut right then and there!   Frank Sinatra once said "He (RayCharles) is the only real genius we have in this business."  Frank was right.  The man was a genius.

  67. john anderson


  68. TheMarsTV6662 King EH OUAIS BOUM

    Hit The Road Jack.....

  69. cell pat

    To watch the genius at work this is an amazing clip. RIP Genius. ✝

  70. Mattheo B

    A Landmark right here.

    Christian Sims /Artist

    Yes sir. The Academy knew they couldn't deny the undeniable brilliance of Foxx as Ray.

  71. archer patric

    gone ray put ya foot down, ok

  72. Enas Kapoios

    The lady at 1.46 knows how to shake that thing...👌

  73. A Garcia

    I’m 5 years old and I don’t like this music


    chupa pinga

  74. Artesana en Bienestar


  75. mjt1658


  76. Richard Marshall Bowman

    Gonna tell yo mama...gonna tell yo Pa....gonna send yo ass back to Arkansas

    Richard Marshall Bowman

    'cause you won't do right.

  77. Matthew Fudge

    I don't know any other singer who could just create a song out of thin air. Genius.

  78. Da De

    Jamie Foxx is an amazing musician, actor, director, comedian, rapper and song writer. God bless you Jamie Foxx and your million talents!

  79. fernand mathurin

    If only he could have seen how much joy he brought to so many people and lives

  80. fernand mathurin

    Ray Charles and many others really and honestly shows and teaches us that GOD never gives us more than we can bare. Ray has done things that us able bodied would have never thought possible.we still complain over silly stuff.

  81. Redskolem

    This was a good movie

  82. fernand mathurin


  83. DespacitoDaniel

    If I did something like this i'm pretty sure I would forget the lyrics the next day, Ray is a legend

  84. Elmoumen Hicham LE GAMEUR

    Vraimon super

  85. Richard Marshall Bowman


  86. Richard Marshall Bowman

    Jamie Foxx got that roll down pat!

  87. Leonardo Lopez

    Jamie foxx looked like he was having the time of his life with his portrayal of Ray Charles. He deserved that Oscar

  88. Evi Wiedemann

    Es increíble escuchar su música y sentir que se te eriza la piel.

  89. S.C. K.

    I love when the sax gay say pa pa pa pa pa

  90. Richard Marshall Bowman

    Awwww mama.....don't you treat me wrong.   Come & love your daddy all night long.

  91. Richard Marshall Bowman

    Gonna tell yo mama...tell your pa gonna send your ass back to Arkansas...'cause you won't do right.....

  92. Richard Marshall Bowman

    Baby it's alright

  93. Richard Marshall Bowman

    Frank Sinatra once said "He's (Ray Charles) the only real genius we have in this business."

    Joe Whitehead

    He definitely had a point on that one

    Boil Mans

    A good idea not apart of your comment I know dumb but how about a biopic of Frank sinatra


    Oh damn!

  94. Richard Marshall Bowman

    The man composed this song...on the spot!

  95. katkat14kk

    Thank you for using my son video I miss him so he was my heart. Charles Ray Carter is name.

  96. Alicia Rice

    i love the movie RAY its the best blackpeople movie but i hate when he died in 2004

  97. g g

    Without me having to look it up real quick after reading all the comments, whose voice is actually singing? Jamie Foxx or Ray Charles?

  98. Richard Marshall Bowman

    "Tell yo mama....tell your pa....gonna send yo ass back so Arkansas....'cause you won't do right."

  99. Sonicfan129

    I never expected this video to hit 100 views, let alone 1 million views! Thanks everyone :)

    diego zenti

    3,5 milions bro !
    support from 🇮🇹

    fernand mathurin

    Keep up the good work listen everyday I'm from Saint Lucia the Caribbean love your channel


    Keep it up. I see 3.7million+

    Hot damn cooking with Timmy

    Ray is and will always The Man !

    Leonardo Gutierrez Hernandez

    3.9 million brooo