Charles, Ray - The Girl Friend Lyrics

My girl's the kind of girl
For steady company.
It's steady company
That I prefer.
When in the Charleston dance
I want to bump a knee,
I want to bump a knee
With her.
Homely wrecks appeal
When their checks appeal,
But she has sex appeal.
Yes, sir!
Isn't she cute?
Isn't she sweet?
She's gentle
And mentally nearly complete.
She's knockout,
She's regal
Her beauty's illegal.
She's the girl friend!
Take her to dance!
Take her to tea!
It's stunning
How cunning this lady
Can be.
A look at this vision
Will cause a collision.
She's the girl friend!
She is smart,
She's refined.
How can she be real?
She has heart,
She has mind.
Hell, the girl's ideal!
Isn't she cute?
Isn't she sweet?
An eyeful you'd die full
Of pleasure to meet.
In my funny fashion
I'm cursed with a passion
For the girl friend!

He's very short on looks
But long on decency.
He's long on decency,
He's very tame.
But he has made an awful hit with me since he
A hit with me, since he first came.
I have seen so well
He won't screen so well.
He's game!
Isn't he cute?
Isn't he sweet?
He's gentle and mentally
Nearly complete.
He's warm as
An oven.
He knows how
To love an'
I'm the girl friend!

Take her to dance!
Take her to tea!
It's stunning
How cunning this lady
Can be.
She ain't got
No culture.
She's keen as
A vulture.
She's the girl friend!

He is smart,
He's refined.
How can he be real?
He has heart,
He has mind.
Hell, the boy's ideal!

Isn't she cute?
Isn't she sweet?
An eyeful you'd die full
Of pleasure to meet.
In my [his] funny fashion
I'm [he's] cursed with a passion
For the girl friend.

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Charles, Ray The Girl Friend Comments
  1. Hugo

    So good

  2. Dust Bunny

    What a voice

  3. Paul Ruben

    If patriarchy had a theme song.

  4. Oliver HG

    2020 and still a banger

  5. Kaneda Shotaro

    This is for Ray my friend he was the best cook and my friend and we both loved our weed. Kaneda Xavier Shotaro TOP GUN candidate of 2019-20

  6. Amazon Skaters

    Who else is here from Gemini man?

  7. Valenda Newell

    1st BLACK ARTIST TO OWN HIS MASTERS...not bad for BLACK and BLIND genius....he opened the door so other artists can follow in his footsteps....RIGHT ON..RIGHT ON!!

  8. Priyam Das

    2020 anyone?

  9. murat ceviz😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Cousin Chris

    The year 2020 and this shit still goes hard🔥🔥🔥Ray Charles' a bad mF

  11. y p

    Ray Charles= Joe Cocker, voices

  12. Paul Gordon

    #TRUMP2020 !

  13. JUICYRED 70

    Loving on u ray Charles best song ever rip boo happy New Year in heaven 👑 king🌟。❤。😉。🍀
    。✨ 。🎉。🌟
    Happy New Year
    。🍀。 🍸。🎉。
    🌟。 💫。 🎶 💥

  14. adelle ross

    Gemini man???

  15. Ebony Hylton

    Dece 29 2019

  16. Desmond Porter

    You ain't got no life hating on a dead nigga

  17. Zezinho Borges

    "Ray, this is an evangelical song!"

  18. Kirk C

    Because you weren’t born early enough, and so you’ve heard the hook from the insane, talentless beaver-looking Kanye

  19. whos bad? Michael jackson and little Brad

    What a shitty time to live, it is frowned upon for a mum to stay at home n raise kids. Destroyed the nuclear family

  20. Emanuele Sanna


  21. Ross Clyde Simonvil

    2020 anyone ?

  22. lovethat

    came from the movie🤍🤍what a guy

  23. Can Ali Öztürk

    Bu tarzi seviyorum♡ From Turkey..

  24. albasha sattar

    Yes like this song December 2019


    January 2020

  25. MimiTheHamster

    Ray Charles was sure ahead of his time... singing about financially independent but loyal and giving women

    Giugliana Teves

    a sugar mommy 😂👌

  26. Kapela Bożków

  27. Maya Alexandra

    Gemini man brought me here. :)

  28. Romain Sailly

    Jai 26ans mes jadore ce titres . ✌🔉🙏

  29. leon gillespie

    Real music and I'm 22

  30. TheIceCubes

    Who Else Is Here From Gemini Man ?

    Maya Alexandra

    Yup, I was looking for this comment too.

  31. Barbara Castro


  32. Iva K

    He is a legend

  33. Joel

    Simply the best soul song I never enjoyed. Maybe the best overall song too.

  34. William Dixon

    I got a woman, in the bedroom waiting for me. She's good to me unless she's sleeping. lol, Peace out!

  35. Dimitry Gordon

    Cool shades 😎

  36. Nada Consta

    Rafaela te amo ,assinado:Alex 🖤

  37. Ben Hodge

    Ray Charles is great he has heart

  38. Gamer Tard

    Sounds too much like Kanye 2/10

  39. Antonio Righetti

  40. Arnold Dikoume

    Il love you Ray Charles so much

  41. yugendar vadlakonda

    I am here after "Gemini Man"



  42. tarik dtarik

    a woman who gives

  43. TomThai

    do you know a woman's place now?

  44. big boy!!!! caldwell

    I'm 14 and I can not believe that my generation dose not listen to ray

    Ryan Williams Jr

    I'm with you brother!

    Christian Medrano

    big boy!!!! caldwell Ong brother

  45. Rex Aishe

    Erotic sensations tingle my spine
    A dead body lying next to mine
    Smooth blue black lips
    I start salivating as we kiss
    Mine forever this sweet death
    I cannot forget your soft breaths
    Panting excitedly with my hands around your neck

  46. Brandy Webb

    Yes you got a woman. An already married out dated woman. Just like she has an all WOMAN side piece. 👵👵 Be true to yourself and stop all this wannabe bs. You gone fuck around and catch an accidental ass whoopin. Dude do you have asthma? Do you want breathing problems cause im going to cave your chest in. Im not lying. Im not threatening you. The game you playing is detrimental to your health. I see you in the ICU. Stop the harassment.



  48. Ramiora Zandry

    <3 2019 love it

  49. Roz Roz

    I love this song

  50. Zคภє

    i learnt kanye west made a song off of this from the comments
    am i a boomer now

  51. Rodney Corn

    I love Ray Charles

  52. Pre’s Palace

    His voice just mmmm

  53. xamy75

    He is a master 😍

  54. Jackson Padilla

    Who else loves this part? 2:23

  55. Reagan Noelle

    Ray Charles.

  56. louise mertens

    Plzz bring this music back to 2019 and 2020 ;))

  57. Marzo Reis


    Reagan Noelle

    Ray charles

  58. Sky

    Mysogynist? Yes. Good? Also Yes.

  59. Alina Alina


  60. Miklós Horthy

    I got a big old ugly woman
    She's ugly but she's mine

    I got a big old ugly woman
    She's ugly all the time

    And when I wake up in the morning
    I thank the lord he made me blind

    Abraham Akil

    If you're blind how would you know she looks ugly? O_o

  61. kiara iyar

    🙌🏻 🙌🏻 👏🏻

  62. Tony Kawaja

    gold digger was better

  63. Ioanna

    1:23 I love this part of the song

  64. Hanad Ali

    Wooow it is 2019 11 07 legend still

  65. Joshua Clayburn

    Which are you suck

  66. P.J. Eccles

    The original side chick theme song

  67. Matyáš Jan Kudláček


  68. Not Today Sweetie

    When she knows a woman’s place 🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩🥴🥴

  69. Random Kakashi

    Boondocks yeaaah

  70. dhefy allen

    Q loko, kkkkk.

  71. Legendinis Žaidėjas

    this fucker straight up ripped off yeezus

  72. cavid soumi

    I dont like this singler

  73. Mohammed Gaming

    يزلمه بشرفك دمرتنا حاج تغني بس صوتك حزين الصراحه

  74. taghreed otb

    hello 2019 🤞🏻

    michael quest

    Hello Gorgeous can we be friends ♥️💋💋💋

  75. Green Man

    Jump & jive!

  76. Jackeliny Gonçalves

    Brasil 2019

  77. Andrei Bujoreanu

    Does Kanye look like a bitch?

  78. Marco Martins

    Beautiful 😁

  79. Caterlin xxx

    Thanks for the film that i started to be interested in his music 🎶

  80. Cris Threadgill

    I got a women named Melissa way over town, good to me when I'm in need

  81. Diego Francisco

    No one here from Gemini Man because almost no one went to see it

    But Benedict Wong singing was great tho

    Rat Bat Nuff Time

    Actually, I went to see it last Friday, which is why I am here as well, lol. Seeing Benedict Wong singing along to it on the plane was an unexpected, but pleasant surprise.

    R 7000 P

    I’m here for that exact reason and i agree with you Rat Bat Nuff Time i went to see it yesterday and boy was benedict singing behind the controls of a gulfstream a pleasant suprise

    R 7000 P

    Rat Bat Nuff Time ✌🏻


    in the plane...
    I've got a womannnnn

  82. Annonymus GAMING

    When my female friend touches me

    **song plays**

  83. VictorLendof

    Well, I got a woman, way over town
    That's good to me, oh yeah
    Said I got a woman, way over town
    Good to me, oh yeah
    She gives me money when I'm in need
    Yeah, she's a kind of friend indeed
    I got a woman, way over town
    That's good to me, oh yeah

    She saves her lovin', early in the mornin'
    Just for me, oh yeah
    She saves her lovin', early in the mornin'
    Just for me, oh yeah
    She saves her lovin', just for me
    Ah, she, loves me, so tenderly
    I got a woman, way over town
    That's good to me, oh yeah

    She's there to love me
    Both day and night
    Never grumbles or fusses
    Always treats me right
    Never runnin' in the streets
    Leavin' me alone
    She knows a woman's place
    Is right there, now, in her home

    I got a woman, way over town

  84. Αλεξης Βεντουρης

    Kanye When he made it adaptation became a hymn to the R&B Ray made it hymn to Rock and roll I believe that the style of both is just as incredible.....

  85. Willie Wonka

    So Ray Charles copied kayne west...

  86. leena walveranta

    I gotta a man , way over in Kallio

  87. hulk fan

    Gemini Man

  88. Radoan Mahamat

    Top 👍 🌹 😍 salam 😍

  89. Jeremiah Carter

    Why do I keep expecting him to say “Oh she’s a golddigger”?

    A Surly Barber

    She ain't messing with no broke niggaz.

    mr sorte

    @A Surly Barber kkkkkkkk e verdade you"re right

    Jeremiah Carter

    A Surly Barber she sure ain’t...


    He’s the golddigging one in this particular relationship lol


    So. Im not the only one who got this song ruined by Kanye?

  90. hervé casteuble

    ❤️ merci HeyLookAtThizGuy
    du partage écouté cette chanson me requinque. 🕺

  91. Jack Wayne

    Get down girl go ahead get down

  92. Hellen Lamadrid

    Alguien que e disfrute de esta musica en el 2019?

    Jason Guerra

    Osi osi un comentario en español

    detonador De esquerdistas

    Pois eu estou começando a ouvir Ray Charles e, gostando muito de ouvir Jazz. Não tinha parado para ouvir, mas é bom, principalmente se estiver em um encontro romântico em um restaurante ou um bar. Nunca é tarde para apreder a gostar de outros ritmos.

  93. Smart Rapper

    Who the hell thumbs'd this down!?!??!??!?! Simpletons.

  94. Roberto_A_Pro AAA

    When you don't understand the complete lyrics (I don't speak English very well) but this music make me feel in the sky.