Charles, Ray - The Danger Zone Lyrics

Sad and lonely all the time
That's because I've got a worried mind
You know the world is in an uproar
The danger zone is everywhere, everywhere
Just read your paper
And you'll see
Just exactly what keeps worryin' me
Yeah, you'll see the world is in an uproar
The danger zone is everywhere
My love for the world is like always
For the world is a part of me
That's why I'm so afraid
Of the progress that's being made
Toward eternity
Every morning, noon, and night
Finds me hoping that everything's alright
Mm-hmm, the world is in an uproar
The danger zone is everywhere

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Charles, Ray The Danger Zone Comments
  1. Kevin Burke

    On the flip side of Hit the Road Jack on the jukebox at Beacon Hill
    Truck Stop, Rt. 66, West of Rolla, Mo. 1962.

  2. 88Gibson LesPaul

    Yes, sireee, the world is indeed in an uproar! What a crazy uproar it is, my friends and the danger zone is everywhere. Stand together, friends and naighbors. Stand together and stand strong.

  3. Casey Boria

    ann wilson sang this last nite amazing

  4. ALBARO9147

    Bravo pour l' illustration !C' était mon 1er RAY , en 1960 , LE 45 tours HIT THE ROAD JACK avec DANGER ZONE en face B ! Ce sont deux faces A !!!. . . SPLENDIDE !

  5. David Kent

    To think this was only a B Side (of Hit the Road Jack) on the HMV blue label in the UK. Great song.

  6. Patricia Thomas

    Love this man and his music !!

  7. red martin

    I heard this song in the early really struck me; written by the great Percy Mayfield; 'Please Send me someone to love' is very much in the same vein.

  8. Eric Farmer

    Thanks for posting this. When my dad was in the hospital this past December because he had a stroke, he wanted to hear this. I had never heard it. He sung it perfectly. He passed a few days later. This song is a great memory now. Thank you.

  9. SuperSquawker

    Genius !!!!!!

  10. Phil deVries

    Check out the Johnny Adams version.  Closer to the truth...


    The best version.

    Jack Wartell

    I do so agree

  11. MsRockett88

    Thanks for posting, I've been looking for this for a while. This was Gregg Allman's #1 of 10 of his "Blues Vocals" list...

  12. JD Straw

    This is from the era when musicians and singers had real talent.

  13. Larry Carter Sr

    Been looking for this song since 1971

  14. jay1beaux

    Thank you

  15. xtc1957

    Percy Mayfield wrote this one...Roomful of Blues did a slick and faithful rendition as well.

  16. alan morris

    just genius, thanks for uploading

  17. Alajbeg Slama

    Thank you very much to upload this masterpiece!