Charles, Ray - The Bible Lyrics

All glorious epitome of light,
Illuminator of dark hours,
E'er strenthening our poor weak sight,
In the realm of celestial bow'rs.
True, strong men need not thee,
But who on eath is strong?
To man thou e'er shalt be
True guide 'twixt right and wrong.

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Charles, Ray The Bible Comments
  1. Poppy Ichiban


  2. GrizzlyTank

    This video is almost 10 years old but it will always be timeless. The basic animation works well to create a dark and mysterious background and Dio’s fantastic storytelling sends our protagonist on a perilous adventure with fantastic vocals all while relaying a very coherent and poignant message.

  3. Tony Boyer

    My question is: Was Ronnie James Dio good or evil? He said this was his favorite song and it doesn't help me decide.

  4. eagle swoop

    Dio the one and only god of metal.....what a voice just as soon as u hear it its both surreal, dynamic, special and unlike anything ever to be heard again....

  5. Manny Badabing

    What an evil album. Gives me the willies......🤪

  6. Shirley Sikes



  7. Joseph T LaForce

    Kick ass song! RIP Ronnie!

  8. Kevin Birge

    Best lineup.

  9. Manu Manu

    Tony's guitar rules

  10. Aryan

    Ngl when I looked at the thumbnail, I though it was Christian music

  11. Darren Chandos

    Ironic that this song and album was RJD swan song. Masterpiece

  12. Learning to fly

    Why the heavily edited lyrics ???
    Ronnie HATED censorship , did he approve this ? , or did the soulless ghouls at the record company pull this shit after he passed ?
    Bee well Ronnie . Love ya , brother . 🤘

  13. Napalm Blast

    Fun fact: the angel/devil in the video is called "Henry"

    Tommy Holiday

    Napalm Blast how tf u know that cuh

  14. Sotis175

    1:00 gives me goosebumps everytime haha. Love how tony comes in with the guitar

  15. omystarz

    4:15 I’m getting that tattoo

  16. Marta Flores da Silva Campos


  17. Zirgoy Batig

    \m/ The best of the best \m/

  18. alejandro zambra

    Una maravilla para los oidos

  19. Amon Drak

    The lyrics usually say "ive seen a vision" but i think he says "ive seen religion, and the light has left me blind" seems more fitting, especially since the song refers to religion.


    No es la de basement!!!!!! :(((

  21. Canberk DURAK

    max 360p ?


    What's funny is I heard Ronnie say in an interview they wrote every song on this album in a couple of hours in the studio

  23. Donkey Wolf

    infernal song and heaviest album in the history of metal.....

  24. DjG Guenther Suft TM

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
    . masterpiece 💯
    ... 1 from the most important Songs in my life ... ⭐️


    Not gonna lie but I read it as Bible Black

  26. matycee

    what was that video game where a single character traveled through a horrifying world of calamity all in silhouette - was really creepy, easy to die and awesome to watch.

  27. Dillon Crowe

    Man, that's a great song, but music videos like that scare the hell out of me, not that it's bad or anything, but dang it, I'm scared enough of hell without having to see a video like that! Lol
    Well, I'm gonna go watch stairway to Heaven right now. Lol
    Know What I Mean?

  28. Pascual Casiano

    Oh by the way......FUCK YOU Sharon!!!!

  29. Pascual Casiano

    I miss you old friend......

  30. Alexander Morton

    When I think of this song, I think of the NECRONOMICON!!!!

  31. Syuhada Hada

    When Dio screams, I will scream too 😎

  32. Todd Warner

    They show the silhouette of iommi but he’s playing right handed he’s left hand

    Stefan Sjöberg

    Ha ha , yeah in the solo hes right handed and at the end of the song hes left handed as in real life.

  33. Derek Hargrove

    This is easily the most underrated song in metal history

  34. Hall House

    I dunno .... I thought the video was pretty bad ass but maybe hearing Dio’s voice was all that was needed to lock it in for me.
    Agreed....the video could be much better but it almost had the feel of intentional simplicity where the music and lyrics boosted the mundane animation.

  35. Ashley Buck

    Should be called stairway to hell


    Rip in peace Ronnie James Dio

  37. iLays-tv Pro

    Acudu billahi mina shaydani rajiim

  38. Dare Run

    Glad to see the money for this video went to only the most mediocre of flash artists, lmao.


    this is the real sabbath fuck of ozzy dio is god

  40. Count Dracula

    At last alone, his fire's dying
    Burned another day
    Now to pretend and make up an ending
    Somewhere far away

    He reached for a book all bound in leather
    Something that he knows he's never read
    And the first page says "Beware, you've found the answer"
    The next one says "I wish that you were dead"

    Don't go on, put it back
    You're reading from the Bible Black

    What's this world I see
    Who are you and who are me
    Maybe I just stumbled in the dark
    I must have been out cold
    But the way the story's told
    They found me lying naked in the rain, yeah

    Let me go
    I've seen religion but the light has left me blind
    Take me back
    I must have the Bible Black

    Well, here I go again
    From the start and to the end
    I wish I could remember what I've done
    Now, here's another spell
    It could take me straight to Hell
    And I feel I'm getting closer to my home

    Let me go
    I've found addiction and it makes me feel alive
    Take me back
    I must have the Bible Black

    He locks himself away and tastes the silence
    Hungry for another bite of wrong
    And just the words "Oh Lord, please take me with you"
    Took him to a place we don't belong

    Let him go, he can't come back
    He's reading from the Bible Black

    So if your fire's dying
    And what's the use of trying
    I may know another place that you can go
    It's hiding in the pages
    But you may not come back
    You're reading from the Bible Black

  41. Xander Skullion

    Video makes me think of the game limbo

  42. stephen butler

    i love this song

  43. Emiliano Ortega-Guerrero

    the soundtrack our lives... rock n roll yeah

    Emiliano Ortega-Guerrero


  44. Amenity

    I see why they hated this video, but I love what happens in it. Maybe one day someone will do a remake of it in honor of Dio and Black Sabbath with the same content, but in much better quality

  45. Live ForTODAY

    "Bible Black"

    At last alone, his fire's dying
    Burned another day
    Now to pretend
    and make up an ending
    somewhere far away

    He reached for a book all bound in leather
    something that he knows he's never read
    and the first page says beware you've found the answer
    the next one says I wish that you were dead!

    Don't go on, put it back
    You're reading from the Bible Black!

    What's this word I see
    Who are you and who are me
    Maybe I just stumbled in the dark

    I must have been out cold
    but the way the story's told
    They found me lying naked in the rain..yeah

    Let me go I've seen a vision
    But the line has left me blind
    Take me back
    I must have the Bible Black!

    Well here I go again
    From the start to the end
    I wish I could remember what I've done

    Now here's another spell
    it could take me straight to hell
    and I feel I'm getting closer to my home

    Let me go I've found addiction
    and it makes me feel alive
    Take me back
    I must have the Bible Black!

    [Guitar Solo]

    He locks himself away and tastes the silence
    Hungry for another bite of wrong
    and just the words "oh Lord please take me with you"
    Took him to a place we don't belong

    Let him go!
    He can't come back
    He's reading from the Bible Black!

    So if your fire's dying,
    then what's the use of trying?
    I may know another place that you can go

    It's hiding in the pages
    but you may not come back
    you're reading from the Bible Blaaaaack!!!

  46. Rebecca Combs

    this video is crap but the music is great..

  47. Timothy Dunn

    Fuck Dio

  48. Ryan Smith

    Arnt most bibles black?


    *[autistic Christian screeching]*

  49. HawksTheMedic

    Awesome song, but I just cant behind the video.

  50. DevilsNeverrCry

    okay I actually like the song now aow

  51. DevilsNeverrCry

    I totally thought this was the hentai and not the actual music

    Albert Lecter

    TheOneREBORN I thought it was the music and the hentai.

  52. shakenbaken1493

    Great track. Terrible video.

  53. 1Thug1Luv The Movement

    Dio sounds far better then any of the Osbournes latest releases...


    Surely does

    Corporal Shephard

    I understand mumble rap better than ozzy

    Twitch Y. Johnson

    @Corporal Shephard Oh about that...

    Corporal Shephard

    @Twitch Y. Johnson yea I heard it too.

    Daniel Moeller

    I've always held the opinion that even though Black Sabbath was more influential with Ozzy, they put out better music overall with Ronnie. And I absolutely love both Ronnie and Ozzy.

  54. Doble Feo

    Fawkkk u

  55. yuki nagato

    i was thinking in "another" bile black :P ...

  56. A Parks

    I love this video, it's so damn metal \W/

  57. Knight Artorias

    And so for the treachery of knowing more than he was permitted, he was cast from paradise into the blackened realm, and as he looked towards the fading light, hatred and sorrow swelled within his heart as he shouted to the heavens, "Then I would rather RULE below than serve above!"

  58. Harvester Of Eyes

    such a poor video

  59. Choco Chan

    I will never ever dislike this song. Will be one of my top favorite. But it's been a while for me to put this in loop

  60. Stuart Cookie

    Merry Xmas Ronnie...You are missed!!

  61. N. Jones

    I miss Dio.

  62. Ivy Dex

    This is a disappointing video!

  63. What Cracker taylor


  64. The War Pug

    There was no reason I looked up this name...

  65. Angel Imperial

    Great song master Ronnie James dio rip

  66. James Young

    Music videos are always questionable, but what's important is the message at times with words and lyrics. I'm trying to decide if I can keep my feet in earthly hell as I reach my arms towards heaven while reading the good book!🙏🏽

  67. dawning ofdesire

    More then meets the eye I see. OPPOSIT!!

  68. dawning ofdesire

    This song is about These days of ongoing current events..It should be called, Gods Angels of Soldire of light. "OPPOSIT!" Gimme a cigarette, I feel evil trying to find me. The truth is uncommon. Final Judgment!

  69. Rebecca Combs

    Bad Video but what feel in the opening lyrics, the feel Dio put in his music will never be matched... Brilliant singer and songwriter....

  70. I Drone

    I like it. Dio did not like it because it had a child in it.

  71. Rebecca Combs

    Brilliant singer and songwriter - Dio is truly missed....

  72. Varg Succorbenuth

    Una de las mejores canciones de Tony Iommi y Dio, aunque el vídeo es pésimo, es mas, el mismo Dio dijo que este vídeo es una mierda y no quería que saliera a la luz, pero al parecer la disquera los tenia obligados a sacar mínimo un vídeo para el disco.

  73. doommetalforever

    dio will live forever!! the voice of metal!!

  74. Ian Trimbath

    Such a story told in the lyrics an the video failed horribly to captivate it.

  75. T.J. C

    I'm with Dio...this video sucks.

  76. Gilga Mesh

    Oh, i see. The angel goes from white (good) to bad (black). RACIST VIDEO

  77. Dan Sotelo

    killer video

  78. Gerald King

    The Devil You Know stomps all over 13 the last Sabbath record.Probably because they had to dumb down the music so Ozzy can "attempt" to sing it.Sure wish Ronnie was still with us so we could have more Heaven and Hell/Dio music. RIP RJD we all miss you.

  79. Brian Kehew

    What a CRAP video

  80. tommytrixter

    The video eh,the song OMG !!!!!!!!!


    Dio es el mejor voz del hevymetal

  82. Peterbilt trucker

    f you devil GOD WILL ALWAYS WIN:D

  83. Snake Pliskin

    Alcohol. . .that is all.

  84. sammy grands

    Too many pussies needing safe space's to listen anything like Sabbath

  85. illuminated one

    ronnie,tony,geezer and vinnie were not behind the making of this video.they had no control over it.they hated ronnie said its like a child made it.

    British Nerd

    I like it.

  86. Brett Hicks

    lol, bible black... thats an anime porno....

  87. Number8

    Great song, shitty video.


    They couldnt afford Todd Macfarlane ?

    Bridget McDonald

    RattlerX5150 ha, 80s comic nerd

  88. MIRAK

    OMG I looked this song up by name and got a bunch of hentai.What the actual fuck. Anyway, great song. We miss you DIO.

    Mary Williams

    Unfortunately, if i'm correct, the hentai came first... in more than one way lol.


    I was the reverse seen the hentai seen this gotta say this is times better than the anime

  89. Adam

    I don't get it if you escape from hell, you will turn into a devil, demon, or a creepy pasta

  90. drockkclapton

    I personally (bearing in mind I think Ozzy is the only true voice of Black Sabbath) think this video kicks ass. The song is tight, and the video adds a lot to it. It kind of puts me in mind of the first time I played Legend of Zelda on NES. Epic shit in my opinion. I can't really figure out what all the haters were expecting. Turn on whatever channel still plays music videos and find one video as cool as this. Dig the fuck out of this.

    Brian Taylor

    drockkclapton lol...I agree...FUCK EM ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL...The video being so D n D makes it all the more's way better a concept where less is MORE as to not take away from the power of the song...these haters must be young...if they want cheese...look up our old MTV 80's Zebra's "Tell Me What You Want..." great song but that video is so so bad...Watch that then get back to

    Bridget McDonald

    Brian Taylor yes! watch some wale videos or plant man lol

  91. Andrew W.C.

    Is anyone else reminded of the famous silent movie, "The Adventures Of Prince Achmed"?

    Andrew W.C.

    Diamond Soul she is a cutie. Fun fact: Octavia is a closet metal fan. She went through a teen goth phase. She was so cute!

  92. Nman923

    I looked up this video and I got a whole bunch of hentais. BONUS!!!

    Albert Lecter

    But this is a great bonus not gonna lie.

    Albert Lecter

    Sexual Tyrannosaurus oh yeah I remember now its a futa.....

    Me and my consciousness: hmmm I see you a man of futa culture as well..... thanks Aki, thanks Sexual Tyrannosaurus, I have another kind of futanari that I can put in my to watch list this summer because... *I CAN DO ANYTHING* (Also me to myself before anyone else says it :This isn’t a fucking Deltarune you faggot fuck!!)...

    Albert Lecter

    I wish the youtube comment section did the same thing on how HH or any site of sending pictures but if it did though Ohoehoehoe! Would it be a wild ride of both “INNOCENT” and “NAUGHTY* *THINGS!!!*

    Aidan Smith

    Yeah so did I wtf

    Ian Carpenter

    ROFLMAO!!!!!! I was having a bad day until I read this!!! Awesome song as well!!!!


    How can a lame ass video producer do this to an iconic Metal God? And his mates? Fd up man! My little nephews can make a better one with some software in their computer.

    Brian Taylor

    So tell me...what is your concept for a video to this epic song...get back to me on this please because ther e seems to be alot of hate for a video that actually does this song justice in the realm of DIO being in all things mystical...

    Joey Draper

    Dio himself said he hated this video so nuff said! 🤘🤘

  94. Mark Condon

    Such an underwhelming video for a song as big and epic as this.


    +Mark Condon Agree

    Stefan Sjöberg

    Its underwhelming, but it would also be hard to make a video that compares to the quality of this song.


    I don't mind the look of the video. The sequences are too long. Ok dragon...we get it. You're flying the angel up a mountain for a long time.

  96. James Young

    Not all songs can be great but must appreciate the craft and effort!

  97. SpectacularName

    Anyone ever played Oblivion? I bet the guys that made this video did. The tower and hell are a spitting image of the daedric realm from that game.

    Manic Maniac

    +SpectacularName I thought it was a Tolkien reference.


    I could see that.

  98. AlexKx

    It did NOT cost them two million U.S. dollars to make this. That was a joke that Vinnie was making in an interview...