Charles, Ray - Mess Around Lyrics

Ah, you can talk about the pit, barbecue
The band was jumpin', the people too
Ah, mess around
They doin' the mess around
They doin' the mess around,
Everybody doin' the mess around
Ah, everybody was juiced, you can, bet your soul
They did the boogie-woogie, with a sturdy roll (?)
They mess around
They doin' the mess around
They doin' the mess around,
Everybody doin' the mess around
Now, ah, when I say stop don't you move a peg
When I say go, just ah, shake your leg
And do the mess around
I declare, do the mess around
Yeah do the mess around,
Everybody's doin' the mess around
Now let me have it there boy

[Piano Solo]

Now you got it boy

[Sax Solo]

(Yeah, ah, mess around, go on mess around)
(Mess around, boy)
Now this band's goin' to play from, 9 to 1
Everybody here's gonna have some fun
Doin' the mess around
Ah, doin' the mess around
They doin' the mess around,
Everybody doin' the mess around
Now you see that girl, with that, diamond ring
She knows how to, shake that thing
Mess around
I declare, she can mess around
Ah, mess around,
Everybody do the mess around

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Charles, Ray Mess Around Comments
  1. William Shakespeare

    you know boogi woogie??

  2. rudolph watson

    One of the best movie biographys of all time.period the end....maybe the best 😉

  3. William Dixon

    Who ever thought someone could play Ray in a movie, NOT ME! Jamie Foxx nailed it, BOY what a performance!

  4. DaisyLee1963

    Love this scene! Every time I watch it, wherever I am, I wind up dancing and singing along with Jamie!

  5. Ching chong Chinaman

    I will always love this movie. My nana introduced me to it when I was about 9 or 10. She died when I was 19. I always miss her especially when I watch this.

  6. shawn brown

    To the music aficionado, no one cares if it's a Eb, E flat or G! That's the problem with ppl today, so knit picky on every little thing. Bothers y'all that much, don't watch the clips or the movie...simple!

  7. Cody Shell

    "those aren't pillows!"

  8. J. D.

    "Mess Around... Cute title, who wrote it?"
    "I did."
    "Ahh... You wrote it..."

  9. hasan sakiz

    Ahmet Ertegun was one of the coolest dudes in the industry but the gentleman who played him for some reason portrayed the character as a nice geek which Ahmet was not. Ahmet had a rich deep gravelly voice and he could hang with any cat any time any place, he knew the potential and brilliance of black artists inside out and was respected by them for it because he saw them at the very least as his equal.

  10. platecrumb

    Much deserved Oscar award for Jamie Foxx in this movie.
    Interesting fact: Foxx super glued his eyes shut during the entire shoot of this movie so he could get a feel of what Ray Charles went through.

  11. Alander Enos

    What's the first song's name?

    George 81

    Rolling with my baby - Ray Charles

  12. Christopher desmoulin

    2:05 to 2:25 is the best lol little bald dude was happy like a fat kid who loves cake.

  13. fenderfan85

    Been playing guitar for 15 years. When I hear a ray charles tune it makes me wish I could play piano lol.

  14. fabriziopapi11

    “Let me take it from here...”

  15. Oasis Crushinglife

    Man to be in that booth for even just one take

  16. Onyx Deceit

    Key of G, but he's playing Ebmaj7. Common Ray trick. Disguising chords using diminished chords to mask. Jazz trick. Coltrane's pianist came up with that.

  17. Tim Crawford

    Can you imagine being there in that moment and hearing Ray burn the house down? Man it must have been something.

  18. leandro gonzalez

    I really like ray charls I am from Argentina if you could send me a greeting and like my comment, thank you very much 2019 bebe

  19. TF4D 150

    Looks so bad. I’m glad I know now and not waste my money. Good actress, but horrible director and writer. Sorry, I was talking about the new Harley Q movie, Prey. The trailer pop up lol!

  20. le réunionnais parisien

    I m french this movie is amazing

  21. andymillsmusic

    I love it when he goes off on one at the end lol you ain’t stopping Ray

  22. Alioune Ndiaye

    00:05 to 00:50 name of this song please

    John D. Rockefeller

    Alioune Ndiaye roll with my baby

    John D. Rockefeller

    Midnight hour

  23. Chris Sinclair

    "Booger" did a great job in this movie.

  24. Benjamin Shulman

    “Key of G”

    Starts playing Eb.

  25. MisterHolaMan

    Everybody do the mess around!!

  26. SixStringCaesar

    I dunno who wrote this script, but this is most definitely NOT in the key of G. It's E-flat mf's....

  27. Maurice Johnson

    The black guy was such a hater lmao

    Could you pass the salt please.

    Couldn't stand that character.

  28. Shane Cheung

    0:07 what song is that? Is that an actual song

  29. Zeik A

    "Sing it to me man"
    "Sing it?"
    "Yea... ain't like I can read the lyrics"

  30. tdsafff

    "it's got a Pete Johnson thing" LOL

  31. Andre king

    Ain't like I can read the lyrics 😂😂😂

  32. Dakari Waddell

    He says it’s in the key of G and ray plays in E i the only one that notices this?

  33. Guitarist Greaser

    2:03 <3

  34. Elvin Jafarov

    Ray lovers hello 2019 year already i am here because i love this music! R.I.P RAY CHARLES

  35. Astari Atelier

    When I watched this movie, it made me think, "who is this man again? And why do I just knew about him & his music now?"

  36. Wellington Cavalcante

    Filme maravilhoso.kkk

  37. Elaine Hope

    Not like I can read the lyrics.👌😃

  38. OmniscientVirtuosity

    I absolutely Love this. This is very much how a genuine reaction is when one stumbles upon magic in musical form. Epic

  39. J. D.

    "Sing it to me."
    "Sing it to you?"
    "Eh, it ain't like I can *read* the lyrics."

  40. billy fatbowe

    Three saxophones a big Bass and drums....WOW and RAY....;;--),,,,,,,

  41. Batuhan ÇALIŞKAN

    Ahmet Ertegün

  42. on eman

    3:32 subtle hilarity.

  43. gray kang

    Stride piano????

  44. El Orens

    why says key of G and then play Eb?

  45. mohammed fetouh

    Does any one know the name of nat king's song

  46. Jonny

    Booger from Revenge of the nerds

  47. Just another dj

    Hold up.......... does this guy do snot’s voice from american dad????

  48. veronica glover

    i love that song mess around

  49. Patrick Simpson

    Nobody wants another Nat King Cole

  50. Jou Garcia

    El buen abusa madres !! De quiero matar a mi jefe

  51. Moufid Omar

    2019 any one

  52. Trey Lepper

    “... something that I don’t want you to take the wrong way.”

    - “Give it to me right, then.”

  53. micjakes1


  54. QuickGameHD

    „Alright let me take it from here“

  55. M3NT4L1ST

    Does anybody know the “Charles Brown” song in the video? Can’t find it...

  56. MCP/ChronicBuzz

    "Who wrote it?"
    "I did"
    "Well sing it to me then"
    "Sing it?"
    "It ain't like I could read the lyrics"


  57. Andrew Campbell

    Great scene, great song!

  58. Jim Thick

    Now I don’t want you to take this wrong

    then give it to me right then

  59. george xmas

    from blues comes rocknroll

  60. Smack 2

    Qball is one ugly mofo

  61. Chris Cooper

    everyone is doing the reach around .

  62. Rob Brown

    Do you know it took me a few years to notice that Ommet was Booger from.. Revenge of the Nerds😂😂🤣🤣

  63. surroundedbyidiots

    Love this scene and this movie.

  64. Reid Moore

    damn i just realized how much i wanna hear this on an lp

  65. rusty shakelferg

    Back when white ppl where cool .. like 3%if them $$$$ tho exploiting ass

  66. Sherry Hunter


  67. montblanc noland

    Lmaoo that girl wit thay diamond ring could get it

  68. L. Cruces

    Dudley Dawson with the royalties on this one.

  69. Eradicatinq

    “It ain’t like I can read the lyrics” 💀

  70. Roland Deschain

    Booger and Pitstain made Ray Charles great!

  71. Marta Chabrera García


  72. Wayne Cameron

    "You wrote it." Great line.

  73. Ginger VS Ginger

    George Luz

  74. Jason Coleman

    When studios actually wanted something original

  75. LoneNutter1

    Jamie Foxx can lip-sync real good.

  76. Daring Fawn

    holy shit is that metatron?

  77. Jon Keiser

    I do mean Ray Charles impression too, but I'm the wrong color.

  78. Val Nastold Mess Around (Rehearsal Session with Ahmet Ertegun, 1953)

  79. Stormbolt 4111

    Is that Snot from American Dad?

  80. Calebe Priester

    I need more heroin so I can shoot right into my balls

  81. Shawna Graham

    Great job excellent movie

  82. Mahmoud Adel Sadi

    He said stride piano i would say boogie-woogie


    Wasn’t all called the same thing at that time later on we categorized music properly

  83. Jeff Cherubin

    1:45 "Ah, you wrote it" Damn, Ray, what did Ahmet do to you?

  84. SF7Gamer

    He automatically know all the chords and notes of the song just by learning the key and that its "got a Pete Johnson thing to it" Like how the hell he do that. I call bull

  85. mewsicc

    Did Ray have any tactile means of "reading" and writing music? Like did he use a pin and a piece of cardboard or something?

  86. Alex Pollock

    Is that really Jamie singing? Sounds amazing

    valerie campbell

    Jamies voice was blended with the real Ray Charles for some of the vocals in this film but 'The mess around' sounds as if it's the original recording

  87. Chuck

    Whooo weee! 2:28. Put your seatbelts on!

  88. Brian Jackson

    This is moonshine music

  89. Alexandre Bertrand-Lafleur

    It's Ahmet who write the song and Ray did the music! A best team but i didn't reconize Curtis Armstrong

  90. Jermain Lopez

    whats the first song?

    George 81

    Rolling with my baby

  91. Prati Studio's

    What is the name of the First two musics?

  92. zyxmyk

    only in the USA could a guy whose parents were from Turkey write one of the greatest blues-rock songs in history, sung by the greatest singer of the twentieth century.  makes you feel patriotic. welcome to America.

    Oğuz Tokur

    Let me give you a little information.his grandfater was a cleric.

  93. Jer. Lewis

    Hard to believe this is booger from Revenge of the Nerds

  94. Narvia Williams

    I remember when Ray Charles was working with Jamie Fox on the making of the movie "RAY" and Jamie really became Ray Charles in the movie.

  95. mrbrockpeters

    Great fucking movie! Everyone brought their A game!

  96. jmr1068204

    Did Ray always sort of stammer and have that "sweet talk" thing going on with him?

  97. Robert Scalchi

    That's some raw energy shit right there

  98. Soto Span

    Is that booger?