Charles, Ray - Love With The Proper Stranger Lyrics

I could fall in love with the proper stranger
If I heard the bells and the banjos ring
If two certain eyes with the look of danger
Smiled a welcome warm as Spring
If the tom-tom in my heart sounded out a warning
"Don't let her, don't let her walk through the door"
"This is the one you've been waiting for"
Oh, yes, I'd know
However wild it seems, you know I'd know
And I'd whisper
"Come take my hand, proper stranger"
"Don't go through life as a stranger"
"For I'm a poor proper stranger, too"

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Charles, Ray Love With The Proper Stranger Comments
  1. JAG312

    6:00 The look on Steve's face when she tells him she's pregnant. I can related to that.

  2. Cid Vasconcelos

    Resenha sobre o filme:

  3. Katherine Dorsey

    ❤️❤️ this movie.

  4. 68mochagirl

    Where is part 8?

  5. Hugh Jones

    I mainly like the title music with the piano and sax featured.

  6. Anaris10

    Is the whole movie here in installments?. A couple years ago someone put this classic up and some scenes were missing in one or more of the installments. OH, THAT'S RIGHT, PART 8 IS LISTED BUT COPYRIGHTED. What a shame.

  7. rockhammer85

    Great film. Surprising continuity error at 4:23 onwards with Val Avery's on-off glasses.

  8. voicegirl555

    Of all of Steve McQueen's and Natalie Wood's films, this one the only one they did together is my favorite. I love the song by Jack Jones too. Happy 89th Birthday Steve. You were the last of "bad boys"! Miss you every day.

  9. hallieboy

    A very underrated movie by a very underrated director.

  10. Jason Guzman

    Clemenza from Godfather at 7:02

  11. Hugh Jones

    Soft focus picture. But the sound and theme is awesome. Note the credits. List of supporting actors: Harvey Lembeck, Herschel Bernardi, Edie Adams, Tom Bosley.

  12. Actor The_One_Actor

    Twins or

  13. Sally

    I had such a crush on Steve McQueen back in the day.


    As I did on Natalie. To this day I adore petite brunettes.

  14. butterflycomb comb

    Part 8 is missing!

  15. Catherine

    How lovely .❤️🌹😂😜👍🏼

  16. Linda Foster

    What a great movie from a time when actors really had to act to put forth this great emotional and soulful tale of found love. They do not make them like this anymore.

  17. Patricia Hill

    Finally out on DVD next month!!

  18. Tudval Stone

    They never show this movie on TV. Great actors, good script.. why is it forgotten?


    Because she does not have an abortion?

  19. bigblue62220

    The best scene is at the end when Natalie is cooking him dinner. She looks amazing and her acting is fantastic.
    Her best line, " And what do you want? As if I didnt know."

  20. Suzie Wonder

    YES! The movie industry changed after the mid 60's, giving less emphasis to top quality & respect ~ a sign of the times; a rebellious revolution against The Establishment ~

  21. Roger Regor

    The title music is A W E S O M E! Closest other song with this feeling is Mantovani's Separate Tables instrumental. The soft saxophone is perfect for this song. & in the film the star is a sax player, of course.

  22. Robert Santana

    this movie needs to have multiple viewings..its that good..and the opening and closing theme is heartbreaking, in my opinion

  23. Isabelle Knight

    Great movie

  24. john lee

    This movie should be much, much, much more popular. Steve McQueen and Natalie Wood...priceless!

  25. Dana Stevens

    Natalie should've got the Oscar

    Lagos, Stammvater der Ptolemäer

    Subbed to this! Thank you for this playlist! Anymore suggestions outside the list? I recommend rubayne - the come up and sky parox - midnight drive

  26. Witold Banasik

    Thanks for upoloading the gem like this one.
    Fantastic, unassuming, charming, bigger than life...
    Natalie Wood and Stevie Mc Q.
    Riveting plot and marvelous directing.
    What a loss of two brilliant actors and charismatic human beings at the young age ?!!!
    Natalie and Steve's movies should be put on YT as a free domain as Gilda with Rita Hayworth was.
    Marylin Monroe films deleted, the Beatles albums and Tammi Terrell documentary as well.
    Some ridiculous greedy copyright owners have been capitalizing on the world heritage for so long !!!
    You'd better follow in the foodsteps of Richard Carpenter who put all the wonderful masterpieces by Karen and him on public domain years ago. Let it be...

  27. jiji Shérazad

    Où peut on regarder ce film en vf comlet ? Merci !!!

  28. Richard Leon

    I'm confused, I thought the movie was an hour and forty minutes which makes the total of minutes of the movie to be 100 minutes, but when i did the math of all eleven parts, i get 94 minutes and 22 seconds. Please explain. thanks

    Thomas Norman

    +Dee Ann Im still laughing at your comment


    +Richard Leon
    I'm not sure if something is missing. I saw this movie a long time ago and can't remember if anything was left out. But know that this is not the original aspect ratio. It's pan & scan (4:3) which is not the original 1.85:1 ratio, if you mind that sort of thing. So that means the image has been chopped off on both sides.

    joe smyth


    Omar Valdes

    Technical Specs

    Runtime: 102 min
    Sound Mix: Mono (Westrex Recording System)
    Color: Black and White
    Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1

    Omar Valdes

    Amazon: Product Details
    Love with the Proper Stranger1963
    $ 18 89 Prime
    FREE Shipping on eligible orders
    Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on September 19, 2017.
    $ 19 21 Prime
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    Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on September 19, 2017.

  29. Ruth Rosenblum

    This brought back so many great memories of the way movies used to be. Thank

    Jim Stokes

    Whoops, I posted under Joan. Meant to post to you. Still valid. This does also represent a really great time in my life. Lots of drama mixed with lots of romance. I mainly love the title music and the way the people just drift in. Pno and sax are just right for this.

  30. Richard Condon

    you should have been in the theatre when this movie was first released.  the power of the story, the pain, the deep feeling that develops.  this is what commitment is about between a man and a woman.  it is also a very important view on abortion and what a woman goes through, all alone.  watch it and see if you have even an inkling of conservative/republican blood left in your veins.


    Please, like you saw it when it was new. Are you 70+ years old? No way a parent in the 1960s would take their kid to this, you would have had to have been an adult.

    Richard Condon

    yes, i am 76 and saw it when it first came out. i continue to love this movie for it's sensitivity and the way it reflects life of the time. the innocence !


    +Richard Condon You're the oldest person I've ever talked to on YouTube. Wow.

    Richard Condon

    my pleasure !

  31. Joan Mayolas

    And the beautifull sounds of  Elmer Berstein

    Roger Wilco

    @Joan Mayolas Yes! I adore the opening credits music. Love the arrangement for piano and orchestra. So much better than any pop vocal treatment. It's one of the best the composer wrote. The movie is so much a statement of the times.

    Roger Regor

    Gawd yes. Like RW says, the opening credit music is great. Totally agree.

    Jim Stokes

    Me2! The title music is just awesome. I cry a bit every time I hear it. The way the picture part is staged. From one guy sitting in a chair, then people move in from different directions. Saxophone and piano play softly at first, then full ork. Doesn't get much better than this. 50s and 60s were special times for me. Today just plain sucks. No place for me much anymore.

  32. Roger Wilco

    I love the opening title music playing over the scene. It's classic!

  33. ET Music

    Clemenza hanging out at 7:01

  34. Mia Corazon

    thank you for uploading this classic film :o)

  35. Angela Carleton

    I love this movie with Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen - great chemistry! 

  36. Genevieve Raaijmakers

    An incredible movie to watch! As far as I heard the first music note, I knew I would fell in love with this film! No longer for sale unfortunatly....

    Hugh Jones

    @Genevieve Raaijmakers The title scene and music are very effective because the sounds on the floor are mixed with the music and build with the music! I have NEVER seen a movie mixed like this!

    Music starts when the spotlight goes on a guy sitting in a chair on the bidding floor. He never moves. Then, gradually the set sounds get more and more complex and louder, like the music.

  37. Laurence Esposito

    They show this only rarely on TCM, and it really deserves to be seen and re-seen. It's a wonderful script and the actors are terrific. One of my two favorite Natalie Wood films -- the other, "Splendor in the Grass." Glad to see that it is here. Paramount, or whoever runs the operation at this point, is really bad with releasing films on DVD. About time!!!!!

  38. Love God

    One of my favorite movies - not just favorite Steve McQueen movies, but favorite movies period. Natalie Wood is awesome and it's beautiful to watch how Rocky transitions from a womanizing user to a man with potential. Absolutely love the scene where he rescues her from the abortion butcher. I've been looking to buy this movie for years - will definitely buy when it becomes available.

    Omar Valdes

    Amazon: Product Details
    Love with the Proper Stranger1963
    $ 18 89 Prime
    FREE Shipping on eligible orders
    Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on September 19, 2017.
    $ 19 21 Prime
    FREE Shipping on eligible orders
    Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on September 19, 2017.

  39. Blond Thought

    It's been a pleasure being able to watch this very sweet film again.  Almost makes you believe in love---if only in the confines of the silver screen.  Thanks so much for making it available. 

    Omar Valdes

    Amazon: Product Details
    Love with the Proper Stranger1963
    $ 18 89 Prime
    FREE Shipping on eligible orders
    Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on September 19, 2017.
    $ 19 21 Prime
    FREE Shipping on eligible orders
    Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on September 19, 2017.

  40. IrishWitch313

    This has always been my favorite movie. Supposedly they are working on making it into a DVD now and I have been waiting for it to happen, so I thank you very much for taking the time to do this. I love these older movies, they knew how to tell a story back then and with superb acting by Natalie and Steve.

    Diana .Abrams

    I'll be looking for the dvd. I love this movie.


    Simply a great movie! no insulting one's intelligence. great writing,and certainly.....great acting.


    @Diana .Abrams They have the DVD out  you can order it on Classic DVD's for a really low price.

    Diana .Abrams

    Thank you IrishWitch313

    Omar Valdes

    Amazon: Product Details
    Love with the Proper Stranger1963
    $ 18 89 Prime
    FREE Shipping on eligible orders
    Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on September 19, 2017.
    $ 19 21 Prime
    FREE Shipping on eligible orders
    Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on September 19, 2017.

  41. Tesa Atty

    Thank you from me as well.  It was on YT a couple years ago and I have been looking for it ever since & so happy I found it,  Thank you.

  42. Coconut

    What place was that in the beginning of the movie? I didn't understand. Annoying place.

  43. brian critchley

    @sept13twilite I also love this,Its in my 10 best movies.tell me if you also liked MARTY Ernest Borgnine& Patsy Blair.

  44. Rosalyn Samuels

    @pcadcr YES YES YES!!!!I I agree on all counts. The theme song makes me cry even when I only hear it in my head. I was 13 when I saw this movie when It first came out. It is hardly ever on TCM. Why? Wish I knew.
    but love the movie, the actors and the music.

  45. Nora Kecer

    @sept13twilite I do agree with you Nathalie Wood and Steve Mc Queen are so wonderful together - What a chemistry ! Like you I am obssessed with this movie. I love it too and I can watch it over and over. According to the rumours at that time, Nathalie was very fond of Steve Mc Queen.They were very close and even had a romance a few years later .

    rehan ahmed

    sex hot

  46. brian critchley

    A beautiful heart melting movie

  47. brian critchley

    @sept13twilite the greatest love story I have ever seen ,

  48. monica diaz

    @lulylunathree oh ok i recently saw it for the first time like 2 weeks ago on tcm and i really want to dvr it hope they how it again soon.

  49. Idalia Martinez

    @girly75 hey. unfortunately they don't show it often at all. i mean i guess since it was two years ago that i saw it they might be showing it again soon, but i do know that they don't show the same movies often...just once in a while :(

  50. monica diaz

    @lulylunathree do you know how often they put the movie on the tcm channel?

  51. Supergattoni

    it's a wonderful movie!

  52. AquamanGreenLantern

    This film is a gem. It NEEDS a DVD release!!!

    Omar Valdes

    Amazon: Product Details
    Love with the Proper Stranger1963
    $ 18 89 .Prime
    FREE Shipping on eligible orders
    Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on September 19, 2017.
    $ 19 21 Prime
    FREE Shipping on eligible orders
    Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on September 19, 2017.

  53. Melisbeth86

    Thanks for uploading!! I have wanted to see this film for years!! :D Looks like it's gonna be a real good one!! :):)

  54. deadseamonster

    I absolutely love this film. The chemistry between McQueen and Wood is outstanding. And the performances are exquisite. There are laughs cries and some disturbing moments(the abortion scene really shook me up the first time I saw this). Just a very under appreciated and frankly under exposed film.

  55. Jayne Mansfield

    Wasn't this movie controversial because Natalie was pregnant out of wedlock?

    Actor The_One_Actor

    HEY Mac tour a liar get a Phone múltiples iPad


    I loved Natalie Wood and still do, I wish that was me instead of Mcqueen I wood have begged her to marry me and have the child.; maybe in another life......

  57. rυshεεηa

    @sept13twilite Me too; I could watch it a million times and never get tired of it!

  58. urbanangel13

    thank you so much for putting this on here!!! i used to have a video copy of this yrs ago. i will so have to get this on DVD!!
    love SM & adore NW & this movie is a little gem!! :)

  59. Robert Rogers

    Romance movie magic

  60. jennhunt1996

    I absolutely adore this movie. Thanks for uploading it <3

  61. Renato Rivera

    Oh my word!!!
    This is one of the greatest romatic movies ever done in history of cinema the chemistry between Nathalie & Steve made a real atomic bomb when I first saw this movie back in 1971 I was a teenager who liked color movies but as the movie was rolling I didn't even care about the color I think color would loose the magic that this movie has, great acting, direction, screenplay and score.
    Thank you so very much Nathalie43 for downloading this movie

  62. annasumner

    natalie and Steve=perfect couple! tank you very much, I just Love this movie!

  63. apesgrape

    I' am a big Steve McQueen fan. I read in one of his many bio that this part was intended for Paul Newman. Steve want to prove he could also act versatile, plus he was tired of coming in second behind Paul since Somebody up there like Me. Paul was known for his romantic leads, while Steve was known for action leads. Steve & Natalie did a excellent job with this movie. One of my top 10 romantic movies of all time.

  64. Kat Thabet

    Well I am fourteen and it's one of my favorite films.One of Natalie Wood best.

  65. Olly4Ever

    Absolutely brilliant film! Real, griity and stunning. Natalie and Steve burn the screen up.

  66. Rochelle

    I've seen it on TCM

  67. ReneeDeborah

    This is another Natalie Wood film that is never shown on tv. Not even on TCM! (All The Fine Young Cannibals also comes to mind). Is there going to go be a whole generation of young people who will never get a chance to see this old movies? Thank God I grew up at a time when there was still The Million Dollar Movie, The Late Show (which was at that time a venue for the showing of old films) and the 4:00 Movie. Kids literally don't know what they are missing.

  68. movietheatremusic

    Thank you so much for posting this movie. I LOVE IT!!! I am crazy about old American movies, and this is one of my favourite ones. Thank you so much again!!! You don´t know how grateful I am to you!!! Great job!!! Congratulations!!!

  69. Catherine Lopez

    I am pissed too about not being able to purchase this movie on DVD. There is no reason why this can released to the public.

  70. Olly4Ever

    I have every right to voice my opinion as you do. The movie is not a cult classic It is a classic. No delussions involved. If you are looking for a sparing partner you will not find one in me so I shall ignore all further rebuttals.

  71. Olly4Ever

    Natalie and Steve...what more can anyone ask for in ICONIC legendary stars?
    Nothing, simply nothing!
    The world can have it's Lindsay's, Zac's and Paris too!
    I'll take Natalie and Steve over them all!

  72. pcadcr

    What a wonderful movie. Thank you for posting it. I absolutely adore the theme music. Elmer Bernstein was a genius. This is one of those film songs that did not get the recognition it so deserved.

  73. Gemini730

    Elmer Bernstein`s music score for this film is beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing with Us.

  74. lynne karabinas

    Thanks for posting

  75. Marc Flanagan

    Thank you for posting this -one of my very favorites and not on DVD and who has a VHS player anymore-

  76. Darla

    omigoodness...i love you forever for posting this!!!!! :) :)

  77. Cynthia Hamilton

    I just adore both Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen, they do not make good romance movies like this anymore. Thank you so much for posting this its a real treat! Cindy

  78. lovely89

    thanks for uploading :D

  79. Coire Jones

    I have loved this movie since forever. It left a huge impression on me way back when I was a very young woman some 50 something years ago. The topic was shocking but the story so romantic & funny. Made me a groupie of Steve McQueen &,of course, wanted to be Natalie Wood.
    The abortion scene!! My Roe v Wade opposers should see that scene.

  80. rslitman

    The second most famous movie that features both Natalie Wood and Macy's flagship store on 34th Street in New York.

  81. Veda Harrison

    I first watched this in 2001 and thank you, thank you, for posting this classic movie...(I forgot the title) but I finally remember now...

  82. theaxelator

    Thankyou so much for putting this up. I live in the UK so this is virtually impossible to get to see.

  83. ikos123

    Upon finding this i have just wrapped myself in a blanket & poured a glass of red wine (not in that order) & I was going to go to bed just now. am so happy. Will look for Splendour in the Grass after this one! Thank you thank you thank you have wanted to see this again for years

  84. P3ggySioux

    Whoever uploaded this is an absolute star! I saw it years ago, when British TV used to show old films other than Westerns & have been desperate to see it again.

  85. Idalia Martinez

    omg...thanks for uploading this. i stayed up til 3 am the other night to watch it on tcm...this is awesome!