Charles, Ray - Lincoln Lyrics

Gently you gaze with kindly eye,
Careworn for Peace, you forehead high;
Hero, your name shall never die,
Savior of our Country!

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Charles, Ray Lincoln Comments
  1. Thea Knapp

    love this kind of stuff

  2. Famous Cryp

    He should do one with loveliveserve

  3. Dallas DautermanDallas

    I must admire a critic who gives credit where it's due

  4. Abe Behm

    Ridiculously sophisticated guy

  5. Mr. Caine

    How tf we bouta rate Daniel Day Lewis playing Lincoln? Do we have any recordings to compare?

  6. stooba lemdon

    Hey! This guy’s like Matt McConahay!

  7. Diego Munoz

    I imagine Lincoln's voice much like Jordan Petersen's. Of course we all know who was an actual intellect.

  8. Diego Munoz

    I've seen about seven of these videos. This guy really knows his stuff.

  9. peacelovechocolate

    Are we ignoring his effortless obi-wan impression??? 17:45

  10. nedimsu

    So if it is way off then the actor didn't try to imitate the person. In Jesse Eisenberg's acting it is always just bad acting. I hate his mimics and his voice and his fast speaking and his face overall

  11. jr132

    Lincoln sounds like when Cameron imitates Sloan’s dad in Ferris Beuller’s Day Off

  12. Vis Avec passion

    I don't consider Jennifer brilliant actress..when I see natalie or cate or any amazing actress,I get inspired by their performances ..but with Jennifer I didn't find it .

  13. GoldnDusty

    Y’know, years on, Erik’s Alec Guinness impression is *so* choice.

  14. matty O

    Its common knowledge john Wayne plays john Wayne.

  15. Will Moshe Carr

    i love the joy erik takes in doing alec guiness

  16. mike s

    Has he done Val Kilmer's Jim Morrison in any of his reviews?

  17. Brent Fabian Rayburn

    This guy is hot though.

  18. Ethan Johnson

    Even when he describes specific ways things are pronounced, i still cant hear it sometimes.

  19. nutznchocolates

    We can actually channel our ancestors.

  20. nutznchocolates

    John Dupont is a lizard

  21. Emily

    Will Smith is a champion

  22. alphadawn2015 lennon

    kate blanCHIT is the way we pronounce her name

  23. goldenhide

    Man, bummed y'all missed Eric Bana playing "Chopper" Read, I think he nailed the crap outta that one. And it'd be bonus Australia points for the episode down the road lol.

  24. Troy Sierra

    Spanish accents are horribly portrayed in film. Just like you pointed out like Selena and Jennifer Lopez.

  25. Ivan Sidorov

    Guys, don't be like my friend who didn't do anything. Not doing anything is a part of the problem.

  26. inSherlock

    Will Smith's Ali was Masterful.

  27. Shydigga Music

    Lol about the Kevin Spacey Impression " Its fun its, funny so why not keep doing it".... yeaah...

  28. Camille Winton

    Audra MacDonald doing Billie Holiday is the best impression out there

  29. Chris R

    I didnt know Tosh.0 knew how to break down accents

  30. Got memes?

    Ashton Kutcher really looks a lot like Steve Jobs, too bad he can only act like himself

  31. Andrew Burnhard

    He was kidding at 19:10... right?

  32. Olivia McDonagh

    As an actor (or trying to be anyway), I find this stuff invaluable. Dunno about anyone else, but I find it fascinating how certain inflections and cadences can make up so much of a personality, and be so unique to each person.

  33. Kiersten Crawford

    I wanna hear him break down beyonce’s accent / speaking voice

  34. Lizzie Bananas

    Wow, young Steve Jobs looks like Ashton Kutcher!

  35. Ellie Day

    Should do a series on accent and dialect variation within the same country. Being English especially a brummy all i get is people stereotyping my accent

  36. Bri Bright

    Even though Jlo didn't have a great Mexican/Texas accent she was still a great Selena

  37. TreeTrout

    Juois de vive means joy OF life not what this guy said.

  38. Themistertaco

    Eisenberg was speaking too confidently for Zucc

  39. Asad Khan

    Muhammad Ali probably could've been the best freestyle rapper

  40. Eastin Jennings

    Has he done West Side Story?

  41. Brandon Hortman

    Really enjoyed this!

  42. Alexandria

    someone was watching julie and julia in another room of the house and i could barely tell the difference between the real julia and meryl

  43. Carmen San Diego

    omg u guys did selena!!!!!!!

  44. kronk99

    I don't know what he's hearing with the Billie Holiday and Diana Ross one. Yikes.

    Kira Marie Louise

    I was going to say that too! I don't know either!! Diana Ross sounds like Diana Ross. Nothing like Ms. Holiday.

  45. Lori Burnip

    problem is that Cuba gooding jr was way more believable on the stand than OJ was. in my opinion OJ didn't even look like he cared he was there. Cuba actually had emotion in his voice, OJ didn't. So maybe he should have actually done a worse job acting. the only situation I can think of that being a worse actor would by default make you a better actor. Lol

  46. Luciano Zara

    Miles teller should’ve been bob dylan, the looks and the voice are really similar

  47. emma pearce

    he kinda looks like robbie shapiro’s older brother

  48. Richmal Driver

    22:51 time has really aged that clip

  49. Ross Geller is Trash

    this guy must be fun at parties

    Morten Aanstad

    Well, here we go again! Anything that's related to academia is automatically pedantic

    Ross Geller is Trash

    @Morten Aanstad ..... i wasnt being sarcastic lmao but go off i guess

  50. NinjaRider777R

    Nobody wanted to play Mark Zuckerberg 1 to 1 perfectly because he talks and acts like a robot.

  51. Joseph Miller

    Screw Alec Baldwin!

  52. Abdelhalim Chouli

    A random guy passes by and says, "hey"
    Coach stops him, "who the f*** let this happened?"

  53. Giovanny c

    Everybody knows Daniel Day Lewis is king at character acting

  54. Jak carn

    Gandhi and biggie kill it 100%

  55. Jak carn

    Idi Amin never spoke over excitingly like Whittaker does in the movie

  56. carlos hurtado

    Great material sir... Excellent.


    Natalie Portman, perfect.

  58. minholy

    so i just found out that i make my s sounds with my tongue tip up when i'm talking in german (my native language) but with my tongue tip down when talking in english and i don't even know why i'm so excited about this

  59. InterestingNameHere

    This guy is so pretentious

    Morten Aanstad

    Or maybe you're just a snowflake


    @Morten Aanstad ok B O O M E R

    Morten Aanstad

    Better to be that than a snowflake. At least boomers don't get offended by people doing their JOB!

  60. Giovanna Ortiz

    Fassbender is actually German-Irish.

    Morten Aanstad

    He moved to Ireland when he was 2 years old; that's before a person properly develops his memories

  61. daAnder71

    Meryl Streep is lucky that there's so many whacky old women to make bio pics about, otherwise she had no movies to play in anymore.

  62. caleb capson

    Jesse Eisenberg is doing Sorkinian dialogue. The script, and therefore the character, is way too precise to bring any reality into it. Zuckerberg is seemingly awkward and bumbling, unlike the character.

  63. IamATN

    I remember watching Ray in theaters and completely forgot he was in the movie until the very end when he met his mother again in that dream. Amazing acting, well deserved Oscar.

  64. Neil Cooper

    Erik looks like Antoni Porowski and Billy Eichner had a linguistics expert love-child

  65. Rosie

    I want to meet that narrator.

  66. travisbe916

    I really liked in this episode how he didn't just go through the academic part discussing the language, but could actually do some of it himself. You know your material sir.

  67. Sky_stider223

    I do both depending on the words
    So yeah it’s never consistent

  68. mediocre man

    Wait, does that mean that actors are good at pretending they are other people, even on a professional level? Who would have thought…

    And then, there is John Wayne. But he was John Wayne, he never needed to play anybody but John Wayne.

  69. Hayden Casteel

    I never knew how much science went behind speech and talking😐

  70. Jasper Barulo

    he's really hot

  71. Frankie Palmisano

    When can we get one on the difference between Cajun and New Orleans accents. I can’t stand when they do a movie based in New Orleans and give the lead actor a Cajun accent. Which he’s usually horrible at that too

  72. Rob Williams

    please do more

  73. James Field

    Wow Kingsley nailed it

  74. Larry Edelstein

    Can’t we have some more of these?

  75. Monika B

    I have a new appreciation for cinema after watching those series

  76. Mike 7

    Biggie Smalls was perpetually wasted on weed and an overindulgence of greazy fast food, he wasn't laid back or smooth he was just too fuckin' fat to move or talk any faster than a blob of hulking turgid slab of mass.

  77. m4ximoto

    Erik should analyse The disaster artist :D

  78. Krystle Leis

    "Erik Singer is still a dialects coach that cant stop talking about linguistics"

  79. Kworic Joy

    this guy is so hot

  80. G S

    17:45-17:55- spot on Alex Guiness. Gotta think Singer had that be in his back pocket for a while, and knew he’d throw it in this video.

  81. Kylie Baber

    this guys impression of Gabe Lews is spot on

  82. Graham6762

    Why is a woman playing Dylan? Was dylan a transgender?

    Morten Aanstad

    It's actually a character representing a specific part of Dylan's life. Several actors played "Dylan" in that film

  83. Graham6762

    John Wayne wasn't trying to do a mongolian english accent. Back then hollywood actors just spoke American English. Why criticize this?

  84. Aris Mukti

    its must be torture for him everytime he watch a movie with actor speaking foreign accent

  85. Tekisasubakani

    DDL's Lincoln performance was masterful to me.

  86. Gregory Ford

    You can tell his Obi-Wan and Yoda are very good and very practiced

  87. Anthony

    I want him to talk about Tom Hardy cause he speaks with different accents lol.

  88. DrDave Menke

    Hello, I just came across Erik Singer on your channel, and I enjoyed several of his accent critiques of various actors. I'm a retired college professor (astrophysics) but I am an amateur linguist - I can speak, read, or write about 20 modern languages. I particularly found Mr Singer's professional comments, and the comparisons, very fascinating. Thank you. - Dr Dave Menke, Tucson.

  89. Ari D

    I liked watching him talk.. and the way he lit up when it was a scene he really enjoyed made my day

  90. verne51

    I think there is an idiolect on my screen

  91. Miranda wilson

    Uhhh Portman doing Kennedy is phenomenal! I loovvvvveeedddd this movie because I’ve seen so many interviews with Jackie & omg it was spot on for me. Absolute perfection

  92. abhishek sharma

    I don't know Gandhi accent but that typical indian accent he talked about @5:40 is South indian not the west indian accent , there are the other parts he sound true to West/north Indian accent but that @5:40 accent still gets me 🤣, no way Gandhi talked like that .

  93. Julien666666

    Daniel Brühl as Niki Lauda

  94. Adina Lesperance

    I thought Denzel Washington basically channeled Malcolm X. I couldn't believe he didn't win the Oscar for his performance. He was totally robbed.

  95. Isaac Roebuck

    Am I the only one who thinks this guy looks like Brian Moser, Dexter's big brother???

  96. Ather Husen

    5:15 oh gandhi

  97. caffeineandmemes

    Listening to this expert break down all of these accents makes me wanma meet him and have him break down the entire way I speak. I'm really curious on what he would say

  98. leftstriker

    The Selena situation is a peculiar one. The family wanted to get this done as soon as possible. The movie is mostly highlights of her life through a rose-colored filter.

    Thousands of young women who really resembled Selena auditioned for the role. Jeniffer Lopez was cast based on being on her experience as an actress-albeit limited at the time, and her ability to dance.

    She looks nothing like Selena, but I shudder to think how much worse it would have been had a complete unknown been cast in her stead.

    White Blogger Black Specs

    But then again, casting someone who didn't have such a strong New York drawl and closer to TexMex could have helped

  99. Kevin G

    Me 5 minutes into the video: sssss ssss ssss sssss ssss sssss

  100. Juliaanoia

    I tried to determine if I do my "s"sound with tongue tip up or down for the better part of 20 minutes now and I can't figure it out for the life of me

    White Blogger Black Specs

    I'm neutral in the middle