Charles, Ray - Let's Go Get Stoned Lyrics

Let's go get stoned
Let's go get stoned
When your baby won't let you in
Got a few pennies, a bottle of gin
Just call your buddy on the telephone
Let's go get stoned
Let's go get stoned
Let's go get stoned

When you work so hard all the day long
And everything you do seems to go wrong
Just drop by my place on your way home
Let's go get stoned
It ain't no harm
You're takin just a taste
But don't blow your cool
And start messing up the place
It ain't no harm you're faking just a nip
But make sure you don't fall down bust your lip
Let's go get stoned
Let's go get stoned

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Charles, Ray Let's Go Get Stoned Comments
  1. Phillip Beckman

    The genius. Thanks for uploading! I got to stop by on way home and get stoned!

  2. Elia Cools

    This is so great!

  3. Carrie Milburn

    Ashford & Simpson - whoa!

  4. Ma1nguy

    That style of music reminds me of a Friday night musical in church

  5. tyler hurd

    Joe cocker brought me here.

  6. Pun2404

    Why Isn’t this on Spotify? This is the greatest spark anthem ever

  7. annette norris

    Thank you❤✌🏾✊🏾🙏🏾

  8. Speros Budreaux

    Hes not talking about no weed ppl, hes talking about walking the dog, King Heroin my friend the greatest of all "stones"

  9. TinyMaths

    When I was a teenager still living at home, my mother used to play one of Ray's albums with this song on it. I never really understood it back then; well I understood the getting drunk bit, but I didn't know what 'getting stoned' meant. All the same, I just loved how the song made me feel, the soulful emotions just made my toes curl. It was definitely an escape for a teenager who was totally confused about life at the time.

    Shayla Harris

    My grandma used to sing it all the time when she would sweep and my mother would get all upset. Lol I didn't know what it meant at the time so I'd ask if I could go get stoned too 🤣🤣

  10. Abigail blanton

    To the 145 people that thumbed down this song. Ur moms a hoe

  11. Gary S

    Great music but don't care for the lyrics. Ray was a genius! Thanks for posting.

  12. Gary Larson

    Ray did this for his last song at the 1973 Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival.

  13. Ray Lopez

    Classic ray Charles

  14. john

    Imagine how this went over ....herb was 35 cents a joint in the sixties kiddies.... matchbox was 2 bucks.. Not that I'd know at 65....

  15. miniclip7951

    Hey, you can sure smoke *and* drink, but i find it real hypocritical that soccer mom's find it evil, meanwhile they go home & finish 2 bottles of wine & pop a couple xanax every night... you have fun dying before me😆

  16. nerk twins

    Real Boozy backup singers with Ray's beautiful vocal.

  17. Bloop

    I know die-hard stuffed shirt church folks were upset about this dehbuh music

  18. Jeniffer Valdez


  19. DerreckWheeler87

    This is the best version simply because of Ray’s voice and the maturation of his piano and the great Billy Preston’s organ. Top FUCKING notch!!

  20. Brian Backer

    1.5X is pretty hip too!

  21. James Thomison

    Pretty sure he was talking about heroin

  22. Nat Brown

    It's gotta be tough shooting up as a blind man..

    Beez Trapp

    I respect his dedication. I was an IV drug user for 2 years and it was hell. I can't imagine doing it blind. I give credit where credit is due.

    Dylan Gold

    @Beez Trapp credit aint due for that.i hope your clean. My brother just died with a needle in his arm

    Beez Trapp

    @Dylan Gold I've been clean for over 5 years. My heart aches for your family. I hope your brother has found the peace he couldn't in life. Sending love and hugs.

  23. Joyfulcheese

    And the world would know peace of this was the case.

  24. Genreliffic

    And on that note, I think ill take Rays advice!

  25. Ash Longn'er

    Born in '88, but should have been born decades earlier.... Oh, what I'd give to sit in a smokey basement jazz joint and listen to this man in his prime.

  26. Maria Beasley

    Ah nothing like some evening coffee,sativa and Ray Charles

  27. The#1ZeldaFan

    Oh Lawd - JARV

  28. Toro261

    Ok Ray, I’ll get stoned.

  29. Andrea Franco

    Questa canzone è sofferenza, il coro gospel sembra dover rendere il tutto attraente,ma quella attrazione è malata, le voci sono malinconiche. Il coro é una combriccola di tossici che nel momento di dolore da astinenza o altro hanno un lieve calore e forza unificatrice che dice letsgo get stoned,tossico andiamo ad ammazzarci,andiamo a buttarci lentamente nello stessi burrone ma sentendosi ogni passo e sanguinare . la forza afroamericana diventa consumo, la fame si sposa su terreni,o meglio strade, fame da strada, o fama da strada,tipica dell'immagine afroamericana che oggi abbiamo adottato... Lets go get stone

  30. MelancoliaI

    Sounds like a plan.

  31. Shayne Gallagher

    drugs are illegal

  32. The Original Gamer

    Did ANY of you actually listen to the lyrics? It's about drinking.

  33. Kurt Adams


  34. Nelson Hernandez

    If I could smoke with anyone it would be willie nelson

  35. Kristal Price

    he on herion mixed with weed ..ok ray i need some weed for these song

  36. Mike Willoughby

    I’m a 66 year old white guy. Ray Charles is awesome!!!

  37. HeroT

    When it’s 1953 and a group of black people voluntarily swim in the whites only side of the beach

  38. Neila Rotisiv

    This song is about 'Alcohol'..  Not Weed..   lol

  39. John Besharian

    There's a line in an early Merle Haggard song that every musician knows by heart, " ... but my weakness is stronger than I am ... ", one way or another.

  40. kevin grant

    His voice is way different ,doesn't sound like him

  41. Riley Rainbow

    You don't have to tell me twice, brother Charles. Amen and a-f'n-men!

  42. Renaissance X.O.

    "Ain't No Harm..."😌🎧🎶

  43. Hydraulic Trapping

    Who’s here from sublime?

  44. Joseph Florek

    To each his or her own...just let you actions stay within the law..

  45. angry ranger

    When was a kid in the Seventies my friend Bill and I were so in to R&B and any kind of Jazz. We used to listen to a Ray Charles record his Mom had and we always played this song and laughed. We had no idea what it was about!

  46. Vinlyguyx420x

    Never thought Ray would made such a good blazing song haha

  47. Tony Fetuccini


  48. Mad Jack

    My woman been treating me wrong,called up John he told me!he said! "hit the bong"

  49. Michael D Miller

    A Capitol idea. Broh

  50. wili h grolsch

    Yeah? Gonna be good Ray!

  51. Gavin Lawrie

    Freedom choice and peace for all xoxo

  52. MCD Dockery

    Relapse song right here

  53. Yvette Cleveland

    Definitely was jamming at Granmas in the So Bronx!!!

  54. nerk twins

    An American master. Such a signature voice !

  55. deahra shelton

    I’m here for it . 2018

  56. Coolie Reese

    If you like this, go listen to Joe Cocker at woodstock festival do a cover of this song. You may like it.

  57. A Real Human Bean

    Finding gems like this is why I love YouTube

  58. Sir Swiftus W. Funkellwerk

    Fuckin ROCKS

  59. ASSman

    blues guitar and motown style RNB
    (rythm and blues)
    plus a weed song, love it, i could see smokey robinson on this track for sure

    Roko .Palir

    This isnt a weed song, Ray was a heroin addcit.

  60. michael jordan

    Best song ever

  61. Troy Astro

    You known that Ashford&Simpson wrote this song.It's the only song they wrote about getting stoned.

  62. blite13


  63. Logan Howell

    Well let's go...

  64. John Hobson

    Yes folks, getting stoned back in the day was having a good drunk. Brother Ray, was god.

  65. Sean Hennessey

    great song...funny how stoners of all sorts, one way or another, appropriated the drinker´s slang

  66. dios no existe

    El amor es el lenguaje transcendental y su piedra roseta es la marihuana.

  67. Jennifer Smith

    I can't be the only one on this right now 😎 happy 420 2018

  68. No Face

    Happy 420

  69. X Xington

    One of a dozen or so of my favorite Ray Charles tracks.

  70. Garrin prenn

    Whos judging and who cared

  71. Holly Kents

    Just listening to this makes me wanna cry now....Love you Jay😥

  72. Lupco Kotevski

    Also highly recommended, 'Stoned Soul Picnic' (1968) by he Bronx pop genius Laura Nyro, Rock Hall of Fame, Songwriters Hall of Fame.

  73. Kurt Adams

    Brother Ray the Legend

  74. Kurt Adams

    Written by the Legends Ashford and Simpson. Also Mr. Billy Preston

  75. V J

    Written by Nick and Val, performed first by the coasters.

  76. Edward Rodriguez

    With The Election Of President Trump That's All I Want To Do Is Get " STONED" And Forget.

    Lupco Kotevski

    Laura Nyro, 'Stoned Soul Picnic' (1968), 'Save the Country' (1969).

  77. ManosJMT

    Happy Birthday Ray Charles 🎈
    With my Edit of "Shake Your Tail Feather": ❗️

  78. Armand Catenaro

    Remember Soundblast '66 at Yankee Stadium? This was the the end song the whole stadium sang with Ray...

  79. C Flow

    YES INDEED! Ashford & Simpson and JOSIE Armstead wrote this

  80. G Smith

    Miss you Jay Thomas

  81. Maafa 1619

    So long, Uncle Jay. See you in the cutting-garden.

  82. Les Mos

    R.I.P Jay Thomas

  83. the professor

    You cannot get any more REAL than this!!

    Paul Turnet

    the professor - The man got right to the point, no mincing words..., no sir, right to the point !!!!!!

  84. John Hobley II

    Say Wha'(huh-huh)?

  85. kudasaidozo

    Billy Preston on organ. Ray was great.

  86. piotr kulesza

    Dajcie klip ziemniaki

  87. teri b

    .. written by Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson!!.... who would have thunk!!!!!lol......yes I said thunk!!!

  88. Adan Campos

    this my 420 jam...orale holmes

  89. Billy Ballard

    they stone ya when u drivin n yo cah. they stone ya when u playing our guitar.they stone ya when u smoking big. cigar. They stone ya when u not upto. par.they stone ya near and far.

  90. Fortoga Rebel

    Joe Cocker at Woodstock kills this version

    Sir Swiftus W. Funkellwerk

    Fortoga Rebel Cocker Rocks!

  91. dick dewater

    Ray's the man - but don't forget about Nick Ashford - he's the ultra-cool cat that wrote this song

  92. Bruce Olsen

    The best !!1

  93. Sevenof22

    I don't remember this song. This is a 'record' that would have been consider "grown folks" music back in the day, and played when kids were not around. I DO recall this was the advice I received about HOW to comport myself with 'substances'.