Charles, Ray - Hey Girl Lyrics

Hey girl, I want you to know
I'm gonna miss you so much if you go
Hey girl, I'll tell you no lie
Something deep inside of me's going to die
If you say so long, if this is goodbye

Hey girl, this can't be true
How am I supposed to exist without you?
Hey girl, don't put me on
What's gonna happen to me when you're gone?
How will I live, how can I go on?
How can I go on?

Hey girl, now sit yourself down
I'm not afraid to get down on the ground
And beg you, beg you to stay
Don't go away
Hey girl

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Charles, Ray Hey Girl Comments
  1. abdelkarim bouchane

    Right song

  2. Andrea Kelly

    Genius Loves Company, was released two months after Charles’ death on June 10, 2004 at age 73.

  3. Du Oliveira


  4. Homer Simpson

    Just discovered this - Spectacular !!

  5. jimmyb1

    WOW...!.. What a wonderful interpretation of this beautiful song..!..

  6. falcao cerezo

    Good version as are others ... but George Benson blew this to the moon with soulful vocals and a lush production of heavenly strings. The best ever

  7. Mark Macdonald

    Rest in peace Max...Zx

  8. Hanh HUYNH

    Just perfect this duet, so soft and tender, and the saxo is genius !

  9. Cathey Oliver

    I am not feeling Ray's collaboration.

  10. Spartacus

    My cousin used to work for Ray Charles I had an opportunity before Ray died to go to a live studio where they recorded this rendition of hey girl it was one of the highlights of my life

    Bob Smith

    You are so lucky to have had that opportunity. A once in a lifetime thing for most people, especially on a tune like of my favorites by MM.

    Bob Smith

    This is a great effort by Ray and Michael. Beautiful arrangement.

  11. Vici Kroll

    I listened to this song over and over while in Italy.

  12. Mark Macdonald

    4 maxine

  13. Nani Novals

    this is such a song it makes me vry and reminds me of everyone ive ever adored in life

  14. phylmix1

    Always cry when I hear this song! Wonderful!

  15. 賴慧臻

    Hey girl! I want you to know,
    I'm gonna miss you so much if you go
    And hey girl! I tell you no lie,
    Something deep inside of me's going to die
    If you say so long,
    If this is good-bye

    Oh! Hey girl! This can't be true
    How am I supposed to exist without you
    And, hey girl! Now don't put me on,
    What's gonna happen to me when you're gone
    How will I live
    How can I go on
    How can I go on
    Hey girl!

  16. Angela Domas

    Maravilloso! Muy buen duo. La canción demasiado linda.

    paul lowden

    Angela Domas was

  17. Bill Roberts

    Much respect to Ray. RIP, bro. And of course MM can hold his own, too.

  18. Backstreetboy52

    I've always loved Freddie Scotts version and The Temptations , but this exquisite rendition takes it too another dimension .

    Will Rich

    this is most certainly an excelent version, but like MARVIN AND TAMMI said, "AIN'T NOTHING LIKE THE REAL THING, BABY."

  19. alison craig

    Respeck to both Ray Charles and MM, but strip it back. Its too overblown.
    Go to Carol King, the writers own version, for a truly spine tingling version of this.

    La Bogne

    Yep true, but Mcdonald on his Blink of an Eye album really does this justice for me. Please listen if you've not yet done so :)

  20. snicker9400

    unforgetable- always-

  21. Adlaide Oakley

    Fabulous voices, great men...superb entertainers who enjoy each other and their chosen career! I sure thank them for sharing themselves with us!

  22. Fili2009able

    I didn't know Carole King is the composer of this song , I love this version and also the Billy Joel version too

    Bob Bodzenski


    Katie Smith

    I just came across your comment from last year,and found the Billy Joel version. As much as I like this Billy Joel does a fantastic rendition! Thanks for the head up!
    1 second ago•

  23. DJAGOJazz

    Love this song ! Just perfect !

  24. Muffett

    Time slips by ... Ray is many greats gone...some still around. When friends gets crazier. Life goes by too fast. I surely hope young people appreciate this and other wonderful songs. SO much heart was put into this and other classics. Then I sit and wonder...why in any relationship...not even half this much heart was put into them. Latest for me..when I hear words...promises...and nothing more. It hurt.

  25. Connie Goldhahn

    Love this song!!!

  26. Angel Marie

    A sad song called, "Hey Girl," that Michael McDonald said, was Ray Charles favorite.
    Great duo! Timeless song to add to the many love songs.

    Cowboy Durham

    I agree

  27. francisco bland

    has there ever been a sweeter balard made and sang

  28. fenderstratguy

    This is a great CD all the way around.

  29. francisco palacios

    que mas se podria esperar de estos dos grandes de la musica moderna,,,, super..

  30. CCthebat

    Oh, I love this song! And Genius Loves Company. :)

  31. Ironman Hondo

    I never knew that this was out there. It fits. Michael McDonald is always around the ones that helped to influence his music. This is a great song by these two.

  32. Cynthia Strasse

    Splendid duo !!